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dance battle | kang daniel

MEMBER — wanna one’s kang daniel X trainee!reader

GENRE — fluff

SUMMARY — you and daniel are one of the top dancers in the company, because of that, the both of you were challanged to do a dance battle with each other. what happens if you accidentally trip in front of him and everyone else during the battle?

side note: this is my idea and it’s not requested by anyone lmaoo my boring ass was bored sjsjs anyway also fun fact: i used this plot for my drama performance sjsjs :DD

  • you were mmo’s trainee for only six months buT believe it or not you were also the most popular one not only among the trainees but also your idol seniors!!!
  • sure you were pretty and kind and all but honestly the reason why you’re popular is because of…
  • Y O U R D A N C E M O V E M E N T S
  • everyone was very shook and literally feel in love with you the second they saw you dancing!?!!
  • your ceo went all “oHMYgoD wHeRE hAvE yOu BeEn ThIs wHOLe tiMe” when he first saw you dancing, that’s how good you are.
  • but unfortunateLY !!! you aren’t first place when it came to dancing in the company
  • you came to know this^ when you accidentally walked into one of your idol senior’s practice room
  • and saw a very hot man with broad shoulders dancing amazingly
  • your jaw was hanging the whole time and your feet couldn’t even move to run out from the room
  • it was when the song stopped dancing and he was breathing heavily you saw his face
  • when you realised who it was, your legs almost gave in
  • it was wanna one’s goDDANIEL !!!
  • aka your celebrity crush sjsjs also your senior
  • you remembered that wanna one were given a break and was sent back to their own places for a week
  • you heard about him a lot from jaehan jinwoo & taewoong and the others but this was the first time you saw him in rl because you were a newbie
  • daniel’s insticts seem to tell him that there was someone at the door, so he looked at it but you were already running away as fast as you could
  • the next day —
  • there was this mmo event thingy that you totally had forgotten lmao buT thank god it’s nothing fancy
  • you guys were asked to use casual clothes and to wait at the largest practice room they had
  • your friends and you were confused because why would they use the largest room when the trainees were only like 30 people
  • when you guys walked into the room your questions were answered when you saw all your senior idols there
  • including daniel. who was laughing and talking with jinwoo taewoong jaehan and also jisung
  • for no particular reason, you tried your best to avoid him
  • buT luck wasn’t on your side today because jinwoo saw you and immediately shouted out your name
  • so you had no choice but to walk there, trying to ignore daniel’s curious stare on you
  • “daniel, jisung, meet the best dancer among the trainees here, y/n”
  • daniel grinned, “ah, so you’re the infamous y/n! nice to meet you!”
  • jisung turned to jinwoo jaehan taewoong and made a face, “should we go guys? the best male dancer with the best female dancer, what would that make us?”
  • you guys laughed but you. were. bLUSHING
  • daniel who noticed that didn’t say anything but instead he laughed and his laugh sounded like music to you
  • suddenly jaehan had a satanic idea: “*gasps* DANIEL, Y/N WHY DON’T Y’ALL HAVE A DANCE BATTLE.”
  • before the both of you could protest, the four boys were excited than ever.
  • “EVERYONE, KANG DANIEL AND Y/F/N ARE HAVING A DANCE BATTLE.” it immediately received attention and everyone was alr circling the both of you
  • you laughed nervously, “wait haha what i didn’t agree on anyt–”
  • “shut up y/N”
  • “well if she doesn’t want to–” daniel started
  • “daniel you shut up too” both of you were like swinging your arms and went fiNE.
  • daniel went first and it was “often” by the weeknd sjsjs
  • he did so well as usual!?!! it was so sexy and erotic lol omg you didn’t wanna admit it but you were blushing it whole time
  • when he ended his dance, he approached you and gave you his cheerful smile, and a ‘fighting!’ gesture
  • nervously, you walked into the circle and everyone cheered for you.
  • the song they picked for you was something you did before already, dusk till dawn
  • at first you did so well as if it was only you in the practice room
  • you didn’t even realise daniel who was intensely watching you, obviously amazed and shocked
  • jisung swore daniel’s jaw almost reached the floor #exaggeratingyoon
  • but you didn’t know why you out of the blue while you were dancing you thought about daniel
  • daniel…he was just so perfect. the way he does the footwork so easily, the way his eyes gazed onto his own reflection fiercly, the way his sweat drips down his face; everything about him was just so perfect. fuck
  • while you were in your thoughts, you didn’t realise your footwork was wrong and bOoM
  • you fell onto the ground, you let out a pained yelp becausE you sprained your ankle
  • everyone was shook and started murming and asking if you’re okay but honestly they were blank whether they should help you or not like tf
  • daniel was frozen for a few seconds before snapping out from his thoughts and immediately ran towards you and wrapped your arm around his shoulder before standing you up
  • “y/n, are you ok?”
  • “yeah,” you replied but looked up at him with teary eyes because your leg is in so much pain, “just a sprained ankle.”
  • if you weren’t it pain daniel would’ve blushed because he loved how your eyes were locking with his
  • he coughed before scooping you up bridal style (—jisung jinwoo taewoong & jaehan totally didn’t scream yep) and then he brought you out of the room to the nurse room
  • daniel sat you down on the bed before grabbing things like towel, warm water and ice
  • he was on his knees as he wrapped the ice and towel around your ankle, looking up at seconds to give you quick glances.
  • “are you always this clumsy?” he joked, still taking care of your ankle
  • you pouted before shaking your head, “very rarely—maybe because i was too nervous.”
  • daniel chuckled again, grinning cheekily before standing up, “nervous because i’m watching you?”
  • he handed you the cup of warm water before smiling warmly, “drink this up, kiddo.”
  • you ignored the cute nickname he gave you and drank the water after thanking him.
  • daniel took out his phone, “can you give me your number?”
  • you snorted out your water a little HAHAH “excuse me?”
  • again, that cheeky grin of him mafe its’ comeback, “ah, i think we’d get along after this.”
  • you were still taken back, but wanting to show some confidence of your own, you smirked before giving you your number.
  • “when’s your first date?”
  • daniel looked at you shook af
  • he laughed nervously, “when do you want it to be?” he swore his heart was beating so fast it could burst on spot.
  • you laughed, but not answering the question. daniel was quite disappointed but he didn’t show it
  • “anyway thank you so much for taking care of my ankle.” you said
  • daniel smiled, nodding.
  • suddenly his phone buzzed “what’s this? *sigh* y/n, it seems like i have to go, my manager said that there’s a wanna one urgent meeting.”
  • you nodded, “you can go, i’ll be fine here.”
  • “nono i’ll call one of the boys to take care of you,” he said before rushing to the door
  • “daniel!”
  • because you called him out when he was about to go out, daniel paused before turning around.
  • “when my ankle gets better, can you teach me your dance moves? you know, i just they’re right; you’re the best male dancer, i’m the best female dancer, we would make great dance partners!”
  • a blush and a grin appeared on his face as he giggled softly, his heart again, beating faster in glee.
  • “dance partners?” he questioned. “we could be more than that, kiddo.”
  • ^ in his satoori accent

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Who’s Burr?

Pairing: Aaron Burr, sir x reader
Word Count: 1,046ish
T/W: Fluff
A/N: For my Squishy Anon’s request: “maybe the reader is besties with the Hamilsquad(their all in college and this is the readers first year, its their second)and they always for complain about Burr. And the reader is like ‘Oh. Well he must be a bad guy.’(she never meet Aaron)But when she goes to class and Aaron just so happens to ve in that class and they lock eyes and something in them just clicks. Love at first sight.“
Okay, a TY animal is one of those big eyed little keychain stuffed animals you can find at the art/party store. (I just think they’re cute, I have “Cinder” one my keychain…don’t judge me.)

“Can you believe it guys, she’s in college. I remember when she used to come to my football games in highschool.” Herc said, setting down a box in your dorm. 

“I remember when I took her to our seventh grade dance,” John gave you a twirl.

“You were the first person to talk to me when I, how you say…transferred! We’ve grown up together!” Laf added. 

“You know if you’re worried or anything, Peggy and Angelica are just down the hall. They’d be happy to-”

“Alex, I’m rooming with Eliza, she’s just moving in tomorrow…, but I’ll be fine! Besides you guys are just in the dorm across the street right?” You asked trying not to sound too worried.

“Oui, second floor, room 206 for me and Alex, room 207, right across from us, for John and Herc.” Laf practically suffocated you with his hug. 

“She’s gonna be okay guys,” Herc peeled you out of Laf’s grasp.

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keeperscompanionsdai  asked:

alright just have to say it. Finn is amazing, Julian is amazing they' re wonderful together and I love your writing. Now ignore me and carry on (ooor you could write some domestic fluff if you like, because their live is already too dramatic for more angst x) )

Excuse me while I scream because THANKS ❤️

Cuteness as per your request…

Finn flipped to the next page of his book, fingers absentmindedly twirling at a lock of red curls. The head in his lap shifted, a noise sounding a lot like a purr making him grin.

Julian turned, sleepily blinking up at him. He stretched, too-long legs pushing against the back seat of the booth.

“Hello sleepyhead.”

Julian frowned, stifling a yawn against the back of his hand. “Oh… sorry.” He blushed, that familiar, beautiful swirl of pink painting freckled cheeks.

Finn placed his book on the table, leaning down to place a kiss to his lips, lingering there for a moment, savouring in the warmth, the softness. “It’s fine. You were up all night, you needed the rest, clearly.”

Julian bit his bottom lip, pulling himself upright. He stretched again, his neck clicking loudly. “I know, but, we don’t have much time and—“

Finn pressed a finger to his lips, stopping him in his tracks. “Don’t, Julian. We have plenty of time.”

“Right… sorry,” he sighed, dropping his gaze. He grabbed Finn’s hand, pressing a kiss to his palm. “Can I make you some tea?”

Finn grinned, picking his book back up and shifting his legs as Julian brushed past him. “That would be nice.”

He watched as Julian stood by the stove, scratching his head as he looked down at it incredulously.

“Just ask nicely,” Finn chuckled.

“Right. Uhm,” Julian cleared his throat. “Please can you… fire?”

He jumped slightly as the stove ignited, turning back to Finn with a satisfied grin. “He did it!”

The call of monsters-Jeffmads- Monster au- Chapter one

James Madison wasn’t exactly a hunter, he wasn’t exactly a savior either. See the academy had two groups, the ones who would go after monsters gone rogue, monsters who killed humans, this group were called hunters. Then there were the saviors, the ones who would try to talk the monsters who didn’t know how to control themselves to coming back to the academy where they would be trained. James was in between, sometimes he would be sent to kill, sometimes he would be sent to save.

Right now? Well currently he was on a suicide mission. He was supposed to track down a shapeshifter, an incubus, both known for killing hunters and saviors, and somehow convince them to come back to the academy to be taught how to … well … not be murderous creatures of the night.

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so are you really the voice actor for the penguin or are you just randomly talented at imitating cartoons?

Word Count: 1536
Rating: PG
Pairing: Onew/Minho
Genre: fluff

It’s been like 12 years?  but I wrote a thing?
1000% inspired by this video - https://youtu.be/5v-DnhxNoXc

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Last time on Hannibal: It was like this European fairy tale in which Will & Hannibal were snails in love? That sounds about right.

This time on Hannibal: All your weirdo side-faves, weirdoing together again.

Ok my friends we are going to have to level about something right up front here, and it is: I FUCKING LOVE FREDERIC CHILTON. Yes, yes I know he’s terrible, he’s awful — he’s a raging narcissist & sleezy & manipulative and I adore him, because….he’s just so terrible at everything? He’s like this derpy inept wolf and everything he does is hilarious to me. And then you go and have him played by Raúl Esparza, who has his slightly Hannibal-askew comedy tone so on lock that he’s like a masterclass in camp villain acting, and I’m lost. I love Chilts. You just need to know this because, well…..

Season 3, Episode 4: Aperitivo

The episode begins and it’s bang-on CHILTON TIME, a return to my darling despicable Frederick getting shot in the face. What’s that look like in slow motion and micro-detail? It’s gross, don’t worry about it. Let’s skip ahead to when he’s still gross, but like in an interpersonal way, and also aalliiiiiive.


Ok ok I just had to get that joke out of my system, we’re good now.

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Underverboten Rp

After Amy finished lunch she went to the hallway to go to the winter Forest

Amy : *Walking down the hallway*

??? : *Drunk* Hey there cutie..~

Amy : ?! *Turns around* Uh… (He looks like he’s drunk)

??? : What’s a good looking goddess doing alone here? Hic.. you darn too cute to be alone *Hic*

Amy : The exit is down the hall to the left, now if you’ll excuse me. I am busy *Turns around*

??? : *Grabs her arm* You don’t remember me do ya?! Are you stupid *Hic* or are you an ignorant goddess who thinks she’s too good for me! *Hic*

Amy : Wha-


In China, The Walking Dead is the biggest american Tv show. It’s like if a person ever watched one show, TWD is definitely it. There’s a community about it which has nearly a million members, making it the top one among all the foreign show communities.
However, even though I hate to bring this up, most (straight male) viewers there are traditional and homophobic af. For them, being gay is just something new and bizarre that they can make jokes of. When Arron revealed his sexuality on TV, most of them only refer him as “the gay one” (基佬) later, which makes me so freaking angry. It sounds like they think he is nothing other than his sexuality.
But things took quite a turn after the first debut of Jesus. The chemistry between him and Daryl in that episode is just too strong for them to ignore. Over one day, almost all the talking was around these two and about how cute they are together. And they are not joking around. They all know that Jesus is canonnly gay in comics and started to consider the future possibility of them getting together seriously. Everyone is literally SHIPPING them. How crazy is that.
(๑•̀ω•́๑) Anyway I just want to get this out of my system and excuse me for my poor english. Let’s all pray that Darus will rise in S7. #弩耶大法好#