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Bentley x Savile Row

It’s not often that a brand manages to establish itself in a way that its very mention evokes much more than its actual products, but an aspirational universe and lifestyle as a whole. The select few able to achieve such status have become immortalised in history and Bentley is amidst those ranks. On the occasion of the “Savile Row and America: A Sartorial Special Relationship” exhibition, Bentley Motors aimed to exude that universe by delivering a refreshing approach to the timeless driving jacket. 

Looking to portray the paramount standards of quality and craftsmanship it has become renowned for, Bentley teamed up with the epitome of such values when it comes to clothing: Savile Row. Gives & Hawkes, Henry Poole, Huntsman and Dege & Skinner were the quartet chosen to incorporate the mutually shared passion for detail and customisation, resulting in an outstanding selection of exclusive garments. 

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Hey guys, I”m sure you’ve seen me reblogging my good friend sakom75‘s commission posts and such. Sako is one of my best friends in the world, and unfortunately her family has had such bad financial luck, for a long time. I’m sure everyone can understand how hard it is to get ahead when you are struggling to keep the lights on and food on the table all the time.

Sako is a 21 year old, incredibly talented digital artist, who is trying to support a family of five, mostly on her own, and almost exclusively through art commissions. And right now, they are in a dire situation. I won’t tell their business here, I’ll leave it up to Sako to what she shares personally on her blog. But I am an extremely worried friend, so I’m begging anyone who can to help, even if it’s just a reblog of this post, please. 

Here’s how:

Right now, she is offering discounted Dragon Age commissions. Seriously, the prices are a steal for the quality of work she does.

If that doesn’t trip your trigger: these are her regular commission prices!

For reference, this is her art tag. And to all my TF geek followers, she can also draw robots.

Her newly live society6 store!

If any of this still isn’t your style, you can always donate any amount via paypal. I am super serious, literally anything will do.

And please, please, PLEASE reblog. The more people who see this, the better! 

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merelala asked:

Can you share a little bit about the history of clip art?

Clip Art was invented by Andy Warhol in the late 1980s.

Originally intended by the artist to further recognition of the growing disposability of art, numerous ignorant computer graphics designers used Warhol’s diverse pixelated imagery to serve functional purposes.

Warhol was furious and attempted to sue anyone who used his works, but as the internet came into being and most early sites were comprised exclusively of Clip Art, Warhol found himself in a reverse class-action suit in which his lawyers faced over 30,000 defendants. The case was thrown out. The frustration famously turned Warhol’s hair white, and he died of stress in 1987.

Clip Art remains in use today, including many works created by other artists since Warhol’s demise. Popular street artist and frequent Clip Art user Banksy (Real name Bill S. Banks) memorialized Warhol in a recent speech to students at UCLA:

“Warhol was like, oh god I’m so fucking wasted, Warhol, you see, Warhol- I- I had so much fucking quaalude I’m gonna- I’m gonna, Oh man. (Vomits) I’m sorry, I’m sorry about your shoes mate I- Warhol motherfuckers he- He was like you know? (Vomits and sneezes) I think what Warhol does anyone have any ‘ludes man? Anyone? You- You in the mortar board you down man? Ah fuck (Passes out).”


New Peanuts Dortmund is at it again, with our latest creation: THE MINI SHOTS MAG. (FANZINE), available only at New Peanuts Dortmund Store.

Issue Number 1 features graffiti artist and illustrator MEMORY from the DFF CREW.

The hand signed 36 page fanzine comes in an A5 format and is limited to 50 copies, making it a valuable collector’s item. it will be published every three months, featuring different artist that come from a graffiti background.