“Coronation” Part Three

Summary: She was the Queen of Sokovia, and he was the future king of Romania. Their relationship was full of hate towards one another, but will it change when his heart gets broken by a traitor to both of your powerful countries?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: angst 

Word Count: 917

A/N: more and more angst. The taglist for this series might be closing soon, but my permanent is still open. (this gif made me laugh)

Coronation Masterlist

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Everyone waited in the throne room for James’ announcement. Rebecca’s last comment had left Y/N uneasy. She wasn’t prepared for the proposal to come.

“Where is this boy, Winnie? He said ten minutes. He must learn punctuality if he is to take the throne!” George exclaimed through multiple harsh breathes.

Just as the King was to rant again, James walked through the doors, alone.

“Sorry for the wait. I had to see Natasha off. She is going on one of her trips again.” James rushed out,

“but, I brought you all here for a reason. I believe I have found a different way for the war to end with Russia.”

Y/N’s eyes widened at the proposal. Russia had been after both of their countries for years, and now they want peace?

“Son, what makes you believe this war can end. It has been going on for years. Nothing in this world will ever get Russia to stop.” King George was exasperated by this point.

“Just hear me out, okay?” James asked quietly.

The King and Queen nodded their approval. Y/N was intrigued at what he had to say.

With a deep breathe, James rushed out the sentence,

“We give them Sokovia.”

 White hot rage consumed Y/N. Before she knew what she was doing, her hand swung out and connected with the side of James’s face. A deafening slap echoed throughout the throne room. Guards came rushing in from every angle.

“Do not put your hands on me! I am a Queen! Leave us at once!” Y/N screamed at the guards who were trying to drag her out.

They backed up and her loud words and exited the room. She saw the King and Queen had their mouths ajar and Rebecca had a hand over her agape mouth. Y/N bent down to James level.

“If you ever discuss the future of my country again, there will be serious consequences, James. Never bring that up again. I will never surrender my throne to the Russians. Sokovia is mine, and will always be mine. Get that through your head James.” Y/N took one last look before addressing Rebecca.

“Would you like to teach me how to paint now?”

 “It was the bitch’s idea, wasn’t it!” Y/N screamed at her canvas.

“It had to be! Her last name is Russian! ‘Romanova!’ What is she even doing here!” Y/N continued to scream.

“Y/N- “Rebecca started.

“I just want her to go! She is debating the future of MY country and she is not even a royal!” Y/N interrupted.

Rebecca had been listening to Y/N shout for almost an hour now. Her canvas was full of harsh lines and dark hues. It reflected her mood. Their session was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Queen Y/L/N, the Romanian rulers are asking to speak to you.” A servant boy named Sam told her.

“Thank you, Sam. I’ll be right there.” Y/N slowly rose from her seat and made it to the door.

She was not looking forward to this conversation.

 Y/N made her way to the throne room. With a deep breath, she pushed back open the gigantic double doors. She was met with the King and Queen sitting in their respective thrones. James was standing next to his father. She felt pride that there was still an outline of her hand on his cheek.

“You wanted to see me.” Y/N said with an edge in her voice.

The King took a deep breath, “We wanted to discuss what had occurred earlier. We understand that you were angry at James for his proposal, and he had no right auctioning off your country.”

Before he could get another word in, Y/N interrupted, “Did he even tell you who’s idea it was. It wasn’t his that’s for sure. It was Natasha`s. Rebecca overheard her last night trying to convince James to agree. Tell me James, how did she get you to agree? Did she give you a blowjob? Handjob? What was it? She left because she knew if she was the one to tell me, I would’ve had her executed for suggesting such an idea.”

James was furious at her words. She could almost see the steam coming from his ears.

“She shouldn’t even be here. She isn’t even a royal. Please tell me why she is allowed at meals and how you could allow your son, who is engaged to me, to date that whore.” Y/N continued.

The King and Queen were surprised at her words.

“Queen Y/N, she is the daughter of one of our best supporters. He adopted her. His name is Nick Fury. He had been good friends with this family for years. She is allowed at dinners and she is allowed to be with James to continue to keep him in our good graces. You must understand, he is a lord of this country. He is a powerful man. He could take us all down if he wanted.” Queen Winifred quietly told her.

“So, I’m gathering, you would rather be in the good graces of one man, than a whole country?” Y/N asked.

“It’s more complicated than that. Please you have to understand what he means to us and our rule.” George tried.

“Tell me, where did this Nick adopt her from?” Y/N asked.

There was a silence in the room. No one seemed to want to answer.

“Tell me!” She tried once again.

“Russia! She’s from Russia!” James yelled, equally as loud.

The wind was knocked out of her.

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Christina has beaten okami like 5 times and I just heard her excitedly exclaim from the other room “I never knew you could look at maps in this game”

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Okay, so you know how there is a bunny island in Japan? (If you don't believe me you can look it up XD) Can you make a fic where Tom and Marco go to Japan for a week long trip? And Tom discovers this island and is so awestruck he just lays down, letting the bunnies crawl on him. And Marco is just trying to get him up so they could, but he refuses? XD (Bonus points if they bring Marshmallow with them X3)- Bunny Anon

Sure I can! And yes I believe you! That sounds so cute and fun! I really enjoyed writing this, sorry it’s so short, it was just a sweet litle fic I thought you’d enjoy.

Tom’s face lit up and he ran down the hill, looking at all the fuzzy animals hop around. “Marco look how many there are!” The demon exclaimed. Marco giggled at Tom’s excitement and watched him look around in awe.

Tom was content with sitting and watching the rabbits and water, but when he sat down one of them bounced up to sit on his lap. Tom grinned and pet the rabbit gently, it snuggled close and was soon joined by another. Soon Tom had several rabbits on his lap, and he was taking turns petting each of them.

“Are you having fun, Tom?” Marco asked, smiling. Tom giggled and nodded happily, as another bunny jumped on his back and sniffed him, it then climbed up on his head and began to chew on Tom’s hair. But the demon didn’t mind at all. He was just thrilled the rabbit liked his attention.

Marco leaned against a rock and watched Tom enjoy his day, giggling and playing with all the rabbits. He soon lied down and let them all jump on him, causing him to laugh. “Marco! Come over here!” Tom called to the human. Marco ran over to Tom and sat next to him. The demon handed Marco a rabbit, and it sat on his lap peacefully.

“He likes you.” Tom giggled. Marco smiled and pet the animal. The other rabbits gathered around the boys and they pet them all, and Marco let a few more hop onto his lap. Soon he felt something leaned against his shoulder and looked over to see Tom. He was resting his head on Marco’s shoulder and looking out at the water and rabbits hopping around.

“Thanks for taking me here, Mar-Mar.” Tom reached over to hold Marco’s hand.

“I thought you’d like it.” Marco smiled, brushing Tom’s hair out of his eyes. Tom smiled and nuzzled Marco’s hoodie a little bit.

“I do… and I love you so much.” He said this sort of out of the blue, so it caused Marco to look down at him. And he gasped when he saw tears in the demon’s eyes.

“Tom! What’s the matter?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head and wiped away the tears.

“I’m just… so happy!” He giggled. “I have you and you love and listen to me enough to know what I enjoy and… I don’t ever want to lose this.” Tom continued, pressing his forehead against Marco’s. Marco scooped him up in a hug.

“It won’t! Why would you think it’s all ending?” Marco asked. Tom wiped away his tears and shook his head.

“I know it’s silly but…” Tom trailed off and gave Marco a kiss. “Don’t worry about it. I’m just being silly and dramatic. It’s just hard to think clearly sometimes when I’m with you.” Tom explained. “I-I want you to be safe and here with me… and I’m always so happy! But so scared that something may happen to you. I feel like I would give anything just to see you smile, and keep you safe and with me… I’ve never felt this way before, and I don’t want it to stop.” Tom looked away and Marco smiled.

“I know how you feel. That’s love and I feel the same thing too.” Marco held Tom’s face in his hands. “And it won’t ever stop, I’ll be here for you forever.”

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“I’m sorry what? Love? Figuratively? Soda-chan? Wait-….You mean Matsuda? What abou-?!” she hears a splash and turns. “Wait…who..wasn’t he..?..” she thought in her memory bank as she process.

“-Shit!!!…” she exclaimed, as she ran to the water. “You idiot! You were suppose to save your friend!! Not drown!” she yelled as she dove into the sea. ‘Idiot! Where are you!’ she thought as she program switched her eyes to look clearly beneath the ocean.

She continued to go deeper into the sea frustrated….until she spotted bubbles. Quickly she swam in hoping she either finds him.

She reaches out and tried to speak beneath the water, knowing the water will be entering inside her, causing who knows what of damage. She tried to make a noise beneath the sea in hoping someone will notice she’s coming down after him.


(Ya know…it’s rather hard to use water effect and make it visible to see xD for some reason but ya. )

I Need You: Chapter Six

A/N: I tried my best with the kissing scene. I hope you guys enjoy reading it. And remember to like, reblog, and comment. 

As Y/N looked out the window she could see a tree had fallen down on the power lines. “Luke I think we have a problem.” She exclaimed as she continued peering out the window.

“What is it?” He questioned as he stared at her curiously.

“Come see for yourself.” She said as she opened the curtains wider.

Walking up to the window he could also see that the tree was the cause of the power outage because of the tree falling on the power lines due to the strong winds when it was raining. “Damn it. I’ll be right back.” Luke told her before leaving the living room. Leaving a confused Y/N behind in the living room.

What is he doing? She didn’t know what he was doing by until he came back into the living room with candles and a box of matches. Setting them in different places so enough light can come into the room and as he striked a match before lighting the candles and sat down on the couch as he pulled Y/N into his lap. “Y/N, I’m sorry our date got ruined.” He apologized and kissed her head.

“No it isn’t.” She told him before running off. Now it was Luke’s turn to be confused.

But before he could get off the couch she came back into the living room with the board game Monopoly which he was hesitant of playing because she has a tendency of cheating when playing the game. But if it makes her happy he’ll play the game.

Taking the box from her he layed out everything they needed to play the game on the coffee table and chose the shoe while Y/N chose the hat and began playing the game he tried his best not to call her out on her cheating but in the end he let her win and have her victory dance laughing at her as she tried to dance even though she’s horrible at it. Putting everything back in the box. A idea popped into his head.

“Y/N, why don’t you put the game away? We can listen to some music and dance.” He asked her as he handed her the box.

“I’ll be happy to put the game away but I’m horrible at dancing.” She indicated as she took the box.

“I know you’re I can tell by your victory dance.” He chuckled as she threw a pillow at his face and missed by a couple of inches.

Putting on some music with a Bluetooth speaker and his phone as Y/N came back into the living room motioning her to come here she hesitated knowing that she may make a fool out of herself. Grabbing his hand he tried to teach how to dance but it didn’t exactly end so well. It didn’t end so well because Luke didn’t notice the pillow that was lying on the ground which caused him to slip and fall Y/N falling on top of him.

As she tried to shift in order to get up Luke wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her on the lips. He could still taste the tropical chapstick on her lips. She let out a little whimper as he bit her lip and began running her fingers through his short curls as his tongue traced over hers.

Someone interrupted them as they continued to knock on their door. Y/N got off of him as he helped her up. “I’ll go get the door.” She said went to unlock the door to the see who it is and it was thrast person she ever expected to see.

“What the hell are you doing here?” She yelled at the person in front of her.

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Somebody ask for fic prompts?! Yo. Logicality. I don't care what you do. As long as it's fluff XD

He knew Logan had trouble with big displays of love, so he lived for the small things. When Logan would tell him a fact that he found particularly interesting or when he would put his book down or stop grading so he could pay better attention to him.

Those were the moments Patton lived for, the ones Logan showed he cared. They were always predictable, so Patton knew when to expect them. That’s why he was pleasantly surprised when Logan asked him if he wanted to go to dinner on Friday.

“Of course!”  he exclaimed, quickly hugging Logan before rushing off to plan the perfect outfit.

The days seemed to pass in a blur and suddenly Friday was here and Patton was giddy and a bit worried as he wondered why Logan had suddenly changed his usual way of display affection.

Patton wasn’t the only one who was worried. Logan needed everything to go right because if it didn’t he wasn’t sure he would have the courage to do what he planned.

Of course, it didn’t go as planned. Logan accidentally knocked over a glass of water, spilling it all over Patton. That wasn’t even the worse part that he accidentally tripped a waiter causing all the food to go flying and landing on him.

“Lo are you ok?” Patton asked.

Logan replied, “Yeah, it’s fine. Would you be ok if we contuined this at home?” 

“Of course,” was the instantaneous answer.

They drove home in silence and when they were about halfway there Logan couldn’t wait any longer. He pulled the car to the side of the road, turned to face Patton and asked, “Will you marry me?”

Patton smiled. It was such a Logan way of doing it, no lead up really just the question. He answered the same way he had answered the others. “Of course,”

Pride Month Day 22 - Wedding

More Alyanette fluff. This is sickeningly sweet. 

Marinette laughed with joy as she walked into the reception venue, arm in arm with her wife.

Alya was her wife!

The guests hugged and kissed both of them as they entered, cheering and laughing and congratulating them.

“My new daughter!” Alya’s father exclaimed as he hugged Marinette and spun her around.

Alya laughed and rolled her eyes. “Dad, stop!”

Marinette extracted herself from her new father-in-law and into the waiting arms of Adrien.

“I’m so happy for you, my Lady!” He hugged her tightly. Then she was hugging Nino, and then her mom, and then her aunt, and then Alya’s cousin.

“Hey, hey, hey!” Alya pushed herself through the crowd of people surrounding both of them. “Give me my wife back.”

Marinette laughed as Alya wrapped her arms around her and kissed her. The crowd around them let out a collective aww.

“Give us space and get us some food.” Alya commanded the crowd. They laughed and agreed. The two newlyweds sat down with a pair of tired and happy sighs.

“Hey.” Marinette said, taking Alya’s hand.

“Hey yourself.” Alya said, grinning. She was so beautiful. Her curls were piled on top of her head and had flowers woven in. Her form fitting dress was covered in intricate lace. It highlighted her soft curves and the white was a lovely contrast against her skin. And her smile held so much joy that it made Marinette want to cry and kiss her and laugh and hold her so tight that she would never let go.

“We’re married!” Marinette said giddily, barely believing it was true. They were sitting close, Alya’s legs almost covered up by the skirt of her poofy ball gown.

“I know!” Alya said, laughing. She leaned in and they kissed again, smiling against each other’s mouths.

Welcome to the world - Chris Jericho

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“It’s a boy!” I fell back against the pillow in relief. The pain was over and our little boy was perfectly healthy and was here in the world. I was in labor for almost thirty hours and I thought at one point I would have to get a c- section. Tears slid down my face as the doctor laid him on my chest for the first time. I kissed the top of his full head of black hair.
“We are parents! We have a little boy!” Chris exclaimed. I smiled, looking up at Chris. Chris leaned over and kissed me before pulling away. 

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Elliott walked around the corner just in time. 

“Whoa, back up there buddy!” He said taking hold of Reggie’s arm “What on earth is going on here?” He demanded 

“Daddy, This is Reggie Heller, He used to go to school here, He is the boy that made Quinn do his homework! He said he was going to give us a thumping!!” cried Josie relieved to see her father appear  

“These two little weeds are asking for a thumping!” exclaimed Reggie “so scrawny and pathetic, gonna go running to your daddy now, are you?” he taunted 


“Y/n that was amazing.” You heard someone say from behind you. You turn to see TFW standing there with looks of amusement, surprise and awe, but you couldn’t see it cause of the raising feeling of embarrassment from them hearing you sing.

“Gu-guys, how long were you standing there?” You stuttered, trying your best to hide your embarrassment.

“Long enough to know that you singing is amazing!” Dean exclaimed.

“How come we never heard you sing before?” Sam asked

“It kinda embarrassing singing in front of people.” You laughed nervously “I also thought up until now that my singing wasn’t that great”

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, Y/n. You’re singing is great” Castiel said with a smile.

“Thank you, Castiel” You replied smiling back.

“I agree with Cas. If anyone here sings bad that would be Dean.” Sam smirked.

Dean glared at Sam, “My singing isn’t that bad”

“Yea, you keep telling yourself that”

You chuckle at the brothers antics, feeling the embarrassment and nervousness you had a moment ago fade away.

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I feel like I don't have the tools to support my friend who's in mental distress anymore. I admit that I'm just very tired, especially because she always exclaims that no one in her life cares or tries to reach out to her. I want to keep helping her, but at the same time I just don't want to show that it's exhausting for me. I know I'm terrible for saying this but I feel like I can't help her anymore. What do I do?

it’s not your job to fix her. and it’s not your job to support her mental distress. you aren’t equipped to be anything other than her friend, which means you’re there for her, but you are not responsible for her recovery

if you need space, take it. and if she needs professional help, do some research and give her some resources. other than that, you stepping out of the role of being her sole support and encouraging her to seek other systems of support may push her to do what she has to do

On another note,

I wish we could’ve gotten more world building in Fire Emblem when it comes to who is queen. Even if it was a throwaway line about Sumia managing to start a charity and familiarize herself with navigating the court. Or Maribelle furious over how some stuffy old ‘advisor’ is protesting her ideas to reform the nation’s laws. Olivia mentioning how difficult it has been to earn the respect of many nobility, some only accepting her due to the stronger diplomatic ties to Ferox. Sully exclaiming what a relief it is to be wearing her armor and not some stuffy gown, and that the next aristocrat that tells her to be more ‘regal’ is getting a blow to the face. Robin talking about how fascinating it has been to learn the tactics of the court and her own setbacks with some of the nobles thinking lowly of her due to her ‘mysterious’ past. Heck, even anything else regarding the Generic Village Maiden - who the heck is she?!

Just, I feel like it would’ve been more interesting.

Circular Dependencies (3/?)

Another Mantis-centered chapter. 

Actual warnings: Implications of gaslighting and verbal/emotional abuse by Ego the living Douche Canoe. Also, a ridiculously silly and happy drunk Rocket for you.

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140,141,142,144 pls 😄

140.  “Fist bumps are cooler than high-fives…”

Originally posted by sneezes

     “Fuck yeah!,“ you exclaimed, tossing the game controller on the couch.  “Teamwork makes the dream work, Baby,“ Vernon laughed, doing the same as the words, ‘you survived‘, flashed across the screen.  He raised his hand, signaling for you to meet it with yours.  “Nah, fist bumps are cooler than high-fives,“ you explained.  “Says who?,“ he countered.  “Says everyone!  C’mon, Babe.  You gotta keep up with the times.“ 

    “Fist bumps mean you’re trying too hard to be cool, which isn’t cool.“

     “No way!  High-fives are played out.“

    “Well, we just won’t do either, then.  Maybe we could try a kiss instead?,“ he suggested shyly.

141.  “Use your words.”

Originally posted by meowtaetae

     “Minghao, get up,“ you sighed, having attempted to wake him three times already.  He simply groaned in response.  Rolling your eyes, you walked over to the bed and ripped the covers off.  You still only received a groan as a response, but the vocal inflection expressed his irritation. “Don’t ‘erghuh’ me.  I told you to get up three times already.“  

     He sat up and gave you a blank stare. “You need to go take your shower.  You have a busy day ahead of you.“  He grunted affirmatively, still not willing to pry himself from sleep’s grasp.

     “It’s my turn to make breakfast, so what do you want?  And don’t respond with another noise.  Use your words,“ you demanded in an almost maternal manner, one hand propped on your hip.  With a yawn and a lazy hand sweeping through his hair, he answered, “Waffles.“

142.  “Hold my hand so he gets jealous.”

already done

144.  “Get out of my face before I hit you.”    

For some reason a gif won’t work here, so I’m sorry about that.  Just imagine a very angry Woozi. Shouldn’t be that hard.
      “Stop it.”  “No.”  “Stop it.”  “No.” “_____, you know I hate it when you do this.”  “And you know I love your squishy face,” you cooed, pinching Jihoon’s cheeks some more.  “I know, but can you just love it from across the room?,” he asked bluntly.  “Would you rather I smother you with kisses?,” you threatened.  “God, no.  Just hurry this up, will ‘ya?”     “My name is Woozi and I’m an angry bunny,” you teased in a baby voice, smooshing his cheeks inward.       “Get out of my face before I hit you.”
  • JAMIE: "We're both getting close to 50, so how much longer can we do this for?
  • DAMON: "It's one of those bands that I think could go on forever, like a franchise. It could become something like Superman or Star Wars, because we don't actually have to be anywhere near it. Anyone can make a Gorillaz album. I suppose there is a family recipe, which would require me to pass the envelope to somebody else. I think what I love about it is it can be whatever I want to be"
  • Exclaim – May 2017 (Canadian Music Newspaper)

“The floor is lava…”, he whispered. Nobody heard him. And if they did they always chose to ignore him. “Hey! The floor…it’s…it’s lava”, he said a little louder. Amber gave him a quick glance then pretended he wasn’t there. It was like that one time he finally managed to confess to her in 9th grade. She had stared at him with a puzzled look on her face and then walked away without saying a single word. The next day he was as good as dead to her and her friends. He could still be in the same room as them but his presence got unacknowledged. “I am telling you! The floor is lava!” “Oh, fuck off, Jake”, said Amber. It was the first time Amber, let alone anyone, spoke to him since the death of his parents. A tear rolled over his cheek and was followed by a smile. “But but…”. “Listen to me Jake. The floor is lava, the sky is lava, the floor is my pussy…” (He could see Max picturing the latter in his mind’s eye), all of it.. just stop it, okay? This has been going on for days and nobody gives a damn. You are only making a fool of yourself Jake!“, she exclaimed. "Bet he wished the floor was your pussy”, howled Max. “Fucking loser." A smile appeared on Jake’s face. "See! Told you! He really wants the floor to be…” “Oh, shut up, Max!” Sweat started to drip from Jake’s forehead. He grinned. “The. Floor. Is. Lava.” 5…..4…..3….2….he jumped on his desk….1….and then watched Amber, Max and their friends being swallowed by the lava. Their screams music to his ears and the smell of their burning corpses something he would cherish forever. The same way he cherished that of his parents. “The floor is lava, bitch.”