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mod apollo here. sorry i’ve been gone. here to say i’ll probably be gone for a while longer.

basically, ive been hella depressed since i was 9 but my mom doesn’t think i’m “depressed enough” for medication. at least im seeing a therapist, so im barely getting the help i need.

i’ve been sliding in and out of depressive episodes really easily and they’re super bad and im sorry i’ve been gone and this is basically a ton of excuses.

it means the world to me that mod floyd and israel are here to take care of the blog. i don’t know when i’ll be back, but hopefully i can get the help i need soon.

hello all!! it’s a new year which means i’ve had this blog for about half a year which is insane bc i don’t know what i did before this 😂 anyway i am still amazed by the kindness, sweetness and general loveliness of everyone and i can’t believe i have any followers at all let alone over 200 💕 thank you to everyone who made me feel welcome and the few that talked to me despite my awkwardness (thats something i wanna work on in 2017) and to everyone that still tags me in things bc i can never tire of tag games. emosh rant aside here’s everyone that brightens my dash and pulls me further into the kpop trash can i honestly love you all 😘😘 (ps sorry in advance if i missed ppl out or got stuff wrong im not a technology whizz so this took me ages)

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Stop. Sexualizing. Underaged. Idols.

Still seeing blogs write smut about underaged idols. And some of them have the nerve to defend themselves… im sick 😷 this honestly needs to stop. Having a perfect stranger writing smut about you is uncomfortable regardless of age. But UNDERAGE!?! I’m almost 18, but when I see a link that leads to smut about a idol that is close to my age or younger absolutely makes me want to throw up. No excuses whatever can justify underaged idol smut. NOTHING.

So, here’s why “standing with Pewdiepie” is a bad thing
  • You’re helping him normalize anti-Semitic humor
  • When you normalize something like that, you’re excusing neo-nazis who believe jewish people aren’t human beings, and neo-nazis who want another mass genocide to occur
  • when you normalize that you also shout at the jewish community that you may not think they’re lesser people, but you support the people that do believe this
  • letting him go unpunished by this validates what he is doing and gives him the opportunity to do this again
  • ??? you’re literally helping him raise a generation of tiny neo-nazis??? How do you not see the harm in that???
  • he fucking paid the two men in his video to hold the sign so they would get the bad rep and not him
  • You’re not letting him take responsibility for this
  • You’re letting him play the victim card, when in fact he is anything but the victim in this situation
  • The victims are those in the jewish community who are put in danger every time they leave their homes because of this mindset Pewdiepie is normalizing
  • He knows what he’s doing is terrible, yet he’s still doing it because y'all let him get away with it
  • He deserves every dropped sponsor and every unsubscription he gets
  • because promoting these ideals is dangerous, it’s disgusting, and it’s not a joke
  • This isn’t dark humor, it’s saying a race is lesser than yours and deserves to die
  • sympathizing with Nazis, neo-nazi’s, and other nazi-sympathizers is fucking disgusting, and you deserve to get called out on it

Every so often, it’s not too often, I get someone come into my ask box and tell me off for liking Kevin. They tell me he’s problematic and remind me of certain stuff he’s done. A lot of them especially point towards the ableism he showed when talking about ‘fixing’ Janice. It makes me wonder how they can dislike a character so much, that when they happen to stumble across my blog, they feel the need to tell me that he’s a bad person, that therefore I’m a bad person, like…I know Kevin is a huge problem of a character?

He’s an antagonist, he’s supposed to do and say bad things. That’s what causes problems for the protagonists. I understand, he follows the opinions of this horrible problematic cult and therefore says and does horrible problematic things. They’re the antagonists for petes sake. I get told also that I can’t ‘use the excuse that he was brainwashed’ to justify cutting him some slack, like Kevin isn’t a multifaceted character at all and just a flat villain character who deserves no pity because the reason he did everything is ‘because I’m evil mwhahaha!’

Like yes, let’s just blame this traumatised and mentally abused character for the things a higher more directly evil power made him do and give him absolutely no pity/empathy and never examine his character ever and let’s make sure everyone that likes him knows that that makes them horrible people too. That’s a great idea.

I know Kevin is not a good person. I know he can’t be fully excused for his behaviour still, and I don’t excuse him for it. I don’t think ableism is ok and I do think someone needs to help him recover and tell him why these things are not ok to say. Please just let me like this character in peace. Go away and examine him a little bit, properly, not through the lens of ‘every little problem is inexcusable always’ and if you still don’t like him - fine. But don’t keep trying to spread the 2D version of his character around to spread your undue hate and don’t bring it to blogs that clearly like him, please?


Wes Bentley as Peter Hood in Gone (2012)

@missmoonchilde, if you’re there.

More Love November (List)

Originally posted by ohmydisney

More Love November is an idea I came up with that gave me an excuse to gush about some of the amazing people I’ve come across here on Tumblr. Every day this month, I’m going to dedicate a short post to someone and let them know why I’m thankful for them. 

This is just a list I’m creating for myself to keep track of all of my posts, but feel free to check it out in case you’re in need of any new blogs to follow. I would highly recommend checking any and all of those listed below.

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@glitterdower​ said: welp, i’m intrigued!!

i am literally Always looking for excuses to yell at people abt this au so these are my Key Points copied and pasted from the doc

  • Wylan: *appears*  Kaz: *scheming face* Jesper: *deep sigh because it’s early and he hasn’t had enough coffee for this* *sighs again because wylan’s pretty*
  • Kaz has a plan.  Kaz tells nobody the plan.
  • Jan Van Eck: I need you to find out if my son’s alive and bring him back to me because I love and miss him.  Kaz: Sounds fake but whatever
  • Matthias: NINA.  YOU’RE ALIVE.  Nina: Okay so, it’s been ten years, now you’ve had plenty of time to think of an excuse for abandoning me in a storm and leaving me to die.  
  • Matthias: Quickly, come with us!  Kuwei: Thanks, but… I’ll take my chances.
  • Jarl Brum is dead.  He literally does make a very lively corpse.  
  • Nina: Oh!  An unspoken attraction!  Jesper: What?  Attraction?  To that skinny little brat?  Have you lost your mind?  I– He– Attraction!  Ha!  Nina: I was only saying.  
  • Inej: So give a bow.  Wylan: What happens now?  Jesper: Your hand receives a kiss!  Inej: …My hand, Jesper.  My hand receives a kiss.  
  • Wylan and Jesper waltzing on the deck of a boat
Just letting you all know,

I have a few things lined up. I keep thinking of a ton of new and exciting ideas; it’s hard finding the time to produce them. Here’s a short list of things I’m planning (and needing) to do:

  • Answer a few wcif messages floating around - I’ll probably end up doing a showcase of a few items like I did for the sink, so bare with me. 
  • A character page for Wren’s story - Something I’ve been needing to do for a while now.
  • This idea of showcasing some new custom content (new to me, anyway) that I enjoy using, also as a nod to the creators - It also gives me an excuse to do a few lookbooks, thanks to @raspberi‘s suggestion of that.
  • And a general continuation of Wren’s story.

Hopefully in due time I can cross these off. But thank you to everyone for providing support and the necessary inspiration for me to do more on my blog. 

On the State of This Blog

I started this blog last may for a simple reason: I had saved several hundred photos of Rei from pixiv, and needed an excuse to go back through them. Since starting, this blog has posted 852 images of Rei, and has gained 1,577 followers. I never imagined this blog would have that much of a following, and I want to thank everyone for following, especially those with the realization of who is best girl.

However, this blog is running into a crisis of content. That is, it’s running out of photos to post. Only a couple of weeks worth of content remains. Simply put, it will have accomplished its goal of letting me go back through my sizable collection. In accomplishing this goal, though, the future of the blog comes into question. The current lack of content has partially been because of the inevitable future, and partially because of me putting this off.

All of this then, leaves few options for the future of this blog. I am hesitant to post any material containing Eva characters other than Rei, since I believe that to be contrary to the purpose of this blog. The first option to consider then is that I can open submissions for content in order to prolong the stream of posts, however that runs the risk of me reposting content if it isn’t original. The second option is that I can go back through the archive of this blog and begin its life anew, recycling the content from start to finish. I will also, of course, post new quality content as it becomes available.

As an integral part of the success of this blog, I thought it best to inform you of all of this so that you may provide input this blog’s future.

I want to thank you all again for your dedication to best girl, and open the floor to your feedback.

anonymous asked:

It's also annoying when you beg for feedback all the time

Seriously? That’s what annoys you about me? The fact that all I ask is for the people who read my work to take one extra minute out of their lives to tell me if what I wrote was good or bad? To tell me if there are things I need to change in the way I write or things they like and want to see more of? 

I’m sorry that you don’t like it but I write this stuff for free. I spend time working on my writing for this blog, I haven’t written my original stories in months because I’m focused on writing for you guys. I stay up late, compromise my sleep, I forget to do things like eat and drink because I’m focused on getting the next story out for you guys so excuse me if I ask for you people to spend a couple of minutes encouraging me to keep going, to let me know that all of that isn’t for nothing. 

As a reader of fanfiction I always take the time to either reblog, reply to, or send the author of a fic I like an ask telling them that I enjoyed their story because it’s polite and it does give an author more confidence and inspires them to post the next fic.

By Chance (Pt.2)

Member: Chanyeol

Genre: Fluff.

A/N: I made a reference to EXO’s song called stronger, so if you haven’t listened to it, please do before you read this so you’d understand what’s going on. And now enjoy some fluff and marshmallows.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10 coming soon.

It has been a few days since your enunter with Chanyeol, and you still didn’t call him or even text him. You spent most of your time juggling your thoughts and contemplating whether you should even call or not, and on top of that you needed to figure out what you should tell Han Byul because she kept on begging you to tell her who the mystery man was, but you kept on refusing til you come up with a proper lie, one that was convincing and not so obviously poorly made up.

You hated lying to her, and it’s not that you wanted to, it’s just that you had to..for now, because you knew Han Byul well enough to know that she’d probably get way too excited and tell the entire neighborhood. And you couldn’t afford that, not now.

You groaned as you got out of bed completely exhausted due to your brain’s inability to shut up at night. You dragged your feet to the kitchen where Han Byul was, already up, dressed and making breakfast.

You grabbed yourself a mug and poured some hot coffee in it and sat at the table with a sigh. Han Byul was too busy with preparing the meal that she didn’t even notice your sigh.        

“Are you still not gonna tell me who you met the other day?” you heard her speak with a pouting tone over the screaming eggs in the frying pan. Your eyes widened and you almost spilled your coffee.

Why did she have to remember that now? You still didn’t come up with anything to tell her.

“Uh..he turned out to be a creep” you said the first thing that came to your mind and actually winced at your sentence hoping she wouldn’t catch on your lying tone. I’m sorry Chanyeol-ah you apologized to him in your mind thinking that maybe your apology would reach him somehow.

“Gosh he was? Ew! I swear to God men these days they just think…” she kept on blabbering on and on about how men were becoming a hopeless case and whatnot.

If only she knew who she was talking about.

You just kept on nodding your agreement to her as you quietly sipped on your morning coffee.

You went to work normally like the previous days, but the thoughts still consumed your mind. Why was this even a big deal? It was just a number right? and he’s just a guy…right? You must’ve groaned a little too loudly because you suddenly felt unwanted attention around you, you shooed your curious co-workers off telling them something lame such as being frustrated with your computer.                                                                                           

So..you worked late that day trying to find something to busy your brain with so it won’t bother you about the fact known as Chanyeol, but this distraction had to come to an end at some point, you needed to go home and rest..hopefully

By the time you got home, you were pretty much exhausted to do anything, you barely even made it to the bathroom to shower, if you didn’t need a hot bath so desperately you would’ve probably skipped it.

When you got out of the shower and sat by your vanity doing whatever that is you thought you needed to do before you got to bed, you took out the small glorious piece of paper that had his number on it and stared at it…and you stared rather long…Should I call? Will he even pick up? He probably forgot all about it… he’s too busy anyways.

You kept thinking and thinking, you closed your eyes shut and took a deep breath trying to muster up all of your courage to actually pick up your damn phone and dial these damned numbers. You exhaled and looked at yourself in the mirror telling yourself that you had nothing to lose.     

You picked up your phone and swiped your screen to unlock, you noticed that it was getting a little bit late to call, but then again, he was busy all day so this was the only time where he would probably be free to do as he pleases. Before you dialed his number you made your way to Han Byul’s room to make sure she was asleep, she was usually an early sleeper and you wanted to avoid her walking in on you.

You took quite small steps and peeked through her door, thank God! She looked like she was wandering around la la land for quite some time now. You sighed in relief and went back to your room, you slowly closed the door behind you and took the piece of paper and your phone and you began to dial his number.

As the bell rang and rang, you nervously paced around your room and chewed on you thumbnail. The bell kept ringing and ringing and your heart was about to explode in your chest as it kept thumping a little too much, and the butterflies in your stomach were doing Olympic style flips and turns. The ringing finally came to an end and much to your disappointment, he did not pick up.

Why were you even disappointed? You already expected that he wouldn’t pick up, he probably did forget all about you and your small encounter.

You closed your eyes and sighed as your shoulders slumped in disappointment, you looked at your phone screen and pouted when suddenly you had this strange spark of hope that gave you the biggest urge to just call again.

So what? It would appear as a random number that called and he missed it, he probably had a gazillion of those each day.

You called again and anxiously waited for the ringing to stop with his voice being the reason for it. You closed your eyes again and actually held your breath, partially excited and partially nervous.

Once again the ringing stopped but this time a man’s voice stopped it. You heard the man’s voice say “Hello?” Your eyes widened in shock! He actually picked up this time, you must’ve been a little too flustered and silent because you heard him say again “Hello? Who’s this?” You rapidly blinked a few times, swallowed and said “H..Hello? Chanyeol-ssi?”

“Yeah this is he…Who’s this?” he replied with a casual tone.

“Uh..It’s Y/N…remember?” you asked walking in circles now.

You heard him say his famous uuuhhh before he asked “Who?” You sighed into the phone and said “Pikachu…”. The line went silent for a short moment and then he said “Ooooh! You actually called! I didn’t think you would. I’m sorry I didn’t pick up earlier, I literally just got on the van and I’m on my way to another schedule then home”.

You were a little taken aback by the friendly way he spoke to you with, he talked as if you two were long life friends, and he was giving you the details of what he was doing now…what is this? 

You wanted to continue the conversation but your desire quickly vanished when you heard him speak and say “I’m sorry but I have to go now.. I’m actually glad you called, this is your number right?” Gosh! How cute was he? Whose number would it be if it wasn’t yours at this hour. “Yeah.. it is”  you softly spoke. He laughed and said “Then I’ll make sure to save it..goodnight~” he cooed.

“Mhm..goodnight” you replied back and waited for him to hang up first. When he did you stood in the middle of your room in awe. You literally just spoke to Park Chanyeol on the phone and…and he sounded like a regular person, any other human being! And he even apologized for missing you call! Was this really happening or were you too far up your imagination’s ass? 

The buzzing that you felt from your phone interrupted your trance, you looked at it and saw a text message from the number you were just talking to. He was texting you now? What on earth? You opened the message and it read: I saved your number, but I won’t tell you how I saved it .. I’d rather show you one day ^o^, let’s text each other often ok? ^.~ 

You blinked a few times and opened your eyes widely as you read his text over and over again. Not only was he texting you.. he was also doing it cutely and asking you to text him often. You smiled and put your thumbs on the screen and typed: Let me guess…Pikachu?

You waited a bit and shortly after your phone buzzed with another message from him, you quickly opened it feeling excited already: Nope..won’t tell hehe..>_< you’ll eventually know though! 

You laughed at his text. You actually did.

He was being really cute and comfortable and casual that you felt like your heart was about to jump out of your chest due to your excitement. You typed your reply that said: Fine then.. I’ll wait and see ^-^.

Why was this boy so easy to talk to? Why was he so…so comfortable?

Haha! Alright. Goodnight then…again..                                                   

Goodnight. You typed your final reply and set your phone on the bedside table. Okay this is enough action for one day was what you told yourself before you slipped under the covers.

You needed to get a good night sleep because you had a lot of work on your plate that needed to be done.

What a thought! The idea of having that peaceful sleep was surely not what your brain had in mind. Ironic right? It kept reminding you of what happened a few hours ago to the point of tossing and turning in bed, and for some reason, you didn’t mind its bugging this time, you took your phone and opened it under the covers and went over the messages again.

Your heart fluttered as if you were reading it for the first time, you bit your lip and giggled like an idiot, something you seemed to be doing a lot in the past few days. You stopped reading when your eyes got too heavy and closed down on their own.

The next morning you woke up pretty convinced that what happened last night was a dream, you opened your phone to confirm that it was a reality and that you didn’t just make all that up.

Wait. There was another one… He texted again.

You opened your eyes wide and got up too quickly that you heard your heartbeat and felt it in your head. You opened the text to find it saying:Good morning.. Did you sleep well? I’m on my way to a broadcast..haha.. I don’t know what else to say so I’ll end this in a cliche way and say fighting for today~.

Wow! This was actually a long and intimately detailed text considering that you both started talking yesterday, only a few hours ago. But you couldn’t help it, you honestly couldn’t help the smile that broke into your lips.

This boy was really something else.

The way he spoke so casually gave you a warm and comforting feeling inside your heart and you loved it..you loved every bit of it as greedy as it sounds. You excitedly typed with a lip bite: Mornings! Let’s say I did.. Fighting for you today too..Chanyeol-ssi. You expected a reply but didn’t get one.


He probably just got busy. You shrugged and got out of bed to get ready for a long demanding day at work. And boy to say that it was demanding was an understatement, you had a lot of documents that needed to be reviewed, and a whole lot more e-mails to be sent to various parties, and whole lot lot more to be replied to. By the time of your break, you just wanted to call it a day and leave.                                                                                                                 

You were on your way to the office kitchen to get something to refresh your mind with when you heard your familiar message tone, a sound that signaled happiness and delight to you now.

Eager as ever, you opened your phone to view the message only to be bummed out by the fact that it was a spam.

You pursed your lips together and sighed as you walked back to your office. You sat at your desk and resumed your dreadful work, and your phone buzzed again. Is it him this time? You thought.Sadly enough it wasn’t, it was a text from a co-worker asking you to perform a certain task, something that had to do with emailing him the minutes of the last meeting which you were in charge of taking.

You sighed yet again and did it anyway, even though he could’ve just found it if he looked into a certain common file in all the computers sheesh!   More hours have passed and you only spent it doing more and more work, and in these hours, your phone buzzed several times with false hope making you sigh for God knows how many times that day.  

When the day finally ended and you got home, your phone buzzed again for the 100th time and you groaned loudly totally irritated “God what now?!” as you opened it.

Okay this text did not deserve a groan.

As if he knew you literally just got home, he texted you saying: Are you home? How was your day? Mine was hectic as usual ㅠㅠ. You instantly felt your irritation leave your body.

Chanyeol was just this warm and fuzzy energy that left you feeling gooey and wanting more of it even though you only got a taste of it yesterday.

You sent him a reply telling him how exhausting your day was and the amount of pointless shit you had to do. His texts and yours kept going for quite some time that evening even though his seemed to be arriving a little late. And soon, the evening turned into a dark night and you found your phone glued to your hands by the time you got to bed.

How was he even still texting you? Wasn’t he supposed to be asleep or sadly busy?

You: Aren’t you supposed to be asleep now?                                              

Chanyeol: Are you trying to get rid of me Y/N-ssi?

You laughed.  

You: No..I’m just saying you should rest.                                                        

Chanyeol: Ohhh! Caring now are we?

Geez! Talk about flirting!

You: Hmm..Are we? >3<                                                                                 

Chanyeol: Should we?  >_<                                                                               

You: Geez! Just go to bed..I’m already sleepy!                                            

Chanyeol: Fine.. But before I go.. I have a really important question. It’s really a matter of life or death..  

You swallowed suddenly anxious at the change of atmosphere.

You: Sure..Ask away. You replied chewing on your thumbnail.                         

Chanyeol: Do you like ketchup?                                                                      

You rolled you eyes at his ridiculous question and texted: Gosh that’s your life or death matter?                                                                                      

Chanyeol: Hey that got you to possibly answer anything didn’t it? Well.. do you?                                                                                                         

You: Are you asking because Pikachu likes ketchup? You found yourself giggling yet again…he’s such a dork! Really! And so were you.                       

Chanyeol: **Still waiting on an answer**                                                    

You: I’m alright with it.                                                                                 

Chanyeol: Good! Now I can go sleep. Goodnight~                                       

You: Goodnight =3


After that night, you and Chanyeol texted quite frequently and it went on for weeks, and he was getting even more comfortable and easy to talk to. He didn’t give you the vibe that he was a big time hot shot celebrity, he just felt like he was an ordinary guy who you enjoyed talking to.

You both kept texting each other, sending jokes and random instances that occurred during your days. You also exchanged information about yourselves, nothing too intimate though…yet.  

You felt yourself getting closer to him and wanting to know more about him, he was slowly becoming someone important to you and if you hadn’t talked to him for a day, you couldn’t help but feel that something was missing.

And then this one night, as you got out of the shower at a few minutes passed midnight, and were drying your hair with a towel, you heard your phone ringing, you quickly got to it before it disturbed the slumber of Han Byul and you’d have to deal with a cranky Byullie.

You picked up your phone to see the ID of the caller only to be surprised by the one you recently saved as CY but encrypted as (See Why). Your eyes widened and you frowned in confusion.

Why was he suddenly calling you? And at a time like this?

You clicked the green circle and held the phone to your ear and said “Hello?” You heard him chuckle before he said “You picked up! Is my Pikachu alright?”

Excuse me? MY Pikachu? Did you hear that correctly?

“Uh..Fine.. and you? Chanyeol-ssi” You said hesitantly.

“Fine..thank you.. uuhhh…I don’t know what to say” he said in a rather nervous tone. You laughed and said “I’ll help you…Why did you call? Everything’s fine?” You suddenly heard him singing a line from their song Stronger “Everything’s just gonna be fine”

You laughed at him for the second time tonight and said “Yes it will” with a husky voice that carried a dramatic tone and you both burst into genuine laughter. After you both calmed down and regained your breaths, he said in a slightly serious tone “Y/N-ssi” 

You replied “Hm?”

The line went silent for a moment that seemed to last more than seconds and then he spoke again and said “Wanna meet up?”


Jett: “I tried to be more of a couple, Tal, but you turned me down! You want to focus on your blog? Fine. Then I need to get my articles done.”

Thalia: “Why do you always throw this back in my face, Jett? I’m young! I’m just not ready to move in with you yet! I -”

Jett: “It’s always excuses, Tal. Go back to bed, you’re breaking my concentration.”

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Um, that's also "cute" bb, but it's not really a nice try... you're just pulling and faggot ignorance card and being flippant. You're literally just fucking stupid if you just assume people are going to look at "DADDY AF" and not assume you mean the sexual connotation, because that is the dominant phrasing. That's like someone saying "HOT AF" and getting pissed off when someone says "Yeah, you are Hot!"...."UM EXCUSE ME I WAS LITERALLY HOT BECAUSE MY AC IS OUT". That's how weak your argument is.

LOL faggot ignorance? good lord I don’t even need to come back at you, you’re just putting the icing on the cake. Just because you are choosing to ignore obvious posts of my son and the fact that I am a father doesn’t mean my LOYAL followers who have followed me since day one on my original blog don’t know what I mean, so therefore I don’t think its open to interpretation.By the way I feature that in ALL of my social media profile platforms, so should my family be hitting me up on facebook like “mmm fuck me daddy” too? If i say i meant something one way - that’s fucking it. Get the fuck over it, if i don’t agree with something said to me, you don’t get to tell me why i shouldn’t be upset about it. So to that I say fuck you, fuck off and any further rhetoric from you will be ignored. Enjoy your life, get out, get some fresh air, smile more and love often :)