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Drogo x Female Reader

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Imagine owning a small bakery which is overrun by the Mafia resulting in the leader, Drogo, becoming infatuated with you.

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Khal Drogo x Reader Modern au? Like he’s a UFC fighter or a mafia leader and reader is our fem Cinnabon bakery owner or student.

♡ ♡ ♡ Warning: MODERN AU ♡ ♡ ♡

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So, I have an auditory processing disorder, which means sometimes I can’t hear things very well. Normally this isn’t a problem (I say I have a hearing problem and apologize and the customers are always very nice about it.)

Anyways, the other day I was working self checkout. Out in front of the self checkout area we have big bins of assorted candy. I noticed a woman was leaning against one.

“Hi ma'am, are you ok?” I asked.

She responded, but my disorder made it sound like she said “I’m having trouble with my blood pressure”.

“Oh, ok, would you like a mart cart?”

She stared at me before saying “Excuse me?”

My coworker chimed in, saying “a mart cart is one of the motorized carts we have to help-”

“Oh I KNOW what it is. How DARE you say that to me” at this point she starts walking towards me glaring like I just kicked a puppy. “How DARE you assume I can’t walk. You’ve just insulted me. Do you understand that? Or are you too stupid?”

I was flabbergasted at this point, and I said “I’m sorry ma'am, I have a hearing disorder, sometimes I can’t hear what people are saying….”

By now she’s literally inches away from me with her finger in my face and she says “then may be you should get a different fucking job since you’re clearly too inadequate to do this one with your defect”

I can usually handle rude customers but this fucked me up and I just walked away and let my manager deal with her (she told him I was harassing and insulting her) while I cried in the breakroom.

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Do you have any fluffy headcannons about how the members of Goat and Kaneki would treat Touka if she's pregnant? XD


  • i need to start with Naki. Imagine Naki being super overprotective of Touka with the silliest things, at first it looks cute but then Touka gets easily irritated because it’s… way too much. If she’s going to take a seat somewhere, he’s like “oohhh!! let me help you manager!!” grabbing her by the arm and helping her sit even if she doesn’t need help. If she tries to make some coffee he’s like “let me do it manager you are pregnant you need to rest,” and she’s like… no, you’re gonna break the cups/machine and he’s pushing her towards the couch “don’t worry manager, i got this” …. 3 min later he breaks almost every mug. Poor Naki just wants to be useful and help the king’s waifu but he’s always messing it up and one day Touka screams at him to leave her alone for once and Naki can’t help but run away and cry. Touka feels super bad after that.
  • Hinami is super sweet all the time, she usually reads books for the baby and she’s always hugging her tummy.
  • Ayato’s face turns into a huge red tomato when Touka invites him to feel the baby with his hand for the first time, at first he’s putting excuses but she grabs his hand and places it on her tummy and he’s literally about to cry
  • the aogiri kids are super excited for the baby and they’re always placing their little ears on Touka’s belly and whenever they see her they suggest new names for the baby.
  • the garden kids are also very protective of Touka just like Naki, they’re always following her around and creating some type of shield around her body to keep her safe, lol.
  • Touka loooooves to use Nishiki as a slave with the excuse of “i’m pregnant, i can’t move, my back hurts, i feel dizzy” so she’s always like “hey, nishiki, make me a coffee. Could you bring me the blanket? i’m cold. Nishiki, go and buy more coffee beans. Hey, pass me the pillow. Nishiki, rub my back a bit, i can’t even move..” and at first he’s trying to remain calm but one day he loses his shit and he’s like I’M NOT YOUR FUCKING MAID and Touka is like ;-; how dare you to scream at a pregnant woman… for Nishiki’s bad luck, Yomo and Ayato where there when he screamed at her so yeah, rip nishiki.
  • Tsukiyama buys a ridiculous amount of baby clothes almost every day, he always comes to her with almost 10 bags of super expensive garment and Touka doesn’t have more space left to put all the bags. 
  • Koma can’t stop dreaming of the day the baby borns to finally have someone willing to hear all his Devil Ape stories. 

enjoy reading this because it’s never going to happen and the baby will die, adios! *flies away*

EXO Reacts To Someone Saying Racist To You

A/N: I only included 4 of the boys in this part because I feel that it is going to be super longgg. SO! Look forward to pt.2 and 3 maybe… I ranted in these.

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He walked into the dressin room where you’d be practicing for your performance when he heard your makeup artist making fun of your skin tone.

“First off, that was incredibly rude to say about someone you work for, also really fucking stupid. She may be darker than you but who is the one working for the other? Pack your kit, you’re not needed here anymore.” He glared at her as she started rushing to pack her stuff. 

When she was leaving he stopped her and added “Before you find a job do yourself a favor and learn some manners.”

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You had texted Channie earlier telling him to come to your dance room. He was taking too long so you decided to start practicing your dancing.

Your manager had walked in and started watching you, you heard sighs and annoyed groans coming from your manager so you stopped the music and asked what was wrong.

He glared at you and proceeded to call you racial slurs, telling you how you weren’t good enough to be apart of a Kpop girl group, how you needed to quit before he made you.

You went to reply but before you could you heard Channie’s voice come into the room.

“Excuse me but who the fuck are you to say anything like that to her? You have no right to speak to anyone like that!” He yelled, stepping in between you and your manager. 

Your manager bowed and kept uttering apologies to Channie. 

“Don’t apologize to me, you should apologize to her.” Channie said giving a slight glance over his shoulder.

Your manager looked in your direction and spit. 

You were pushed backwards by Channie as he punched your manager.

“Channie stop!” You yelled, grabbing at his arm.

“Stay back Y/n!” Channie screamed as he kept hitting the manager. 

He finally got off of him but not before uttering one last response “Learn some respect.”

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 You were accepting your very first Chinese Award when the people who presented the award to you suddenly stopped and told you, “You should not have this award. There are plenty of native Chinese artist that deserve this award more than you do.”

You were so dumbfounded at the fact that someone could do something to cruel to you. 

Lay walked up on the stage and wrapped his arm around you, slightly pulling you behind him. 

“I do not appreciate you speaking that way to her. She won fair and square. Please apologize.” Lay said sternly to the older men,

They looked at you and bowed, muttering a quick apology. 

Lay looked at you and gave you a kiss on the nose, “Good job baobei!”

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Your 3 year old daughter ran around the playground with the other kids while you sat and watched, waiting for your husband to return with the hot chocolate he promised his daughter.

“Excuse me. is that your daughter?” An older woman pointed at your little girl.

“Yes, why?” You questioned.

“Well I was just wondering why you’re letting her play with our kids.”

You raised your eyebrows at the woman, “Excuse me?”

The woman looked at you and started laughing, “I mean she’s not even Korean.”

You laughed and stood up from the bench, “ Firstly, who the hell do you think you are? Secondly. how dare you try to separate children based on race, you got mine fucked up. They are children for fucks sake and it’s people like you who create stereotypes and embed hatred into them!”

The woman raised her hand to hit you when you saw a hand stop her.

Suho glared at the woman, “ My daughter doesn’t have to have two Korean parents to be Korean. You are so simple minded and it disgusts me. Stop being so damn ignorant and open your eyes.” He said before letting go of her hand and pulling you away from her, towards your daughter.

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Could you do scenarios where a flirty girl/Boy is getting way too friendly with MC how would the RFA react??


  • You were a really pretty girl
  • So of course you had guys hitting on you around campus
  • Sometimes they’d even flirt with you when he was right there next to you!
  • He usually tried to intervene, but ultimately got ignored
  • It was usually you who had to point out that you had a boyfriend
  • They usually gave up after that, but the guy hitting on you would not get the hint
  • Yoosung was good at putting up with these kinds of people, but this guy was relentless
  • But right when he laid his hand on your waist, Yoosung lost it
  • Baby boi straight up pushes the guy away from you, making the guy stumble backwards
  • “Don’t touch or come near MC ever again!”
  • He took your hand in his and stormed off
  • When the two of you reached somewhere more private, he immediately brought you into a tight embrace, “Are you okay??”
  • You nod your head into his chest and squeeze him tight because you just love him so much


  • She’s been pretty suspicious of this woman for awhile
  • The woman has been coming to the cafe often and Jaehee didn’t think much of it at first
  • But the woman started to request that she be only served by MC
  • Not to mention the flirty gestures and words and rather hefty tips
  • She even went as far as to memorize your break schedule
  • This kept happening for awhile and the flirting progressively got more extensive
  • She started to make you very uneasy
  • “U-uh excuse me, ma’am, I’m on my break…” 
  • “I know~” she practically purred, “How about I buy you some coffee, hm?”
  • Almost in an instant, icy cold coffee was poured all over her as she let out a loud shriek
  • “Excuse me, but I’d appreciate it very much if you did not constantly pester my partner during her breaks.”
  • “Ugh! How dare you! I demand to speak to the manager!”
  • Jaehee smirked, “Well, I’m the owner of this establishment. Would you care to tell me what the problem is?”
  • The woman let her foot stomp loudly on the ground before storming out
  • “That coffee’s on the house by the way!” Jaehee hollered to her


  • He brought you on set with him one day because he knew you liked watching him work
  • Everyone and their mothers knew at this point that you were with Zen
  • But apparently his co-star didn’t
  • Or he did and he just didn’t care, but that doesn’t matter
  • You were near the snack table doing your thing, and he approached you
  • “Oh? Why are you not performing? Because you certainly look like a star.”
  • He leaned a hand against the table, trapping you
  • He was way into your personal bubble, if not, getting closer
  • “How about after work me and you go out and get some–”
  • Zen just drop-kicked him and that bastard went flying like 15 feet away
  • “Don’t you dare lay a hand on her.” he growled
  • He immediately turned his attention to you and started fretting
  • “Did he touch you? Are you okay, babe? Do you want me to kick him off because I’ll do it–”
  • You had to reassure him multiple times that you were fine and that firing him wasn’t necessary
  • “Fine, but if he makes you uncomfortable again please be sure to tell me.”


  • Jumin’s father threw a ginormous birthday celebration for his new girlfriend
  • So naturally, you both had to attend
  • After an hour or so, your boyfriend had to be pulled away to talk to some people about a business deal
  • In the meantime you decided to stay put in your seat and scroll Facebook off your phone
  • After a minute or so, a shadow loomed over you
  • You looked up to see some guy offering a hand out to you
  • An eyebrow raises at his hand before looking back at him, “May I help you?”
  • “A gorgeous lady shouldn’t be sitting alone like this, yes? Why don’t we dance or go somewhere more…private, hm?”
  • A shaky laugh escapes your lips and your eyes search for Jumin, “Haha..No thank you, I’m waiting for someone.”
  • He takes hold of your wrist, trying to pull you to the dance floor with him
  • “Please take your hands off of her, she said that she does not want to go with you.”
  • You mouthed a ‘help’ to Jumin and he had the security simply throw the guy out
  • He made sure you were by his side the rest of the night


  • The one time you both decide to go outside, something like this decides happens
  • He decided to go to the carnival with you because why not?
  • Make you go on all the unstable looking rides, eat the diabetes food because his diet is already crap, and win you all the rigged-games prizes because honestly, he’s so good at those
  • It was almost time to go and Saeyoung decided to pee before heading home again
  • You headed towards the confectionery area to buy some icecream when some ass decided to stand in your way
  • “Hey doll, what’re you doing here at the carnival so late?”
  • “Getting icecream,” you grew annoyed quickly, “Now if I can go on my way–”
  • You tried walking past him, but he ended up blocking you again
  • “Why don’t I buy some for ‘ya?” he winked
  • “Why don’t you leave her alone?” came Saeyoung’s voice (and body) inbetween you and the guy
  • Once the guy noticed how much taller Saeyoung was compared to him, he backed off and fled
  • “C’mon, MC, let’s get icecream!” and he immediately ran off and left you alone
Greatest Good

Pairing: Sam Wilson x Wife!Reader

Warning: Some swearing?

A/N: Requested by @remediesandmelodies forever ago. Sorry peach. Haha. A Sam AU based off Frozone’s “Where’s My Suit” in the Incredible’s.Of course with a little more, and Reader wife arguing with him.

Sam rips open the closet doors, shoving clothes to one side. Before dropping to the ground and looking under the bed.

“Got it Cap. I just, I need to find my wings.” Sam smacks the floor of the bedroom, standing up in a huff. “They didn’t grow legs and walk away.” He rolls his eyes hanging up the phone. “Baby!!” He calls out.

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bts member : jungkook x reader

Genre: angst /smut

rated mature :  but not in all the chapters

summary : if you want to and if you don’t want to, things are bound to happen and you broke the rules and run away only to find your self in a lion’s Den , jungkook a man who has every thing; power wealth and fame all together to burn your heart and existence if you moved away, in a land full of horses what could happen between both of you ,two young persons who meant to share the same dream  !

one | two | three | four |five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten [ eleven

jungkook was the first to wake up he tried to move slightly so he didn’t disrupt you as you slept really deeply into his arm he didn’t want to wake up to be honest ,before he hated staying in bed as he always lacked sleep but now it matters

it was so early in the morning and he could sleep more and that’s what he wanted as he watched you; staring lovingly at your little nose and cute face your sharped jaw and plumped lips you were a perfection and he liked every detail he was staring at the way he didn’t feel him self sleeping again wrapping you into his arms

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Knock on Wood

Anonymous:  Can you do something with Connor Kent/Super Boy or Jason where he’s having an argument with reader and he yells “Stop staring at my erection while we’re fighting!”. It doesn’t have to be necesarilly sin, it has all the potential to be awkward as heck too. Ily

Pairing: Conner Kent X Reader

Notes: I think this is my first Conner fic! I’m not going to lie I was excited to write this.

All Tags at the bottom but a little shout out to @daisyboobear because she got excited about this ask and I love my little sunshine.

I may have written this to “Dirty Love” by Ke$ha

So you had heard of an anger boner but never thought it was a real thing. Kind of like Big Food or Pluto. 

Until now.

Conner was red faced and yelling at you while you fought back. His seeming rock hard cock showing itself off from his rather tight pants. (The pair you were now slightly regretting making him buy) 

Maybe it had been because you had slapped him?

Maybe it was because you kept pushing his chest as you tried to prove a point.

Or maybe it was because you had taken your top off to tend to a huge gash on your side and was now screaming at him in only your bra on.

Regardless the more you both yelled the harder he seemed to get.

At this point, it was slightly distracting. not that you didn’t have enough anger to push you through the glory that was just below your eyesight. 

You didn’t need his help on that mission you had been doing this hero shit since before he was born (literally) and how dare he compare you to his ex! 

“Excuse you Conner I’m an independent woman who doesn’t need your protection and I never did.”

“Excuse me for caring if you live or die!”

“I am fine and can take care of myself!”

“Really because your gash says another story!” He, slightly unexpectedly leans forward pressing his hand on your wound causing his erection to slightly brush against you. You glance down for a moment unable to hide the fact that it had been distracting you this whole time.

"Stop staring at my erection while we’re fighting!” His words came out fast and harder than they were mean to. Thoughts that had bubbled up and exploded. Breaking the tension down dissolving it almost as fast as it had started.

It may not have helped that you burst out laughing, “Really? Because how can I think of anything else?” you asked gesturing it to. “Can it get any bigger?”

Conner’s arms crossed over his chest his face flushing even redder. Trying to compose himself.

But you weren’t about to have that. “Are we done the fighting?” you asked looking up at him innocently running your tongue over your bottom lip. And that was all it took.

He had you slammed against the wall kissing you as you wrapped your legs around his waist. His hands propping you up as you ground up into him. He was going to pay, one way or another.

But God did his moan sound good.

He thrusted into your still -annoyingly- clothed crotch your gash hit the hard wall. A shot of pain ran up your side causing you winched. (Ok, so maybe he had been a little right about you being reckless, not that you would ever admit it) At the sound of your squeak of pain, he quickly pulled away worry washing over his face.

“Bedroom” was all you said grinding into him again, There was no time for concerns just sex, please. 

He spun around quickly walking to the bedroom still holding you while you pulled at his hair letting your kisses trail from his mouth down his neck leaving small nips and bites loving the sounds he was making while he tried to focus on getting you to the bedroom. 

“Shit” he mumbled as he broke the bedroom door trying to open it. You glanced over your shoulder giggling.

“I feel like there is a wood joke in there somewhere.”

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Life or Death (Vamp!Hamilton x Male! Reader)

Words: 3800+

Request: Vampire Hamilton x Male!Reader

Warnings: forced courting, blood, 

A/N: hi, i got carried away, but here you go. enjoy me being extra without any spell check because im too lazy

Part 2

Hamilton wiped the corner of his lips, and placed his thumb in his mouth, licking the rest of the stray plasma off. He looked at the young woman on the ground, and grinned at the color leaving her body. He threw her over his shoulder, trying to find a spot to hide the body. He looked at the burning candles outside homes, enticing him to go and check to see what’s wrong. Instead, he forced his eyes away, searching for an open field. He spotted on, and ran, quickly making it there in a few seconds. He dug through the mulch with his bare hands, and threw the woman in the hole.

“You know, miss, your blood was quite bitter. Have you been drinking?” He said to the body, waiting for a response he was sure was not coming. He sighed, running his hands through his brown hair. “Will you not answer me? Fine, I will answer for you. Yes, you have, and yes, you should have listened to your father and stayed home tonight. It is a shame, you were a beautiful one.” He began kicking the dirt into the cavity, watching it cover her now blue cheeks.

“Too bad you were naïve. That is rather unattractive, you know. Men like a woman with intelligence.” He paused, “well, for certain some sort of reasonable thinking. Can’t have your partner running off with another, right?” He fully covered her body, and reached down, patting the dirt flat. “I am puzzled, though. You told me that someone was waiting for you at home. Yes, I was paying attention. Your screams are distracting, but I could tell what you were thinking. Now that, that was fascinating.”

There was yelling behind him, and he stood up, looking at torches approaching the field. He sighed, rubbing his face. “See, I told you to stop yelling. Now I must deal with townspeople chasing after me. What a shame.” Hamilton began to run, glancing back once at the bumpy dirt.

“Well, that is not inconspicuous at all.”


You cursed, spilling your ink jar on your work. “For the life of me, I cannot understand why my limbs are so ungainly.” You mumbled, reaching for an ink-stained towel that you kept next to you in your study. You pressed it on the table, waiting for the ink to seep into it. You heard your door open, and turned around, seeing your mother standing there.

“Good morning, mother. How are you?” She smiled, walking in. She placed a kiss on the top of your head, looking at the table.

 “I am well. But it seems like you are having an interesting morning. What have I told you about spilling the ink, Y/N? We cannot afford to continue to buy you one every fortnight. Please be careful son.”

“I know, but my arms seem to fling out whenever I come up with a new idea.” You looked at the piles of paper on your desk, then looking back at your mother. “I have not slept in a few days.” She frowned, hitting the top of your head with a rolled-up newspaper. You winced, leaning away from her.

“I will hit you once more if I see that you have not had a day’s rest. But for now, I have someone here for you.” She wiggled her eyebrows, and you groaned, placing your head on the desk. “Y/N, what are you doing? Did you forget about the ink?” You quickly picked your head up, and touched your forehead. You stared at your fingers, seeing the black.

You were such an imbecile.

“How am I supposed to show this young woman her suitor when you have a mark in the middle of your forehead?” She placed her fingers on her temple, rubbing it in circle motions. “You are going to be the death of me.” You grinned, jumping up from your chair. She widened her eyes at your quick movements, and you kissed her cheek, running your hands through your hair.

“This is the perfect ensemble for a courtship. I will meet with her promptly.” Before your mother could grab your arm, you were already out your door, sliding on the rail to get down the staircase quicker. Your momentum was too fast, and you immediately landed face down, the hardwood floor probably bruising your cheeks. “Perfect.” You whispered, satisfied with your decision.

You told your parents countless times that you would find love on your own. But they continued to insist that you court an eligible woman, someone who would carry the title of yours well. Of course, you could care less about how much money your partner would have, but they cared.

They cared immensely.

Since you could not convince them of your views, you made sure to meet your suitors with the worst manners and personality, making sure they would hate you to your core. And so far, it had been working well.

You walked into the parlor, a little wobbly. You saw the woman sitting there, wearing the finest silks and jewelry. You rolled your eyes at the attire, clearing your throat. She turned around, her gaze meeting yours. “Hi, miss,” You said, holding out your hand, “I am Y/N. A pleasure to be of acquaintance.” She placed her hand in yours, and you kissed it lightly. She took her hand out of yours immediately. You could tell she was disgusted at your outfit, and your stomach swelled with glee.

Step one: complete.

“Um, sir, do you need more time to get dressed? I can wait here.” She said, a sweet smile on her face. You felt guilty for treating her this way, but it needed to be done. You needed to teach your parents about how you felt.  

“Is there something wrong with my attire?” You glanced down at your clothes innocently, looking back at her. She shook her head.

“Ah, no, sir. You look handsome.” This time, she did not smile. “Would you like to dine here? My father has caterers that are on their way.”

“Well, Miss…” You waited for her name, and she blushed, looking at the ground.

“Oh, I apologize. I am Anna Vermont.” She said, smiling at you. You nodded.

“Yes, Anna. I was thinking that we should go to a nearby park. It would get us to connect more, without the stares of our parents. Do you agree?” She hesitated, and you heard stomping behind you. Fingers dug into the skin of your arm, and you looked down, seeing the anger on your mother’s face. You smiled at her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder.

She looked at you, fuming.

If this woman was not here, she would have killed you.

“I am sorry, Anna, but my son has not slept well in the last few nights, and he needs some rest. Do you mind if we postpone this visit for another time?” Anna nodded quickly, gathering her things off the furniture. She looked too eager to go, and you knew you were never going to see her again.

You grinned.

Mission accomplished.

“Yes, that would be best. Y/N, nice to meet you. I will see you soon.” She curtsied to the two of you, and you walked her to the door. Once the two of you were outside on the porch, she turned to you, a sneer on her face. “What a poor excuse for a man. You do not even know how to greet a lady properly. I am sorry for the maiden who seeks your hand in marriage.” You raised your eyebrow.

That was a quick change in personality.

“Sure, Anna. I hope you can find a man who tolerates a gossiping woman. I heard that you were spotted at a brothel recently. Do you have an excuse for being there?” You said, grinning.

“Excuse me, sir, but doesn’t that seem-“

“Have a wonderful day, Anna. I hope to never see you near me again.” You shut the door in her face, turning to see your livid mother standing there, her arms crossed over her chest. You gave her a cheesy grin, and she hit you with the same piece of paper. You pouted, holding your face. “Mother, you are going to damage this handsome face. Then no one will stand to look at me.”

“I cannot stand to look at you right now, Y/N. How dare you speak to that woman in such a manner? I know your father raised you better than that.” She said, “Do you not want to have a wife? Do you not want to have children, to pass the family name down? Is this why you are so troublesome?”

There was a multitude of questions thrown at you, and you frowned. “Mother, you know why I refuse to meet with these women. I want to fall in love on my own, and I cannot do that with a lady who enters the house to just collect my money and live a life of luxury. I want someone who cares about me, who wants to sit outside and gaze at the stars at night. Someone who loves this clumsy man, who would give up the world to be by my side. Is that too much to ask for? For someone to love me for who I am?” You questioned, and her stern expression relaxed, and she placed her hands back to her sides.

“Love is such a childish emotion, Y/N. You should live in the real world. I did not marry your father because I loved him, I married him because he was the one my parents wanted me to marry. And I grew to love him. You can do that too.”

“How can you tell me that? How can you tell me to learn to love someone? I cannot force myself to convey an emotion.”

“Then you will never be wed.” She stated simply. “Is that what you want your life to be? Staying as an angry old man without someone to sit in a rocking chair next to you?”

She was not listening to a word you were saying. Seeing that this fight would never be won by you, you nodded slowly. “I guess I might as well sit on a pile of money and use it to wipe my a-“

“Y/N, if that word comes out of your mouth-!” You ran past her, grabbing your satchel.

“I’ll be back soon, mother.” She was able to catch you this time, and she reached into her pocket, taking out a small glass bottle.

“Here, just in case you run into a vampire, toss salt on the ground. They will unable to resist counting each one.” You shook your head at her superstitious nature, but took the bottle anyway, tucking in in your front pocket. “I’m serious, Y/N. A woman was killed yesterday-”

“See you later. I’ll be home a few hours after nightfall.” She sighed.

“Be safe, my son. I’ll be waiting for you to get home.” She kissed your cheek, squeezing your hand. You did the same, running out the door.


Hamilton paced the sidewalks, looking at the groups of people walking down the blocks. He had his hands tucked in his slacks, scanning the crowd for his next victim. As he was distracted, a hard force hit the side of him. He stiffened, freezing in his spot. He looked to his side, seeing a man on the ground. He raised his eyebrow at the mark on his forehead. Why would anyone leave their house in such condition?

The man on the ground moaned, holding his head. He was lying back, staring at the sky. Hamilton stared at him. Why did he not get up yet?

After a few moments, the man struggled to get up, with no help from Hamilton. He jumped once, looking at Hamilton. He gave Hamilton a crooked smile, his hair a mess. “Sorry, I was distracted and I was running. Such a bad combination, don’t you agree?” The man said, rubbing the side of his head.

Hamilton stared at him, silent. There were many thoughts running through his mind, most filled with his need for the substance pumping in this man’s veins. The man’s scent was different from others, much sweeter and mouthwatering. The man coughed, noticing Hamilton’s gaze on his neck.

He found his next victim.

Hamilton smiled, holding out his hand.


“Alexander Hamilton. A pleasure to meet you.” The brown-haired man said, his eyes crinkling. You looked at the outstretched hand. Now he offered his hand to you?

You took it nonetheless, shaking it once. “Nice name. Very strong and masculine. Mine’s Y/N, my mother gave it to me.” You said, immediately regretting it. Goodness, your mother was right: talking and writing words were two very distinct things.

The man’s smile never left his face, and you could not help but notice how attractive he was. His face was well-structured, and his hands were soft. You blushed at the very crude images forming in your head. You tightened your eyes, forcing them out of your brain. You stared at the man. There was something off about him, especially the smile that has not left his face for the past minute or so.

You shrugged off your doubts, nodding at the man once. It was getting dark outside, and you needed to be home before your mother sent out search parties for you. “Well, I better be on my way. It is getting quite late, and I need to be home.”

Hamilton’s smile never left, but it turned into a smirk. “Ah, is your wife waiting?” He asked, and you noticed an edge to the statement. You shook your head at him, slowly walking forward.

“I’m not married, um, Alexander. And I only wish to be married to someone I love, not someone who is forced to marry me. How about you?” You asked, noticing that he began walking next to you. You tensed up.

“I was married, once. Her name was Eliza Schuyler. She died recently.” He said, leaking out some emotion with that statement. His face dropped when he said her name, but he shook out of it instantly, looking back at you. “It was a murder, someone killed her.” His fists tightened. “They staked her because they believed she was a vampire. How idiotic.”

You did not realize the way this conversation was going, and you regretted asking him about himself. Vampires? He sounded like your mother. It was not that he was not an interesting person, you just felt like you should run in the other direction. The street was empty, the two of you walking alone.

“I am sorry for your loss. Please send my condolences to you and yours. I better be on my way, Alexander. Nice to meet you.” You began jogging. After a few moments, you glanced back, noticing that he disappeared from the street. “Hmm, where did he go that fast?” You turned back, bumping into a man once more.

You face was throbbing, and you knew you would have bruises all over your body by tomorrow. You looked up from the ground, seeing Alexander in front of you. Your heart dropped.

Was he not just behind you? How did he get there so quickly?

“Ahh, Y/N. You did not let me finish my story. How can you leave before that?” His irises were pitch black, and you widened your eyes. What this man on some sort of substance? Was he sick?

“Are you okay, Alexander? You look pale and your eyes are dark. Would you like me to walk with you to the nearest hospital?” The smile on his face dropped, and his gaze flicked between your eyes, confusion on his face.

“I am fine. You should be concerned for yourself right now.” He grinned, showing sharp incisors protruding from his lips. You scrambled back, now terrified. You struggled to get off the ground, but finally did, hopping onto your feet. He walked slowly towards you, his hands behind his back. “You are a really interesting fellow, Mr. Y/N. Why aren’t you running? You know, the chase is always fun.” He winked at you, and you could have sworn you almost urinated.


“Um, hey! Officer!” You yelled, looking behind Hamilton. Hamilton whipped his head around, and you ran full speed, almost tripping over your own feet.


Hamilton turned back, seeing that the man was already a few hundred feet ahead of him. He grinned, licking his lips. He crouched down on the ground, touching the place where your blood dripped off a scratch. He rubbed it between his pinky and thumb, looking up at your retreating figure. He sniffed it once, then licked his digits, standing back up.

This will be fun. He thought.


You were panting, unable to run any further. You cursed at your body, looking for anywhere to hide. You noticed a pub that was open, and dragged yourself over. Before you could open the door, the ponytailed man stood in front of you, his arms crossed against his chest.

“You are a runner? Have you ran away from vampires before?”

You suddenly remembered the salt in your pocket, and took it out, throwing it on the ground. He widened his eyes, looking at you.

“Oh no. You sick human, you-“ He crouched down, unable to resist counting the grains of salt. You smiled, and you heard a chuckle come out of the man on the ground. He stood back up slowly, raising his eyebrow at you. “That is just folklore, my friend. And by the way, that makes no sense. Why would my weakness be salt? Did you try to bring garlic too? What about iron, do you have that in your bag?”

Even though you were in a life-or-death situation, you could not help the tone that came out of your mouth. “You are a really terrible being. Why are you so pompous? Are you going to kill me already? Because your talking might kill me instead.” Hamilton grabbed you by the neck, pulling you behind the cottage. He held you against the wall, the whites of his eyes now completely black. This time, you took him seriously, shivering.

He glanced down at your neck, and touched it softly. He gave you a sideways grin, his eyes still trained on your pulsing vein. “You know, you have the sweetest smelling blood. As long as I have been on this Earth, I have never smelled anything like yours.” His face moved closer to your neck, and he sniffed, licking the skin.

You shivered, and definitely felt some warm liquid come. Hold yourself together. You thought.

Hamilton laughed, moving away from your neck. “You know, I think I like you.”

“What are you even saying?” You said, and he tightened his hold on your neck, and you clawed at his hand, trying to pull him off. “Stop, Hamilton. You’re better than this.” You gasped through breaths. He stopped grinning, looking at you.

“I’m sorry, have you met me before? Were we acquaintances in a former life? I’m sure I would have remembered your face.” He stated.

“It does not matter if I met you or no-“ You coughed, your head becoming dizzy. You felt his grip on you loosen, and you took a deep breath. “Thank you.” You mumbled, looking at him. The dark color in his eyes was lowered, but he still had some left. You were amazed at what he could do.

Is this a dream?

“Do not thank me, Y/N. Tell me what you were going to say. I want to know before I end your life.” He said, glaring at you. You chortled, rolling your eyes at him. He frowned. “What is so funny?”

“You. You are trying to act like this robust, threatening figure, but you are not. I can see through you.” He slammed you against the wall once, but you continued talking. “You are lonely. Even the slightest affection towards you scares you, because you have never felt that before. Everyone in your life has hated you.” He held both of his hands around your neck, his hold still the same as before.

“Shut up.” He hissed, the black slowly leaving. You were unceasing, talking again.

“I could see it when I questioned if you were alright. You immediately jumped on that sentence, it puzzling you. You need someone to care about you, and for a second, you thought it was me.”

“Stop.” He grumbled, his hold loosening. You were glad that this speech was distracting him. His fangs were still there, peeking out from his top lip.

“If you wanted me to stop, you would have killed me a long time ago. Isn’t that right-“ His teeth sunk into your neck, piercing the delicate skin. You attempted to scream, but he covered your mouth with his hand, muffling the yelling. You were going cross-eyed, you barely able to keep them open. Your hands grew limp on their sides, and he wrapped his arms around your torso, pulling you closer towards him. Before you passed out, you whispered one last thing.

“There is someone out there who cares about you. You just need to find t-“ Your voice faded, and your head tilted to the side.


Hamilton retracted his lips from your neck, looking at your pale figure. He widened his eyes, feeling something leak out of them. He touched his eyeball, and squinted at the substance.

What was this? He rolled the liquid around, and tasted it. He frowned. Tears?

You were unconscious. Hamilton did not kill you, but he drained enough blood from you to keep you alive longer. He picked you up, carrying your body bridal style. As he walked towards the town, he examined your face. You were a handsome man, no doubt about that. But you were strange as well, the ink staining your forehead, and your clothes looked like you’ve slept in them. He found a bench, and laid you across, sitting down next to your head.

As he looked at your ragged breathing from the rising and falling of your chest, he wondered what it would be like to hug you. To touch you. You were kind, even when you thought you were going to die.

He snickered, running his hands through his hair. What have you done to him? He never saved anyone, always killed his victims.

But you, you were different.

You were funny, you were intelligent (to an extent, of course), you were friendly, and you listened to him when no one else would. And you were right.

Hamilton was lonely.

He stood up, placing your satchel under your head and pulling up your collar to cover the bite mark on your neck. It would disappear in a few minutes, but he had to make sure no one saw it until then.

He took one last look at you, and then walked away, disappearing into the night.

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Hey there, I love your stuff n' fluff, but could you do a companions react to being dared to "Slap her" F!SS.. Like the video maybe.. If not thanks tho, ily✌

Hey and Thank you! Please enjoy! <3

Companions are dared to Slap F!Sole (From the video “Slap her”)

Cait: “What do ya say Sole? Ya think you can take it?”

Codsworth: “Oh! Excuse me! I’ll never hurt my master!”

Curie: “No no no! There is no need for violence!”

Danse: “Negative. I am protecting that woman, not hurting her.”

Deacon: “Sureee, anything else while you’re at it? Want me to stab her in the back too, I’m taking requests!”

Dogmeat: Dogmeat would never hurt her, not even by mistake!

Hancock: “Forget it.”

Macready: “I don’t know how they do stuff where you come from, but I’m not hurting that woman.”

Nick: “I won’t just slap someone I respect, Sorry”

Piper: “As much as she needs a good slap on the face sometimes, I don’t want to do it…”

Preston: “Uh, I think I’m gonna pass…”


X6-88: “I don’t take orders from you”

Maxson: “How dare you. That is a Brotherhood of Steel Knight you are asking me to hit.”

Gage: *slaps her ass hard*

Ada: “No; That would be unfair.”

“Put me down, I can walk!”

@natecchi said:

His leg hurts so badly he can barely stand. He bites down a whimper as he leans on the nearby wall, supporting his weight off it and putting a bit less pressure on the injured leg. Scamander is beside him and breathes noisily through his nostrils when his eyes land on Percival’s nasty wound. His pants are ripped from his ankle down and the fabric is soaked with blood. When he can’t stand anymore and slides down the wall, Scamander helps him to sit more comfortably – well, as comfortable as sitting on some old pavement could feel – and rips the fabric of his pants further to have a better look at the wound.

By the way he grimaces, Percival deduces that it’s fucked up pretty badly.

Scamander touches it and it aches so much that Percival yelps in pain.

“I’m sorry,” Scamander mutters apologetically, meeting his eyes for a brief moment before inspecting the wound again. “I guess firstly, we have to stop the bleeding.”

He pulls out his wand and points it at Percival’s leg. He mutters a spell, then breathes with relief when the wound closes and the blood stops gushing. Percival sighs as a wave of tiredness washes over him. He closes his eyes for a moment, but opens them immediately when he feels hands snaking under his knees and behind his back. He barely has time to catch up with what’s happening and grabs onto the first thing he can – Scamander’s shoulders.

Scamander huffs as he lifts him up, bridal-style.

Percival turns ten shades of red.

What is wrong with this guy?! How can he just pick a man up like that and have this face like nothing actually is wrong about this situation?!

“Put me down, I can walk!” Percival yells in his ear and Scamander groans at the loud tone. He rolls his eyes at Percival and hisses through gritted teeth when Percival tries to get out of his ‘embrace’.

“You hardly can stand, director. And now, could you please stop moving? You’re quite heavy.”

“I’m not!”

EXCUSE ME, WOMAN - HOW DARE YOU COME AT ME WITH THIS ADORABLENESS?! And by “how dare you” I mean “bless you, you child of pure gold, for introducing this adorable fucking image into my life”.

Because honestly, Graves would be THE SALTIEST about this. 

When Newt finally gets the man back to his aurors, he has his arms crossed petulantly - a scowl carved deep into his face, but his blush is deeper still.

“Director Graves?” Tina squeaks, eyes wide at the sight of them.

“The director was struck in the ankle,” Newt says clinically. “I managed to stop the bleeding, but he can’t walk.”

“I can so walk,” Graves growls. It is only because his ear is right next to the man’s chest that he catches Newt’s chuckle - making him glare up at the man.

“Oh! Thank you, Newt. I can get him to a –”

“No, I have him,” Newt says, then continues on down the street, a suddenly flailing Graves in his grasp.

“What– Scamander! Put me down! There’s no need to– SCAMANDER!”

After that, Newt makes a point of finding reasons to pick up the shorter man. Even if he is heavy.

Like shortly after his return from the hospital.

The doors to the department slam open and Tina and Newt both whirled in their seats only to catch sight of one Percival Graves - immaculate as ever except for the fact that he’s limping. And his hair isn’t quite right. And now that Newt was thinking about it, the man kind of looked out of it. 

“Sir, shouldn’t you still be in the hospital?” Tina asks, eyes wide.

“Quite fine. They cleared me for duty,” he says, chin up - obviously unaware of the fact that he was slurring his words.

“Sir?” Tina asks tremulously, afraid to question her superior but also afraid he would fall flat on his face as he slowly limped (and tried to hide said limp) across the room to his office. He made it about halfway before he had to stumble to a desk and rest, sweat on his brow. 

He doesn’t even realize Scamander is right in front of him until it’s far too late to his shock. 

“Scamander?! What–?”

“You’re on Skele-Gro, aren’t you?” He asks.

Graves swallows.

“I’m fine.”

“And pain potions to combat the Skele-Gro, yes?”

Graves wrinkles his nose.

“Scamander, get out of my way.”

“Blown pupils. Fever. You weren’t cleared from the hospital, were you?” Newt deduces simply.

“Director!” Tina gasps.

“Scamander, if you don’t – hey, no! – keep your fucking hands to yourself!”

Before he knows it, he’s back in Newt’s arms and too exhausted from his trek to do much of anything about it. Not to mention the fact that the pain potion is really starting to kick in now. Newt’s got rainbows in his hair and his freckles are dancing. 

Graves always was rather sensitive to potions.

“You’re burning up,” Newt says, already making his way across the department and evidently dead set on carrying the man through MACUSA as punishment for his obstinate decisions. “Let’s get you to bed.”

“I don’t need your help!”

Tina can’t help but chuckle as she watches her director get carried away, his large, blurry eyes locking on her furiously from over Newt’s elbow.

“Goldstein, do something!”

“You’re lucky he’s only taking you to bed, sir,” she says lightly, waving goodbye. “I’d have taken you to the hospital.”

Graves’ petulant pout - no doubt due to his inebriation from the potion - is something Tina will never forget.


Graves afraid he’s getting fat after Newt calls him heavy.

Carry me pt 3 (Saeran x MC)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: Saeran/MC -you
Summary: AU where all of the RFA are completely obsessed with MC the princess of the story, they become so very obsessed with her that they keep her in a golden cage. The RFA is the bad guy and the MC is tormented by each and every one in the RFA. Until her prince comes and saves her. Or at least tries to. The Choi twins meat each other - how does the story develop? Will Saeyoung help the young prince and princess? 

Author’s Notes: Finally it is here~ pt 3! I really hope you like this part, I am actually liking it so far. Also I hope you don’t mind too much that Saeyoung is “bad” in my AU/fanfiction. But don’t worry, he still has his tsundere moments and he is not all bad~. Hope you like it! ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡



So there I was staring at the very person, that resembled me visually. If of course I wouldn’t have dyed my hair and if my eyes weren’t a different shade – we would look more like brothers. No, not just brothers but…so much more. Like we used to, he used to be my most important person in this whole world, until… he betrayed me. 

But no matter how hard I tried to change my appearance, no one could deny the resemblance we shared. The very resemblance I detested with my whole core. His expression held no emotions, if it weren’t for his clenched jaw I could have thought that he wasn’t capable of showing any emotions. We stared at each other for a while the only thing that could be heard, was the rustling of the grass and the sound of the woodland creatures. As we were both staring at each other in silence I chose to take this time to look him over.

 He wore ridiculous clothes, a sweater that was too big for him and pants that seemed to have food stains and were torn in different parts. His eyes held no emotions, but judging by his under eye circles it was evident, that he didn’t sleep enough. 

No one wanted to speak up, the tension was high. Was he here in order to destroy me, to ruin my plans of saving the only thing I ever cared about?  The princess was the only true thing I wanted to protect and cherish. And no one, not even my so called brother is going to take her from me. I had enough of this silence and us staring at each other so I took a step towards him and spoke up “Step aside. I don’t have time for this nonsense.”

He only shrugged and scratched his neck “You very well know that I cannot do that, sweet brother. You have trespassed this property and the other one inside.” His voice was provocative and he wore a lewd smirk on his face.

He dared to describe her as property? She was a human being! I could feel the heat in me rising, it was bubbling up, I could feel that soon something in me would snap, I feared what could become of me. But soon enough, the anger in me took over and I stepped towards him and grabbed at his collar and shook him. “How dare you! How dare you say she is property, you of all people should know how it feels to be captive and…” my voice was starting to break as I recalled how this excuse of a brother left me behind with the woman we called our mother, the very woman who would beat me, torture me for his own pleasure only because I was weaker than HIM! I could feel something inside of me break free and I screamed at the top of my lungs and pushed this piece of shit on the ground and started to hit on him. 


another hit 


a blow to the head 


and as I wanted to hit him again he grabbed my arms and steadied them. Who was I kidding, he had always been much stronger than me.

“I am giving you the chance to flee, go and don’t come back. If you don’t want to dirty your hands you should leave all of this behind. You can’t save her, she will stay here and be their toy, let her be. It’s far too late.”

His face was red with anger, his eyes showed signs of fear? But maybe he is afraid of their leader, naturally he doesn’t care for what happens with me or her. I, must do this, I must save her, for if she is saved – that way maybe even my soul can be salvaged.

I shook my head and I felt tears streaming down my face. “I will not give up on her, I will not live on and constantly recall the life she is living. Are you even aware of all the things they do to her? No matter what they do to her, she remains there, she has almost given up on her life, she is miserable, but the only thing that keeps her going is her kindness, is the love she feels for them. No matter who made her come here, she is not alright, she deserves more. Have you ever seen her, were you ever with her? Go and talk to her, if after you have visited her, you can still call her property and if you still believe she doesn’t deserve freedom, then we can perhaps talk about it.”

After telling him my thoughts, he finally broke the silence with a sigh, he pushed me so that we both could stand up.

“Alright. I will go see her, if and only if she is able to stir something in me…which I doubt she will, I will consider letting you trespass. But I will not help you free her. Understood?”

What is this feeling? Disbelief? “But why? Why would you agree on this?”

Then he stepped closer to me and put his hand on my shoulder “Let’s say it’s to make amends for the past.”

I shrugged his hand off and ran towards my hideout. I would stay here; I would think of her. The princess, that listened and lifted the darkness from my heart. Hopefully I would be able to rescue her, to free her. I only wish her happiness and maybe she and I will meet in our dreams tonight. I can only beg the gods, the wizards and anything that can help me, to give me strength and guide me to her arms.

But would he keep his promise?


The gatekeeper stood alone in the woods, looking back at where his brother stood just a few minutes ago, was now empty space. He had failed him in the past, he knew that it was too late to apologize, to change the past, but maybe with this small favour he would maybe help him? A long sigh escaped his mouth, he knew that what the organisation did with that poor girl was wrong and unforgivable, but he couldn’t do anything could he? He was only a puppet master, or was he the puppet? The only thing he had to do, was protect the secrets, protect her – make a schedule, when someone could visit her. It was all just for her. The only two people who haven’t visited her was V – the leader and himself – the gatekeeper. She never saw him and neither did he. 

She only heard his voice over the speaker or the phone. He did see her through the camera, but he was afraid to get closer, to clearly see how she looked. If he was looking at the situation from a safe distance – then he didn’t feel anything for her. It all seemed like a weird TV show, it was all so surreal. After a while he just didn’t care anymore, or did he? He just shut it all off, he didn’t want to know who and how she was, that way he would start to care and he didn’t deserve to care. But maybe it was time to introduce himself, so that she knows who exactly the one person is, who is not letting her escape from her hell. This would probably hurt them both, she would see eye to eye to the monster that is keeping her locked and he would see what damage his loyalty to the leader has done.

He checked his phone – it was a message from Jumin – he would return to his estate now and leave her behind. It seems they would meet sooner than he thought. He walked towards the mansion – he could easily go in and out, since he was the one who build the security, so with ease and confidence he walked towards her “room” well more or less it was a cage, but whatever. He turned off the cameras, s that they at least had some privacy. He thought of the reasons why all of the members and his brother were just so obsessed with a simple girl. He unlocked and swiftly locked the doors back as he stepped inside. 

There was a sweet scent in the air, and he heard some lovely humming. He slowly walked towards the source of the humming and there he saw – an ethereal creature, she was gazing through the window and silently singing a sad tune to herself, she was clothed in a white, sheer dress, her hair was freely cascading down her body like a blanket. Her skin shone lightly, because of the moonlight. Like in trance he walked towards her and without noticing he stumbled and hit a small table along the way towards her – making a small vase fall down and shatter.

Then the ethereal beauty looked at him with wide eyes and he finally saw her face up close, her plump lips were a beautiful pink, her cheeks were slightly flushed and her eyes shone like stars. He had never seen anyone as beautiful as her.

She turned her whole body towards him – with slight discomfort, since her legs were still wrapped in bandages. With a slight head tilt, she signalized him that she was confused as to who he was and what he was doing there. 

Then she put her hands on her lap and spoke up silently with her sweet voice; “How may I help you?”

Without knowing what he was doing he was stepping towards her and as there was hardly anywhere to step anymore he knelt before her and looked up at her, he felt that she would feel safer that way, if he was eye to eye with her. Then he could see that she shook in fear and as she bit her lip in discomfort this made him feel a slight pang to his chest. “What have I done?” 

By breathing in, he tried to calm himself and he decided it was for the best if he would just … introduce himself? He didn’t really know why he was so nervous and how one person could have such an impact on anyone, even on someone like him-

Hello, we haven’t met yet, my name is Saeyoung. I am a part of the rfa and I thought that it might have been time to meet face to face?”

He stared at her and she did something that he wasn’t expecting she clicked her tongue at him and stared in annoyance at him. She then tapped on the sofa and the empty space next to her. “Sit please.”

He complied to her wishes and sat near her, as he was close to her, he saw her bruised skin. Tough her skin seemed so inviting and soft, it was marked with many bruises, even if her hair was covering her like a blanket, those purple marks stood out quite strongly. So he couldn’t help but look at her with pity.

Then he saw the look she gave him, it was full of life, full of anger and hate. Were those emotions meant for him? To confirm his suspicion, she spoke up.
“No need to feel sorry for me, after all, it is you who is guilty for this situation. I know who you are, we didn’t meet but your voice haunts me, each and every time one of them visits. Your voice…I hate it. It makes me stay here, it makes me live out a life, I never wanted for myself. I might have been on a brink of death as a star, but this is not life…THIS is not living!” 

Well, this was not the obedient and silent doll he was expecting. This was living, wasn’t it? She was fighting even now, when she has hardly any strength left.

He leaned closer to her, which made her lean back, to stop her from moving away he grabbed her by the back of her hand. It excited him how she fought like a broken bird, before when she was a lifeless doll to the others, he couldn’t care less for her, but now? She was fighting so strongly, her whole body yelled out to live, her cheeks were flushed red by the anger she felt inside. With a smirk on his face he approached her and whispered in a husky tone with mocking undertones; “I am not giving you away so easily. V would never let me. Princess, you will not leave so easily. Do you understand?”

With a swift motion she slapped his hand away. She was fuming with rage. Seeing the face of the man, who kept her behind these bars awoke something in her that was resting quietly in her for a long while. Now she felt all the strength return to her. There was someone she would fight for, someone she wanted to live for and be free and no one would stand in her way. With confidence, which she thought was long gone, then she sat upwards as poised as she could and glared at the red haired man and with declared as powerfully as she could;
“I will not leave, nor will walk away, for my sweet prince - the one person who gives me strength will carry me away from here.”

The gatekeeper pulled back and started to laugh manically – he threw his head backwards and cackled crazily.

 As he calmed down he looked at her and smirked; “This is going to be an interesting game, if you truly believe you can escape by all means try – but I assure you – V will always find you.” 

He then stood up and walked away, with one last look at her he bid her his farewells “Princess, you are so much more than I ever expected, if God was an honorable man – if all my sins could ever be forgiven, I think I could have easily fallen for you and maybe I could have been the one to rescue you.”

Then she did something that he wasn’t expecting, she smiled at him and as sweetly as she could spoke; “You can’t save yourself, how could you ever save me? I bid you farewell, Saeyoung.”

anonymous asked:

may I have some prompts for a time traveler who is very sarcastic

“The 20′s! Look, we’re really here!”
“Not so loud, you’re clothes already draw enough attention.”
“My goodness! Speakeasies and vintage cars and-”
“Disrespecting women and widespread racism and homophobia. Shall I go on?”

“No, it’s fine, I love watching well developed civilizations fall. Would you also like to visit Germany during World War II?”
“You could’ve just said no.”
“No, I don’t want to seem insensitive. Why wouldn’t we go back in time to places that we’re likely to die? It’s not like I’m a woman of color or anything.”

“See, it’s people like you that disappoint me.”
“Excuse me?”
“I’ve heard so many great things about you and, truly, you are an exemplary leader, but you’ve got no sense of humor.”
“How dare you!”
“Oh, please, Caesar, what are you gonna do? Stab me?”

“The government is corrupt.”
“Yeah, and?”
“It’s a problem.”
“Let me tell you something, sweetie; George Washington, one of the founding fathers, gave his constituents booze so they’d vote for him. On the other hand, in a few years, the president is going to resign before he can be impeached. The government will always be corrupt, so you should pick and choose what to get really upset about.”
The man blinked a few times, but didn’t say anything.
“Honestly, if you want to see real corruption, you should’ve seen rulers back in the day. Did you know Timur, the leader of the Mongol clan of the Barlas, ordered a tower to be built of human bodies?”

“There are only two genders.”
“Oh, shit when was it that…” Julie trailed off, mumbling to herself and counting on her fingers. “I am going to get in my time machine and visit you twenty years in the future. This is amazing, you have no idea.”
“No idea about what?”
“Do I really need to spell it out for you?”

miss congeniality sentence meme
** change pronouns, etc to fit your muse!

“yep. the three stooges.”
“this broad’s got two asses.”
“i really love this borscht.”
“that is one really, really purple russian!”
“his victims didn’t get a chance to choke on a peanut!”
“you’re not killing anyone, you peanut eating bastard.”
“how’s your head, my little broski?”
“i shouldn’t have moved!”
“you made a choice. it was wrong, but that’s it. it’s over.”
“by the way, you look like hell.”
“is this you not arguing? cause you suck at it.”
“no i get these made special by the same guy that put the tattoo on my ass.”
“i forgot the alamo.”
“i got a cousin in texas.”
“not unless it’s the miss lamaze pageant.” 
“yeah, right, in a thong.”
“in a tasteful one piece!”
“i don’t even own a dress, i don’t even own a brush.”
“what part of that is supposed to shock me?”
“damn right. the spinning, the twirling, the smiling. the cute little tap number.”
“i don’t know, man. she’s got a lot of rage.”
“so join the marines.”
“my god, can you really be this superficial.”
“hard to believe, right?”
“especially without their knowledge!”
“if you are ( muse name ) i quit here and now.”
“yeah kinda having a bad hair day. hair decade, really.”
“you like caps?”
“it is always yes, never yeah. sit down.”
“have i offended you in some way?”
“i haven’t seen a walk like that since jurassic park.”
“it’s not the bloody ice capades.”
“because i’m preparing to run away!”
“it takes a very secure man to walk like that.”
“it’s all in the buttocks! don’t i look pretty!?”
“hey hey! i’m gliding here! asshole.”
“when she gets there, he’s gonna take one look at that fake rack and send her back.”
“look, she’s gonna cry again.”
“oh! if i only had a brain!”
“i am somewhat less than amused.”
“with some work she’ll be ready for the world’s finest trailer park.”
“both painful and grotesque, isn’t it.”
“hopefully remove the beer stains and steak residue.”
“as long as it doesn’t say thank you very much for the country music award.”
“yeah, well, my iq just dropped ten points.”
“i am in a dress, i have gel in my hair, i haven’t slept all night, i am starved, and i’m armed. don’t. mess with me.”
“my god, i’m good.”
“operation thong has commenced.”
“why don’t you stun gun yourself.”
“one little mistake, and i’m a bloody bellhop.”
“washington – nice apples.”
“she’s obviously been drinking too much coppertone.”
“yeah, i’m talkin’ to you – i’m lookin’ at you.”
“at least she thinks i’m funny.”
“i wake up every morning, look in the mirror and say who is that old (man/woman) wearing my pajamas?”
“don’t cry for me … alabama.”
“OH JESUS CHRIST! sorry, i had a bite of my bagel and i forgot to pray.”
“they slammed their doors when i said chocolate. they didn’t give me a chance to say fat free!”
“excuse me! i am in the middle of a rem cycle over here!”
“no armored car?”
“that would be in my other dress.”
“this (man/woman) has no talent!”
“listen to me, you old fruit cake.”
“how dare you, you cupcake!”
“you are not having sex on this stage.”
“i know, you think i’m gorgeous.”
“what’s her talent, bar tending?”
“of course he had a gun. it’s texas. everyone has a gun. my florist has a gun.”
“i don’t have a gun. my ancestors were quakers.”
“what’s the other seventy percent, cleavage?”
“i would so love to hurt you right now.”
“you have sarcasm and a gun!”
“i am a miserable, grumpy, old elitist. and that works for me.”
“none of your damn business, that’s why.”
“you look good wet.”
“those better be candy dishes.”
“it’s for the little baggies under your eyes.”
“oh, good, hairspray, something i recognize.”
“it stops the suit from riding up!”
“that would be harsher punishment for parole violators… and world peace.”
“that was charming. are you drunk?”
“glad you enjoyed it. now if you’ll excuse me i have to go unscrew my smile.”
“hey, listen to me, sparky.”
“well, leg waxing. fake orgasms. the inability of men to commit.”
“what, you want me to beat it out of her?”
“uh, it’s light beer, and she’s gonna throw it up anyway.”
“i’ll sit here with my very large, very cheesy pizza.”
“first step pizza, second step flaming batons.”
“i guess we’ll be needing some more pizza.”
“this is my third one of these and i don’t feel a thing!”
“don’t worry about that, we all suck.”
“no wonder you’re still a virgin.”
“speaking of illegal, have you ever committed a crime?”
“one time, i stole red underwear from the department store.”
“my mother wouldn’t buy them for me! she said they were satan’s panties!”
“ — anyway, he attacked me.”
“(he/she)’s just got a boot up (his/her) ass about something!”
“(he/she) threw a chair out the window!”
“why don’t you jump on (him/her) dressed like a bavarian fruit cake!?”
“where are you getting your information from, a pajama party?”
“betrayal implies an action, you just stood there!”
“part of the job is following orders!”
“the other part of the job is using your brain!”
“take the rule book and just throw it out the window!”
“i like the rule book! i like knowing what i can and cannot do!”
“don’t do that! that slow creepy thing in the shadows! (name) used to do that!”
“you’re a genius.”
“no, i’m just pissed off.”
“if i ever had a child, i imagine they’d be somewhat like you. which is perhaps why i’ve never reproduced.”
“maybe (he/she) couldn’t take the pressure. (he/she) ate four slices last night!”
“i overslept my beauty sleep.”
“which one of these is, uh, lipstick?”
“i forgot my breasts, hold on i’ll be back.”
“that was incredibly stupid of me.”
“oh, shit.”
“that must’ve hurt.”
“not even a traffic ticket. model citizen, beauty contestant, pageant director, loving (mom/dad.)”
“a sniveling, obsequious, weasel of a human being.”
“(his/her) assistant (name)? asshole (name)?”
“you ate pizza, you stole panties, you’re a wild woman.”
“wait a minute, i’m not with him with him it’s not like that.”
“come on, muffin!”
“(he/she) certainly lit my fire.”
“what, disgusting perverted (name)?”
“you’re drinking my talent!”
“i once saw a girl who rearranged furniture.”
“that and a right hook.”
“oh, (he/she)’s kicking (his/her) ass!”
“we’ll be back with our final five lesbians. err, interviews.”
“can we say lesbians?”
“you got a problem with that?”
“terrific answer. damnit.”
“my god. i did it.”
“and if anyone tries to hurt one of my new friends, i would take them out. i would make them suffer so much that they’d wish they were never born. and if they ran, i would hunt them down.”
“a brief shining moment and then that mouth.”
“yes. wear the crown. be the crown. you are the crown.”
“i was right in the middle of my song! and there was this big explosion!”
“where you’re going, i’m sure they’d love to meet a former beauty queen.”
“yeah, he means m-e-a-t.”
“when i met you, dennis rodman looked better in a dress! but now you’re a lady!”
“you know what you’re under arrest, get in the car.”
“you got a really good shot at that insanity plea.”
“twenty five years of bitching beauty queens and what do i get? FIRED!”
“get it, the women’s correctional facility?”
“i don’t know, maybe we could have dinner?”
“no, just a casual dinner.”
“if we happen to have sex afterwards, so be it.”
“you think i’m gorgeous, you wanna date me.”
“and i’m suddenly very aware and proud of my breasts.”
“that’s funny, me, too.”

Black Rose [Part Six]


Pairings: Minseok x main protagonist(Iseul) x Luhan

Mafia AU

Ongoing series

Warning: Mature content such as; violence, mature language, abuse, smut, drug use, suicide etc.

Read at your own Discretion.

Black Rose. The most feared and infamous Mafia in Seoul, with a leader just as infamous and just as feared. The whole country has heard of her, yet no one has encountered her and lived long enough to tell the tale. She’s cold, undetectable, invisible even. It’s like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands. Impossible. She walks over corpses to get what she wants and she wants revenge. All of her targets endure hell and eventually gruesome death. Her next target: Kim Minseok.

Prologue | Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve | Part Thirteen | Part Fourteen | Part Fifteen | Part Sixteen | Part Seventeen | Part Eighteen | Part Nineteen | Part Twenty | Part Twenty-OnePart Twenty-Two | Part Twenty-Three(soon) |

Word Count: 3,418

Part Six:

The entire house was dead quiet when Iseul left Minseok’s room. She sighed and walked down the hallway, seeing Kris’ room empty. He must still be in the meeting room with Luhan she thought as she went down the stairs, hearing shouting and punches being thrown. She rolled her eyes and walked toward the double doors, opening them and taking in the scene before her eyes.

Kris was holding Luhan by the collar of his shirt, shouting at him and throwing punch after punch. Luhan’s face was swollen and bloody, bruises already forming around his left eye and his jaw. He was wincing in pain as Kris shouted at him, shaking him like a mad man.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Can you do the lords reactions to MC placing a flower crown on their heads? Thank you!

hellooo Anon, 

thanks for the cute ask!


I think if we put flower crowns on their heads, they would all (except for Shingen) blush and cutesy/smutty scenes would happen. Perhaps in this case, It’s better to show than tell, hmmm? Hahahah, so I’ve made some crack gifs and a little snippet of what they might say to MC. 


“Foolish girl, how dare you, what do you think I am? Some little girl’s doll you can decorate at your heart’s whim? Come to my chambers tonight.”


“My family crest? My darling, what an effort… A waste of your time, surely… I wonder what I can do for you in return. Join me in my chambers later?”


“Ahahah, flower crowns, huh? C-cute? Heh, y-you- don’t look at me like that w-with those eyes and that smile! Gaaaghhh no, you’re the cute one! S-shut up!”


“Little Lady, you waited for me on this roof just to put this on me? Sunflower, huh…? Do you know what you are saying with these? Let’s get you to bed then, you must be freezing.”


“Ah…, flower crown…? Maybe this would suit you better? Really…? You’re strange one, aren’t you? To be so happy with just this… thank you.”


Ah, flower crown? Precious girl, surely this would suit you better? Hm? Very well if it makes you happy. Come to my chambers tonight with your flowers, teach me how to make one for you.”

*something like this actually happens in Kojuro’s special story, MC made him daisy chains and he practiced to make her one (he was so bad at it), when he succeeded, MC asked to borrow one of his books because she wanted to press the flower. CUTE, HUH?


Tch! Just, what were you thinking? Pink roses? Matches my clothes? That’s not an excuse! No, hey, no, don’t give it to Keiji! Fine! I’ll wear it! Troublesome woman.”


“Oh, for me? So pretty, just like you. Thanks… You know, you’d look really cute wearing this.  I’d like to see you wearing a flower crown too… and nothing else, maybe? What? Just kidding!”


“I guess dung beetles can’t stay away from rubbish can they? I told you to throw away the leftover herbs and you made a flower crown? How dare you.  Spend the night in my chambers tonight and we’ll see who blushes then!”


“Manju Girl, it is truly beyond me of why you would waste your time making this. Manju kiku? A trifle naming game, surely, I fail to see why you associate all things manju with me. That’s because, you do have a– a, man- manju-chest, you vile succubus! Go away, you’re ruining my concentration!” 

*those pompom chrysanthemum flowers are called manju kiku in Japan (kiku=mum)


“Oh! Fufufufu, thank you, they are beautiful! It’s been a dreadful day being shut in here, but now I have my flowers. Where are you going? No, stay! You are one of my flowers, no? No, my most beautiful flower. Stay with me here, others can see you in the morning.”


“You were late because you were picking flowers to make this for me? Tiger Lily? Heh, silly woman. Very well, I will wear this… and just this. It’s mine, isn’t it? I will wear it however I like it. Don’t worry, even I can be gentle with my flowers. You included.”

Thanks for reading hahahah, hope you like the crack gifs!

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Jarrod: We’re men of action, Nico. It’s why you and I are so wealthy and successful. Some men aren’t able to grab power and use it. They’re too afraid, too weak. We stand apart from those men.

Nico: I suppose so. But a great philosopher once said, The measure of a man is what he does with power.  Anyway, I know you’re not here to talk in the abstract about power and action. What’s up.

Jarrod: I’ll get right to it then. I want to pay back the credit cards that were maxed out by your wife. I know you don’t need me too, but I want to do it.

Nico confused: Excuse me? How the hell do you know about that?

Jarrod: My woman maxed out those cards. She stole them from your wife and used them. I want to pay back every cent, so long as you never tell your wife the truth.

Nico shocked: Your woman? Who is your woman? How does my wife know her? Who the f*ck would dare steal from my wife?!

Jarrod: My woman…she was desperate. She lived with a man who could never afford her…never valued her. She was pushed to this extreme. He had her living foolish. I’m turning it all around for her and I’m going to start by paying off the credit card debt. 

Nico: Ok, hold on. It’s not debt, Jarrod. It’s theft. Whoever your woman is, she stole from my wife. Got it? And no one hurts my wife. Who is she?

Zeke knew he should walk out of the office. Jarrod was deliberately trying to provoke him, and neither he nor Niara were worth it. 

Jarrod: Niara is my woman, Nico. Allison’s best friend. I would do anything for her. Anything at all. Unlike her lame junkie ass husband.

Suspicious Partner fanfic

So, wow, it was in there after all. All it took was a prompt from anon. Tonight, I opened up the piece I wrote and asked myself… why am I struggling with it? Why does it sounds so stilted, like I am trying too hard. Isn’t Noh Ji Wook a beloved character?…. and no, the answer was no. For the first time, I want to write the female lead. There’s something about Eun Bong Hee that I adore. She’s real, she’s droll and she’s witty, mostly at her own expense. So here is my version of her. Nam Ji Hyun is perfect in this role, and I believe she inspired this fic. 

Thanks for waiting! Have fun!

Title: That Man. These Eyes.
Description: Eun Bong Hee’s point of view, from her confession to the day after. Spoilers up to Ep 13.

“I like you.” 

Was that my voice? It didn’t sound like it. Most days, my voice sounds like a dignified chicken, I like to think. That voice I just heard? It sounds like a howling amoeba. If an amoeba could howl. Amoebas have one cell. One cell to think, eat and poop with. One cell to lust after the boss with.

So no. That couldn’t have been me.

That was me.

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