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[STH] Silver The Hedgehog

Well I was hoping to have this posted about a week ago but laptop issues started happening, decided to finish it once I got a new one. So well…here it is! Silver the hedgehog, probably my most favorite character since his introduction.

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Avec Ces Freres “Exclusive Black” Collection

Headed by Sam Lambert and Shakah Maidoh, creative collective Art Comes First, delivers an exclusive collection inspired by rockers, which pays homage to outstanding personalities such as Malcolm X or Jimi Hendrix. The curated selection of garments portrays the trademark punk tailoring aesthetic ACF has grown us used to and can be found at Dover Street Market.



“What is the message behind this work of art?”

A visitor recently asked via the ASK app what message Lorenzo Monaco’s Madonna of Humility conveyed to the contemporary owner. I explained that this would have set an example for the owner to embody Mary’s characteristics of humility, humanity and submission to God’s divine will.

Our discussion about art with a message reminded me of a figural group I have researched titled, Chinese Argument. It depicts a white boy at the apex wearing the Phrygian cap of liberty, leaning on a black boy who peers over the edge of the American eagle’s nest where a Chinese man clings to the twigs. It is a futile attempt to climb into the nest, into America. This porcelain figurine was made in 1882, the year of the Chinese Exclusion Act.

This act, spurred by anti-Chinese sentiments that grew in the United States throughout the mid-1800s largely due to Chinese success in the American workforce, suspended the immigration of Chinese laborers. What was originally a 10 year suspension of Chinese laborers was extended multiple times until it was repealed, 61 years later, in 1943.

It is uncommon to encounter decorative objects charged with political messages and the message behind this piece is not entirely clear. Perhaps it was created in support of the act however, it can also be viewed in the same vein as a political cartoon, as a satirical comment on the current political situation. A cartoon published by TIME in 1882 mocks the passing of the act and perhaps the goal of this sculpture was to do the same. It can be difficult to access the message or meaning of a work of art, and sometimes there is no one answer, but asking questions is critical to gaining a better understanding.

Posted by Megan Mastrobattista 

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[RWBY] Mercury Black

Took a good few days to get this one done but it was totally worth it.

Now I want to mention that I needed help with the pose for this image, as such I went to DeviantART and studied a reference pose which can be found here. 

The tricky part was the legs, my gosh it was hard getting them the right length an angle much like the reference.

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Art Suite: Eye Suite
Nicolas Triboulot and Cédric Alizard

People often wonder what to do in Sweden in the winter, well the list is near endless including a visit to this place. The exotic Northern part of Sweden is so pristine, authentic, nearly untouched and the crystal crown on the top of the”iceberg” is the Icehotel. The world’s first Icehotel has opened their 26th rendition in December 2015. Uniquely and annually built out of crystal clear ice from the Torne river.. However, rumour has it, that it will soon be open all year round and we can’t wait. 

This incredible property is anything but boring, a winter wonderland adventurous dream, located in Jukkasjärvi, Northern Sweden. (My kind of hotel) The hotel’s new 2016 Art Suites, handcrafted completely out of ice, are mind blowingly amazing, making it very difficult to choose a favourite. 

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