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If you’re trying out that Amos Aimes “bad boy” look by showing her how you too can get a little wild, then at least try to look less nerdy next time.

Lex Luthor in Superwoman #13 (2017)

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Sooo... How about the fam having a nice day at the zoo? You know, Keith gets to see some Hippos, Lance casually says that one particular Hippo reminds him of Daddy Keith? :D Also, consider this: Hippo puns. Hippocrite, Hippochondriac, Hippothesis...

[The Voltron Family] Shiro was driving home from work, when his rock playlist stopped to give way to Keith’s upcoming call, so he clicked the accept button on his car screen.

“You would not believe what Zarkon just told me,” Keith said on the other line not bothering to wait for Shiro. The kids were with the Galra because they didn’t have school for the day. “So apparently, our kids said they haven’t been to a zoo and Zarkon just called out on me! On us! Saying we were depriving our babies of a beautiful childhood! And you know what he said?? He said he even took his kids to a zoo! IN SRI LANKA! They’re Italians, Takashi!! ITALIANS!”

Shiro couldn’t help but be amused at how Keith was so riled up. “The kids are Russians though,” he corrected.

“That’s not the point!” Keith cried out, then cursed, “Dammit. Stupid asshole doesn’t know how to stay in their lane.”

“Keith? Are you driving?” Shiro asked with a chuckle as he took a turn.

“Yeah,” Keith answered and with a sultry voice he added, “Race you home?” 

“Oh, babe,” Shiro cooed. “What did we say about flirting while driving?”

“Too late, just passed by your Range Rover!” Keith laughed. “Suck my—”

“—Don’t you dare finish that sentence, Kogane!” Shiro grinned so wide as he pushed the pedal. Hearing his husband’s laughter, Shiro snorted. “Loser gets to wash the other’s back later in the showers.”

“Oh, babe,” Keith mocked. “Now that makes me want to lose on purpose.”


The following Saturday, the whole family went to the local zoo and the kids were ecstatic. They were by the ticket booth and Lance wouldn’t stop jumping around.

“Buddy, save the energy for later,” Shiro tapped his 6-year-old’s head. 

Lance was so giddy that he couldn’t contain his smile. “It’s my first time! And Hunk’s too! And Pidge’s!” He looked around and then back at Shiro again. “Will there be dinosaurs?!”

“I’m afraid they’re extinct, captain.” Shiro frowned.

“Extinct? What’s that?” Lance asked.

“It means they’re dead, Lance,” Pidge answered, rolling her eyes. She squeezed Shiro’s hand and looked up, “Daddy Shiro…” without saying anything else, Shiro picked her up.

“You’re so spoiled,” Lance crossed his arms. Pidge just stuck her tongue out.


Shiro was exhausted and they haven’t even toured half of the zoo. The kids, however, had unlimited energy. He was glad he brought two cameras that day because his first one was almost full. Forgive him if he found everything his kids do adorable and he just had to take a photo. Especially after the marine animals sections, he was able to capture a dolphin staring at Keith. Honestly, he wouldn’t even blame the dolphin at this point if it was taken with his husband too. 

Their next stop was the Hippo Cove. Hunk and Lance ran together holding hands and if Shiro took a photo, well, no one had to know except the whole world when he publishes their photos. 

“No running, kids!” Keith called out and sighed knowing how futile it was. 

The place was packed with so many kids and parents that little Hunk was lucky enough to squeeze himself between two adults in front of the glass for viewing. Shiro picked up Pidge so she could look over the heads, Lance was running around trying to find an empty space for him but he was growing restless by the second. He was about to call him out so he could join Pidge, when Keith tapped the little boy.

“C’mon, up you go,” Keith spread his arms out and Lance beamed so wide, jumping into Keith’s arms. Shiro wanted to cry because he wasn’t able to take a photo of that adorable moment. He’d just have to suck it up and immortalize it in his mind.

Keith stood beside him with Lance, the little boy’s arms around Keith’s neck whispering “Closer, closer! Closer!”

A loud giggle came out of Lance’s mouth when he pointed at one hippopotamus in a corner. “That hippo looks just like you, Daddy Keith!”

“Excuse me?!” Keith snapped his head towards his son, clearly offended.

Shiro turned towards the direction where Lance pointed and he couldn’t help but bark out a laugh. The hippo in question had leaves on its head, making it look like an emo hippo brooding in a corner. 

Lance laughed so hard. “He has long hair just like you and you always look like this,” the boy scrunched up his nose, knitted his eyebrows and frowned. “What do you mean we ran out of milk?!” 

Shiro had to hand it to Lance, he made a pretty good impression of Keith looking grumpy in the morning. He expected Keith to be insulted and yet he was surprised when Keith grinned so wide and bumped noses with Lance.

“That was really tonto, you know?” Keith couldn’t contain his fondness as he gave Lance a soft peck which made the little boy beam and hug him tighter. 

Shiro was dying. It was too cute. It wasn’t fair.

“Hey, Keith!” As soon as Keith and Lance turned their heads towards him, he continued, “How can you get a hippo to do whatever you want?”

“What?” they both asked.

“Hipponotism,” Shiro laughed and he could see Hunk, Pidge and Lance roll their eyes at his stupid joke but not Keith. 

Keith was stupidly smiling at him and if Shiro leaned in to kiss his husband in public in a damn Hippo Cove, well, he was glad there were people to witness it.

I feel like Kallus had a really strong bond with his squad before Onderon. Like generally wouldn’t you go after the person responsible? Did the empire manipulate him while he was emotionally hurt to get him to commit the act of attacking Lasan? 

Dialogue Challenge #2. Driving Miss Crazy

This is in regards to @mustardyellowsunshine dialogue challenge. I loved it so much, I did it again. This is originally from my WiP: Just EMTime, but I jist,had to throw it out here.

For my best gals: @inunanna @lacyjaybird @adorableears7 @kags09 @keichanz @inukag-4ever.

I hope y'all like this!!! Xoxoxoxo 😘😘

Warning: May be kinda-sorta, long. 😁


“Ma’am. I’m going to need you to lay still. You’ve been in an accident.”

“Yeah, wench. Lay still, I gotta start an IV and yer flopping around isn’t helpin’.”

“Inuyasha. Why are you always so crude. Can’t you see this woman is scared?”

“She looks horrible– ow!”

“Never say that. A woman with a body like that is bound to be beautiful.”

“Do I need to call Sango and tell her how yer hittin’ on a critical?”

“You wouldn’t– I was only– Fine.”

“Lady. Stop movin’!”

“You have the most beautiful eyes.”


“Can I rub your ears?”

“Is she–”

“Hitting on you? Yes, my dear friend. She most definitely is. I’ll be up front, give you two some alone time.”

“Wipe that shit eatin’ grin off your face, bouzo.”

“We alone? Good. Let me touch your ears now.”

“Hey! I said lay still. Put your arms down, NOW.”

“But you’re so handsome. I really wanna touch em.”

“I said no.”

“But you make me feel things.”


“Not those types of things, pervert.”

“I didn’t say anything.”


“Why you—”

“Inuyasha, are you half dog-demon or is it a cat- OUCH!”

“Told ya to stop movin’.”

“You did that on purpose.”

“Ya have no proof— and I’m not a fucking cat.”

“Then you’re a beautiful dog demon.”

“Half. And quit callin’ me beautiful.”

“Handsome. Gorgeous. Smoking hot. That better? Awe! You’re blushing!”

“I am not! Look wench. You were in a nasty ass car accident and ya look terrible. There’s a severe gash over your right eye on your temporal lobe. There’s blood everywhere and I still need an IV to start these fluids. So I’ma need you to stop flirting with me and get yer shit under control— wha- why are ya cryin’?!”

“I just complimented you and you’re yelling at me!”

“St- stop it! I’m sorry okay? I just wanna help you.”

“O- okay. I- I’’ll try to be still.”

“Good. I think I can get this is one stick.”

“Be gentle. I’m damaged goods.”

“Keh. You got that right. Okay got it. See? That wasn’t so bad.”

“Now can I rub your ears? Oh don’t growl at me, puppy.”

“I’ve had it up to the roof with ya.”

“Oh please. You love the attention.”

“Ha! Lady, I haven’t gotten attention since my mom was alive.”

“I’m sorry, Inuyasha.”

“Nah. I don’t need pity. It’s been years now. Quit ya cryin’.”

“But it’s so sad! I’ll give you all the attention you deserve!”

“Holy fucking- yer a nut, woman.”

“But you like me anyway and my name isn’t lady, wench or woman. It’s Kagome. Ka-go-me. Use it buddy.”

“Yeah. Yeah.”

“Say it.”


“What’s my name?”


“Wrong. What’s my name?”

“Fuck you.”

“Oh I’d love that. What’s my name?”

“Goddammit! KAGOME! Okay?! You’re name is Kagome. Happy now?”

“Mmm. I will be after you take me to dinner.”

“How the fuck did you come up with that?”

“Because I know you want to.”

“The pain meds got you even more crazy in the brain.”

“You may be right, but I know what I want and when I set my mind to it, I get what I want.”

“Yeah, okay.”

“I’m serious, Inu-ya–sha.”

“Bout damn time you fell asleep. Shit.”


Four weeks later


“Kouga! So nice to see you!”

“How’s my favorite RN today?”

“I don’t know. How is Ayame? Hmm?”

“You wound me, Kags.”

“I bet I did. Where’s Ginta?”

“Took the day off. I have another partner today. He’s from M.M. across town.”

“Oh, where is he?”

“Yo, mutt. Come to the second floor. Someone I want to meet.”

“Copy wolf-shit.”

“He’s on his way up.”

“Y'all’s communication is amazing.”

“We’ve been friends for years. It’s just how we are.”

“Kouga why the hell  are you just standin’ arou-”

“Mutt, meet Kagome Higurashi. Best damn nurse on Tokyo. Kagome meet Inuyasha Takahashi.”


“Why are you staring at her like th—”



“What the hell? Y'all know each other already?”

“He’s the rude paramedic who picked me up.”

“Rude? You’re the bitch who wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to give an IV.”

“Yeah well I was in an accident and I was scared!”

“Scared my ass. You were throwing around fucking compliments and shit the whole time. I finally had to give you Phenergan to knock you out.”

“You knocked me out on purpose?! I had a concussion!”

“I know how to do my job, bitch.”

“Do not growl at me you over-sized puppy. I–”

“Back away from each other. You two need to shut up or go somewhere else to talk. People are starting to stare.”

“Keh. Can we just get this patient and go already?”

“What he said.”

“Damn y'all are salty. Fine. 223’s chart Miss.”

“Right here. Report: Yamaguchi, Keito. Seventy-six years old. Diagnosed with COPD Exacerbation Hypertension. Cellulitis lower, right leg. Foley at time of transfer and PICC line upper right arm. He has trouble breathing so he’ll need to be transferred with an oxygen tank at 2 liters.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Bye Kouga. Tell Ayame yo call me later. Inuyasha, good day.”

“Back at cha.”

“You two are crazy.”

“Let’s just go.”


“Oh. It’s you again. What can I do for you?”

“I have to do a follow up on my transfers.  223 was your patient so I’m giving report.”

“Go ahead.”

“Yamaguchi, Keito. Seventy-six years old. Diagnosed with COPD Exacerbation,  Hypertension. Cellulitis lower, right leg. Foley at time of transfer and PICC line in right arm. O2 was stable at 2 liters when dropped off at the Village.”

“Thank you— is that all?”


“I’m sorry, speak up and slower. I didn’t hear you.”

“I said how do you feel?”

“Fine? OH you mean since my accident. I’m better. Took a few weeks though. This is my first day back since then.”

“The way you looked, I’d figured you be out for a long time.”

“For your information, I had all four of my wisdom teeth taken out that morning before that idiot hit us. So I was loopy, swollen and scarred.”

“Loopy ain’t the word. You were bat shit crazy.”

“Excuse me?”

“Don’t give me that look. You were! Throwing around compliments about— ah forget it.”

“About what? Oh god what all did I say? I only remember bits and pieces. Inuyasha tell me.”

“You were talking about my eyes and ears.”

“What’s wrong with complimenting them? You have nice eyes and I really wanna touch the ears— oh forget I said that!”

“Why? WHY do you like them? I’m a half-breed. No one really cares about how I feel.”

“Well I’m not everyone else and I like them. They are so cute.”

“Don’t call me cute.”

“Handsome. Gorgeous. Smoking hot. That better?”

“You said that in the ambulance too.”

“Yeah and I also remember asking you to dinner.”

“You were doped up.”

“So? I told you I remember bits and pieces.”

“Yeah, but I—”

“Oh please. The offer still stands.”

“You can’t be serious! No one—”

“Stop. I’m not just anyone. You’ll figure that out soon enough.”

“Kinda bold ain’t cha?”

“What do I got to lose? I think what happened, happened for a reason. Carpe Diem!”

“I— you can’t just demand a date from someone like that!”

“Then how would you do it?”

“Well for starters I wouldn’t be so fucking rude–”

“Oh that’s a first.”

“— as I was sayin’, I’d just be like, would you go to dinner with me? And wait for a response.”

“I would love to have dinner with you. Friday at 730? I have the weekend off.”



“What the fuck?! I never asked you out.”

“You just did.”

“NO. I was giving you an example— wait. You did that shit on purpose.”

“Next time be more gentle when sticking someone for an IV.”

“Why you sneaky bitch.”

“Pick me up at seven-thirty from here. I’ll be waiting in the lobby. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“Awe. That was a genuine smile. I knew you had it on you.”

“Keh. Get her ass back to work. People could be dying.”

“And I guess that goes for you too, huh puppy?”

“I swear, if you call m— what was that for?!”

“It’s called a kiss and calm down. It was only a peck.”


“What? Did I embarr— ommph.”



“Wha– what was that for?”

“When ya plant a kiss on someone, that is how you do it, woman.”

“Duly noted.”

“Get back to work. I’ll see ya Friday night.”

“I’m holding you to it. And I look forward to other surprise kisses.”

“Keh. We’ll see about that, Ka-go-me.”

“Yes. Yes we will, puppy.”


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Please! 27. “Get over here now and bring a tarp.” Kylux in any setting you wish! Thank you 💕

27 - “Get over here now and bring a tarp.”


“Get over here now and bring a tarp.”

“Excuse me?” Hux asks. He looks out of his window and can see the pouring rain. There’s no way he’s going out there. Not when he’s huddled in his favorite blanket, has a nice blend of tea on his night stand and Millicent purring next to him happily. “I’m not going out there. Where should I get a tarp anyway? What are you doing? Are you outside?”

There’s a grunt on the other end of the phone conversation.

“Well, I have to.” Kylo sounds a bit defensive and now that Hux concentrates on it, he can hear the sound of the pouring rain in the background. “They just sprouted. I don’t want the rain to ruin it. The soil is this close being washed away.”

Hux is lost.

“What is sprouting? Kylo your small garden is lawn and weeds only. And that big, ugly oak you refuse to get rid of.”

There’s a beat of silence. Then a sigh, and Kylo says, “I planted the avocado pit.”

Hux pulls the phone away from his ear and stares at the screen incredulously as if he’s sure, Kylo’s playing a prank on him. When there’s no laughter from the other end of the line, he presses the phone back to his ear and tells Kylo, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Our avocado, Hux. Remember? Our meeting? Four months ago? The fight about the last avocado? I stole it right out of your cart and you ambushed me in front of my car.”

Hux can feel his cheeks heat. “I am aware how we met, yes. Are you telling me you planted the avocado pit because you’re a sentimental fool?”

Kylo mutters something that Hux doesn’t catch. He’s already standing up and on his way to his garage, wondering if he has indeed something like a tarp stowed away there. “What was that?” He asks, rummaging around, and squeezing himself behind his car to get to one of the shelves.

“I said it’s the seed of our love. Of course I planted it!”

Hux bites his lower lip and grips the phone harder than intended. His heart is racing and he tries to calm down. That’s what Kylo always does. He brings Hux’s life out of order. Be it stealing an avocado right from his cart, ask him out on a date after Hux yelled at him, or blurting out I love you after their fifth date only.

“I should have known better than date an over-dramatic actor,” Hux says.

“Oh fuck you, Hux. Are you coming over or not?”

Hux reaches out to grab something blue and folded. When he pulls it out, he sees that it’s really a tarp. It’s not big, but it’ll do. 

“Yes,” he says and turns to his car. “Yes, I will.”


first sentence prompts

Today when my 8 year old cousin was playing football with his friends he came running to me and asked me to tie his shoe laces. He was in a hurry and was super impatient. I couldn’t explain to him that I don’t know how to tie shoelaces. He wouldn’t even wait that long. Of course he just assumed I know how to because well, I am an adult. So I didn’t even try with my explanation and quickly bent down to tie it. And I did!!!
Throughout the day he came running to me to do such tiny things for him and even though I wasn’t sure if I could, I just tried. I tried because he wouldn’t have my excuses and because he looked up to me.  Life won’t have any of my excuses either. And I am looking up to me. So I guess that’s how I can become a functional adult. By trying.

Night Court babes ♥

i made a guide for the main cast’s skin tones. wasnt that hard to make tbh.