During his interview with Empire Magazine, Benedict Cumberbatch explained how hard it was aligning the schedules of all the actors in the MCU for the next Avengers movie. “To get us all together will be quite something. That’s why [my] character is being introduced, to open up the next chapter. So watch this space to see how that unfolds”!

Imagine Loki taking you to his favorite spot in the Asgardian countryside, you share a picnic together and he tells you funny yet embarrassing stories from his younger years, just to see you laugh. By the end of the day as you’re both ready to head back to the palace, he gets down on one knee and asks you to be his husband/wife.

The Avengers - Little Rogers’ First Date

As the daughter of Captain America, you are obviously going to be very close to the whole team known as The Avengers. You are the youngest in the team so they all tend to get a little protective of you. When you go on your first date, they realize just how fast you’re growing up, and of course, you can’t have an ordinary date. Your father and the rest of the team come up with a plan to keep an eye on you throughout the whole thing, and let’s just say, their protective tendencies get a little extreme on this particualr day.

Steve Rogers x Daughter!Reader, The Avengers x Fem!Reader (I know Bucky and Loki aren’t Avengers, but I wanted them in there)

A/N: Reader is about 16/17 in this and I’ve altered Peter’s age to about 18 just so the reader is the youngest one on the team.

Warning: Is over-protectiveness a warning?

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Things I used to love

(A/N): More loki!

Warnings: Angst

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   Loki didn’t used to be this- this thing. He used to be full of compassion and Love. He wasn’t his monster that he is today. Loki wasn’t always so heartless, in fact he was famous for his good, kind nature. 

   He used to love reading and talking about the wonderous stories and adventures he had read, he used to love smelling flowers, he used to love watching the sun rise and set in asgard (it was such a pretty sight), he used to love sneaking into the kitchens and stealing some food from the cooks laughing in their faces when they scolded him playfully, he used to love listening to music, it had always been so peaceful and calming, he used to love wandering about the castle taking in every sight his eyes could, he used to love travelling to midgard and watching humans travel about their lives. That’s where he went wrong, that’s when his compassion got the best of him, that’s when he met (Y/N). 

   He had seen them on the street, sipping from a teacup, their eyes scanning over their phone. Loki didn’t usually interfere with human’s lives but something attracted him to them and Loki would have been foolish to ignore his desires. With such ease and elegance Loki nearly floated over to the table and sat down, a kind smile upon his face. 

   “I do not wish to intrude,” Loki gave a warm smile. “I just couldn’t help but  come over and introduce myself,” He grabbed (Y/N)’s hand and placed a soft kiss to their knuckles, a sly smirk upon his face. “I am Loki Laufeyson, and who might you be?” In a quiet voice that had Loki melting (Y/N) murmured shyly, 

  “(Y/N) (Y/L/N),”

   Immediately Loki and (Y/N) became friends, they spent a good deal of time together and it didn’t take long for Loki to find himself falling in love with the peculiar (albeit wonderful) (Y/N). 

   It wasn’t even a few months after becoming friends that Loki told (Y/N) of his feelings. 

   “I-I seem to have fallen in love,” Loki murmured softly as he stared at his hands folded neatly in his lap. (Y/N) had smiled, brushing a warm hand along Loki’s cheekbone before murmuring back, 

  “Me too,”

   Everything had been going swell for a few months, the two were happy and Loki had even admitted where he had really come from. (Y/N) of course, was more than understanding and loving towards the Asgardian (”I knew that accent sounded strange,”). But it had all gone down hill from there. 

   All it took was one visit to Asgard and everything turned to shit. One minute everything had been peaceful and serene and the next there were warriors running about, screaming about battles and monsters. Unfortunately (Y/N) had gotten stuck in the crossfire and wasn’t able to get out. When the news reached Loki back at the palace he didn’t know what to do. Scream, cry, go on a rampage, all of the above? Loki stood motionless, his eyes blurring with tears as Thor retold the story. 

   “I’m sorry brother,” Thor’s voice was soft and somewhat calm. “I couldn’t get them out and-” But Loki had had enough. With a scream that could shatter the clouds, Loki demanded Thor to leave. He of course complied, leaving Loki to mourn his sudden loss. But Loki wasn’t content with mourning, no, he needed revenge. What used to be a kind, warm soul was suddenly twisting into something much darker, eviler, something that would have shocked even the darkest Gods. 

   It didn’t take long for Asgard to fall apart at Loki’s fingertips, he was a very influential man after all. Everyone bowed down before him, scared of his now infamous wrath. 

   Loki used to be a kind, warm soul. He used to love many things. He used to love (Y/N). But after what he held near and dear to his heart was stripped away from him he was no longer that man. Instead, he was this evil, tormented creature that wouldn’t hesitate to kill a man if he looked at him wrong. Loki wished he’d never travelled to midgard that day, wished he’d never laid eyes upon (Y/N). He wished he’d never fallen in love.