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Ok so I gotta know where your tag 'we darken by looking at each other' is from because it's driving me insane and I can't get it out of my head.

it comes from a turkish proverb, ‘grapes will darken by looking at each other’ & the idea of it is that we reflect the company we keep around us (i first encountered the phrase in ella frances sanders’ book ‘speaking in tongues’ which is a collection of idioms & phrases from around the world)

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Hi! Big fan of you cfau fic! Was just wondering if you have any detailed descriptions of the clexa apartment? How many bedrooms, which kids share rooms, if they have bunkbeds, which room was originally the nursery, do they share a backyard/pool/common area with the rest of the building, how big is Lexa's office, does Clarke have her own studio inside the apartment.. from what I can imagine, it seems massive and hella expensive? Thank you for your time ❤

Hey! Sorry that I didn’t have a chance to reply to this yesterday. Yes, I obviously know exactly what this apartment looks like. I actually have a pretty clear layout of it in my head, but seeing as I can’t draw and I’m not an architect who can do it digitally either then pictures will have to do. 

I’m approaching this as I would if I was having this conversation with my production designer, set dresser, art director, and prop master for one of my films. I’m going to pull up references with the caveat that each individually aren’t exactly The Look, but if you take pieces from all of them and add a few original touches then you can kind of figure out what these sets are like in my head.


The apartment is fairly big. 6 bedrooms (1 master bedroom, 4 for the kids, and the other one is Lexa’s office) and there is a back room/laundry room thing by the kitchen that Clarke also uses as her home studio. That one is not huge, but it does the job. If she has bigger commissions for paintings or the rare sculpting/installations she does, then she has tons of artist connections and friends that let her use their bigger studio spaces as needed. 

  • How can they afford this in New York? 

Clarke’s family has never been Rich, but they’ve always been well off. On top of that, Clarke was the person named in Jake’s life insurance policy and his sole heir. All of that was in a trust until she was 21. Lexa was already around by that time and if there is someone who is stingy and good with money it’s Lexa Woods. Lexa, being the perennially responsible one, insisted Clarke was careful with that cash. They got a professional to manage that money and do some investments for them. They live in New York after all and no city has a surplus of finance guys like NYC. They never touched any of the money and on top of that saved for like five years before they decided to become homeowners. Between all the money/assets Clarke inherited, plus Jake’s life insurance, plus their savings, plus the fact that Clarke makes GOOD money working at the gallery not only selling her own stuff but being Dante’s main art dealer, they were in a pretty comfortable place when it came down to actually buying an apartment. Knowing that Clarke also sells a considerable amount of pieces through commissions for the private clients she has, Lexa sort of gave in when Clarke insisted they splurge and get a really fucking nice place. They were buying. It was their forever home, so why not go all out? That was Clarke’s sell. 

Keep in mind though that Clarke and Lexa have always had starkly different approaches to money. Lexa grew up poor and logically she’s very careful with it. Lexa’s not like a cheapass, but she’s very measured and pragmatic about managing money and finances. Typical Lexa. Lexa is also a public servant. She isn’t getting rich out of working in the DAs office. Lexa could go work at any of the private firms that try to reel her in constantly and make as much as what Clarke makes (if not more), but Lexa loves what she does where she does it so she pays no mind to the fact that Clarke’s checks put hers to serious shame. Clarke can make as much as Lexa does in a year if she has a good couple of months worth of sales commissions at the gallery. Easily. It actually happens more than anyone would think. Because of how she grew up and because she knows she’s in a very comfortable place at the gallery and her career in general, Clarke sometimes borders on reckless when it comes to spending. Just another way in which Clarke and Lexa balance each other out. 

So yeah, it took a lot of convincing, but they had the money to put a really nice amount up front which meant the mortgage wasn’t going to be outrageous. Lexa also made Clarke promise that if there were some good sales of her work throughout the year it was all going to the mortgage just so they could pay it off sooner and get it off their plate. Clarke agreed and they started looking for places in the best parts of Manhattan. They found one they both fell in love with and they bought it. They didn’t move into the new place until Anya was around eleven months old. The apartment was paid off around the same time Costia left for college, meaning they kept to their plan and got done with that in less than half of the 30 years their mortgage was for. 


The apartment has the typical Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen areas plus Lexa’s office. 

Lexa really couldn’t care less about furniture or what pillow goes with what couch so Clarke obviously takes point on all the styling/interior design/decoration of the place. She only really has two parameters: not too many colors because Lexa really is a fan of simplicity and to not make Lexa cry with the number of zeroes on things. More than once Lexa has been known to utter “That chair cost HOW MUCH?!!!” to which Clarke usually has a “Don’t worry. The designer is a friend. He’ll give it to us for half.” reply all ready to be fired. And Lexa has an aneurysm because “Half is still more than I make in a month, Clarke!”. Sometimes it takes a little smooth talking (and by that I mean Clarke asking while they’re having sex) but Clarke always gets the things she wants. 

Clarke tends to keep the furniture and the walls pretty neutral. Where the bursts of color come in is in the art she picks for the apartment. The walls are covered with really strikingly vibrant pieces that make every room rich and feel thoroughly alive.

Here are some references for what I see the Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, and Lexa’s office looking like:



Like I said, Lexa is a fan of minimal and clean. In the chapter where Clarke wakes up in her bedroom after they have sex for the first time I believe I described Lexa’s bedroom as “monochromatic” and that is so accurate for Lexa. She’s a fan of white, black, greys, and browns. Unless Clarke is the one who buys her something, Lexa would stick to wearing those colors exclusively. That translates pretty clearly to the decor around the house, but specially their bedroom. Clarke knew she could go crazy anywhere else, but she would give Lexa the simple black and white bedroom. 

There may be a pop of color with a piece of art or a new duvet or something, but overall, Clarke keeps it pretty sleek and minimal.


Clarke spends A LOT of time making sure each of the kids gets the room they want. They all have some sort of mural or intricate wall design that Clarke spent hours doing specifically for them. 

    • Costia

Costia’s room is all about music. It has a lot of personality even though it doesn’t have a lot of color except for the collage wall that her and Clarke put together. Being Lexa’s mini me as she is, Costia is really into greys and whites and black. She doesn’t necessarily stick to them when it comes to her wardrobe, but her room has always been fairly muted in regards to furniture, bed dressings, and general decor. 

    • Anya

Anya is OBSESSED with neon. To like a crazy and absurd degree. She’s also an Aesthetic Hoe so her room is probably the most unique one. They let her put neon signs all over her room and Clarke painted a mural with glowing UV paint on her walls so during the daytime or if the blinds are open her walls look plain and white, but once the lights go off they turn into this crazy ridiculous thing and Anya adores every bit of it. Needless to say, the sun doesn’t shine much in that room because she keeps those blinds closed as often as possible.

    • Jake

Jake’s room was about baseball. They got him a custom made bed frame and custom made furniture to fit the theme. His is probably the room that had the most external influences because everyone got stuff that was already made for their furniture but Jake’s was unique. All Clarke did there was the mural. 

    • Roa

Roa’s room is worthy of a kid with her imagination. It’s bright and colorful and fun. It’s also about her favorite thing in the world: The Lion King. Clarke paints murals on each wall AND on the furniture to make every single thing in there jungle themed. 

    • Aden

Jake’s room eventually turns into Aden’s nursery. Clarke keeps it pretty simple yet classy blue and grey for the little dude. 

I think that should cover all of it??? Hopefully I touched on all the info you requested and that this helps picture the living spaces better! We spend a lot of the story here after all. :)

I’ve got to believe that the Resistance’s intelligence officers are just. constantly Done. With everyone.

Rey’s understanding of aurebesh is more functional than formal, which isn’t a problem until the Resistance starts asking her to submit mission reports—she rarely spells anything the same way twice (”even her name!” the intelligence officer moans) and her sentence structure is….not so much a structure as “a loose grouping of things that might be parts of speech”

“…..I don’t understand, what’s the problem?” Finn asks because Finn’s grammar is impeccable, once you decipher the dense nest of abbreviations, First Order codes, and trooper slang that fill his reports. (This does not save any more time.)

“If you could maybe…..not? wax lyrical about the TIE fighter?” the intelligence officer tells Poe, when he finally gets around to submitting his report on the escape from the Finalizer. “Not that understanding enemy technology isn’t a vital contribution to intelligence, but we don’t need 500 polysyllabic words about how the sun glinted off the casing.”

General Organa still submits reports like they used to in the Rebellion (her battle damage assessment style is about thirty years out of date, and she calculates galactic coordinates like it’s the late republic) but everyone in intel is fucking terrified of bringing this up to her. Instead, they have a designated officer who deals exclusively with translating General Organa’s reports into more modern New Republic standards,so they can be processed.

(At least yours actually submits reports, their counterparts in the First Order would say, if they all got together in a bar somewhere to commiserate about how hard soldiers make military intelligence. Kylo Ren has submitted exactly one misrep in the last 15 years. Thirty-two people died and it just said ‘it was the Force’.)


A Doukyuusei SS from the early reservation exclusive booklet of the DVD! The USA release will be on September 20th, 2016, please support the movie and buy a copy!

Images courtesy of @aliasanonyme

I was going to say “philadelphia gothic” but these are all real things that have happened to me in philadelphia so
  • You are trying to get from the City Hall subway station to Suburban Station through the concourse. You take a wrong turn and end up in a long, gray tunnel whose only features are the walled-over doorways that have been painted black. As you observe one of them, a shadow reveals itself to be a homeless man, dressed in all black, concealed in a black blanket. He yells and lunges at you. You apologize and hurry away. At one point in the tunnel, there is a wide open space that you see contains an underground city containing hundreds of homeless people camped out in tents they’ve constructed. You hurry past. You turn into another tunnel and go up a flight of stairs. Somehow, you are in Market East Station, six blocks away from your intended destination. You catch the train from there instead. Later, you are unable to find this tunnel again. 
  • You walk down the street and make eye contact with your neighbor. You nod to acknowledge his existence. “What the fuck?” he shouts at you. “Just saying hey,” you say back flatly. “Fucking… I’m not gay” he shouts back. You just keep walking. 
  • You run into a 7-11 cashier you’ve dealt with a few times on the subway and give him a polite greeting. He asks you a lot of personal questions about your life, during which time it comes out you’re looking for work. Several days later, you hear a knock on your door. It’s the 7-11 cashier. He’s here to ask if he can take you out for a drink sometime and maybe you can talk about employment opportunities at 7-11. You decline, as you are not interested in working at a 7-11 across town, and you’re not interested in men, especially not complete strangers, and especially not complete strangers who apparently follow you home. 
  • You’re standing in another convenience store. A forty-five year old Laotian woman walks in wearing a bright red T-shirt reading “LAO’D AND PROUD.” She and her friend fill up a smoothie cup and then, in line in front of you, debate for a full ten minutes over whether or not they actually want a smoothie. 
  • You’re sitting on the 23 bus, wedged between a man having an intense conversation with no one and a middle-aged woman holding groceries. “Did you hear about, uh, Oprah?” the man asks the imaginary person he’s talking to. “I didn’t,” the woman responds, apparently hoping engaging this man will quiet him down. He jumps, startled, unaware that he was sitting next to anyone. “She got married,” he says. You’re confused, because Oprah is famously unmarried. “To whom?” the woman asks. The man ponders for a second. “Bryant Gumbel.” At the next stop, he gets off the bus. 
  • The sound of Bon Jovi seemingly fills the air with no discernible source. 
  • You walk by a house and there’s an old man standing there. “Evening,” you say. He mutters something about World War II. You mention that your grandfather fought in World War II. He tells you he did as well. You thank him for his service. “The real heroes are the ones in the ground, kid,” he mutters, and takes a drag on his cigarette. 
  • Your neighborhood corner store seems to exclusively stock poorly-translated knockoffs of big-brand items, but somehow these same knockoff items are present in every corner store you go to. The woman behind the counter is taking a nap, and you have to wake her to purchase a $1.50 pack of Skarple Markers. There is a crystal sword on one shelf available for $20, next to a completely black metal statue of a bull for $35. 
An Interview with The Chessboard Killer

By Yasha Levine - The Exile  //March 13, 2008//

Alexander Pichushkin, the silver-medal serial killer known as “The Bittsevsky Park Maniac” recently gave the Russian tabloid Tvoi Den an exclusive interview, which we’ve translated for your reading pleasure. Until today, the man who almost bested Chikatilo had never been given a free platform to air his views, thoughts, and opinions to the world. Below, we are reprinting translated segments of the interview. But first, here’s a little background on Russia’s second most prolific serial murderer:

The 33-year-old balding supermarket shelf stacker was caught back in June 2006 and charged with 49 murders, all but one carried out over a five-year period, all in Bittsevsky Park, one of many massive parks in Moscow’s outer districts.

True to the FBI serial killer profile, Pichuskin admitted that he likes toying with cops. Riskier murders made him feel powerful, more powerful than the State. During the trial, he vainly bragged about how he carried out of all the murders.

He usually befriended his victims (he knew 20 of them from playing chess with them in the park) who varied in age and sex, by offering them to have a drink of vodka to mourn his dead dog, which he said he’d buried in a secluded area of Bittsevsky Park. Like Chikatilo, Pichushkin didn’t rape his victims. He got his sexual kicks from sexual substitution. But unlike Chikatilo, he wasn’t about the slashing and cutting. He was more into skeletal penetration, skullfucking. After he got his victims wasted, he’d bash their head in with a hammer, then stick empty vodka bottles and twigs into the holes he’d made in their skulls. “I liked the sound of a skull splitting,” he told prosecutors. But he mixed it up a bit: strangling a few of his victims, or even trying out a homemade single-shooter craftily constructed out a pipe. To get rid of the corpses, he’d dump the bodies into sewer wells, sometimes while they were still alive. Many of the victims were never found.

When the police finally caught Pichushkin, he boasted that he’d killed 62 people, topping Chikatilo’s body count by 8, making him Russia’s most prolific serial killer. The police could only link him to 49, denying him this eternal fame. Was he angry? If the way the way he talked about his lawyer is any indication, then yes. Read on…


When I was brought to prison, I was not in a good mood. Now it’s gotten better, I have completely adapted. They have ideal water here. It’s so hot, I even have to dilute it with cold water. For all the time that I have been here, my hair was cut only once. Do you know how much time they give me to take a shower - five whole minutes!


Human life is not too long. It is cheaper than a sausage. My lawyer: I would cut him open like a fish. I would have killed him like an insect, and I would receive much pleasure from the process. I would cut him up and make belts out of his flesh. But as for remembering everyone I killed, who and when and where, that, I don’t remember. I don’t even care to remember.


I was baptized when I was three months old. The baptism took place, but I did not want it. Well, I do not think that someone…is there. I can also say that I will not either read the Bible or write an autobiography. I have never prayed to God, never will. This is a beautiful fairy tale. For the weak, for those who sacrifice themselves to the State (Russian government). Men, as they age, increasingly dream that someone is there who is all powerful. Well, what is it? As for voting, in all my 33 years, I have never missed a chance to vote.


I have nightmares…A dog. It lived with me a long time [he lured his victims by asking them to go mourn at his dead dog’s grave in Bittsevsky Park with a couple of shots of vodka before smashing their heads in]. She died. It was my fault. I treated it, how to say, not very…She could have been saved. It was a bad situation…it left something in my subconscious.


Of course I don’t write. Only devki (plural of dyev, Russian slang for “girls”) write. Journalists too, I suppose.


First of all, what is a friend? This is not someone who gives you one hundred rubles or lets you stay over for a night…And secondly, my principle: to the grave, and that’s it. Yes, I received more pleasure from killing people whom I knew personally. But I also found a way to get to strangers and that is not easy. Their relatives said that they would never go somewhere with a stranger. But to me they are flying, despite the difference in age. A youngster, Koryagin [one of his victims]…I was leaving the police office and I knew that everywhere was an ambush, but I remained free. Then I spit and got caught.


No, I do not regret it. So much strength and time spent. Repent? I do not repent, this is again a dull formality. It will not change my sentence. Since I was young I dreamed…Everything was different back then. And it all turned out the way I wanted it to. I knew that they had me nailed when they started pressing me about 12 victims, but then they all were surprised that I actually killed 60. I watched a show about me on TV. Denis, my classmate, told the camera: “When we learned that he had committed these crimes it was a shock.” Others said I was a rare case - killing just for the sake of killing. There is no motivation: neither race nor sex nor religion. Even someone wrote: Pichushkin himself doesn’t know yet that the history of criminology is changed, that it didn’t account for someone such as him, that he will go down in history forever…


I have never watched football. No football, no hockey.


I would like to live in Mexico. First, it is warm there, and secondly, there are forests. Maybe there, I could live in a different way if I was there…
[After the Tvoi Den reporter told Puchushkin that Mexico doesn’t have forests, he replied:] Do you want to tell me there are no jungles? Like Freddy Krueger said, “Elm Street exists in every city.“


Lay - 161208 Tencent QQ weibo update: “【#求婚大作战# 独家探班花絮】 穿着校服的#张艺兴# @努力努力再努力x 三岁不能再多了 吐舌犯规 久等了”

Translation: “【#OperationLove# Exclusive behind the scenes】 #Zhang Yi Xing# @ZhangYiXing Wearing his school uniform. 3 years old, it can’t be any older. Sticking out your tongue and breaking the rules, it’s been awhile”

Credit: 腾讯看电视.


(All outfit: Rshemiste)

Photographer: Park Jin Woo / Stylist: Baselinn / Makeup Artist: Koo Hyun Mi / Translator: Sharon

Exclusively shot and interviewed for Korean Model blog.

(Coat & Top: Perdrehaleine / Sunglasses: Acne Studios)

Name /  이름:

Agency / 에이전시:

  •  YG Kplus

Age /  나이:

  • 19

Height / 키:

  • 178

Hometown / 고향:

  • Seoul (서울) 

(Jacket: Ilkeunn / Sunglasses: Acne Studios)

Hobbies / 취미:

  • I like to exercise, but specifically sports like basketball and soccer that don’t need a racket. I also like to go for jogs in the local park. (운동을 좋아하는데 그중 농구나 축구같은 라켓을 사용하지 않는 운동을 좋아하며 근처공원에서 가볍게 달리는것을 즐깁니다.)

Favorite musician or band /좋아하는 가수/아티스트:

  • I don’t have a definite favorite yet but I do like John Legend’s All of Me. (딱!! 정해놓은 분은 아직 없고  John Legend - All of Me 좋아합니다)

Favorite movie or TV show / 좋아하는 영화나 드라마/프로그램들:

  • Runningman, Infinite Challenge (런닝맨, 무한도전)

Favorite brand or designer / 가장 좋아하는 브랜드/디자이너:

  • I don’t really differentiate between brands, I like all sorts of clothing. I especially like casual and simple clothing. (브랜드를 따지지는 않고 모두 좋아하는 편이고, 캐주얼하고 심플한듯 포인트 되는 옷을 좋아합니다.)

Place you would like to visit / 가보고 싶은 곳:

  • Paris (파리)

(Top: Vetments / Skirt: Low Classic)

3 items that you always have in your purse / 가방안에 꼭가지고 다니는 3가지 아이템들은?

  • Cellphone, lip balm, wallet (핸드폰, 립밤, 지갑)

Who is your role model?/ 롤모델이 누구죠?  

  • I think that many of the senior models are amazing and that I have a lot to learn from them, but rather than have someone set as a role model for me, I really think of and try to go for an image of my own. (많은 선배님들이 멋지고 배울 점도 굉장히 많다고 생각하는데, 롤 모델을 딱 정해놓는 것보단 저만의 이미지를 만들고 싶다는 생각이 커요.)

Places that you to shop at/ 주로 어디에 쇼핑을 하나요?

  • I go shopping in various places such as street stands, Hongdae, and the mall. (가로수길, 홍대, 백화점 등 다양한 쇼핑한 곳에서 쇼핑을 합니다.)

How did you start modeling? / 어떻게 모델링을 시작했나요?

  • I’d been casually thinking about pursuing modeling since middle school, but it was March of last year when I went for it and applied for YGKPLUS’s “1 Day Model Class.” I luckily made it and even got an award, and signed a contract with them after taking 3 months of classes at the academy under a scholarship. (중학생 때부터 막연하게 꿈꿔 오기만하던 중 지난해 3월 지금 소속사인 YG 게이플러스에서 주최되었던 ‘일일 모델 체험’에 참여하였고, 운 좋게 수상까지 하게 되어, 장학금을 받으며 3개월 아카데미과정을 수료한 후 계약을 했습니다.)

What is your most memorable modeling moment / 모델링하면서 기억에 제일 남는 순간

  • All of my moments have been incredible and meaningful for me, but the ones that remain most in my memory are my first magazine shoot and the first time I walked for Seoul Fashion Week. (모든 순간이 너무 좋고 의미가 있었지만, 잡지 첫 촬영과 처음으로 섰던 서울 패션위크가 가장 기억에 남습니다.)

(All outfit: Rshemiste)

What is your beauty secret?/ 당신의 아름다움의 비결은 무엇인가요?

  • Not that I’m saying it’s the secret to beauty, but I like to think that it’s the process of learning more about yourself and the effort to transform yourself that make us beautiful. (아름다움의 비결은 아니지만 제자신을 알아가고, 발전시키기위한 노력이 아름답게 만들어주지 않을까 라는 생각을 합니다.)

How would you describe your personal style? / 개인 스타일을 설명해주세요/즐겨입는 스타일이뭐죠?

  • I enjoy wearing clothes that look casual and simple. (캐주얼하고 심플한듯한 스타일을 즐겨입습니다.)

When and where were you the happiest?/ 어디에있을떼랑언제가 제일 행복했나요?

  • When I am active on set or when I receive praise after a show for a collection. (촬영장에서 촬영을 하거나 컬렉션에 오른 후 쇼를 하고 칭찬을 받았을 때)

What do you want to achieve in the future?/미래에 무엇을이루고 싶나요?

  • I’d like to be an active model or go into acting, to be a model-tainer who’s been acknowledged as well-rounded and versatile by multiple sectors in the entertainment and broadcasting industry. (모델로서의 활동이나 연기, 방송 여러 분야에서 인정받는 다재 다능한 모델테이너가 되고 싶습니다.)

(Coat & Top: Perdrehaleine / Sunglasses: Acne Studios)

Do you have any personal rules that you’ll never break?/ 개인 “룰"이있나요?

  • Never forget the gratitude you have toward those who have stood by you, and become someone who always tries and puts in effort. 
  • 옆에 있는 분들에 대한 감사함을 잊지 않는것과 변하지 않는것, 그리고 항상 노력하는 사람이 되는 것

What advice would you pass along to those who have just started out in the modeling business?/ 신인 모델들에게 조언 하나만 해주세요.

  • I’m also just a novice so I can’t really advise others, but if I had to say one thing… I think that the most important thing is to have passion and always put effort into your work. (저도 신인모델이고 누군가에게 조언을 해줄 수는  없지만, 한가지 얘기해본다면..열정을 갖고 항상 노력하는 것이 가장 중요한것같아요.)

One thing that people will be surprised to find out about you /  당신에 관한 특이한 사실 한가지는 무엇인가요?

  • That I have a lot of beauty marks on my face!! (얼굴에 점이 많다는 것!!)

(Top: Vetments / Skirt: Low Classic)

NYCC Days 2 and 3 - Kishimoto Signing, Boruto Movie, Vin Diesel, OH MY!!

Continued from here.

I think I can combine my write ups for these actually.  Friday was the big day for the Kishi signing!  In addition to the usual gang I got to hang out again with Sawyer some more which is always cool.  Never thought I’d ever meet him let alone befriend him.  Cons just bring people together I guess, lol.  But yeah I had an extra ticket to the signing and decided to let him use it. He actually shares the story about it in his latest review (I’m the Erika he’s referring to btw ~_^).  


But long story short, they were so strict about the ticketing that he and a couple others couldn’t use them even though they were legitimate tickets.  In the end we got stuff signed for him at least. Besides, he already got to meet Kishi (as he so interestingly describes). 

But with that disappointing fiasco aside it was a pretty cool moment to meet Kishi. They had a lady there that converts your name to katakana. When I told her I was Erika she was like “whew”, clearly relieved to have such an easy one for once, lol. There are Japanese Erikas (as well as Erikos) if you didn’t know.  

I had a fan question that I thought I could ask during the Thursday panel, but for the signing I’d been planning to talk to him about my trip to Japan and how I visited the exhibition etc., so in the end I just stuck with that since it could spark a little more conversation. Since I speak some Japanese it was a little surreal to talk to him.  They asked where I got to see it and I told them Osaka.  I had quite a few items that he could sign, but they limit you to one personal item. So in the end I had him sign my Michi book from the exhibition. We also got those commemorative posters you see on the right.  He signed it with a golden sharpie. Top left is my name in katakana. There’s a big poster we got too but it’s rolled up and I’m to lazy to whip it out right now. 

The translator and the store’s staff were oohing and ahhing at my Michi book because apparently it’s EXTREMELY exclusive.  His translator was telling me that she couldn’t make it out there in time to see the exhibit in order to get one for herself, but she definitely wanted one.  

After me, CommanderKuruma was up next and he gave Kishi a portrait of the Uzumaki kids drawn by Gabzilla. He smiled from ear to ear when he saw it.  

I couldn’t stay much longer afterwards, so from there I went to the Blade Rave. I actually bought sharingan contacts thinking they’d double nicely as vampire ones.  I think it worked out:

By the end of the night I was covered in “blood” and others got drenched (much like in the film) but I don’t have the group pic atm.  Surprisingly enough it’s not as messy to get off which was a relief, lol.

Saturday - Day 3

Saturday was about the Boruto movie.  I joined my friends in line balls ass early (though they actually camped the whole night).  I was happy to at least don my favorite birthday shirt of Agent Carter (I’m a fanatic if you didn’t know).

The Hammerstein Ballroom was really nice

They interviewed Kishi and Junko for a few minutes and I was able to upload it

Anyone who attended the con knows how strict they were about people getting pics with Kishi. Even the people who lined up Thursday for a Kishimoto signing Saturday afternoon probably couldn’t get a pic with him.  Well, this guy here might be the only exception.  This is honestly one of the best Kisame cosplayers I’ve ever seen and I’ve been going to cons for over 10 years. I’m really glad he got the chance to meet Kishi. He said it was an honor that Kishi wanted a pic with him and of course they let him do the same. 

As for the movie. It was nice seeing it in Japan but seeing it with nearly 2,000 narutards in North America brings a whole new energy.  I think I enjoyed it even more this time around.  Everybody was so enthusiastic about the scenes. There was so much cheering from character intros in the beginning, to badass action sequences, even to the end with SasuSaku’s shot (the fangirls represented, I must say lol).  I believe Kishi and Junko stayed to watch the film with us so I wonder how they felt with a considerably rowdy crowd compared to how it is in Japan. 

I did a brief interview with TV Tokyo so who knows where that’ll show up if at all, haha.  They asked who my fave was of the new group and I said Sarada. The reporter said she was extremely popular so far (no surprise), lol.    

After that I went back to the convention center for The Last Witch Hunter panel with Vin Diesel and Elijah Wood.  Love those guys. Unfortunately I left my camera back at my friend’s place so I had to make do with my phone, but I did get some pics and videos:

The movie looks like it’s going to be really cool.  I’m actually slotted for a screening of it this Tuesday (movie critic over here), but I totally plan to see it again and that decision was further supported through Vin announcing that they would be  giving us all FREE tickets for when it’s released!!  Thank you, Fandango! Thank you Vin! He was definitely the most popular there getting most of the fan questions. I started to feel a little bad for Elijah and Rose but they seemed okay. 

I had to head back after that to finish a homework assignment, but all in all it was a fun con!  I don’t believe its claim that it’s bigger than SDCC. SDCC definitely has more people.  In general it’s still not at SDCC’s level as far as I’m concerned, despite Vin saying Main Stage looked bigger than Hall H. HA! No.  Not even. He’s just being nice. Even the local NYCer next to me shook her head because she knew better, lol. I do like that they offer wristbands for panels and I think they do a better job at hyping the crowd before a panel (there was a DJ and a hype man there), but since SDCC doesn’t do room clears and seating throughout the day, they don’t really need to.  They fit more panels in that pay anyway.

Not sure if I’ll be there next year. It will depend on what’s going on but I did have a nice time hanging out with old friends, making new ones and making new memories.  I’ll end with with a couple of fantastic costumes…and avelociraptor , just cuz.


Luhan - 140623 Sina Films weibo update: “【独家:鹿晗《重返》剧照 称角色很像自己】新浪娱乐独家曝光鹿晗 @M鹿M 《重返20岁》的几张剧照。他透露片中角色某些方面和自己很像。被问现在是否还像刚进组时那么紧张,鹿晗羞涩回应:“已经适应了剧组的节奏,但每场戏的第一条还是会有些紧张!”加油呀!”

Translation: “【Exclusive: Luhan, in these stills, looks like his character in "Back to 20”.】Sina Entertainment has exposed some of Luhan’s pictures. He revealed that some of the aspects of his character in the movie resemble himself a lot. Upon being asked if he is still as nervous as he was when he first entered the scene, Luhan responded attentively: “I have already become accustomed to the rhythm and flow of the cast, but I still get nervous during the first line of each scene!” Fighting, Luhan!“

Credit: 新浪电影.

Confession:  I wish there had been at least one moment, one mission, where everyone, every character, spoke their own language- /exclusively/. Maybe a translator malfunction plot in a DLC, or something of the like? It would have been a great reminder for us that no matter how much they might look like us, they are from a whole different world. And just think about xenolinguistics! And the number of different cultures that may exist WITHIN the alien communities!!! I can’t be the only one nerdy enough to care!


EXO - 160616 Sohu Korea weibo update: “【EXO独家专访预告】#EXO#携正规三辑#EX’ACT#强势回归,一周的打榜要开始了~如果舞台现场还不足以满足各位#EXO-L#的话,就让小狐先献上一点EXO专访花絮来让大家解解馋吧”

Translation: “【EXO exclusive interview preview】#EXO# strong comeback with their 3rd full album #EX'ACT#, they are ready to hit the charts this week ~if their live stage is not enough to satisfy every#EXO-L#, let me present some behind-the-scenes of EXO’s interview to satisfy you guys for the time being”

Credit: 搜狐韩娱.