A quick and dirty RP policy guide

Bold all that apply to you and your blog. Italics if you’re on the fence about something. Either reblog or repost. Feel free to add anything I may have missed in the appropriate category, or recategorize something that is in the wrong place!

My blog is _______

  • Open to all
  • Semi-selective (I’ll give most things a shot, at least, though.)
  • Selective
  • Moderately Selective
  • Highly selective
  • Exclusive
  • Semi-Exclusive
  • Only going to RP with mutuals
  • Mostly going to RP with mutuals
  • Indie
  • Affiliated with a group
  • Spoiler free
  • Spoilers tagged
  • Spoilers mostly tagged (Yeah, I forget sometimes.)

I will RP with ______

  • Any fandom
  • Most fandoms (Let’s just say that I try to keep a realistic writing style and some fandoms have a more fantastical element to them that doesn’t mesh with my style but, other than that, I’m good with most anything.)
  • Only fandoms I know
  • Only people in my fandom
  • OCs
  • OCs with no fandom ties
  • Only one version of any particular character
  • People who have the same muse as me (If it’s a good plot idea, I’m cool with it.)
  • People who do not have a rules page (I much prefer to know the rules.)
  • Multimuse blogs
  • People in RP groups (Probably? I don’t know why not?)
  • Indie RPers

When RPing, I like to use _______

  • Paragraphs
  • Shorter forms of text
  • *Action*
  • Icons
  • Gifs
  • Gif icons
  • Formatted text
  • Whatever my partner is using
  • My own style regardless of my partner’s reply (I’ll match my partner with gifs, tense, etc, but I won’t format even if you do beyond small text, indenting etc.)

I will ship with _______

  • No one
  • Anyone
  • Chemistry
  • Select ships  
  • OCs
  • Others of my own muse
  • Crossovers with characters from different fandoms
  • Only one version of a particular character 
  • One person in my main verse
  • Multi-ship, all ships independent of each other 
  • One main/canon ship within my main verse
  • I’m not exclusive with any versions of a particular character

My blog WILL contain ______ in it’s content.

  • Fluff
  • Angst
  • Gore
  • Violence
  • Smut (explicit but tagged and under a read more)
  • Blood 
  • Torture
  • Shipping
  • Death (not of my muse but other characters are fair game)
  • Dark humor
  • Cheating (not a fan)
  • Assault (I’m not a fan of rape but physical fighting is okay.)
  • Triggers (tagged)  

I will follow ______ back

  • Everyone
  • Only some people
  • Most people (especially if they post a lot in my fandom)
  • Only people in my fandom
  • Every RP blog (pretty much because I’m open to RPing with almost anyone)
  • Only people I actively wish to RP with
  • People who do not post a lot of OOC
  • People whose posts I am comfortable with on my dashboard (I may not follow back if you post a lot of stuff that’s not RP and not part of my fandom just to keep my dash clearer.)

To RP with me, you should _______

  • Follow back (please do)
  • Answer an open (I have a few)
  • Message me OOC (I love to plot)
  • Message me IC (Please don’t do this unsolicited, it freaks me out.)
  • Make a starter/greeter (I will reply.)
  • Answer my starter (Feel free, it’s why I have ’em.)
  • Send in a meme (Sure, it can always turn into a starter.)
  • Like a starter call (I don’t do them often but feel free.)


  • I practice reblog karma with memes (I really don’t and if that bugs you, let me know)
  • I expect reblog karma with memes (not at all)
  • I expect my rules/about to be read (I prefer it but there’s no secret password.)
  • I always read the rules/about before following/interacting
  • If you follow me, I would like ___________ tagged (kinda up to you for your followers, I’m trigger-free)
  • I expect all smut to be beneath a read-more (It’s kinda up to you but I do a read more and tag anything I post on my blog for my own followers.)
  • I expect smut to be tagged (see above)
  • I am a multiverse blog
  • I am multi-muse
  • I do not wish for my OOC posts to be reblogged (unless we’re having a personal convo or I make you something cool, feel free to reblog music posts)
  • I do not wish for my threads to be reblogged by those not involved (gunks up my tracker)
  • I expect post length to be matched (Not really but consistently shorter replies do tend to get me less interested. It’s okay if the story has a lot of movement, though.)
  • I expect icons/gifs to be used in a reply if I have used them (Not really, but I’ll drop the icons/gifs too.)
  • I expect icons/gifs to be used in a reply regardless
  • I don’t expect post length to be matched, but I will try to match your own.
  • I am patient when waiting for replies and expect the same courtesy.
  • feel free to message me OOC or send me asks IC or OOC