He Blinded Me With Science: What Ridley Scott Gets Wrong About ‘Exodus’

Warning: the following contains spoilers from director Ridley Scott’sExodus: Gods and Kings. But come on — is this really the first time you’ve heard this story?

Within the first half-hour of Exodus: Gods and Kings, we find Moses, portrayed here by an impressively bearded Christian Bale, speaking with Egyptian administrator Hegep about his Hebrew slaves. The young Moses — destined savior of the Israelites but still living as a prince in the Pharaoh’s palace — is deeply skeptical of the Hebrews’ faith (and faith in general), but is nonetheless sympathetic to their plight. Hegep, however, dismisses the group as treacherous and rebellious, justifying his harsh treatment of them by saying, “Do you know what ‘Israelite’ means in their own language? ‘He who fights with God’.”

But Moses corrects him, shaking his finger and shooting back, “‘He who wrestles with God’. There’s a difference.”

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