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Lost in another dimension, the Power Rangers must face a team unlike any they’ve ever encountered! In a world teeming with god-like heroes and villains as monstrous as Lord Zedd, it will take more than superpowers to survive. Can the Power Rangers work with the Justice League to find a way back home? Co-published with BOOM! Studios.

RED SONJA Vol. 4 #2

Red Sonja is on the loose in the Big Apple—and the followers of Kulan Gath are determined to track her down. But they underestimate the She-Devil; she’s adapting quickly to her new surroundings with the help of some new allies that include Max, a New York City cop with a secret past…

Featuring exclusive digital content; line art gallery & alternate covers!

17 weeks, 38 pounds, and dapper as all hell. Crate training is going very well now, his bite inhibition is fantastic (and has been for a while). Resource guarding is better than I expected, but I still want to put some work into it. Recall is impressive, though I blame a portion of that on Iva’s instinct to stick close to his pack at this age. When he’s older, he’ll probably be walked exclusively on a long line. 


“All this over one girl.”

The Last Novelization: Chapter 3 Part 4

End of chapter 3… because it was a four-parter unlike the first two. Yay? Anyway, feels near the end of this section. Lots of feels, actually. Plus, my second-favorite novel-exclusive line is in here. (Care to guess what it is?)

Anyway, as always, I do not know when I will have the next section done, so please don’t ask.

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Alcatel A30 and Moto G5 Plus are the newest ad subsidized Amazon Prime exclusive phones
Amazon is adding two new smartphones to its “Prime exclusive” line of phones: the Alcatel A30 and the recently announced Moto G5 Plus. The two phones are sold unlocked and at a subsidized price, in exchange for displaying personalized offers and ads on the lock screen, similar to what Amazon does with lower-cost Kindle models. The Moto G5 Plus offers a metal design, instead of the cheaper plastic typically seen on budget phones like this. Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Revolution and Lost alumna Elizabeth Mitchell and Goran Visnjic (ER) are set to star in the third season of Tandem Communications’ Europe-set action/crime drama, Crossing Lines. The two join Donald Sutherland as series leads and will fill a void left by original Crossing Lines star William Fichtner, who will not be returning for Season 3.

Mitchell and Visnjic will play Carine Strand and Marco Corazza, new members of the elite team of officers investigating cross-border crimes. Additional new series regulars include Stuart Martin (Babylon) and Naomi Battrick (Waterloo Road). Sutherland will reprise his role as Michel Dorn. Also returning for Season 3 are Tom Wlaschiha and Lara Rossi.


  • Interviewer: As we are now just moving into a new year, what would you say is the highlight of 2014?
  • Woody: I’m going to say getting married. I’ll probably get shot if I don’t (laughs).
  • Bastille: Oh Woody’s wedding was definitely a highlight for all of us.
  • Will: We all played at Woody’s wedding and his friends are obviously musicians and so loads of them got together and played different songs and it was amazing. Then we went up and we were like “We are not as good as his friends who turned up.” Our performance was by far the worst of the night.
  • Kyle: It was embarrassing. We were doing covers, we weren’t at his wedding doing Bastille songs.
  • Dan: I think we should give a shoutout to Chrissy because she often reads Malaysian media.
  • Woody: LOVE YOU!

the VC-exclusive “Decay” line of scents

no. 1 - Moist Fetid Flesh

no. 2 - Forgotten Maceration Bucket

no. 3 - Rainy Rot Box 

no. 4 - Waterlogged Adipose (alt. title - ”Fat Nuggets”)

no. 5 - Rot Juice In My Glove

no. 6 -  Rehydrated Mummy

no. 7 - Grave Wax

no. 8 - Macerated Marrow with Hint of Stubborn Cartilage 

no. 9 - Spinal Slime

no. 10 - Death Hands

no. 11 - Antique Bear Grease

no. 12 - Drying Bone with Hint of Dawn Soap


United Arrows Furniture Creations for PROUD

As if the garments developed by United Arrows weren’t enough to mesmerise fans worldwide, the Japanese power retailer has recently created an exclusive furniture line for urban developer PROUD. The Scandinavian inspired minimalistic line will be on sale at the Harajuku Women’s Museum.