excuse me as i drool

Don’t you love how when Michonne pulls away from a kiss, Rick looks at her like “Where do you think your going? How dare you end this before I’ve even had a chance to fully taste them juicy thangs. Fine. I'mma let you catch your breath but I’m gonna eat you up like the starved man that I am later.”

And Michonne is just like “mmhmm, not unless I get to you first.”

I mean…these warrior lovers are the most intense, sexiest couple I have ever witnessed.

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How are we all just ignoring one of the most blatantly important things to come out of this entire series ??? Hellion is the high lord of the day court AND Luciens father! Ya know what the attire in the day court is? togas... I repeat FUCKING TOGAS!! MY SMOL BABY FOX IN A TOGA (excuse me while I go drool in a corner) also headcannon that the first time he does it it goes drastically wrong and he can't breathe and like both his nipples are showing and it's an absolute disaster and... just... 🙌🏻

If i do not get an entire sitcom about Lucien realizing his real dad is a party animal Sex God who has boned AT LEAST one of his friends and dresses like this:

I will riot.


“You’re the prince, kiddo. you have to wear it.”


it’s fine elain’s face when she sees him in all his single-boob-out glory makes him a convert. firedick AND sexy togas, what girl could possibly resist the combination

Daddy™ Appreciation Post: Part 1

Okay, so I know that you all know by now that I am actually so obsessed with Evan Peters and Ben Hardy but I think that you don’t actually know enough so here we go.

(@benhardy hmu)

Look at this gorgeous man. LOOK AT HIM.

Look at his incredible, soul piercing gaze and hot damn I could cut diamonds with that jawline, hunty. 


Take a good, long, satisfying look at them biceps tho.

And also those abs. And that v-line. And that face. And o no I suddenly need I cold shower, preferably one with Ben already in it. This shower. I want to be in this shower.

Okay, so we’ve seen some abs, we’ve seen the v-line, we’ve seen the biceps, we’ve seen the gorgeous stare, but have you seen…


Like look at that, that is some quality man right there. The literal definition of Daddy™ material. 

For my fellow Potterheads who are somehow not convinced yet. (Like how are you not convinced already?)

Like, idc that there’s a watermark, it doesn’t distract me from his beauty and that hot af side smirk. 

Look at this Slytherin dork (ayy we’re in the same house which means we’re basically destined to be together obvs). How do you not love him yet?

If you’re still on the wire about this adorable yet insanely hot man, idk what to tell you… But here, if you’re into that farming shit.

In a grocery store? Why not. Wearing a fedora? Sure! Holding bags of eggs? Well fuck it all, of course! And also he’s shirtless which is definitely not a health code violation. Definitely

Okay, okay. There’s still some of you out there who are like “Ew, no. I still don’t get it.” Well here you go:

For when your fav color is white-

Or red, it’s all the same to me

For when you like sultry stares-

^^Me looking at Ben Hardy^^

For when you like people who might be drowning but you don’t rlly know?-

Whatever you’re into man… I mean Ben Hardy can make me a slut for anything tbh

For when you like dem muscles (that bicep tho)-

Rule #1 for Ben Hardy: Please always be shirtless all the time bc holy hot damn

For when you like attics and athletic guys (football? biking? idc)-

I think it’s Adidas but idek man.

For when you like the v-line and a confused look-

Isn’t that what we all strive to find in the perfect man? (Also that happy trail has got me on my knees)

For when you see him from afar and you can already tell he’s hot-

I want to approach him but he’s too hot ohno…

For when you like the subtly checking out Olivia Munn vibes-

Ben Hardy is all of us tbh.

For when you’re me and you’ve scrolled through all of the images in google images under “Ben Hardy” and this is the last one-

Not even sure what’s happening in this pic but y’know, i’ll just roll with it

Alright so if you’ve scrolled this far and you are not yet in love with this adorable, sexy little dork idk what to say to you. 

I am a little… a little obsessed with him. A Little. Whatever, Okay? Shut up. Excuse me while I melt into a puddle of my own drool, thanks very much. 

Diebet weight has officially been submitted!!

Now, to wait for the moderators to approve it and I can be successfully done with this round! 

Rather than waking Kevin up this morning to take my weigh-in pictures I took the hit of extra weight from holding my phone and taking my own pictures.  Thankfully, I had lost enough weight to allow for this.  

Once the mods approve my submission the pressure will be off and I need to make sure I don’t go hog-wild.  My plan is to be a bit more relaxed but still count everything and aim for lower numbers than MFP allots for me.  So, I’ll be drinking my keto chow for breakfast and lunch (instead of just breakfast) and eating that low-carb tortilla with dinner if I feel like it.  I know – going crazy wild up in here!  I might even throw in some Halo Top!  Scandalous. There’s also this low-carb bagel recipe I’ve been dying to try.  Can’t wait to eat some doughy goodness slathered in cream cheese.  Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin.  

We’ll see how my body responds to this before the next dietbet (tbd) where I tighten my belt again.  

Edit:  Weigh-in was officially accepted!  YAHOO!