exclusive distributor


So…need some advice. A friend is offering me a job as his exclusive distributor of these silicone fuck toys in central Florida. Salary and commission. Dolls are easy to customize to almost any, and I mean any look you want. Some can even learn to speak, moan, groan, are heated, have metal skeletons etc. I know real is best, but a lot of guys can’t get real. Honest opinions wanted.

Casting Couch || Kurt & Brian

Kurt stepped out of the taxi and took one more look at the paper in his hand before he actually told the driver he could go, then took one quick look at himself before he took a deep breath and walked with steady a pace into the building in front of him. Not nearly 24 hours ago, he was making his monthly rereational shopping at the sex store nearby his apartment, which was one of the few exclusive distributors of the  Solstice Adult Entertainment products, ones that Kurt enjoyed buying, and using for their wide array of possibilities, and with every possible choice to attend your must dark desire. The store manager knew Kurt by now, and it was him that gave him him the paper that he now held in his hand. The man told him that the person who owned that company also owned a very famous, and exclsuively selective porn film company, and that they were always looking for fresh faces. What was the harm in trying? 



New identity development for BNT Studio. BNT is a distribution studio devoted to design and innovation. A team led by their passion and desire to bring great products to Canadian cities. They currently are the exclusive distributor of Jake Dyson products in Canada.