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HELLO GORGEOUS it’s been 3 years since we met and honestly this was the biggest YOU’RE SO GORGEOUS I CAN’T SAY ANYTHING TO YOUR FACE CAUSE LOOK AT YOUR FACE moment of my life I miss you and I love you and I’M SO PROUD OF YOU you’re such an inspiration and I can’t believe how much we’ve grown together!!! LOVE YOU!!! 💚💚💚💚💚 @taylorswift

Rude gif - (Joshua x Reader)

I do not own the gifs! Credit to the owner of the gifs

Words: 509

A/N: Dammit Joshua why do you have to attack me like this!?

I scrolled through my Tumblr feed while I was in bed. I felt the mattress dip so I looked up from my phone. Joshua laid next to me and picked up his book from his nightstand. I looked back at my phone when I encountered a cute gifset of Joshua. I look at it in awe but oh boi, I scrolled down and there I see it. Joshua had put his belt into his mouth and this made my jaw drop a little. “What the-” I said and Joshua looked up from his book. “What is it? Is something wrong, Y/N?” Joshua said a little concerned. “I hate you.” I said, still not believing what I just saw. I roll on my side so my back is towards him. “Me? Why would you hate me?” he would say with a little laugh. I turn around in bed and hover over Jisoo. “Because you have to put your belt into your mouth. I scrolled through my Tumblr feed when I saw you doing aegyo and I was in awe like always, but when I scrolled down, oh my god, when I scrolled down I was like hold the fuck up sir.” he chuckles and rolls us to my side of the bed so he’s hovering over me. “ I had hoped you would see that.” he said smirking. I look away from him with a little smile on my face. And when I turn back he gives me a little peck on my lips. “Jisoo you don’t have to do things like that and think that people would only find you sexy when you do this kind of things.” I said, cupping his cheek with my hand and he leans into my touch. I knew he thought of himself like he wasn’t sexy enough or anything like that, which is absolute bullshit. “And to be honest, your laugh already turns me on.” I said and blood rushed towards my cheeks. He laughs and goes back to his own side of the bed. “My laugh already turns you on?” he said with a breathy laugh. “Yeah, your laugh or smile already turns me, because you know, it makes me happy when I see that you’re happy.” I said, sitting up and straddled his hips. He put his hands on my hips to keep me steady. “But I do prefer to keep that side of Joshua in the bedroom, instead of showing it to a hundred carats.” I said teasing and leaning down to kiss him. “You’re a carat” he said with a smirk. “Yeah, and I’m a lucky carat who can call Jisoos her boyfriend.” I say and he laughs at the nickname. He turns us around so he was the one hovering over me again. “And future husband. I’m confident enough in our love to say that. I love you so much.” he said with an adoring smile. “I love you too, Joshua. So, so much.” I say and he leans down to give me a sweet and tender kiss.