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Reunited (Cameron Dallas Imagine)

Requested: can yu make a little story where Cameron and y/n have been friends since they were born and y/n had to move and Cameron never saw she again until she goes to magcon and he recognize her and yu can finish it off 😊😊 thanks 💚💚

AN: Thanks for the request melissalovesmars! I hope it’s okay that I used (Y/n). Hope you guys all like it! Remember anyone can feel free to request anything! Love you lovelies 💞

(Y/b/f/n)= Your best friends name


I woke up to the sound of my phone vibrating. I rolled over and checked it. (Y/b/f/n) had texted me. 

‘Did you hear Magcon was going to be in town today!?‘ 

She was such a complete fan girl. I hadn’t told her yet that Cam and I used to be best friends. She would completely freak. 

“Come on (Y/n) just jump!” Cam said to me from the water. 

“Are you kidding me Cam!? We shouldn’t even be here in the first place!” I yelled down to him. 

“Oh stop it! You shouldn’t be an angel your whole life! Just jump!” Cam persuaded me. 

He was right. Although we were only 13 and probably shouldn’t continue to be trouble makers that’s just what happened being around him. I jumped off the dock and met him in the water. 

“See that wasn’t so bad!”

“Okay you’re right, that was pretty fun.” I said as I splashed him in the face.

That’s how it usually went with Cam. We always found a way to have fun. Although when I turned 14 my family had to move away. We both were heart broken when I left but over time we slowly lost touch. I started seeing him on different social medias. He joined Magcon and it was like I never existed to him. He was having the time of his life while I was missing him everyday. 

I texted (Y/b/f/n) back

‘Are you serious? You know we’re 18, we shouldn’t be fangirling over a group of boys.‘ 

‘I already bought VIP tickets for us. We’re going. I’ll be there in an hour.’

Fuck. She really was serious about this. I guess I was going to have to face Cam after 4 years of not seeing or really even talking to him. 

I sluggishly got out of bed and took a quick shower. When I was finished with my shower I walked over to my closet with a towel still wrapped around my body. What was I going to wear? I searched through my clothes for several minutes before deciding on a simple outfit that wasn’t too much but still cute. I don’t know why I was so worried about what to wear anyways. He probably didn’t even care about me anymore. Why would he? 

I heard the front door open, knowing it was (Y/b/f/n) since she never knew how to knock. 

“Come on (Y/n)! We need to go now or else we’ll be late.“ 

I honestly didn’t know what her rush was since we did have VIP. I took one last glance in the mirror, grabbed my purse, and headed downstairs. 

“Okay can we go already?” She asked me annoyed tapping her foot on the ground. 

“Yes, let’s go get this over with.” She gave me a confused glance but it quickly disappeared as I followed her out towards her car. I started to get nervous on the way there. It’d been so long since I had seen Cam, I didn’t know what to expect. 

“What am I going to do with out you (Y/n)?” His voice cracked, almost as if he was holding back from crying. 

“Cam stop it. We’ll keep in touch and make trips to see each other.” I said trying to make him feel better. 

“But your my best friend. How am I going to get away with being stupid with out you to help me?” He wined. 

“You’ll find a way Cam. Just think like me.” I gave him a sly smirk. 

I always knew Cam and I had a crush on each other. That’s just what kind of happens when you’ve been friends with someone since birth. We were attached at the hip. That’s why leaving was so hard. Even though we were only 14 when I left, we couldn’t imagine being away from each other. 

“(Y/n) what’s going on? Your shaking your leg like crazy.” (Y/b/f/n) stated. 

I hadn’t even noticed I was doing that till she pointed it out. I guess I really was nervous. 

“Oh idk. I guess I am pretty excited to meet them.” I played it off to her. 

“Yes! Finally! All I’ve wanted was to fangirl with you! This is going to be great!” She exclaimed. Oh god. This day is going to be horrific. 

We pulled up to the venue and already there was a ton of screaming teenage girls lined up. (Y/b/f/n) quickly parked the car and we walked towards the line. They were starting to form the VIP line since it was almost time to go in. I started to feel stupid. I didn’t want the first time I’d see Cam to be at a Meet and Greet. I felt so embarrassed. 

“Hey I have an idea. Come with me.”

She didn’t question anything because she knew when I had a plan it wouldn’t be something stupid. I pulled her arm and walked to the back of the venue where the tour bus was parked. There was a security guard standing in front of the doors. 

“Are all the boys in there?” I asked him. 

“Yes, they’re just about ready to enter the building. Do you need something?” He looked concerned but also that I was probably just another fangirl. 

“Can you tell Cameron Dallas that (Y/n) is here to see him. It’s very important.“ 

"How do I know this isn’t a scam?” He questioned me. 

“Go in and tell Cam, once you see his face you’ll know it’s not a scam.”

The security guard seemed hesitant at first but then went in the bus and left the door open a little bit so I was able to hear what’s going on. 

“Excuse me, Cameron Dallas, (Y/n) is here for you. She says in important.” The whole bus got silent. 

“No, there’s no way she could be here." 

“She’s standing right outside sir.”

I see a hand start to move a curtain at the window right next to the door. He peaks out slowly and once he sees me he closes it back quickly. 

“Okay I’ll be right back guys.” Cam said to all the people on the bus. 

He slowly walks down the stairs out of the bus with his face in shock. 

“Hi Cam.” I said as casually as possible. 

“H-hi (Y/n)." 

"This is my friend. She’s a big fan.” I motioned behind me. 

“Okay she can go on the bus and meet everyone. I need to talk to you alone." 

(Y/b/f/n) went into the bus closing the door behind her. Cam came up and embraced me in a tight hug, lifting me up a little bit. 

"I’ve missed you so much (Y/n).” He said into my hair. 

“I missed you too Cam.” I said as I pulled away from the hug. 

“W-what are you doing here?” He questioned me. 

“Well my friend told me you guys were in town so I decided I’d come with her." 

 wanted to tell him the truth. That I came here to see him. But sounding pathetic didn’t seem like such a great thing right now. 

"It’s been so long.” He said sadly while looking down. 

“Yeah I’ve noticed.” Sure maybe that response was a little bit rude but I was upset. Almost mad. He never made the effort to talk to me, just pretended like I didn’t exist. 

“It was just too hard (Y/n). I know we were young and all but when you left it hurt. A lot. And idk I just couldn’t push myself to call or anything." 

The sadness in his eyes made me so sad. I guess it was just as hard for him as it was for me. 

"Well I guess I could say the exact same thing. I really missed you Cam.”

A big smile grew on his face. He came closer and embraced me in another hug. He pulled away and grabbed my face with both his hands, just staring into my eyes. 

“God I’ve wanted to do this forever." 

I was about to ask what he was talking about when he slowly leaned in, pressing his lips against mine. I had kissed people before, but it never felt quiet like this. He started deepening the kiss when there were loud noises coming from the bus. We pulled away and just smiled at each other. I looked at the bus and noticed some of the boys peaking through windows. Then they started to come out of the bus. 

"Okay lovebirds, Cam’s got a meet and greet to go to." 

Cam gives me one more hug while whispering in my ear. "Meet me here right after the show.”

And walks off with all the boys.