excuse me as i fangirl over this scene


tigernaute is basically the most amazing person.

This is the Eveningwear art I commissioned from her.  I gave her carte blanche, and she gave me the hunting scene!  Excuse me while I fangirl over this - the horses, Dorian’s horse, that dappling - thank you tigernaute!

The scene in question is from chapter 6.

His mask itches, and Dorian resists the urge to stick his finger beneath the edge and scratch.  The half-mask is a work of art, beaten copper outlined in silver, with gold surrounding the eyes and a silver viper winding over the top of the right side, where a chevalier feather would be set, were he one.  The viper’s mouth is open, hissing, the inside made of bloodstone streaked in black, to match the hard onyx of the snake’s eyes.

Beside him Cullen rides, stoic, the dark honey of his irises picking up the shifting light as they pass beneath the trees.  It’s almost a shock to see him out of his armor; Cullen is dressed today in reinforced riding leathers, black, with the insignia of the Inquisition stitched on his chest in silver thread.  A slender sword is belted around his hips, and his mask is silver inlaid with jet, simple yet elegant, a statement, taken all together.  Today, Cullen is both commander and champion, and Aeveth has made sure he looks the part, commissioning outfit after outfit, working Thierry to the bone.

Aeveth is leftmost, riding ahead, posting easily as her horse trots along the trail.  She is straight-backed grace in the saddle, the midnight blue of her divided skirts spread perfectly behind her, the silvered topstitching catching the light.  Her hair is caught up neatly in a low chignon, above which sits the ribbon of her mask.  Dorian can hear the gravelly tones of Duke Gaspard as he makes conversation; Aeveth’s head turns slightly to the right, and the lyrium crystals set around the eyes of her mask glitter blue, a complementary tone to her dress.