excuse me i have to go cry about it now

Let’s stop making jokes about girls who have daddy issues. There’s nothing funny about having psychological damage over growing up without or with an absent father.

There was nothing funny about my father not knowing my favorite color, or forgetting my birthday every year. Now I can’t stand my birthday because he never bothered to call.
There was nothing funny about making an excuse every time my dad didn’t show up to my dance recitals. Now I make an excuse for every man that disappoints me.
There was nothing funny about making a Father’s Day gift every year in grade school and going home crying because I didn’t have a dad to give it to. Now every year I have to get fucked up on Father’s Day just so I don’t have to think about how I wasn’t good enough to make him stick around.

There’s nothing funny about hearing everyone say, “no one will love you like your dad does” and then growing up believing that because your dad didn’t love you no one else would.
There’s nothing funny about letting men double your age climb on top of you and whisper, “who’s your daddy?”

There’s nothing funny or sexy about having daddy issues. Period.

—  Daddy issues

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Hello! I was wondering what the progress on your projects were?

Oh man I’m sorry my dude, I don’t even have an excuse for this one, I’ve just gotten around to reading the entire snk chapters which lead me to buy more snk doujinshis and read more snk fics. So yeah. I’ve been busy. Crying. I’ve been busy crying.

I’m planning on releasing the last few chapters of Koiyume Lover together. Sort of thinking about just making a big Conro release post and add on the second chapters of Family Affair and Batsu Game with it?

Though here’s some news, I came across this manga while browsing and wasting more money that I don’t have. It’s a spinoff of a series I liked, so I bought it and started scanning/cleaning/instantly regretting. Hopefully no one has claimed it. I have most of it cleaned, but if I could get someone to help me redraw… pls…

So… this is like one of the last things I’ve done on Ps. All I can say is that Gakuen Alice took over my life and I NEEDED to do something about it. Thanks to that, now I have a cute ID on my DA.

Now if you excuse me… I’ll go to cry myself to sleep because this manga is way too beautiful for me to get over it.

I still can’t understand how DE stans believe that Stefan’s death was about their ship. No offense, their reunion was very nice and I am okay with their endgame.

Stefan Salvatore wanted redemption, for all the the wrongs that he wanted to make right. This was about brothers. He loved and idolized his brother so much, that he was willing to give up the love of his life and a family to keep him from having to die.

That’s the true love story here.



So, thoughts about Asriel’s name.

Everyone’s no doubt had the realization that his name is a combination of his parents’ names, and then had a chuckle about King Fluffybuns’ naming skills (or lack thereof). But I had a thought that makes that name the most profoundly beautiful thing in the world.

Okay, so boss monsters are effectively ageless, right? They don’t normally age, unless they have a child. For a boss monster, having a child is so much more than what it is for most. This is because a boss monster’s soul is slowly transferred to the child as they mature, which allows the parents to reach old age and die peacefully. They are literally giving up everything they are for this child. A boss monster child is literally the hopes and dreams of their parents, and it’s no secret that they’d give anything for their child. So to combine their names to make their child’s name is a symbol of everything that having a child represents. Asriel is LITERALLY Asgore and Toriel. As in his soul was created from his parents’ souls and they had chosen mortality to celebrate their love and to give him life.

So yeah, combining their names looks silly, but if you think about it, it’s so beautiful and meaningful, because a boss monster child is a living symbol of love.

Sometimes do you ever just take a moment to cry about Jessica telling Harvey (in the flashback), that if he would work here at the firm, he (they) will be family? And then he did, and they really have a mentor\older sister bond. And then, Harvey begged Donna: Come work for me. Because he wanted her to be family. He had sex with her, felt something more, and freaked out about losing her so he asked her to be part of his “family”. He probably saw how it ended with Jessica and her husband. He knew the safest way to keep Donna in his life was to have her as his ‘work wife’ (I hate the term but it is…). Harvey Specter was ‘married’ to his work and wanted Donna Paulsen IN. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go into a corner and cry about this dramatic love story.

Chuck was not immune

I reread The Maze runner files and I saw that, in one of them, one of the creators talk about his death and say something like: it’s better this way, he didn’t have to face his terrible fate. I’m not 100% sure it goes like that, and I’m too lazy to search for it, I just wanted you to know.

Now excuse me, I’m going to bed and cry