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BTS Reaction To Them Walking In On Their Roommate ( You ) In The Shower.

A/N : Like my last reaction, ill be doing it like little drabbles! Also did it as if they all had a crush on you, because wouldn't that be fun? All of BTS crushing on you lol!  Enjoy! P.S The shower is a clear glass door so when they walk in, they see it all lol….! 


The steam of the shower relaxes your tense muscles as you stand there letting the water flow. living with 7 boys can be very stressful, especially if they all go to you for anything that went wrong in the house. 

leaning forward you let your hair fall into the flow of the water, it was nice. The shower blocked out all the sounds the boys could be making and it helped calm your nerves. reaching over you grab your shampoo bottle and squeeze a glob into your hand. Just when you are about to apply the shampoo the sound of the door slamming open and jin’s voice fills your ears. 

“I have to pee hold on Jungkook!!” 

The voice shocks you and a scream leaves your lips. Hearing the sudden gasp Jin turns around and gasps back, but doesn’t move to close the door. Instead, he stands there slightly covering his eyes but leaving just a tiny bit of a gap.

“ Y/N! I’m sorry! I didn't know you were here… Why are you using this shower and not yours… why didn’t you lock the door???” embarrassment was coating his words as you move your hands to cover your body. 

“ Remeber my shower is broken, and I THOUGH KNOCKING WAS A NORMAL THING PEOPLE DO WHEN THE LIGHT IS ON IN THE BATHROOM” You yell back at the blurred figure on the other side of the glass. 

Jin continues to stand there still frozen until you speak up again. 

“ JIN LEAVE” You shout shaking him out of his staring trance. shuffling on his feet and gulping, a small sorry leaves his lips before he finally closes the door. 

your cheeks tint red just thinking about how long jin stood there looking at you. 


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Rinsing the  bit of suds off your skin you sigh to yourself as the heat of the shower makes you forget all your troubles. Your mind wraps around the fact that most of your problems come from the 7 boys you live with and all their problems. Reaching over to let the water clear off the last of the bubbles a sudden knock interrupts you. 

“ I’m in here!” You respond back.

“Hyung? I need to get something real quick” The familiar voice of jungkook responds. 

“ I'm not your Hyung, Its Y/N!” you try to reply back but the sound of the shower muffled your voice 

“Hyung, I can’t hear you, I’m coming in,..” he says as he opens the door 

His actions were to fast for you to reply back and you were met with Jungkook’s wide eyes. 

“ I.. I thought Tae was in here… I’m sorry..” He replies eyes not leaving your body, but a very bright innocent blush very visible within the fog of the shower. 

“ i-its okay Jungkook. Just go.,” you say embarrassed.

“ Well, I kinda need my face wash in there..” Jungkooks voice drifts as he realises he needs to get closer to you to receive what he needed. 

Looking around you find his face wash and hold it high enough over the glass door, Jungkook shuffles quickly and takes the product before glancing at you one last time and slamming the door. his back rests against the closed door as a small smirk pulls at his lips and the blush deepens. 

 Rap Monster:

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You turn the knob of the shower to off and you finish your very relaxing shower. stepping out you release a cloud of steam that fogs up the bathroom. grabbing a towel you pat your hair try and fold the towel into your hair. reaching over, you grab another towel to dry your drenched body. upon tossing your let=g up on the closed toilet seat to dry it, Namjoon’s voice is heard from behind the closed door. 

“Yeah hold on let me brush my teeth!” He shouts at an unknown person. Looking at the door to make sure it’s locked, you eyes widen seeing the door wasn’t locked. rushing over to the door you try to make it and lock it before Namjoon opens it, but thanks to your terrible luck, the door opens as soon as you naked form reaches it. 

You both stand there with red stained cheeks and speechless. 

“ You should really learn how to lock the door,” Namjoon says breaking the silence. 

“ You should learn to knock!” You respond back completely forgetting the fact that you are still standing there, ass naked 

“ Yeah yeah, do you need help? Is that why you’re still in front of me drenched with a towel?” He coos playfully look at you now wide eyes. 

“I DONT NEED YOUR HELP!” you shout back at him turning on your heels to cover your front. 

“ I mean this view of your backside is still very wet,” Namjoon adds running a finger down your back. Shivering, you gasp and slam the door in his face. a low chuckle was the last thing you heard before he walks away. 


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Turning the shower knob as far into the hot zone as you can without melting your skin you bask in the relaxing streams. after a few seconds of letting your body relax and letting you mind run blank you reach over for your loofa and your body wash. just as you are about to pour a generous amount of soap the bathroom door swings open without warning. 

your head swiftly turns towards the door as Yoongi walks in nonchalantly and turns towards the sink. you sit in shock and silence as Yoongi examines his face in the mirror. 

“Um..” You barely let out, still shocked. 

“hmm?” Yoongi replies to you soft sound. 

“ I- Yoongi. If you can’t tell right now, the bathroom is currently occupied.” You say back, with annoyance in your tone. 

“ Well yeah, but I need to brush my teeth.” He replies back picking up his tooth brush and tooth paste.

“C-cant you do that after I’m done?!” your voice reaches a bit over normal talking voice as you watch the blonde proceed as if you standing there very visibly naked wasn’t a problem for either of you. 

You continue to watch him like a hawk as he rinses his mouth and spits it into the sink. after wiping any leftover water off his chin he slyly turns towards you looking directly into your eyes.

“It’s not like you have anything I haven’t seen before.” He lets out with an obvious blush on his cheeks. 

before you can reply Yoongi turns away and closes the bathroom door.


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“God damn it..” You say under your breath as you reach over again to scrub your back. Ever since had to throw out you back scrubber you haven’t had a chance to buy a new one, thus making it 500 times harder to clean your back. as you lean on the shower wall to give yourself a bit more leverage the bathroom door swings open. stuck in your position the familiar figure of Taehyung steps into your vision. 

“OH! MY GOSH! I’m sorry Y/N” he shouts with no action of moving. 

“ uhh.. yeah its okay.. just what do you need..” You reply back thankful that you back side is all he can see. 

“Ahhh I jut need to get something..” His voice drifts as he walks towards the medicine cabinet with his head down. 

“Aish. it’s not here..” He almost whispers as he frantically looks for this unknown object. 

“Hey, how bout you look for it when it did? yeah? please?” You break the silence. 

“um yeah..” He replies rubbing his neck before he turns away to walk out. just when you thought he was going to leave, Taehyung turns around again.

“ Um.. do you need help with your back? I’m an expert back scrubber! I’m sure if there was a competition for it I-” 

“NO, GO!” You interrupt the bashful Tae as he nods and wishes you luck on reaching the part of your back that basically impossible by yourself. 


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The shower water was the best feeling ever, at least today it was. you sigh contently as you roll your neck to loosen the tense muscles. as relaxation takes over you body tense up again when a scream fills your ears. Jumping you turn towards the door to see it slightly ajar and a figure behind it. 

“Y/N! IM SORRY… I DIDNT THINK” Hoseok’s voice helps you identify the figure. 

Screaming back was the only response your body let out as you go to cover your body even though he was looking into the bathroom anymore. 

silence fills the bathroom once more as Hoseok speaks up.

“ Jin Hyung needed something in here and asked me to get it..” 

“ Well, can it wait! I’m kinda… in here..” You reply back embarrassed.

“ He said it was urgent..” He says back nervousness drenching his tone.

sighing, you shove your body in the corner of the shower and let him know its okay to come in, just make it fast. 

Nodding as if trying to prepare himself, Hobie takes a deep breath before letting out a stream of screams as he rushes in eye clenched shut. the screams continue until he find the object jin so happen to need and he was out the bathroom. a smile forms on your face as the door slams shut and you couldn’t hold back the small laugh. 

“ Was the screaming necessary?” you laugh to yourself as you try to relax one more time. 


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sighing with content, you turn the shower off and let the steam warm you up. sliding the shower door open to step out, the bathroom door opens up. the shock of the door opening glues you in your spot. your very revealing spot as Jimin steps in not even noticing you. silence fills the bathroom as he looks at himself in the mirror before turning on the faucet, still unaware of you being there. it wasn’t till he turned towards the shower that he saw your body still glued in the same spot. 

with just the same amount of shock, jimin pauses and stares into your eyes before his vision soon drifts lower to take in the fact that yes, you are naked. after gathering all the info he needs, Jimin shoots his eyes back up into yours and rubs his head. 

“Well, this is awkward.” was all he said before he turns back towards the mirror to rush fix himself up and walk out. once he closes the door, you relax once more and step out fully. grabbing the towel that hung next to the shower, you start to dry your self. once you are about to wrap the towel around yourself, the door opens once again revealing Jimin who’s eyes stay glued to the flor as he rushes over to the sink and grab the hair brush.

“Excse me..” was all he got out before closing the door now a vibrant shade of pink. 


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I was asked to work more hours than originally so I accepted. It came to the time where I could leave so my manager tells me to go clock out THEN THIS WOMAN SAYS "uh excse me, why does she get to leave?" YOU'RE A CUSTOMER IT SHOULDN'T MATTER IF I GO

Wtf you don’t live there. You’re not required to work 24/7. You leaving has no fucking bearing on whether she gets served or not. Maybe she ought to be locked in her office for a week to see how she likes the whole “you can’t leave” shit. -Abby