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8 March » International Women’s Day

If you think someone is missing, it’s just your imagination∼ or maybe there’s no space anymore.
For this gifset I excluded animals, monsters and aliens, that’s why Fiona is not in Ogre version and some are missing.

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Yes, what you wrote about Robert and the comparison to Cain is all true, but it's all headcanon, bc we stan for Robert and we look deeper than what the show is giving us. But unlike Cain, we never see that on screen. We never see Robert having long heart to hearts like Cain or moments of insight. Yeah, he doesn't have anyone to offload to, but they could still show him talking to his dad's grave, looking at an old photo, idk, sth that would show the general audience what we see is there...

Ahhhh I certainly want more although this ain’t just headcanon. what my post was based on–it’s canon. I’d certainly love more moments where he maybe ponders a photograph or stops by his dad’s grave, but we can’t act as if similar stuff hasn’t happened tbf! Starting from his return and moving forward:

  • drops a rose at his father’s grave in his very first return scene
  • stops by tenant’s cottage (where the sugdens used to live) before having any other scenes 
  • talks with chrissie on the steps of home farm before they buy it about his insecurities regarding andy and his dad, why he’s so uncomfortable returning to emmerdale, etc–quite a great little convo
  • that horrible bar west scene where rob’s a dick to aaron–you know, that meanness overshadows something else that happened there, which is that robert tried to open to aaron about smth, that pain and jealousy he feels about not getting any say in what happens to his dad’s ring–and he’s just shut down immediately, ahhh (and he was shut down by diane before when he talked to her, vic, & andy about being upset)
  • that time robert tried to arrange a memorial to their mother & they all gathered around her grave but lawrence fucked it up, leaving andy angry
  • i mean, christmas day, robert cried to andy about how much he felt he missed out on knowing their dad & how excluded he felt
  • this gifset shows how much of a touchy subject his dad is–he instantly looks down at the mention of him! (also pretty much check out all of @robertsvictorias gifsets tbh)
  • before home farm week with robron, the whole reason aaron even accepts rob back? not because of the “i love you”… but because vic says that deep down, she believes robert is good. that’s what sold it him–that vic believes robert is good to his inner circle, and it’s the truth. it’s canon.
  • crying to aaron about how much he loves him, how he’s the worst mistake, how he has to protect his secret bc it would kill andy if he knew
  • crying to andy about how he didn’t mean to kill katie, how awful he feels
  • the max king road parallel–the way robert breaks down like, “you killed mum!” showing he’s harboring all this pain from his childhood to this day, like?? he ain’t getting over shit, man, this dude feels shit deeply and holds on tight. it’s sooooooo canon.

it’s sort of a consistent theme that robert cares deeply but the people around him don’t notice/care/whatever else. this goes way back to before Ryan Hawley’s Robert Sugden–most memorable for me the brief return he had for his father’s funeral where he just hung around in the background and refused to speak to anyone, but he had to be there for his dad–and vic complains that robert is so rude not to show up, but she’s wrong… you know… they just get it wrong but the audience knows the truth.