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EXO-M React To:

Their significant other randomly returning home with nine puppies.

Requested by @huntingfire2001  “GASP okay could you do a Vixx and/or EXOM reaction where you abruptly adopt 9 puppies bc that would be hilarious and adorable<3″ We do not write for Vixx as of yet, but here is EXO-M. Enjoy sweetie! <3

*we do not own any gifs* 

Luhan- “Excuse me, they’re my what?!” Luhan asked firmly with his hands on his hips. “They’re your new babies!” You replied holding the basket of nine puppies. “Babe, nine puppies?! You didn’t think that maybe that’s a bit much? Where did you even get them? We didn’t discuss-” He trailed off seeing your face start to droop. “Okay look…” he said firmly. He put down the basket, grabbed your hands and looked you right in the eyes. “Babe, you can keep one puppy. Only, if you find the rest good homes, and get me a kitten.” You shifted in your chair, still not wanting to give up all your puppies, “Okay, Lu. Deal!” You could see his chest puff back up again, obviously satisfied with still being the leader of the relationship, but you knew that he was secretly beside himself at getting a kitten AND getting to have a puppy.  

Xuimin- “Erm… Jagi, these are all… What exactly is going on here??” Xuimin asked as he walked in your apartment after a long day. You were on the floor smothered in nine little puppies. “Well,” you began, “You know I’ve always wanted a puppy-” Xuimin’s face didn’t change from his shock. “Well I heard the pound was getting rid of a litter of puppies so I… ya know thought we could take them.” Xuimin was still in shock. “Um, babe, it’s nine puppies!” You smiled sheepishly still buried under all the fluff.  Grabbing his phone, Xuimin immediately called Chen. “Dude, this goofy little things lost her mind this time… I need back up. I’ve got nine puppies in my apartment and I can’t say no to that face…”

Tao- Zi Tao was sooo excited to hear you took a volunteer job at the animal shelter. “Look at my girl serving in our community! Such a big heart!” Tao has always supported your compassionate and sometimes whimsical endeavors. He knew that this volunteer job would open up the opportunity to fulfill your lifelong doggy obsession, but he didn’t realize what that wish directly entailed. The realization hit him when you decided to bring home a whole litter of new puppies on your first day. At first, he was so excited at seeing all the tiny fur balls he almost didn’t hear your explanation. “Okay guys, meet your new daddy! Say hi to Tao!” He abruptly swallowed his hyper laugh after hearing that. “I-I’m their what?!” He asked. “I-I thought you were just watching them for the day…” After seeing how happy the little pups made you, he wouldn’t have the heart to send them back. Tao is the kind to suffer through potty training nine fur babies to keep your bubbly smile on your face.

~Rae x

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Hi, I'm a long time X-phile, I was never into G/D & I have a hard time seeing them as a couple b/c I remember the rumors about them barely talking on the set & around s6 I got the impression by his quotes & body language that he could barely stand her. This seems to have changed since IWTB & it's logical. Your post was very interesting & made me question things. What makes you believe that he's more into her now than the 90s? I still can't see them as soulmates, at best maybe smth happened

Hey, anon!

I had the same impression regarding David’s interest in Gillian in the ‘90s. While Gillian was like, “DAVID JUST RADIATES SEX!,” David was more like, “Eh, she doesn’t have what’s-her-face’s tits and she isn’t six feet tall, but she’s alright. Now excuse me while I get back to my tall, lithe girlfriend.” 

Now compare ‘90s David to Super-Tactile-FauxJealous-Paley!David, the Kimmel ass-grab, the Reddit “Gillian is hotter than ever. It’s quite shocking actually,” the t-shirt chewing in Chicago, the “cute on the bed”/enjoying Gillian’s tight trousers in the S10 commentary….and the list goes on. I don’t think they are soulmates, I don’t know if they ever acted on their mutual sexual attraction but it was a nice idea. Yeah. Yeah. 

yoi fanfic rec list

hey guys, i promised to recommend you a few victuuri fanfics and here goes the list!


When He’s Not Even Trying by qwartooty (2,8k words, chapters 1/1)

“Do you have any kinks?”
Viktor looked down at Phichit, surprised. “Excuse me?”
“Fetishes. Turn-ons. Things that make you go, ‘Oooh! Wow! Yeah!’”
“I know what a kink is. Why are you asking me that kind of question?”
“Don’t look so scandalized. It’s for my psychology project. Which I just told you about, but you were too busy drooling over Yuuri to listen,” Phichit said.

One Night to Blow by qwartooty (3k words, chapters 1/1)

Victor’s and Yuri’s bachelor parties (incl. Victor throwing money at pole dancing Yuuri)

Stupidly Happy With You by qwartooty (3k words, chapters 1/1) 

“You have that stupid look on your face again,” Yurio said, skating up to where Viktor was watching Yuuri.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Viktor said, putting on a very deliberate frown.
“Face it- Katsudon is sucking the cool right out of you.“
“He’s not sucking anything out of me.”
“Ohoho?” Phichit glided by them with a gleefully scandalized look on his face.

i’m not upset by bixgchan (2,5k words, chapters 2/2)

Yuuri-is-only-mine-please-back-off (aka possessive! Victor)

Addicted (to the taste of you) by smudgesofink (6k words, chapters 1/1)

post ep. 7 universe, dinner with friends (Phichit, Chris etc.) after the Cup of China: Yuuri can’t focus on anything other than Victor, incl. lots of teasing, lots of making out

From The Moon by ButterBeerBitch (5k words, chapters 1/1)

that one time Victor finds out why Yuuri has never let him inside his bedroom

Look & See by icterine (3,5k words, chapters 1/1)

This year, Victor Nikiforov falls in love at the Grand Prix Banquet. He’s so glad he decided to show up.

kairosclerosis by celestialfics (1k words, chapters 1/1)

St Petersburg, domestic Victuuri - this should explain it all :)

Unwritten by kaizuka (34k words, chapters 6/6) - a total classic

Soulmates AU where whatever you write on your own skin appears on your soulmate.


Patience by martialartist816 (3,5k words, chapters 1/1)

"You said you wanted me to do something that would excite you.” Yuuri’s voice sounded cool and even above him. Victor suspected he wore a small smile. “This is what I thought of.”

Russians Do It Differently by martialartist816 (3k words, chapters 1/1)

Victor doesn’t understand the concept of personal space. Yuuri isn’t complaining.

Appreciation by anonymous (4k words, chapters 1/1)

Victor takes care of Yuuri after the Cup of China

Confrontation! Sentence Memes

  • You don’t think of anyone but yourself.
  • Admit it, you’re scared aren’t you?
  • You’re out of control!
  • I hardly ever recognize you anymore, you’ve changed.
  • You spend all your time locked up doing lord knows what!
  • Don’t sneak up on me like that.
  • I heard the commotion last night… it must of been a terrible dream.
  • Listen, about last night…
  • Here’s a tip, stop hiding behind excuses each time someone is worried about you.
  • Why are you alone most of the time?
  • Weren’t you friends with them?
  • Aren’t you tired of lying to yourself?
  • I should have known better… than to be fooled by you.
  • You’re pretty satisfied with serving on your knees most of the time, huh?
  • Quit getting in my face.
  • I’m warning you, get off my back.
  • I didn’t need your help.
  • What’s your problem with me?
  • You say you don’t recognize me, but you’re the one who’s changed.
  • When will you quit pretending to care? I’m tired of your lip service.
  • You can’t stand being next to me. Why is that?
  • Not everyone is going to leave you, but not everyone is going to stay.
  • You’re gonna get nothing but sass from me if you don’t change the topic.
  • How many have you killed?
  • What if they catch you?
  • This is dangerous…
  • I know you didn’t have the best relationship with your father/mother…
  • You’re tired of fighting, aren’t you?
  • What have you ever gotten out of this?
  • They’re using you. 
  • I was only using you.
  • I’ve known your secret this entire time.
  • Do you really think no one will find out?
  • Someone is bound to see the true you and I’ll be there for your reckoning.
  • You only push me away. Let me help.
  • Are you suggesting we commit treason?
  • Don’t fool yourself, you’re just as loathsome as I am.
  • Stop. I won’t have these unnecessary misgivings. Focus on your task.
  • Your skepticism is easy to read. What is it that you’re doubting?
  • In the end, we’ve only gotten more pain. I’m sick of this.
  • You’re going to run away?
  • We’re escaping. Tonight.
  • Make no mistake, we’re not friends.
  • You’re low. Lower than scum.
  • I’m only helping you this once.
  • Be a little more grateful about my help, you would of been a goner.
  • You can’t do this alone, let me go with you.
  • You keep can’t doing this yourself, let me intervene I’m sure we can resolve this.
  • You keep being singled out, it isn’t fair.
  • Quit mothering me, I said I’ve got this under control.
  • Maybe you should stop worrying about me and look at yourself first.
  • Help me? You could hardly help yourself.
  • Of course making friends would be easy for you, you’re eager to please.
  • You really are an emotionless robot.
  • How can you brush me off, if you’ve never even given me a chance?
  • Don’t touch me.
  • Get out.
  • Get away from them!
  • Watch out!
  • You’re in danger.
  • Your loved one is in danger.
  • If you won’t do it, I’m sure your friend wouldn’t mind being in your place.
  • Please. Talk to me.
  • Don’t you ever say that again.
  • Don’t pretend we’re friends.
  • It was easy for your friends to abandon you. 
  • Shut up!
  • Let go of me.
  • Tell them how you really feel.
  • You’re not fooling anyone with your haughty display of strength.
  • Offended? I’m surprised. I thought you were hollow and unfeeling.
  • Tell me where it is.
  •  You said you’d never lie to me.
  • There’s nothing wrong in doing what is absolutely necessary. The ends justify the means.
  • You obey order without question, you’re just a docile dog aren’t you?
  • Maybe if you stopped being such an ice queen people would enjoy being around you.
  • You scorn others around you but you’ve never once stopped to open your eyes.
Netflix - Smut

Originally posted by alfatwolf

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2,997
Request: Can you plz do a imagine where Stiles and the reader have a Netflix and chill date? Oh, and smut if you would like to add it. -bye I love your writing! ❤ 
AN: Sorry this took so long! I’ve been distracted lately. Also I didn’t edit this very well so excuse my mistakes. xoxoxox Thanks to @toppunks for looking at this for me.

Kira slammed her locker door, raising an eyebrow at you. “You’re not coming to the party?”

You shook your head, your arms tightening around the books you were holding. “Nah. I’m not in the party mood.”

“This wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Stiles isn’t going either, would it?” Lydia asked from beside you, a knowing look on her pretty face.

You scoffed, rolling your eyes. “No. What Stiles Stilinski chooses to do does not dictate my every decision.”

“You could have fooled me.” Malia deadpanned.

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little angus mcdonald walking right up to death personified, his baby-fat face serious and brow furrowed in determination, tugging on kravitz’s robe til he looks down and the world’s smallest and most important boy detective can point his training wand at the terrifying skeleton man and demand, “excuse me, sir, but what are your intentions towards taako?”

  • Soldier-76: I got you in my-
  • Reaper: Yes, in your sights, we get it after keep saying that over and over again.
  • Soldier-76: Oh look who’s talking Mr. Die Die Die.
  • Reaper: Hey, at least it’s better than those two’s ‘Let’s drop the beat’ and 'Nerf this’. (Points to Lucio and D.Va)
  • D.Va: What did you just say?!
  • Lúcio: Yeah, what’s wrong with 'Let’s drop the beat’. Sure 'Nerf this’ is stupid but at least mine sounds much better.
  • D.Va: Excuse me?!
  • Lúcio: Oh you and I both know that saying of yours is ridiculous.
  • D.Va: At least I don’t say 'High noon’ like some old western man who can’t let go of the past. (D.Va pointing to McCree)
  • McCree: What did you just say, at least when I face my enemies I speak to them in a language they damn understand.
  • Genji: How dare you.
  • Hanzo: Shame on you.
  • McCree: Oh why don’t you Ryuga ga waga teki go fuck yourself.
  • Hanzo: Why you-
  • Genji: *Chuckles* You have to admit that is somewhat funny.
  • Hanzo: I don’t need this from someone less than a man.
  • Genji: Oh! Oh you’re going there you son of a-
  • Hanzo: We share the same mother.
  • Genji: *Growls in rage*
  • Mei: Come on everyone, there’s no need to fight.
  • Genji: I don’t need to hear that from a person with no fighting skills other than to let a robot freeze everyone in a vicinity.
  • Mei: Don’t you be mean to her. *Holds the sad drone in her hands*
  • Pharah: Everyone, enough! There is no justice in this pointless squabble.
  • Junkrat: Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be raining from above.
  • Pharah: I don’t need to take this back talk from someone who uses a tractor tire as a weapon.
  • Junkrat: Wut didja just say about my bomb, I’ll blow you up!
  • Zarya: You’re all squabbling like little children, letting just a few words get to you, how pathet-
  • Bastion: Random beeping noise.
  • Zarya: What did you just say! Oh it’s on!
  • Everyone: (Shouting their ultimate at the same time)
  • (Off to the side everyone else who weren’t in the argument was just watching on with a blank expression on their faces as several explosions appeared off screen. Soon the explosions died down to nothing as everyone just stared at the carnage wrought on by the others who were all dead now. Everyone who witnessed this slowly turned to Mercy who was face palming)
  • Mercy: (Lets out tired sigh) A doctor’s work is never done (Stares at the X12 teammate down) Heroes (Sigh) Heroes never die
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would it be too rude to ask for more lance and pidge headcanons

not rude at all my guy this is all i do with my life

  • The Meme Team™
  • lance, smushing pidge’s face to his chest: “never talk to me or my child ever again”
    • alternatively: pidge pretends to be lance’s kid whenever he tries to flirt w someone
  • lance secretly aspires to one day be as savage as pidge
  • “excuse me sir I lost my friend lance, can I make an announcement?” *pidge leans into the intercom* “goodbye you little shit”
  • lance is horrified by the state of pidge’s everything. you don’t sleep a full 8 hours a night?? you don’t exfoliate??? and how could you just forget to trim your nails what the fuck are you a cat-
    • he detangles pidge’s hair regularly and angrily
    • hunk walks in on this once, vaguely recalls a documentary on monkeys’ grooming habits that he saw on animal planet once, and then leaves
  • “i have a problem” “you have many but go on”
  • actually a pretty horrifying duo. usually use their power for dumb pranks but one time some aliens make the mistake of capturing the two of them together and it takes them like five minutes to blow up their base
  • constant mecha anime jokes
    • “get in the robot, lance”
    • “don’t believe in yourself pidge. believe in the me that believes in you”
    • one day lance wakes up in a cold sweat and barges into pidge’s room. “pidge. pidge oh my god” “lance what the fuck” “pidge we’re piloting a fucking gundam oh my god”
  • *one walks into the room* the other: “yikes”
drabble: public thrills

so i was going over some stuff in my head last night and this idea just sort of came up so i figured i’d type up a kinda longer drabble/shorter story for you guys. maybe like a precursor to something more with this one. even though this is josh/reader/tyler it’s not part of hourglass. i just thought i’d give yall something fun.

Originally posted by raindun

You stand looking at the whips and handcuffs that lined the wall of the oversized sex shop, not impressed by anything you saw. You had lost Tyler and Josh somewhere by the vibrators, as they mentioned they were looking for something to get you for your birthday; you laughed it off, assuming they were just being their normal, teasing selves. But as you examine a pair of fuzzy pink handcuffs, you feel an arm snake around your waist, pulling you flush against a body with a very apparent erection.

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The Mythical Disabled Person Who’s So Much More Disabled Than You

Speaking out about your experience of disability can be an uncomfortable thing. I often find myself beset with the question, ‘am I disabled enough to advocate as a disabled person?’ ‘Am I qualified to speak here?’ ‘Maybe I’m a fraud. I was diagnosed so long ago, maybe I’m making excuses and not trying hard enough?’ And, the ever-annoying, ‘What about the Mythical Disabled Person Who’s So Much More Disabled Than Me?’

Just as disabled people face pressure to attain an abled ideal, we’re also often haunted by the Mythical Disabled Person Who’s So Much More Disabled Than You. You’re not that disabled, stop whining, just think about someone else who has all your difficulties plus this other one that you don’t have! Shut up about your amputation, what about the quadriplegics of the world! You should be grateful. It could be worse. Don’t ask for accommodations, that’s for REAL disabled people who are So Much More Disabled Than You. Don’t look into the disability benefit, that’s for Properly Disabled People Who Are So Much More Disabled Than You. Don’t park in the disability space, that’s for REAL PROPER disabled people! Yes I know you can’t walk further than 5 metres but YOU JUST NEED TO TRY HARDER.

These messages come from the outside, then, all too often, become our inner talk. We’re indoctrinated with an ‘ability hierarchy’. There are the abled people above you, people similar to you, and below you are the People More Disabled Than You. You figure you’re supposed to spend your life trying to become like the abled people above you, and in this eternal quest you’re supposed to think about how much easier you have it than the People More Disabled Than You and then feel guilty about every struggle you ever have. 

The problem is, this ability hierarchy has no basis in the lived realities of disabled people. It’s used against us in ways that harm us. Because we are all wedged in the awkward middle, where we don’t sail through the world like the normal folks but we’re made to  feel like any assistance, empathy or compassion should be reserved for the Real Disabled People Who Are So Much More Disabled. 

The ability hierarchy makes us feel ashamed to ask for services and accommodations that we need and qualify for. It alienates us from each other. And, like so many other disability myths, it frames disability as an inherent negative. You’re expected to feel grateful you’re not More Disabled. And since you’re not More Disabled, surely Normality is within reach? Maybe you’re not trying hard enough. Just THINK of the MYTHICAL DISABLED PERSON who’s SO MUCH MORE DISABLED THAN YOU!!! You should feel LUCKY!!!! 

The Mythical Disabled Person Who’s So Much More Disabled Than You actually doesn’t exist. There’s always going to be someone facing more challenges. Or different challenges. There is always the possibility of another difficulty cropping up. For every disabled person on the planet, there is that Mythical Disabled Person So Much More Disabled Than Them. It’s really just a myth used to dismiss the needs of disabled people. What right do you have to speak up about your needs, in light of this Mythical Disabled Person Who’s So Much More Disabled Than You? What right have you to argue that disability should be more accepted? What authority do you have? You’re not the Mythical Disabled Person Who’s So Much More Disabled Than You, so you’re just speaking from a place of whining. 

There is no real ‘ability hierarchy’-disability is diverse and complex. You might be able to get up on stage in front of thousands of people to tell jokes but have a panic attack over a cinnamon cookie (hi, that would be me). Your difficulties might not be easily condensed and summed up. There may be days when you’re completely ‘normal’ and days you’re completely not. None of this invalidates your struggles. Instead of thinking in terms of ‘more disabled’ or ‘less disabled’, try to think in terms of meeting people’s needs, taking them seriously, and banishing the stigma of disability. No disabled person is ever going to win this game-it’s time we all stopped playing.


send one for my muses reaction!

“You could never back down, you never learned to take your time.”
“He looked at me like I was stupid, I’m not stupid.”
“Talk less. Smile more. Don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for.”
“Fools who run their mouth off wind up dead.”
“Who’s the best? C'est moi!”
“It’s hard to have intercourse over four sets of corsets.”
“If you stand for nothing, what’ll you fall for?”
“I will lay down my life if it sets us free.”
“I imagine death so much it feels just like a memory.”
“I’m laughin’ in the face of casualties and sorrow, for the first time, I’m thinkin past tomorrow.”
“I’m lookin for a mind at work.”
“Excuse me, miss, I know it’s not funny, but your perfume smells like your daddy’s got money.”
“You want a revolution? I want a revelation.”
“Look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now.”
“Chaos and bloodshed are not a solution.”
“It’s hard to listen to you with a straight face.”
“Chaos and bloodshed already haunt us, honestly you shouldn’t even talk.”
“You say the price of my love’s not a price that you’re willing to pay.”
“You’ll be back. Soon you’ll see. You’ll remember you belong to me.”
“When you’re gone I’ll go mad, so don’t throw away this thing we had.”
“When push comes to shove, I will kill your friends and family to remind you of my love.”
“Close the door on your way out.”
“Have I done something wrong?”
“Dying is easy, living is harder.”
“But what do we have in common?”
“You walked in and my heart went ‘Boom’!”
“I’m about to change your life.”
“My love for you is never in doubt.”
“I just might regret that night for the rest of my days.”
“I’ll never forget the first time I saw your face.”
“When you said "Hi” I forgot my dang name, set my heart aflame, ev'ry part aflame.“
"You’re like me. I’m never satisfied.”
“He’s a bit of a flirt, but I’m 'a give it a chance.”
“I’m a girl in a world in which my only job is to marry rich.”
“From what I hear, you’ve made yourself indispensable.”
“Well, well, I heard you’ve got someone special on the side.”
“I will never understand you.”
“Love doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints.”
“I am the one thing in life I can control.”
“If there’s a reason I’m still alive when so many have died, then I’m willing to wait for it.”
“Stay alive 'til this horror show is past.”
“I’m a general. Whee!!!!”
“Yeah. He’s not the choice I would have gone with.”
“Don’t do a thing. History will prove him wrong.”
“I can’t disobey direct orders.”
“Pick a place to die where it’s high and dry.”
“Pray that hell or heaven lets you in.”
“Should have shot him in the mouth. That would’ve shut him up.”
“Watch your tone. I’m not a maiden in need of defending, I am grown.”
“My name’s been through a lot, I can take it.”
“The fact that you’re alive is a miracle.”
“I don’t pretend to know the challenges you’re facing.”
“If you could let me inside your heart…”
“I’m never gonna stop until I make 'em drop and burn 'em up and scatter their remains.”
“You have no control who lives, who dies, who tells your story.”
“History has it’s eyes on you.”
“So what happens if we win?”
“If this is the end of me, at least I have a friend with me.”
“Oceans rise. Empires fall. It’s much harder when it’s all your call.”
“I swear that I’ll be around for you.”
“Why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room?”
“Why do you write like you’re running out of time?”
“Yo, who the f is this?”
“What are you waiting for? What do you stall for?”
“If I could grant you peace of mind, would that be enough?”
“They are asking me to lead. I am doing the best I can.”

BTS playing the pocky game with their s/o {REQUEST}

Kim Seokjin/Jin:

*is very content*

“Of course I’ll play with you Jagi! It involves 2 of my favourite things. You, and food!”

Originally posted by jiminboi

Min Yoongi/Suga:

*tries not to smile…but fails*

“Aish Jagi, you’re too good at this…You managed to beat me…”

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Kim (dam)Namjoon/Rap Monster:

“Sorry Jagi, I didn’t mean to bite your- Oh? You liked it huh?”

I regret nothing…

Originally posted by jiminrolls

Jung Hoseok/J-Hope:

“Of course we can play Jagi! Now I have an excuse to be close to your cute face!”

(What a little ball of sunshine…)

Originally posted by jaayhope

Park Jimin/Jimin:

*becomes a blushy baby*

“Aish Jagiya! Why do we have to play this?”

Originally posted by bwipsul

Kim Taehyung/V:

“I like this game, can we play again?”

Originally posted by pjkook

Jeon Jeongguk/Jungkook:

*s/o is Jimin*

“Haha, Jagi! I won!”

*teases them for the next 10 centuries*

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“I’m not afraid of you!”
“Heh… I like that expression on your face.”

I’m sorry Anon I got too carried away (also yess villain AU aka excuse to make evil Qrow!! We’re lucky he’s in good side because welp imagine what he can do if he’s in another side)

also whyyyy Winter didn’t appear in last episode why RoosterTeeth whyy

Could I Borrow Your Pen?: SnowBaz mini Fic

“Hi. I’m sorry. You don’t know me, but my name is Simon, and I really need to borrow the pen that’s been sitting on the table.”

Baz looked up from his biology textbook, glasses slipping down the bridge of his nose, and came fact-to-face with what he would describe as a god. The boy in front of him had gorgeous blue eyes, bronze hair, and tan skin that was dotted with freckles.

“Excuse me?” Baz asked questioningly. He pushed his glasses up with his index finger and furrowed his eyebrows up at the boy.

“I really need to borrow your pen,” the boy repeated. “My name’s Simon. We have psychology together. You wouldn’t know me.”

Baz somewhat remembered seeing Simon around, but it was a bit foggy. He smiled and said, “I’m sorry. Yeah, you can borrow the pen.”

Simon picked up the pen quickly and pulled out a small, folded piece of notebook paper and wrote something down. He handed the small paper back to Baz and set the pen down. “That’s all. Thank you.”

Simon walked away, and Baz stared quizzically at him. He then looked down at the paper and began to blush madly. On it was written Needed the pen for something I forgot when I came over here and saw you. Call me. Then was his number with a small smiley face after it. Baz brought his hand up to feel his burning cheek and laughed a bit to himself.

I swear if one more goddamn republican says “no matter how you feel about the election results we should all just love each other and be respectful” I will fucking lose it.


Honestly get outta my face with your kumbaya bullshit. I’m gonna fight tooth and nail to make sure that orange sack of shit never makes it into the White House.



EXO Reaction to hurting you during a play fight.

Anonymous said: Can u do exo reaction to hurting you during a play fight?


Suho: Him: *Pin your leg up“1…2…” You: “Ow OK your gonna make me pull a muscle” Him: “I’m not falling for your excuses….1, 2, AND 3″ You: “SUHO!!” Him: “What?” You: *Constant non stop cursing* Him: *GIF*

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Baekhyun: It was only fair to let you hit him hard since he accidentally hit you too hard. Him: “Ok…Just don’t hit my face”

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Chen: Him: *Pretends to flick you in the eye…..really flicks you in the eye* Him: *GIF“Oh my god, I am so sorry” You“What the fuck dude”

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Lay: Him: “I am so sorry, I did not mean to punch you….It’s just it seemed like you was bout to hit me between my legs, my reflexes came alive.” You: “It’s OK I understand” *Goes to restroom..start talking on the phone with your friend*  Him: *Goes to comfort you* You: “Yeah girl, this dude talking about some “my reflexes came alive”….mines about to come alive when I kick his ass” Him: *Hears conversation-*GIF*

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D.O: You always played rough with him, he didn’t wanna hurt you, so he never got rough. Even though he always got hurt while playing with you. 

You: “Ugh your no fun…do you always have to be so soft?”

Him: “No I just don’t wanna hurt you”

You: “Come on try me”

Him: *Plays rough*

You: “OW!!! *Gets up* What’s wrong with you!” *Leaves room*

Him: *GIF* “You just fucking told me…”

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Xiumin: You two were playing around in the library, but you guys kept your laughs very low.  

Him: *Accidentally hurt you* “Ah I’m sorry ja-” 

You: *Starts crying extra loud* 

Him: *Starts looking around the library-*GIF*

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Chanyeol: You: “This is the third time today, you know what, no more play fighting for today.” Him: “But-” You: “Two days.” Him: “No But I-” You: “Your close to a week” Him: *GIF*

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Kai: You: “I’m not talking to you right now” Him: “OK, we’ll play later, sorry bout your lip though” *minute later* Him: “How bout now” *GIF*

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Sehun: Him: *Pinch your thigh* You: *Uncontrollably goes nuts* Him: What the fuck-*GIF*

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Exo Reacts

Exo reactions

Disrespect (Tyler Seguin)


Part 2  Part 3

Word Count: 935

Team: Dallas Stars

Warning/s: mild swearing

Summary: You and Tyler have a fight about your relationship

A/n: Thanks for the request by @sergeifedorov

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“What do you even want from me! You’re not making any sense!”, Tyler shouted across the room, his face scrunched with anger.

“I’m not making sense?! Your the one that keeps promising stuff and then breaking his promises! You skipped out on me. Again!”, you yelled back.

“I already told you. I was out with Sharpy and I forgot to call you!”

“And I already told you: That’s not an excuse! Patrick had time to call his wife but you chose not to call me! Because that would be too much of an effort to put into this relationship, right?”

“That’s not the same thing! They’re married.”

“So I’m not important enough because I am not wearing a ring on my finger?!”

“You are important but I don’t have to tell you everything I do!”

“No, you don’t! But that’s what you do when you choose not to go to a dinner with your girlfriend. I waited for you for an hour before I realized you weren’t gonna come!”

“That’s not my problem!”

Tyler just didn’t see it. Time and Time again he was disappearing without a trace and without telling. He made plans with you, then he changed them. Again and again. You were tired of the same old shit.

“But it’s your fault!”

“I don’t care! I spent an evening with a friend. What’s the deal?”

“The deal is that you don’t care about our relationship either! I’m practically alone in this relationship! You’ve been distant for months, just after I moved in. What the hell is your problem? Why can’t you just attend a date like it was planned? Why can’t you just grab your phone that you’re using all of the time, call me and say: Sorry, something got in the way of our plans? Why can’t you act like a grown-up for once?”

“Excuse you? Are you kidding me? I’m the one acting like a child? You’re the one that is practically crying because I didn’t say sorry! You’re the one that’s immature.”

“Who are you kidding, Tyler? Who.are.you.kidding?”

Silence washed over the two of you as Tyler just stared at you, opening his mouth and closing it again. You tried to calm yourself down, trying not to cry. You had to fix this. There had to be a way.

“Listen”, you started quieter, “I don’t want you to stop going out with your friends. All I want is that you call me or send me a message if you don’t want to go out anymore. Just this little thing. Because I feel disrespected in this relationship.”

“I should go. The plane is waiting.”, Tyler said, grabbing his duffle bag from the stairs.

“Tyler the plane is leaving in six hours.”, you stated, but he ignored you and started walking towards the door like you didn’t say anything.

“Tyler!”, you said louder. But he kept ignoring you until he was directly in front of the door.

“This is what I am talking about. You don’t even respect me enough to listen!”, you snapped at him, crossing your arms. Tyler opened the door and was on his way out when you sighed.

“If you leave right now, then I swear, I won’t be here anymore when you come back.”, you said so quietly you almost whispered. 

Tyler stopped dead in his tracks and turned his head halfway to you as he was trying to figure out if you were saying this for real. His mind was torn. He didn’t want to change the way he was, but he loved you. He was pretty sure you’d stay since you had been angry like that before, but you had never actually talked about leaving him.
You watched him shake his head a little before he went out the door and slammed the door shut behind him.

The road trip had been hard, they had won three of four games but Tyler thought that they could’ve been better. He got his bag from the plane and made his way home, figuring you’d be eating lunch around the time he arrived.
Maybe you could take Marshall and Cash for a walk.
But when Tyler drove up his driveway, he noticed Katie’s car and Katie, who was just leaving his house with a key that Tyler didn’t remember giving her. 

“Katie? What are you doing here? Not waiting for Jamie?”, he smiled as he had reached her. But something was off.

Katie was watching him as if she was mad at him.

“I fed the dogs. The sitter is sick and I figured you wouldn’t be home ‘til noon.”, she replied.

“Sitter? Why isn’t Y/N feeding them?”, he asked just weirded out by the thought of some random dog sitter sitting in his garden, playing with his dogs.

“Like she told you. She left.”

“What?”, Tyler asked.

“She’s gone. You’re officially single, Idiot. I shouldn’t have listened to Jamie when he told me to introduce the two of you!”, Katie said, glaring at him in disappointment. You were her best friend and she felt really sorry for you, since she knew how much you loved Tyler.

“But why would she leave?”, he asked, not being able to get the fact you had practically broken up with him.

“That’s what you do when relationships don’t work out.”

Spellbound [Jungkook]

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Fluff; (borderline not really smut)
Word Count: 7518
Description: Summoning a demon had probably been a mistake on your part, but what have you ever done to deserve such an annoying demon anyways?


What had started out as a joke had gone very, very wrong. Why you had agreed to this in the first place, you couldn’t even recall anymore. And, in the moment, you really couldn’t care less, because —

Excuse me?” You frowned at the face in front of you, mouth slightly agape, expression taken aback. “What did you just say to me?”

“I said you must be pretty stupid to think this protection ring is strong enough.”

You glared at the boy, the demon — whatever he was — in front of you, crossing your arms tightly, and he raised his hands, palms facing you, in surrender. “Look, no need to look at me like that! I’m just saying,” he kicked at the fine dust on your wooden floor, breaking the circle and stepping out carefully, tail coiling slowly behind him, “You should invest in something stronger if you want to actually hold a demon. Salt,” he began, squatting down and dragging his index finger through the fine grains on the ground. “Is a myth.”

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Um.. E-Excuse me D-Dark... But... I'm going through some stressful times... Could I please have some comforting words?...

Dark’s hand lashed from the shadow of his sides, and in a snake-like fashion, his fingers became jaws that latched onto their chin, whipping their head around in order to force them to look to his face.

“You listen to me. You listen with every fiber in your being. You. Are. Worth. It. No matter what you are experiencing. No matter what you believe you deserve, or don’t deserve. No matter how overworked you feel, no matter how awful you believe your life may be right now. You are going to make your way through this hell. You are going to claw your way back to the surface, you are going to kick and scream and show fate that it doesn’t always get to decide. Because You. Are. Worth. It.”

He was snarling and fidgeting, the edges of him fanning out in the neon colors of the 3-D effect.

“No matter what words come from a hateful mouth. No matter what judgments fall upon you. No matter what your own family claims you to be. No matter how your friends treat you, how your grades look, how your body feels, how you speak, think, hear, see, smell, taste, and live. You. Are. Worth. It.”