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"It was apart of the program." bqpJfnwlqWNELWJ wHY exCUSE ME while my heart breaks.... Your latest chapter was great.

:) you’re :) welcome :) for:) the :) pain:) if :) I :) have :) to :) suffer:) with :) my :) angsty :) thoughts :) you :) all :) do :) too :)

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Hey! I was just wondering if you used reference for the 'open arms' charm? I'm just curious about if you use reference for all of your art, please excuse me for asking X3

My latest ‘Open Arms’ phanart is actually a remake of my last year’s ‘Phandom Hug’ which I also answered an ask about using jesus as my reference here

Yes I usually use reference for most of my art
And spend a good 30 minutes to find as many as I can to help me


Note the disclaimer… there will be spoilers.

A lot has happened in Fairy Tail recently, a lot of things that are a little hard to digest. I am not personally a manga reader, but I always find post about the manga, so I believe I am as caught up as much as someone who doesn’t read the manga can be, and I have some things to say about it. So let’s begin shall we?

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To make this easier I will break it up into two main sections-one about Gray and Juvia and one about Gray and Natsu. Since I am a Gruvia girl and their big moment came first, let’s start with


Now as I stated before I do not read that manga so there is a lot I am not aware of, especially since I had been taking a break from Fairy Tail. However when I decided to look at the Gruvia tag…

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I honestly had a hard time comprehending what happened. All I really understood was that Juvia was dead… but she really wasn’t… but Gray thought she was and began to fall into darkness. As I kept looking through Tumblr the pieces began to be put together and I quickly realized what had happened; they both had to fight each other to the death, and instead of hurting on another they killed themselves. However Juvia being Juvia gave her blood to Gray so that he would live… and she was dead (at least that’s how it seemed) and Gray proceeds to break down and then beats the ever living shit of out this invel guy.

*Sighs and whips forehead* I did it… not a bad for a girl who doesn’t read the manga hunh?

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Anyway… what everyone talked about was what happened when Gray broke down-beacuse in a certain light what he said could be taken as a confession. Oh and let’s not forget the fact that he may or may not have kissed Juvia was well.

There have been a lot of great post on this matter, but I’m gonna try and get my two sense in. So let’s look at what he says. When Gray begins to realize what Juvia is doing he says something along the lines of “wait… no no no”, that he says and I quote “Juvia… I promise I’ll take your feelings more seriously so… please just open your eyes!”

My heart honestly stopped when I read this for two  reasons; one because I thought my favorite female character was dead and two because of what Gray said. The last two panels in particular where he’s begging Juvia to open her eyes and then just says her name had such a strong effect on me. Couple that with the imagine of him holding Juvia close and pressing his forehead agents hers and you have something as equally powerful as it is heartbreaking.
One of the reasons it’s so heartbreaking is because of an earlier moment between the two of them where Gray promises he’ll give her an answer, and as far as Gray knows Juvia died without ever knowing how Gray truly felt.

However did Mashima-being who he is-give us a clue what Gray answer will be? Did Gray confess to Juvia and did he even *LE GASP* kiss her?

I have seen some arguments saying that it’s not much of a confession, maybe because he didn’t out right say “Juvia I love you”. However I believe the signs are there that this is a kind’ of confession. A while back Gray promised Juvia that he would give her an answer-does he love her back or not? We all know that Gray has lost so many people in his life, and because of that it’s made very hard for Gray to really open and connect with people. On top of that, it is important to remember that Fairy Tail comes from a culture where big verbal expressions of love are not the norm. From my understanding, in Japan they prefer to show their love, where as in American and the West in general they tend to express it verbally.

In fact you know what I learned is the most romantic act in Japan… a double suicide. What do Gray and Juvia (attempt to) do?

Kill themselves. At the exact same time.

As an American of Irish, English, Scottish and French heritage myself I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that killing yourself with your partner is the ultimate expression of romance. So I can understand how that many many of the other subtle signs can over Western heads because romance tends to not be subtle here. That’s not the point The point is that actions speak louder than words-expeically when it comes to Gray. The way he’s holding her, the fact he was ready to give up his life so he didn’t have to hurt her and the fact he risking his life for her… again… it all speaks volumes. For quiet time we have been seeing them very much at ease and relaxed with each other.  (you know when they’re not fighting to save the world). This adds meaning to his actions and especially his words. In this translation he says he will take her feelings more seriously, which I honestly can not picture him saying this to any other person, nor is there any reason to. Juvia is the only one he seems to have pushed away the most, and the one who has feelings that he needs to

Basically I believe this is the closest we will probably get to an actual confession we will get… for now at least. As for the kiss… well I personally think he  TOTALLY kissed he, but in the end it’s up to Masima to make that choice.


This part will be a lot shorter as this chapter just came out today and it’s almost 2:00 AM and I need sleep. :P

I have noticed a lot of people complaining about Natsu and Gray’s behavior over the span of these five chapters. Why didn’t they check to see if Juvia and Lucy had a pulse BEFORE falling into darkness/becoming a demon. And why are they fighting each other (more specifically why is Gray so hell bent on killing END even though he had nothing to do with her “death”). I can kind’ of understand where those people are coming from, but I am going to defend them because Gray and Natsu had good reason to believe their loves were dead and were not in their right minds.

Yes I think both Natsu and Gray had good reason to believe Lucy and Juvia were dead. First of all Gray witnessed Juvia stab herself, and saw her giving him a blood transfusion. He had every right to believe she was dead-especially since when he held her he probably didn’t feel any heart beat or feel the rise and fall of her chest. Granted if she was just on the verge of death and he had bothered to really look he might have felt a faint heart beat. However he didn’t, and in all honesty whether he had or not wouldn’t have changed the fact she was pretty much on deaths door and had it not been for Wendy would have died anyway. So yes… it’s not that drastic or unrealistic for Gray think she was dead.

As for Natsu, well to be perfectly he did see Lucy’s body after she had been stabbed, and she wasn’t moving and maybe at that moment not breathing. However Natsu never got the chance to see Lucy wake up because… well he became END and was no longer Natsu -which leads me to my next point; neither Gray or Natsu were in their right minds.

Take a minute if you will to step into Gray’s shoes; you have lots everything; you’re mother you’re father (twice), your mentor and you’re… friend for lack of a better word to describe Ultear. Now you’ve just lost the woman you love, and you’re already in danger of being consumed by darkness. How would you react? Gray was not acting rationally at all, because he was consumed by his grief and slipping further and further into darkness. Now I agree it seems odd that he wants to kill END in no short part because Juvia (at leas that what it seems like at the moment).

I will argue that this is Gray’s brain running on instinct in it’s own strange way. Destroying END has been his mission since his father finally moved on, and it possible that it has been so ingrained in Gray that he’s just doing it for no reason besides that he knows he has to.

Again… he wasn’t really in his right mind.

Well that’s all I have for tonight… I hopeyou all enjoyed my silly opinions. Now if you’ll excuse me I gotta go curl up in my blankets and dream of my latest Gruvia fan fiction idea.

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