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Mob Psycho 100 Fanfiction Masterpost: Shipping Edition (Part 1)

UPDATE - JULY 21, 2017

That good terumob content! 

(fics for the pairing of Teruki Hanazawa/Shigeo Kageyama)

These are all for either teen and up or general audiences. 

If you feel like there is a work that belongs on this list that isn’t on it, please let me know. If there a is work that involves non-con please let me know because then it doesn’t belong on this list. If there is a work on this list that makes you uncomfortable for any reason, please let me know and I’ll take it off the list. 

I’m excited because there are a couple of works here from my mutuals. Featuring gutter-girl-100, unluckyships, prettypistachio, and a lot of other great writers. 

*Some of the authors in this post aren’t very well known, but they put so much time and energy into their fics. If you read a fic that you don’t think is getting enough love, please leave a small comment for the author. It’ll make their day. 

Thank you, and enjoy!

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