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Quite aside from his boyish good looks, Eddie is by far one of the best actors I have ever seen. Why? Because every role he has played has been so different from the others & yet he is absolutely, 100% believable in every single one of them. You don’t watch him act & see Eddie - you see Newt, Marius, Stephen, Qwerty, & so on. His talent & skill are formidable!This is why he has won so many awards.. & no doubt there will be more in his future!

(Disclaimer: This is the first time I ever attempted a collage in photoshop, so please excuse the imperfections. Photoshop hates me! Also, I know not all of his many roles are represented, but I tried to choose my favourite from each year. And I couldn’t choose between Birdsong & Les Mis! I also just realised that I left out My Week With Marilyn… gah!!!)

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EXCUSE ME but I haven't even been following your blog for 24 hours and you've already made me fall deeply in love with Keanu Reeves


On a more serious note: I am so sorry for contributing to the hell that is being in love with the perfect Keanu Reeves.

On a lighter note:

COME JOIN ME IN MY TRASH PIT!!!!!!!!!!! seriously. anytime. 

Wanna talk about his glorious beautiful unreal hair? im here. Want to send twelve gifs that perfectly display his brown beautiful eyes? SEND THEM. Have a gif request? i’m already opening photoshop. Want to cry over how perfect he is, how smart and humble and absolutely good he is? I’m already crying. Want to talk about the fact htat he’s FIFTY TWO AND LOOKS THE WAY HE DOES? I’M GAME

he is so underappreciated. everyone on this hell earth should love Keanu Reeves and if you love him, i love you. not even joking. i’ve got tears in my eyes as i’m typing. ok. i’m ending this text post now before I start writing poetry about him.

(also i followed you back from my main <3) 

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You know how Corriander is one of the names for Xander X Corrin? Well, corriander also happens to be cilantro... XD (Someone should PhotoShop this, I don't have PhotoShop)





sidryliyasçljdkmasiçuoasi When I found that I out I was like ‘SEE EVEN THE SHIP NAME MAKES ME THIRST FOR HIM, I FEEL V A L I D A T E D’


if you keep going the way you are now…you’re gonna have a bad time.

It’s MEGALOVANIA from Undertale…entirely on kazoo! I’m literally never gonna access this route myself, but man, what a song. Enjoy! (Volume warning, the change might be sudden if your volume is high)


Hugh… Can I have a quick word?

sunlight (or the headlights) | a gaby x illya fanmix | (listen)

have you met miss jones? by robbie williams // cry to me by solomon burke // complainte de la butte by rufus wainwright // roman holiday by halsey // love potion no.9 by the searchers // laid to rest by molotov jukebox // in the mood by glenn miller // can’t help falling in love by twenty one pilots // i’m your man by michael bublé // the girl from ipanema by frank sinatra // cherry wine by hozier // drive my car by the beatles // somewhere only we know by lily allen // five months, two weeks, two days by louis prima // 505 by arctic monkeys // time after time by she & him // will you still love me tomorrow? by amy winehouse


Helloooo! Where to begin? Well, I started this year off as team-pris0n then went to stupid-getsyou-killed and now I think I’m finally resting at glennfreakinrhee. Okay, first of all I want to thank each and every person who follows my crappy blog. I appreciate it so much you have no idea. When I began blogging 2 years ago I never thought I would have this many people who cared about what I had to say or what I reblogged. Even though tumblr annoys me sometimes I’m glad I get to share this with many amazing and brilliant people. 2014 was a roller coaster year for me personally and being on here was kind of an escape. I loved all the moments of discussing theories, memes, graphics sharing and liveblogging! I love you all so much and here’s to a great year for 2015!

I hope I got most of the people I wanted to include in here and if I accidentally missed someone I’m apologizing profusely in advance. I’m including my blogroll for that purpose! 


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alright !! so as some of you may know, i really like making themes. unfortunately, i CANNOT make themes for pietro and change them every single day, and most of the time, my inspiration isn’t even FOR pietro.

so i have a proposal for you lovely followers! this is a bit like a forever starter call ( which i will get around to posting eventually ). basically by LIKING this post, you give permission for me to do the following:

  • make theme backgrounds and possibly codes for you
  • make promo banners for you
  • make icon packs for you
  • make other graphics for you about your muse or our muses (given that we’ve interacted long enough) and tag you in them

and basically drop random edits upon you without warning. you do NOT have to use or reblog anything which i make for you; it’s just a way for me to practice my photoshopping skills and to have an excuse to make things with a purpose — it feels much better to stamp a URL onto a graphic when i’m finished instead of just letting it go unused.

you do NOT have to be mutual in order to like this post, but a follow is always nice ^^