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I recently spent some time on vacation in Devon, in the United Kingdom. While there, I took pictures almost exclusively of dogs in order to catalog them and how they differ from the American dogs that I am used to.

Dogs of Devonshire, England

Ocean Dog - They occasionally wash ashore during high tide. This one looked on us for a moment before returning home.

Stealth Dog - He spies on his enemies and uses the information to his advantage.

Beach Dog - He has lost a kingdom to the sea, and waits for the time when it rises again.

Spit Dog - He eats a lot of grass and spits rudely. Reminds me of home.

Camouflage Dog - His ability to change colors and blend in with his surroundings is like nothing else in the dog world.

Angular Dog - This dog is aerodynamically sculpted. Lots of sharp ends. Possibly developed for military use?

Snake Dog - ???


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Linguistics in DGM

So I know I’ve seen it said somewhere that the exorcists would probably speak multiple languages (and by extension so would… pretty much everyone in the Order tbh).

I imagine it’s a bit of a headache if you’re a newcomer. The Order doesn’t really seem to think too much about its members unless they’re super important, after all, so I doubt they’d provide much by way of lessons.

So you get to the European headquarters and you’re just immediately bombarded with hundreds of languages. One man is shouting at another in German. A woman walks by, greeting you in Greek. And maybe you speak Spanish, but you’re not from Spain; you just transferred over from the North American branch and you can’t decide if the man speaking to you is using idioms from other languages or if that’s just slang in Spain or, hell, if it’s a slang term exclusive to the Order itself because the Order is just a huge blend of languages swirling together, so that could happen.

Please give me Lenalee speaking German or Russian—you know, one of those languages perceived as intimidating. Really, she’s being perfectly friendly, but you don’t understand what’s being said. Trust me, there’s nothing more intimidating than your German-speaking relative bellowing how pretty you are in German and you not understanding (although I highly doubt Lenalee’s going to be bellowing in German).

Please give me Allen trying to fluster some poor schmuck in a game so he just switches languages and starts speaking one of the Latin languages like Italian and it works because of course it does. It’s Allen for crying out loud. When that boy wants to charm you, he is going to charm you—even if it’s in another language.

And you can generally tell how long someone has been at the Order by how many languages they speak or even how garbled their accent is from picking up so many other different accents.

But wait, what about the Clan? Do we think about them? There’s literally thousands of years of memory stored there, guys. You can bet they speak lots of languages.

Sitting in on a dinner with the family might be fun; they might start speaking some ancient languages completely unknown to the world. Or maybe Bondomu starts shouting in an obscure, old dialect of Japanese.

Tyki answers in the same dialect and then looks confused because he most certainly doesn’t even know Japanese in the first place but Wisely just tells him that yes, that is a thing now.

But sometimes, sometimes when things get really serious, Adam will start speaking Hebrew and everyone will get very, very quiet, because that’s the language of the original scripture—Adam is speaking of the past, and their hearts ache when they think of what happened to them, what the Innocence did.

BTS's upcoming album 'Love Yourself' is sweeping Amazon's album charts!

BTS’s upcoming album ‘Love Yourself’ is sweeping Amazon’s album charts!
Korean Superstars BTS are getting ready to release their latest Album 'Love Yourself’ on September 18, and pre-orders of the album have been taking first place on Amazon! 'Love Yourself’ is the #1 Amazon Best Seller for 4 days in a row!
Netizens are over the moon and believe BTS really has the chance to conquer the Western market, posting comments on social media like: “I can sense something big. I think they’ll make it on to Billboard’s main chart”, “Wow, this is the first since Wonder Girls”, “Looks like BTS will really be achieving their dreams”, “That’s crazy. BTS is unbeatable overseas”, “Wow, I’m getting goosebumps”, “Wow how far would they grow?”

“U.S. fans want to pre-order” ahead of the release next month. A Target employee playfully responded by namedropping a pair of BTS singles saying, “These 'Fun Boys’ are on 'Fire’ now. We’ll share your request to carry their albums with our buyers. Thanks for tweeting your request!” But BTS and their team had been listening to fans long before the social media manager at Target got involved. On Aug. 29, the band announced that for the first time in North America their music would be available via pre-order exclusively on Amazon. Four different versions of the album will be available via a deluxe package containing a CD, 100-page photo book, 20-page “mini book,” a photocard, poster, stickers and more.
Other retail distribution options include The Orchard and the Sony Music subsidiary specializing in distribution and marketing for independent artists and labels, that will distribute the upcoming physical CD as a domestic release to U.S. retailers. In a deal that’s reportedly been in the works for six months, The Orchard will import product from Korea and sell via their stateside warehouse to all retailers that want to have it in stock in America – such as Target – with the company taking over digital distribution for all of BTS’ past releases.

BTS has already broken records in America when 'Wings’ which dropped in October, became the best-selling and highest-charting K-pop album ever on the Billboard 200, earning 16,000 units in its first week, 11,000 of which were traditional album sales. In its 2nd week, the LP moved 6,000 units including 2,000 traditional album units. Since 2015, BTS has had four different albums charting on the Billboard 200!

BTS’ die hard fans caused the Band to win the 2017 Billboard Music Award for Top Social Artist and have already started asking for BTS be played on U.S. radio!

Kobra Paige & Tommy Karevik


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hold/lose: a reaper76 comic anthology

hello! I am very proud and excited to announce that i am opening pre-orders for my reaper76 zine/comic anthology ‘hold/lose’!!

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Pre-orders are open until September 4th. If you’d like to order it but can’t right now send me a message and I’ll keep one for ya!

Zine will feature:
75+ pages
Published stories
An exclusive comic!!!

You can order a special bundle that will also include:
A5 print (design in progress, will be uploaded when done)
A r76 themed handmade linocut patch (see design at the bottom of the post)
Secret handmade sticker!!!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

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Hey scotch I'm a dumpster diver. Have you heard of the game Prey? Well, when it came out, they had little pre-order posters. Exclusive GameStop shit. I have 54 of them now, both kinds (they had female and male versions). I also have about 80 DOOM pre-order posters, 50 Skyrim Special Edition pre-order posters, 20 super Mario maker pre-order posters, the same for borderlands handsome collection and star Wars battlefront. Just thought you'd get a laugh or find this cool haha

youre gonna be rich someday selling tons of unused posters