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Why do you think the fandom find Azula hot?

Pffft. Don’t think I’m fooled for a second, anon. I know what your game is. Of course I know. I know it very, very well…

… but why not indulge you? xD

Since Jesus Christ wasn’t part of this ask, I am leaving religion alone this time. I’m sure the nuns from my school would be pleased for it (?).

Now, as it is for most fandoms, the Avatar fandom has no shortage of awful ideas supported by like 99% of the fandom community. This ain’t a place where the best ideas are generally well-known or supported, instead the worse ones are, and even cast and crew promote the bad ones, no less! I’ve seen absolutely ridiculous theories out there, debunked a bunch of them myself, yelled at people for hours about mischaracterization and misconceptions of characters from canon to fanworks…

… So, considering that the fandom has that sort of terrible streak, you’d think that something, at least ONE THING that’s actually true and wonderful will be supported by the majority of the fandom one day.

I’m inclined to believe that this wasn’t always as it is, but alas, times have changed. Many have come and gone in the fandom, and eventually, the truth came out, so loud and clear that NOBODY can deny it, no matter how hard they may try. The day has come when the fandom has reached a consensus about something, and I, for one, finally have nothing to argue with them about for once! Because the fandom knows the truth:


So indeed, why did the fandom, after such a long streak of popular and widely promoted bad ideas, suddenly come to accept such a reasonable truth? It feels… OOC??? Can a fandom have enough personality to be OOC at times? Who knows, but it seems weird that after so long, they’d be so reasonable about anything. But let’s, of course, examine the pertinent evidence to prove the fandom is right, shall we?

First things first: Azula’s heritage. I am well known as an Ursa critic. Like, man, I could rant for days about all the wrong she did. I am also someone who ridicules Ozai ten times out of nine. Like, I can’t lie, I love making fun of him, because it’s just so easy?? 

But alas. The evidence:

Mr. Hot Pants is her father. Look at those eyes. Those ckeebones. The lustrous hair. His fucking eyebrows are perfect. His smirk is crooked in the ideal angle, like fuck you Ozai, cut this out RIGHT NOW. Literally, Sozin was never this hot. Azulon was never this hot. Iroh was never this hot. Only Ozai, master of the genes of hotness, could ever have achieved this level of perfect handsomeness.

And now, introducing the mother:

… Far from the best shot there could be of her, but cut me some slack, she doesn’t show up in any other episodes and most her shots in this one aren’t all that good? Still, if the animation was better she’d look better, guaranteed! My complaints about her as a human being have nothing to do with how pretty she is, and she is. It’s true.

But okay, continuing with my point… 

Ozai, Ursa, together? This evil plan was masterminded by Azulon himself, who said “THOSE GENES WITH THESE GENES WILL CREATE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CHILD, I MEAN, MOST POWERFUL CHILD OF ALL!”

For fan proof of the hotness of this pair, look here. For fan proof of hilarity of this pair, look here. For further hilarity, look here too.

Anyways, point in case being: if you have such good-looking parents (who are hella messed up in the morals and human decency department but that ain’t the subject), the chances for them to create a beautiful child increase exponentially!

And indeed, we have our beauty eugenics experiment’s results back:

So indeed. Science and genetics that I can’t use for Ozai (because we have no idea what Ilah looks like) are in the works here: look at this lovely, beautiful girl! She’s so pretty! She’s glorious!

And of course, why hot?

Science, again, answered that easily enough:


According to the site I looked at?  “Anytime you see blue in a fire it is hotter than white.   The range is between 2,600 and 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit and its the most oxygen-rich type of flame.”


Basically, Azula isn’t just hot, my friend. She is THE HOTTEST. Only blue firebender we know! Possibly only one EVER! No one in this universe can get hotter than that!

So Azula, the beautiful, clever, smart, wonderful Azula, outdid her parents in terms of beauty and hotnesss. The apprentice dethrones the master, or something like that (okay she wasn’t learning from them but whatever, she still is prettier than them both XD). 

So, the fandom thinks she’s hot because frankly, anyone who denies it at this point is just trying to embarass himself. The Princess is the hottest. Only ignorant peasants disagree (?).

Title: Newlyweds
Pairing: Cassian Andor x Reader
Genre: Fluff, some angst
Warnings: Some nudity
A/N: Inspire by The Coat™ tbh. That’s the only excuse I have for this nonsense. I regret nothing

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“Remind me why we couldn’t just stay in the ship?” you asked, pulling your coat tighter around your body. Dark clouds loomed above, threatening to dump a blanket of snow right on top of you at any second.

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Why are people like this?


And I was being silly. Making jokes about Gaku’s appearance because HE COULD PULL OFF A REALLY GOOD GENJI COSPLAY. The OP is one of my fav Genji artists. Why did I get this reply.

Even funnier: the stranger that came to defend(?) me

To which they replied:


also I respond to them directly, and get this response:


You can imagine what my question is at this point, which I ofc ask them:

(It’s a serious question I have. I still haven’t found the answer.)

His (unfunny) reply


This is literally how all these exchanges go when you tell ppl like this that their joke wasn’t good

But here’s the chance I give them to walk away from this before I consider blocking them:

Oof. Yeah, they still have a long way to go.

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Its obvious how much Louis hates and despises Eleanor, i dont understand people who are adamant that Jay liked Eleanor (still in 2016) because "Eleanor spent so much time around Louis' family even if she was bearding, Jay and the girls took a liking to her" hell as if Jay would love a girl who makes her son (and son-in-law) MISERABLE!

I think some people are desperate for their own peace of mind or some such to believe that she can’t be that bad and that it’s okay that they are willing to throw all evidence to the contrary out. Which is beyond frustrating to me. How you can look at the contrast between pics like these and pics when he’s just with his friends and still sit there and think ah gee whiz you guys she isn’t that bad we only know like one bad thing she did she must be nicer I’m sure they get along. You can just go ahead and miss me with that nonsense personal desperation for an excuse to think it’s okay.

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Thank you for existing, not only are you an amazing person who creates equally amazing art and animations, but its partially your fault that my best friend and I are cosplaying Jeremy and Micheal for Halloween because fourteen is NOT too old for that nonsense. Now, please excuse me, I need to find some weed socks for my costume. =w=

AH! SO COOL! But now that you told me you have to send me pictures when you’re both dressed up!

Popular | Chapter 4

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Avenger!Reader

Prompt: Tony has made a bet to see who could end up with the most fans, out of the Avengers, by the end of the month. Bucky takes it just to piss Sam off and Reader really wants to prove that she isn’t the least popular. Bucky and Reader team up to be a fake couple in order to beat the other Avengers, agreeing to split the prize at the end. Will it all work out?

A/N: Adding just a bit of drama into this series. Thanks to all of you again for the overwhelmingly positive feedback. I do have bonus chapters planned as well, so look out for those in the future. In the meantime, please enjoy the next installment.

Warnings: Added tension. Watch out, kids.

Series Masterlist

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The Avengers’ Photoshoot

You blinked twice after another flash went off. This one left you a bit dazed. You removed your arm from Bucky’s to rub your eyes.

“You alright there?” The photographer called out.

“All good!” You give two thumbs up.

“Just a few more to go,” the woman behind the camera reassured you. “Next pose, please!” Stylists rushed all around, grabbing clothes off of hangers and brushing the hair on any head they came across. It was busier and somehow had more cameras than Tony’s press conferences.

What was supposed to be a simple photo shoot for the team turned into a whole fashion show. Everyone was doing their best to show off their unique styles, personalities, and best Instagram materials. Tony decided to do some personal motivating by calling together a small town’s worth of professional photographers, make-up artists, and marketers to really ‘sell’ the Avengers.

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“Alright, alright, fine,” Harriet said, her laughter dying down. “Enough politics for tonight, okay? Besides, the amount of alcohol I’d need to keep pretending to care about your budget plans for another minute is, quite frankly, staggering.”

“Fair enough,” he conceded, tracing his finger around the rim of his glass.
“Though you’ll excuse me if my conversation skills are a bit rusty.”

“Nonsense, all that fascinating talk of local budgets and condemned buildings was so smooth I really had to contain myself.”

“Well my dear, I hope that’s off record for your sake.”


Had to sketch up a little something for @saintdeanthomas‘s fic Perjury which you can and should read here

When critics that praise movies like Civil War, Age of Ultron and Guardians 2 call Justice League “uneven” and “messy” I can’t help but laugh. What the hell do these people consider even and tidy if they can praise those hot messes? And these are people that claim that the most excruciatingly detailed and intelligently written superhero movie around made no sense and was poorly paced… so… excuse me if I continue to disregard their nonsense.


Summary: In which the others find out about Riko’s Kabedon fetish.
Words: 2,227
A/N: already posted a teaser but here’s the whole thing lmao. Crack. Implied kanadiamari, rikochikayou but also crack ships, don’t take it seriously;  First Years not included; they’re too pure for such debauchery -rolls- 

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Could I request a Taehyung smut where he is a rich spoiled kid who is a douche and likes playing with girls' hearts? You start working as a maid at his families house and Tae shows interest in you and likes teasing you and stuff but you can't stand him. One day something happens (like you for example fall asleep in his room, if you have a better idea please pick that instead) and shit goes down from there ;) Thank you in advance and I really love your work!!

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(This was waiting in my box for ages and I am so sorry for that. I am also sorry as it is this short. I just thought I would tease you guys so I hope you still enjoy it >.<)

Life was cruel. Well at least for the ones who wasn’t born with a silver spoon, just as Kim Tae Hyung. The very annoying son of the rich family you were working for…as a maid. 

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“How Soon They Forg-ette” Narcassist! Who me? No. Aspies are often accused of being narcassistic when they do the same thing neurotypical people do for even a fraction of the time.

I have been a shoulder to cry on for years for many people, and what usually ends up happening is that I will come to my “friend” whom I have listened to for years, and I will be in a really bad place.

Sometimes much worse than they have ever been, and they will then accuse me of being a self centered narcassist. Excuse the fluff out of me, human. What was all that 4am tea nonsense?

Prolly in the future

Ruki and Ayato’s child: /crying
“I’m so ugly!”

Ruki, the kinder and less sassy parent: /comforting his baby
/tells her she isn’t ugly
/giving her time to settle down
“It’s okay.. you aren’t ugly, nor will you ever be.”


a girl runs away

In which a young baroness is faced with arranged marriage, and decides instead to run.

The night is cool, and the smell of lavender wafts into Wildeferne Manor’s western-most tower window on the soft breeze. Elodia SeVane perches daintily on a stool in front of a large gilded mirror, running her fingers through her voluminous, wiry hair.

“Are you ready,Your Excellency?” Comes a voice from the doorway, her newest guard shifts from foot to foot nervously.

“If that’s what you’re waiting for, Clementine, we’ll never leave.”

The girl looks down at her feet, unsure how to proceed, and Elodia only stalls for a moment more before taking pity on her.

“Yes, I suppose i’m as ready as i’ll ever be.” She says, and stands.

Clementine is still a good two heads taller even when they’re both standing, broad about the shoulders, and well-muscled. Her hair, cut short, curls in tight rings about her ears. Her umber tone is only a few shades darker than Elodia’s own, but she has a smattering of freckles about her nose as well. She’s been Elodia’s guard for less than a day, and has proven herself to be soft and slow of speech, easily flustered, and almost bashful.

That is to say, Elodia has some doubts about how long Clementine’s service will be needed.

“You’re not looking forward to tonight, Excellency?” Clementine asks in that soft voice.

Elodia sighs, looking herself over once more. “Am I looking forward to being sold into a loveless marriage with some withered old earl, simply because my father doesn’t want the shame of having a spinster daughter? Am I looking forward to being pawed at and looked over all night as if i’m a horse for sale? No, Clementine, I’m not looking forward to it.”

To her credit, Clementine looks suitably horrified. A thrill of satisfaction runs through Elodia, at finally having someone on her side. Her mother had been quick to remind her that marriage is her “duty”, and her brothers were very sure that Elodia’s spinsterhood has been a burden on their father. Everyone, it seems, is determined to be rid of her.

“What will you do?” Asks Clementine.

“What can I do?” Elodia shakes her head, “I’ll go down to the banquet and hope to find someone that I don’t loathe.”

She squares her shoulders, pastes a smile onto her face, and says a silent prayer. “Let’s go.”

The food is good, at the very least. The cooks have done a dazzling job. Other than that, Elodia counts the whole thing as a disaster. Most of the men invited are old enough to be her grandfather, and the ones her own age are absolutely insufferable.

After the music starts, she’s approached again and again for dances, until she feels as if she’ll surely faint from exhaustion, but when she flees to the balcony for a moment she finds herself accosted once again.

“Your Excellency!” Says the young man, whose name Elodia can’t remember, “Join me for a dance.”

Elodia forces herself to smile again, “Please excuse me, i’m taking a moment to recover.”

“Nonsense, you can dance! It’s only a dance.”

He reaches out to grab her arm and give it a tug. It’s extremely forward and Elodia is about to chastise him for it, but a heavy hand comes down on his shoulder before she has the chance.

“Unhand the Baroness.” Says Clementine, who towers over the man as well.

The man looks up at her, and his eyes widen. His barking laughter grates on Elodia’s eardrums. “And who’s this beast?” He asks meanly.

“This is my guard.” Elodia announces, yanking her arm away and going to stand next to Clementine, “And she’s right, you’re too forward Sir.”

“You want to watch your tone.” The man says, wagging a finger despite the fact that he’s her own age, “I heard a rumor that if you don’t find a husband tonight, your father is going to ship you off to a convent.”

“That’s not true!” Elodia snaps, but fear freezes in her veins. It does sound like an idea her father might have.

“It is though.” The man grins, “You’d better pick quickly, hadn’t you? Who will it be, which wizened old man? Half of them have tastes that would make your skin crawl, you know. Devilish things.”

“That’s enough.” Clementine’s voice cuts through the tense air, surprising them both, “You’re out of line.”

“Did you know, Count Olenya likes to tie up his partners and cut them!” The man says happily.

“Enough!” Clementine grabs the man by the front of his shirt and hauls him physically to the doorway of the balcony, where she shoves him bodily through, “Go be vile someplace else!”

Amazingly, he stays away, but the damage is done. Everything he said just fuels the fear and frustration that has been building in Elodia for weeks, months. She stalks to the edge of the balcony and leans against the stone wall, fighting tears. The soft crunch of Clementine’s boots on the wooden floor announces that she’s nearby.

“How could my father do this?” Elodia asks the sky, the stars, and Clementine, “How could he just give me away? How could my mother let him?”

Now the tears fall, and she lets them. What does it matter anymore?

“Forgive me, if this is… too frank.” Clementine says quietly, “But it’s not right. You shouldn’t- shouldn’t just play with someone’s life like that.”

“But what can I do?”

There’s a moment, a terrible hopeless moment when Elodia is sure that there’s no answer but endure it. But then,

“Run.” Says Clementine.


“Just go, be… somewhere else.”

Elodia laughs at the absurdity of it. “Are you mad? What would I do?”

“Anything you like.” Clementine steps closer, her face set in a terribly serious expression, “Paint. Dance. Fight. Be free.”

“Are you? Free?”

“Freer than you.”

Elodia looks at the unexpected fierceness of Clementine’s face, heart struck by her words. Something inside her is alight, something exciting, something strong.

“I don’t know. I don’t know if I could.

“I’ll help you.” Clementine offers, “You if you want.”

This strikes Elodia as odd, that a stranger would offer to help her this way. “Why?” She wants to know, “Why would you help me? I don’t know you.”

“No one deserves to be sold.” Clementine says, eyes flashing, “It’s your life. No one else’s.”

It’s her life. Elodia rolls the idea around her mind, letting it get familiar there. It feels right, good. It feels righteous. “Okay.” She says, straightening up, brushing the remains of tears from her face, “Let’s do it.”

Finally { 47&37 } ; S . C O U P S

[ seungcheol x barista!college!reader ]

word count: 612
genre: fluff
a/n: my first ever drabble!! i hope y’all like it

Thirty-four cups of coffee. I’ve served thirty-four cups of coffee since my shift started. I never thought that our drinks would actually people’s choice of caffeine. If only I’m not a broke college student and not in need of money, I will not waste my time serving coffee to the same faces everyday. Yes, same faces, from some of my college mates, working people, group of friends, a loner, and even old couples, they’re always willing to enter our cafe for our drinks. 

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All That Jazz

This is for @edendaphne and her amazing gangster au. I’m such a hoe for this AU ahhhhhh. Anyway, I hope everybody will enjoy this, sorry if it seems rushed.

20s slang list 

Caper - a criminal act or robbery

Bank’s Closed - no kissing or making out

Beat it - scam or get lost

Beat one’s gums - idle chatter

Putting on the Ritz - after the Ritz hotel in Paris; doing something in high style

Swanky - Elegant

Nifty - great   

Glad rags - “going out on the town” clothes 

Marinette managed to catch her breath a she got off the scene, the hall behind her still roaring with applause. It had been a good show and the hall had been surprisingly full for a Wednesday. Marinette bit her lip, hoping maybe she will get the slightest bonus. Miraculeux might not be in Montmartre, but it was still a very good and frequented night café. And the owner had the decency to give her a little bonus every once in a while, when the place was more crowded than usual. Tikki was always saying people were coming to see Marinette, so she deserved every franc she was getting. With a sigh, she headed towards the little room she sued as a cabin. She just wanted some water and to go home. She could already feel the tiredness catching up with her in the morning, when she will be in the workshop sewing the same bland shirts again and again.

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