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Who’s Burr?

Pairing: Aaron Burr, sir x reader
Word Count: 1,046ish
T/W: Fluff
A/N: For my Squishy Anon’s request: “maybe the reader is besties with the Hamilsquad(their all in college and this is the readers first year, its their second)and they always for complain about Burr. And the reader is like ‘Oh. Well he must be a bad guy.’(she never meet Aaron)But when she goes to class and Aaron just so happens to ve in that class and they lock eyes and something in them just clicks. Love at first sight.“
Okay, a TY animal is one of those big eyed little keychain stuffed animals you can find at the art/party store. (I just think they’re cute, I have “Cinder” one my keychain…don’t judge me.)

“Can you believe it guys, she’s in college. I remember when she used to come to my football games in highschool.” Herc said, setting down a box in your dorm. 

“I remember when I took her to our seventh grade dance,” John gave you a twirl.

“You were the first person to talk to me when I, how you say…transferred! We’ve grown up together!” Laf added. 

“You know if you’re worried or anything, Peggy and Angelica are just down the hall. They’d be happy to-”

“Alex, I’m rooming with Eliza, she’s just moving in tomorrow…, but I’ll be fine! Besides you guys are just in the dorm across the street right?” You asked trying not to sound too worried.

“Oui, second floor, room 206 for me and Alex, room 207, right across from us, for John and Herc.” Laf practically suffocated you with his hug. 

“She’s gonna be okay guys,” Herc peeled you out of Laf’s grasp.

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The call of monsters-Jeffmads- Monster au- Chapter one

James Madison wasn’t exactly a hunter, he wasn’t exactly a savior either. See the academy had two groups, the ones who would go after monsters gone rogue, monsters who killed humans, this group were called hunters. Then there were the saviors, the ones who would try to talk the monsters who didn’t know how to control themselves to coming back to the academy where they would be trained. James was in between, sometimes he would be sent to kill, sometimes he would be sent to save.

Right now? Well currently he was on a suicide mission. He was supposed to track down a shapeshifter, an incubus, both known for killing hunters and saviors, and somehow convince them to come back to the academy to be taught how to … well … not be murderous creatures of the night.

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so are you really the voice actor for the penguin or are you just randomly talented at imitating cartoons?

Word Count: 1536
Rating: PG
Pairing: Onew/Minho
Genre: fluff

It’s been like 12 years?  but I wrote a thing?
1000% inspired by this video - https://youtu.be/5v-DnhxNoXc

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Fic: Midway Justice

Written for day one of the Glee Collage Fest. Prompt: Fair 

Pairing: Klaine

WC: 1,300

Summary: Santana is a fantastic wingman in her own, special way. An alternate meeting AU.


Thank you foramomentonly for the last minute beta! I’m so sorry you were up as late as I was. : )


“That’s right! Walk away you pathetic mole-rat dressed as a human being!” 

“Santana.” Kurt put himself bodily between his friend and the middle-aged couple running out of the fair. She just got louder.

“Sir! SIR! Look at me, sir! Are you going to let me talk to your wife that way? Are you? Oh yes you are, because you have the right to get married and have little mole-rat babies!”

“SANTANA, I think they heard you.” Kurt tentatively patted her shoulder and shot a glance at the retreating couple. They’d already passed the midway rides and were well on their way to the parking lot. For soulless mole rats, they could really move.

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In China, The Walking Dead is the biggest american Tv show. It’s like if a person ever watched one show, TWD is definitely it. There’s a community about it which has nearly a million members, making it the top one among all the foreign show communities.
However, even though I hate to bring this up, most (straight male) viewers there are traditional and homophobic af. For them, being gay is just something new and bizarre that they can make jokes of. When Arron revealed his sexuality on TV, most of them only refer him as “the gay one” (基佬) later, which makes me so freaking angry. It sounds like they think he is nothing other than his sexuality.
But things took quite a turn after the first debut of Jesus. The chemistry between him and Daryl in that episode is just too strong for them to ignore. Over one day, almost all the talking was around these two and about how cute they are together. And they are not joking around. They all know that Jesus is canonnly gay in comics and started to consider the future possibility of them getting together seriously. Everyone is literally SHIPPING them. How crazy is that.
(๑•̀ω•́๑) Anyway I just want to get this out of my system and excuse me for my poor english. Let’s all pray that Darus will rise in S7. #弩耶大法好#


Last time on Hannibal: It was like this European fairy tale in which Will & Hannibal were snails in love? That sounds about right.

This time on Hannibal: All your weirdo side-faves, weirdoing together again.

Ok my friends we are going to have to level about something right up front here, and it is: I FUCKING LOVE FREDERIC CHILTON. Yes, yes I know he’s terrible, he’s awful — he’s a raging narcissist & sleezy & manipulative and I adore him, because….he’s just so terrible at everything? He’s like this derpy inept wolf and everything he does is hilarious to me. And then you go and have him played by Raúl Esparza, who has his slightly Hannibal-askew comedy tone so on lock that he’s like a masterclass in camp villain acting, and I’m lost. I love Chilts. You just need to know this because, well…..

Season 3, Episode 4: Aperitivo

The episode begins and it’s bang-on CHILTON TIME, a return to my darling despicable Frederick getting shot in the face. What’s that look like in slow motion and micro-detail? It’s gross, don’t worry about it. Let’s skip ahead to when he’s still gross, but like in an interpersonal way, and also aalliiiiiive.


Ok ok I just had to get that joke out of my system, we’re good now.

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I am okay but not okay because..

Lately I have been feeling down a lot. Having a huge weight push down on my shoulders and my head. More on my head. Things came too much so I turned to listening to Mika. Now some of you don’t know him or don’t like him. But I do, I found another reason for my mind to calm if that makes sense. I mean not only is Mika a greater singer but he’s such a cutie pie. So my small rants… ignore if you want. 

Excuse me.. but.. who gave him the right to be this cute???

I mean look at him 

such a precious bean 

Lately he has been the light to my darkness 

and I found another reason to calm the troubles in my mind

So thank you Mika for making me smile

Although I am half English, I was raised in Vietnam and with a Vietnamese family (my dad left when I was 2) with Vietnamese traditions and a majority of my friends were asian. I identify, mostly, as being Vietnamese, despite the international schools and international culture in which I was raised. This is because I take no pride in my white heritage. It has done next to nothing for me. It has extorted from my people so much of their pride and freedom. White imperialism, globalism and forced capitalism have brutally slaughtered the rights, identities and cultural/historical heritage of our nation. Moreover, it has embedded in us a deeply problematic sense of inferiority, not least due to our history of oppression. For example, in so many of our advertisements, what sells is to tell people that the products have been made in the West, or per Western technology. Or simply that they have Western influences. White people are “angels.” Western culture is “superior.” But what we have been led to not be able to realise, is that this superiority is founded upon a web of violence, colonialism and utmost racism, that the West has enforced on the rest of the world in their childish, shitty race for world domination. We are losing our culture and livelihood to the encroachment of Western capitalism and its billionaire practitioners in our country.

At the same time our culture is made to be a joke in the Western world. I recently moved to England and the normalcy of casual racism is unbelievable. White people think they are so “above” racism in the 21st century that, while they are so afraid of making a black joke, Asian jokes are being made all over the media without a single thought (because it’s “ironic lol!”), and even my own FRIENDS make jokes about my heritage, thinking that calling me Chinese is “funny” because it’s not “really racist right?” And I am forced to swallow it because anything else is an overreaction. White people think because it’s the 21st century now that they can pat themselves on the back for having “overcome” their disgusting history of racism that they do not realise they are still perpetuating it with full force. They continue to make “oriental costume parties” and wear traditional Chinese clothing with chopsticks in their hair and bindis and Buddha head necklaces (which, by the way, is historically an offence to Buddhism when the head is cut off). They continue to make shitty pot noodles pretending they are so “exotic” and “organic” while they lash on our culture by making comedic stereotypes, writing things like “wait 3 minutes for noodles to cool or you dishonour your famiry!!,” patronising us (“Wow your English is so good!”) when they realise our English is better than theirs. AND ALL THIS IS “OKAY.”

Stop picking out parts of our culture that are “cute” for you to appropriate. Stop capitalising on our “exoticism” to make your filthy money. Stop making excuses for your shitty jokes and open your eyes to the racism and ignorance that you think you are too righteous to harbour.

People have asked me if I feel superior to asians for being mixed. No, I do not feel superior to asians. I am fucking ashamed of my white heritage.

(Happy asian face appreciation day!)

Title: What’ll it be, Megane-kun?

Rating: M, nsfw content

Pairing: KuroTsuki, TsukiYama

Part: ¼

[Part Two]

“What started everything was a silly accident; one day, after practise. One minute Kuroo was cornering the younger player in the equipment room and teasing him about how good he looked stretching today, the other they were toppling over each other because Tsukishima tried pushing past him and a volleyball got in the way.”

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