Taj Exotica Resort - Maldives

A five-star exclusivity located only 8 km from Malé International Airport and an exciting 20 minute ride by a speedboat. This is an exclusive, secluded and romantic island resort with lush tropical vegetation and azure blue waters the likes of which you have only seen in films or nature programmes.

a new love - i am thrilled to share that we welcomed our daughter home a few days ago. we will be prioritizing her over the next few months so the hubbahubba will be manning our san diego comicon table at small press O-13 with some friends while i stay home with the baby.

if you’re attending comicon i hope you will stop by and say hello to him! we have original wood burnings, watercolors, a limited edition giraffe tee and limited edition brooches as well as a huge selection of prints.

we hope you have a lovely day!


Fall Out Exclusive: July 2, 2015