excuse me are you comfortable

What if Bitty accidently leaves Señor Bunny at Jacks just as he’s going on a roadie. Or maybe it’s the playoffs and Jack is having a hard time so Bitty sneaks cookies AND his bunny into Jack’s bag. Of course Jack is touched, recognizing how big of a deal it was for Bitty to part from his beloved rabbit and that Bitty trusted him enough to leave Señor Bunny in his care. 

Bitty knows he’s found him when he starts getting photos of Señor doing things with the team. And the whole teams gets into it. Señor Bunny in the shower with carefully placed bubbles, wrapped in a hand towel… artfully blocking any potentially risque angles. Señor Bunny looking out over the ice from the top of the goal next with a clipboard and a stopwatch as the team practices. Señor Bunny amongst a sea of protein tubs and shaker bottles trying to lift a small hand weight, a makeshift sweatband around his ears. And finally, Señor Bunny in the Stanley Cup, swimming in confetti…. You know, stupid cute shit that the team thinks is for a little kid but is actually for their rookie’s boyfriend. 

I’m just thinking about how Bitty is just swimming in Jack mementos and I wonder what Jack has of Bitty’s. 

And if that didn’t kill you:

When they finally start their family Jack secretly has the adventures of Señor Bunny printed, framed and hung, completely surprising Bitty when they bring their little one home for the first time. 

Before I forget I should properly acknowledge that I totally didn’t liveblog anything this weekend. I had very good intentions but didn’t get anything done as I was plagued by a constant humidity that is still drowning my soul. 


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Episode 24 of Osomatsu both killed me and inspired me. Therefore, here’s a short hurt/comfort Karabita fanfic.

 Now if you excuse me, I’ll be over here bawling my eyes out over brother feels.