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Since it’s not illegal to be gay in SK but it is illegal (& punishable) to be gay in SK MILITARY (where men are forced to serve) then SK government should just ~exclude~ gay men from participating FORCED military service (which most youngsters are complaining about).

Anonymous asked: could you write an imagine where rami is accidental friends with benefits with the reader bc they keep sleeping with each other but the reader always tells him off afterwards bc she lives in england and thinks she’s too fucked up for such a pure cinnamon roll and isn’t sure she can give rami what he might want in the near future (family and certainty and shit) eventually rami confronts her, they (SMUT) end up in bed together and idk u can make up an ending? SORRY ITS SO LONG AND DETAILED OMG

A/N: This ended up being way longer than I intended but I liked the concept so here you go! Smut warning around ¾ of the way through as well as slight angst. 

‘We can’t keep doing this.’ You panted, trying to catch your breath as Rami slowly rolled off of you.

‘Why?’ He sounded exasperated as he turned his head to look at you. You kept your eyes fixed on the ceiling.

‘I’m going home like, next week.’ You rolled out of bed, trying to ignore his eyes on you as you wrapped a towel around yourself.

‘What’s that got to do with anything?’ He was propped up on his elbows now, the slight glow of sweat on his torso causing you to avert your eyes.

‘Well I’ll be gone then, won’t I?’ Rami didn’t say anything to that and you could feel the silence filling up the room like smog. You needed to escape before it escalated any further.

‘I need to shower.’ You mumbled and left the room.

You felt sick as you ran your hands through the suds in your wet hair. The look on Rami’s face broke your heart when you told him you were going. But you’d only come to the US to see the sights, not wind up in bed with a major celebrity.

You’re fucking amazing.

Admittedly, he had been inside you when he’d said that but it still made you palpitate a little when you recalled the words. You knew that you had fallen for him. Hard. But it could never work – long distance never did.  

You dried off still deep in thought and exited the bathroom. Rami was pulling his shirt back on, his expression stony as you watched him from the other side of the room.

‘You’re never going to let me in are you?’

The sudden question from him startled you.

‘What do you mean?’

Rami merely shook his head, his eyes on the floor as he pulled his shoes on.

‘See you later Y/N.’ He was out the door of your apartment before you knew it, the hood of his jacket pulled up over his head on the off chance he might be spotted.

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anonymous asked:

you ARE white. i get that you want to check white privileges and racism but you really dont need to be so ignorant in saying shit like "crackers" remember you ARE one so stop acting like speaking the way you do somehow excludes you from all the bullshit white people hve pulled in history. it doesnt. youre making NOTHING better by approching the situation like you do.

You’ve been following me for .5 seconds if you think this has ever been a space where I didn’t address myself as white and benefiting from white privilege. Probably more like .3 seconds.