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holy fucking cheese you guys–hello and AT LAST, welcome to the post where i go on and on about how everyone’s so amazing, yell about how grateful i am for meeting so many rad-ass people, and cry a lot because i’m a big baby. in my (almost) three years of running this blog, i would have never thought that i’d still be here after a single year. i figured that everyone would have grown bored of my muse or what-not; especially since he’s based on a small specific plot point compared to the others. well, that didn’t happen–because here i am today with over 1,600 of you guys!! like, excus e me???? that’s so many of you guys?? whA T??? 

that aside, i’ve met so many cool people along my rocky li’l journey on this blog, and honestly i’m so thankful because, without them, i KNOW i wouldn’t even be here writing this very post (and putting off my drafts lmao whoops). no matter if we’ve been mutuals since day one, or if we became mutuals yesterday; i’ve been so lucky to get to write with such amazing writers with unique portrayals (ALL of you guys are amazing and unique whether we write or not; no buts B|) and i ALWAYS have a fucking blast writing with y’all. –not to mention the abundance of patience my partners have for my slow-ass replies pfft. thank you guys for being so nice and patient with me–and thank you ALL so much for pretty much giving me a reason to wake up in the morning/afternoon. i may not be able to work or go outside, but damnit at least i can get up and write with my friends on a daily basis; or nonetheless just fuck around and be fucking dorks together. just–paps all of your dorky faces tbh. (▰˘v˘▰) take care you guys and keep being awesome okie dokes?? okie dokes.           – lexie loo.

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