excuse crappy starter!

So today I thought it would be a good idea to take the kids to a petstore, so JJ could see all the animals. I know what you’re thinking, bare with me here. She saw a betta fish, had a spiritual encounter at the young age of four and said she needed the fishy. So now I’m the proud owner of a betta fish named “Mr. Fish.” Definitely my child.

So, I was at the counter in the gift shop the other day when a girl of about five years old came up to me. There was a boy next to her, who looked like her twin brother, and the little girl grabbed my hand. She then told me, completely seriously, how Mickey ears are “for kids”. She even pointed at the pair on my head. So I reached over the counter where the rack of Mickey ears was, and I grabbed two. I put one on her brother’s head, gave him the other to hold, and told him to give that pair to his sister when she wanted to be a kid. Then I looked the girl in the eye and said, “my ears are for the kid inside me.” The two of them ran back to whoever was looking after them, and I paid for my things, plus the two pairs of ears. I hope they’re having fun.

I still don’t know why I decided an 8 a.m. class was a good idea… I haven’t even had to get up for it yet and I can already tell that this semester is going to be filled with a lot of sleepless nights and trips to my nearest twenty-four hour coffee house.