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malloryrunsthis replied to your post “Longest Run of the Week”

ex2adventures? Because if that’s the series, then THEY ARE AWESOME. SO much fun! I’ve run and volunteered for them quite a few times and I’ve loved it every single time.

Yeah, it’s the ex2adventures series. I’m really happy to hear that they are such a great race organizer. I want to register for all six races up front but I was worried I wouldn’t like them. Now that they have the Official Mallory Seal of Approval, I’m more confident in registering for them all.

exclaimedkeller replied to your photo “It’s about to go down!”

Dude, you’re such an inspiration to me on here! I need a beer right now!!! Lol, just kidding! Congrats on that marathon time though! You actually stopped to use the restroom!? Lol, that’s crazy! Good stuff!

First, let me just say that I’m very honored to be an inspiration to you. Hearing stuff like that keeps me going through those days when running seems like more work than fun. Second, unfortunately, yes I stopped to use the restroom. I tried to make it as quick a stop as possible but clearly I wasn’t fast enough.

seechrisrun replied to your post “Boston Marathon Recap”

It was my pleasure! So much more fun when you have friends out there. Your race looked pretty solid minus the bathroom break. Oh, and I laughed pretty hard at the wolf pack. We should get t-shirts!

I am so happy to be moving to an area where I will have a greater chance of interacting with other runblrs because meeting you, runningwithpump, and ariavie was a great experience and just added to the overall Boston experience. If you’re back in Boston next year we’ll definitely have to do something similar. (And maybe we can rock some wolf pack shirts) As for the bathroom break, that’s the one thing that really hurts when I look at my splits. If things had gone my way I know I would have easily gone under 3 hours.

Day 49/365 - Running

So me and my friend josh run.  Josh is a tumblr buddy, we play this game called Gears of War together and we’ve actually known each other for a while.  So no, I have never ran with him.  We see each other’s runs through nike + or facebook and we even have a running blog.  We neglected the blog as soon as winter hit last year but, maybe we will start it up again who knows.  I have too many damn blogs!

Anyways, Josh has been KILLING it running lately, and I’ve been busy playing basketball like a maniac.  Last night he told me he wants to run a marathon this year.  Instantly my crazy mind thought, “I want to do that too!!”.  Now a lot of people say they want to run a marathon, as if it’s a bucket list thing, but all of my life I kind of wanted to do something like that.  I run because I enjoy it, and I like testing what I’m made of.  I think it would just be such an accomplishment, especially now since I have diabetes, to finish a marathon, and in a nice time too.

So, with all that said, I told Josh to look into picking a random marathon anywhere in the country!  We’ve been friends for over a year and have talked about meeting, why not meet when we run a marathon together in a new and exciting place?!  We both think it’s an awesome idea and I just wanted to kind of write this down to have proof I said it.

I posted here before about a woman who runs marathons and is diabetic.  It’s a challenge, but there isn’t anything that you can’t do if you set your mind to it!.  That’s what she did and that’s what I’m going to do.

Time to lace up!


@Haroldpumage: D'aw that is the sweetest thing ever. 

@Danawdelany: Any particular reason? 

@Onceuponafuckingtime: Dude we should go to Powell’s up in Portland it’s humongous like it takes up a whole city block and there is a map to it on my wall and they have a small coffee shop area and it would be delightful. 

@exclaimedkeller: I’m sorry bro. Any vacation time coming up this summer? 

@Littlereddove: Maybe you, Kyle, exclaimedkeller (I forgot your name dude I’m sorry) and I can all go chill at Powell’s book store.