exciting dive

  • Bts went swimming with sharks and  
  • Jungkook kept telling BTS to just hit the sharks nose if he attacks
  • Jungkook, jimin, and Suga being the most excited dived in first, they were very excited (v was loving the experience too). Meanwhile, the hyung team: Jin, Rapmon, and Jhope were SO scared especially Hoseok (like usual) but at the end they ALL loved it.
  • The sentences that are used in every Bon voyage 2 ep; Jin screaming Aloha to every stranger and V asking “How long does it take” while ordering and BTS saying “Important business” to anyone who approaches them for photos.
  • BTS went after that to have lunch without hoseok because he got seasick (poor baby) Tahyung was a little bit nauseated too but thought eating will help so he went to have lunch with the boys.
  • BTS divided into two teams: the ones who want to get seafood: Jungkook, jin, and Suga. and the ones who want to eat burgers: Jimin, V, and Rapmon
  • Rapmon made V and Jimin order so they can learn to communicate  in English better
  • Info: V does not like avocados
  • Suga kept calling BTS “international kpop sensation rainbow shrimp …”
  • Jimin, Rapmon and Tae kept looking at birds  and ended going crazy turning their heads like like birds (whyyyyyyy are they like this). Mochi found out that a bird didn’t have legs and felt soooo sorry for it (Let’s protect his kind heart)
  • Jk heard a baby crying and imitated it 
  • Jin blowing kisses at Suga and Yoongi looking down like he does not know him 
  • Jimin feeding Taehyung like always
  • BTS meeting up again to go to Waikiki and Jhope joined them after resting.
  • As Suga promised he kept listening to what V wanted to do.
  • Rapmon and Jhope writing their names in the sand and not forgetting ARMY
  • Jungkook, jimin, and Jin taking selfies and bumping into Jhope and RM. Both themes trying to ignore each other. 
  • V and yoongi picking accessories for each other and promising to not taking them off. They will play rock paper scissors later too while going down the stairs. Suga will win and V will carry him.
  • Jin screamed “I love you” to Rapmon and Jhope on the phone.
  • Jhope and rapmon (the richest team) ended up being at the same restaurant as the poorest team and Jhope and rapmon kept dancing and bragging about how much money they have singing money money money.
  • JJJ (Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook) for half their airing time were begging for food in all sort of ways.
  • Jhope said he envies rapmon, and Namjoon replies that he is the one who envies him because he is the most professional one in the team, that he sometimes lacks as a leader when he can’t take care of the staff and that Hoseok does it so naturally. Then they talked about how admirable Suga is and how easy it’s  for him to write songs for BTS knowing that it is not an easy task 
  • V giving his yolk to Suga because he likes to mix t with their cold noodles. The meal Taegi had was so delicious, Suga teared up a bit as he recalled his mother’s food. 
  • Jin recalled his debut days while eating with Jikook. He thought even after debuting he will not be busy and at most, he will just work 2 hours a day (The boy never thought BTS will get this popular. Protect him)
  • Souvenirs: JJJ shopping for souvenirs and getting ukulele key chains and turning them into earrings (the definition of extra). Jhope and rapmon bought sandals. Taegi got a necklace and a bracelet.


I’m in a reading slump so regularly, it feels like I hardly read anything at all. They’re honestly one of the reasons why I’m a slow reader and why I don’t read that many books in a year.

Weeks go by where I don’t pick up a book and it’s sad that I don’t want to do something I love. Soon as I’m in a slump, I’m in no mood to read, I’m not tackling my overflowing TBR and things are spiraling out of control!

I feel like I’m being over dramatic but I can see the pile of ARCs and review books I need to read…
People ask how I manage all the ARCs that need reviewing and the truth is, I don’t. I just have to take my time and read whenever I feel like it.

I’ve noticed a lot things can easily put me in a slump and affects how much I read or if I want to read. But I have some tricks I try when I feel like that. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t but I thought I’d make a post about them - it might help if you’re prone to reading slumps like me.

Here goes!

1. Sample A Chapter

If there’s a book you’ve been meaning to pick up for a while, or there’s a few books on your TBR that have been there for ages - pick it up and read the first chapter.

I have this strange habit or reading the first few pages whenever I get a new book, just to get a taste of what it’s like. And usually, those few pages make me want to keep reading.

Just sample the first couple pages to see if it hooks you right away. If it does and you find yourself wanting to read more, that’s great! But if it doesn’t, just put down and read the first chapter of another book.

This isn’t starting and DNFing a book
just after one chapter so, don’t think of it as that. Because in future, you’ll pick it up again and possibly enjoy it a lot more than you would have in a slump. 

So, if that chapter isn’t working for you, don’t keep reading it or forcing yourself. You’ll dislike the book just because of your slump and it’ll ruin what potentially could have been an amazing book if you’d read it any other time. 

Just reading a first chapter has helped me a lot. Not every book with be interesting, so I pick up another one hoping it’ll keep me reading. It’s like letting the book give a 60 second pitch as to why you should read it next. Maybe it’ll work for you, maybe not.

2. Re-read A Favourite Book

There’s something comforting about re-reading a favourite book because I know I’ll love it, and I’m always excited to dive back into a familiar world. I’ve picked up the Harry Potter books or The Infernal Devices since I love those series and it would get me back into a routine of reading again.

If you have a favourite book that’s comforting, just pick it up and read it. You’ll be happy to be back with those characters. I feel like I could grab any Harry Potter book and sink into the story, I don’t need to go in chronological order if I don’t want to, but just enjoy the familiarity.

It probably won’t help reduce your TBR and you might not like re-reading when you have so many new books to get through, but there’s something about re-reading a book you really love.

Can’t find a new book to read? Might as well enjoy one you know and love.

3. Listen to Audiobooks

I will always stand by Audiobooks since they’re a fantastic way to read. They’ve helped me out of slumps, and made me read more and quicker than I usually do. I even recommended listening to books on my Being A Slow Reader blogpost so, make sure to go check that out if you haven’t. 

I always listen to music when I’m out, on the bus, or on my way to work that I’ve started listening to books instead. I can read a chapter, maybe more during my journey and it’s such an efficient way to read.

It can help with slumps too. You can multitask whilst listening, or maybe you’ll enjoy the fact someone is reading the book to you as it can be quite calming. You can bump up the speed and read a book faster.
Because it’s such a quick way to read by listening, you’re instantly immersed in the book and you’ll be hooked before you even know it.

Honestly, just listening to a book has gotten me out of slumps without realising it. I always found myself putting my headphones in to continue the story.

You should give audiobooks a try. It’s a new format of reading and maybe you’ll like a change from physical books or ebooks. But remember to sample the narration before getting an audiobook and make sure you like it. It’s something I always do because the narration can make a difference to your reading experience. 

4. Pick A Hyped Book

I see hyped books all over my social media. New releases or upcoming books that people are loving. I’ll see this book popping up everywhere and everyone is raving about it, for good reason.

Whenever this happens, I trust a book to live up to my expectations. It’s so highly praised, I know there’s a bigger chance of me enjoying it like everyone else did.

I’m not saying everyone loves the same books, there are plenty of popular books I don’t like. But the book’s been getting great reviews for a reason - and a good book that’s been getting 4 and 5 stars is what you need to get you out of a slump. 

I read Caraval by Stephanie Garber after a ton of people could not stop talking about it and telling me how amazing it was. I ended up reading it and yes, I loved it. My timeline was filled with praise for Caraval that I went in with high hopes, trusting that I would like it and I did. After I started reading it, I couldn’t stop and now I’m waiting for the sequel. 

Pick up a book that everyone’s enjoying and hopefully, you’ll love it, too. It’s worth a shot!

5. Don’t Force It

Don’t force yourself to read when you’re in a slump. You’re already in no mood to pick up a book and making yourself read will feel like a chore.

You can try these little tricks in this blogpost but if they don’t work, you’ll have to wait until you naturally feel like reading. 

This last one isn’t a tip but some advice, I guess? It’s like when you had to do required reading at school and it was the last thing you wanted to do. Forcing yourself to read isn’t fun.


And that’s it for my tips!
I hope you found this helpful, or let me know if you already do some of the things I listed. 

I’d love to know your thoughts or how you get out of your reading slumps if I haven’t mentioned it above.

Thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate any likes, reblogs and comments!


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Define Dancing

ya boi finally wrote some fluff! 

I was listening to the wall-e soundtrack and got inspired. Loosely based around the dancing scene in wall-e, but not entirely.

Summary: Roman realizes just how over-worked Logan is and decides to take him on an adventure. Logince/ RoLo

Knock, knock, knock.

Three loud knocks echoed their way through Logan’s room, through the soft piano music playing through his headphones, and a call a moment later: “Logan?” He didn’t look up from the notes on the desk in front of him, didn’t respond beyond a grunt as he scanned lines and lines of theories and possibilities with tired eyes, didn’t stir as the door opened and someone made their way inside.

“What have you been doing in here, specs?” Roman asked, striding up to him with one eyebrow raised, his arms crossed over his chest, his voice filled with his own special boisterous kind of concern. “We haven’t seen you all day — and, dare I say it, I believe we’ve missed your nerdy ramblings.”

Logan didn’t respond beyond a nod towards his work, reaching up to readjust his glasses as his mind untangled a particularly difficult equation. The desk in front of him was cluttered, covered in papers and pens and books and all manner of nerdy things — everything that he needed to work through one of Thomas’ problems, to finally find a solution.

Roman made a dissatisfied noise, annoyed at the lack of response. He shifted from one foot to the other, leaning over Logan’s shoulder to gaze at the pile of notes. “Is this what you’ve been working on all day?” he asked, craning his neck to look at Logan’s face. His eyes narrowed; slowly, he straightened up, and Logan could feel his glare on the back of his neck.

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Oh hey, look what arrived today!! \o/ my @notwithoutyoufanbook and holy shit am I excited to dive in. It has taken all my willpower to wait to read all this amazing fic in an actual book, & to stain the pages with my ACTUAL tears because the fanart is SO AMAZING. I WANT TO CRY.

Thank you @starandshield and every one who contributed to this book!!! <3

Check out the Not Without You Anthology tag for some of the amazing contributions to this projected <3333xinfinity

Essays in Existentialism: Gold

Could u do one where Lexa and Clarke are both very well known athletes competing at the olympics , both are expected to win gold in their respective sports. Maybe they get together and the media finds out.

“Okay, okay, just one,” Clarke smiles and holds the phone of the fans waiting outside the hotel. She snaps a picture and hands it back. “Okay, one more. You’re going to make me late, and they aren’t going to hold the plane.”

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A grown Henry has been recruited for a mission by a storybook-toting child he didn’t know he had? You might think Season 7’s premiere will thus echo the series’ very first episode, but “we’re not doing what we did in the pilot, which is a curse hits and rips everyone away [from their lives],” says co-creator Adam Horowitz. “The first episode is not about the curse, when it happened or how it happened. We’re coming at this a different way.” (Also quite different: the cast, in the wake of six exits and five additions.) What we do know is that in Seattle’s Hyperion Heights, Regina, Hook and Rumple have new indentities (bar owner Roni, policeman Rogers and a “menacing” someone), and Henry and daughter Lucy must enlist them to fight a new evil. Cue Gabrielle Anwar as the infamous stepmother of Cinderella (Dania Ramirez) aka Henry’s baby momma. “What’s awesome about Lady Tremaine is… exactly what I can’t tell you,” Horowitz teases. “But Gabrielle is bringing levels of humanity to a character whose name has Evil in it.”

BONUS SPOILER!: Regina might get a new romance, but that’s far from her main storyline. “There are so many other things she has to deal with — both Regina and [Roni] — and central to that is her relationship with Henry,” whom she doesn’t recognize at first, says Horowitz. “It’s been exciting to dive into a mother-son relationship from a new angle.”

RETURN DATE: Friday, Oct. 6 at 8/7c (ABC)

Fall TV Spoilers 2017: Scoop on 35+ Returning Favorites

Once Upon A Time

A grown Henry has been recruited for a mission by a storybook-toting child he didn’t know he had? You mightthink Season 7’s premiere will thus echo the series’ very first episode, but “we’re not doing what we did in the pilot, which is a curse hits and rips everyone away [from their lives],” says co-creator Adam Horowitz. “The first episode is not about the curse, when it happened or how it happened. We’re coming at this a different way.” (Also quite different: the cast, in the wake of six exits and five additions.) What we do know is that in Seattle’s Hyperion Heights, Regina, Hook and Rumple have new indentities (bar owner Roni, policeman Rogers and a “menacing” someone), and Henry and daughter Lucy must enlist them to fight a new evil. Cue Gabrielle Anwar as the infamous stepmother of Cinderella (Dania Ramirez) aka Henry’s baby momma. “What’s awesome about Lady Tremaine is… exactly what I can’t tell you,” Horowitz teases. “But Gabrielle is bringing levels of humanity to a character whose name has Evil in it.”

BONUS SPOILER!: Regina might get a new romance, but that’s far from her main storyline. “There are so many other things she has to deal with — both Regina and [Roni] — and central to that is her relationship with Henry,” whom she doesn’t recognize at first, says Horowitz. “It’s been exciting to dive into a mother-son relationship from a new angle.”


Day Five - ‘Harry Potter’ (Bechloe Week)

“Good morning sunshiiine!” Chloe chimed with a bright dazzling smile as she sat in the drivers seat of the new car her parents had bought her at the beginning of the summer. The greeting was met with a grunt of dissatisfaction from the petite brunette who had just climbed into the passenger seat of the car, her hood up over her head and sunglasses on her face.

Beca hated early mornings. Hated them. But for some stupid reason she’d agreed to let Chloe pick her up from her mother’s house that she’d been staying at during the end of summer break, and drive them over to the Bella’s house near Barden University. Something she hadn’t realised would mean that Chloe would be at her door at 9am. The chick was crazy. She would’ve had to have left her home at 6am the latest to have got to hers in time.

“Come on…” Chloe muttered with a mocking eye-roll, unbuckling her seatbelt and leaning over to force Beca into her arms for a hug, “…we haven’t seen each other in weeks, one hug won’t hurt you!” she said with a chuckle and Beca immediately wanted to ask her if she wanted to bet that, squirming out of her friend’s arms. If this was how her sophomore year was starting then Beca had a feeling it was going to be a very long year.

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Pretty Reaper Sailor Moon

My final reverb was a wonderful project I got to work on with @l0chn3ss who rewatched all three Sailor Moon movies with me and came up with the most epic plot I think I’ve ever read. I’m so excited for you to dive into the world we’ve created because it is honestly so inspiring to me. I made waaayyy too much art for it and I’m sure I won’t stop; some of the scenes will need to be brought to life for sure. I can’t imagine having had a better partner than Ness for this one. <3

These are the two initial pieces I planned from the beginning plus the cover art for the fic. See my other stuff here:

[outtakes/comics] [pastel group shot] [sunset scene]

Don’t forget to show Ness your love on her fic! 

@l0chn3ss’ fic: here!
Bonus moodboards: [part one] [part two]


Canada x Reader - Birthday Surprises

【 Happy Birthday, Canada! 】
Canada x Reader

As July 1 had been approaching, you always noticed your partner becoming happier and more excited. Though, you’d always ask him in a teasing way what he’d be so excited for and he’d seem almost… sad? He said it was nothing and told you not to worry. You just went along with it, but of course how on earth could you forget? -It was Matthew’s birthday!

You’re in the kitchen, trying to get something, only to groan loudly. “Mattie, do you mind running to the store to grab some more paper towels? I think we ran out.” You ask him, only to see the boy’s eyes widen for a moment, his lips frowning.

“O-oh, of course. Sure.” He replies, lowering his head as he grabs his keys and slips his shoes on, heading to the door. “I love you, Y/N. I’ll be right back.” The quiet Canadian promises, though he doesn’t smile at you.

You, admittedly, felt so awful. You hadn’t said happy birthday to him once, you just acted as if today was another regular day. Matthew fell for it completely, knowing how easily it was to be forgotten.

Though, you weren’t planning on forgetting about him.

You flash a weak smile towards Matthew. “Thank you, honey. Be safe.” You reply, only to hear him mumble a ‘yeah’ before leaving to his car.

That’s when it happened.

“Uh, dude, can I get out of the closet now! It’s a bit squished in here,” a familiar American voice pleads. You just laugh, turning to the direction of the closet.

“Come on out, Alfred. And tell the others too.” You request, hearing a loud thump as Alfred stumbles out of the closet, though Francis is right behind him, flashing a sheepish smile. A few close friends of you and Matthew are next, though they have decorations and whatnot.

You get them all organized before smiling, placing your hands on your hips as you know what to do. “Alright guys, we have about ten minutes before Mattie comes back. We need to get this place all partied up before then.” You begin, nodding to each of them.

“First,” you say, exhaling as you point to the overexcited Frenchman. “Francis. You’ll be in charge of the cake. You have it, right?” You ask, only to see him nod his head.

Francis goes towards the fridge, grabbing out what seems to be a pancake shaped cake, which had been cleverly disguised. “Oui, mon ami. You can count on moi.” He promises with a wink as he goes to work on it.

You stifle a bit of a laugh. “Next, decorations. You guys know where to put those, I hope. Put them in appealing positions, just don’t make them so that the person can trip over them, alright? Last thing we need is Francis tripping and spilling the cake into someone’s face.” A gasp is heard from Francis, but there are a few laughs exchanged within the crowd.

They begin to scatter off, leaving only Alfred left. Alfred is bouncing up and down, his blue eyes shining in eagerness. “Dude, dude, dude! What do I get to do, huh?” He laughs out, though you just flash a smile to him.

“You remember the plan, right? You’ll be outside and tell Matthew that something happened to me.” You remind, unsure if he had even remembered it.

Luckily, he had.

Alfred pauses for a moment, his head looking like it was in space, only to smile widely. “Oh.. uh, yeah! That plan! Got it!” He grins, racing towards the front door. Though, before exiting, he stops, turning back to look at you. “And don’t worry Y/N, in the best actor there is. You can count on me!”

With that, he leaves the home, going outside.

Everything seemed to be going as planned, but the only thing you needed now was Matthew. You just worried… he’d be alright… right?

About ten minutes later, your friend is staring outside the window, keeping watch for Matthew. “He’s here!” Your friend yells, causing widespread panic mixed with excitement. Everyone dives for their hiding places, including yourself. You press yourself behind the wall to the front door, being able to listen to when Matthew would come in.

Alfred is anxiously tapping his foot, pacing back and forth as he rubs his temples with his hands. He rubs his face with his hands, shaking his head. Matthew’s eyes widen as he approaches Alfred, not understanding. “Alf, is something wrong?” Matthew asks in worry, only to see Alfred freak out. Matthew was hoping he was here for his birthday, but it didn’t seem so much like it now.

“M-Mattie, dude, listen. Something happened to Y/N. Y/N tried calling you but you didn’t pick up. So, I was called and I came right away!” Alfred stammers, only to see Matthew pale.

“Y/N? W-what? N-no, she has to be alright,” Matthew murmurs in shock as he suddenly pushes past Alfred, murmuring a sorry as he reaches for the front door.

Once he’s inside, he scrambles to get in. “Y/N? Y/N?” He cries out loudly, choking on the build up of his tears.

Though, you bite your lip at how worried he was. You gently tap him on the shoulder, making him turn around. Once he does, everyone pops out and yells, “Surprise! Happy birthday, Matthew!”

Matthew freezes in place, his face paling. He can’t comprehend this, though he immediately wraps you in his arms, beginning to cry. Your eyes widen, seeing how quickly the smiles wiped off of your friends’ faces.

“Shhh, Mattie, what’s wrong?” You ask quietly, rubbing his back. Matthew sniffles, pulling away to reveal his red face. But, suddenly, his lips stretch into a smile. That’s the moment you realized that those weren’t sad tears, they were tears of joy.

“You r-remembered,” is all he can say, shaking his head in awe. “I… I thought you would’ve maybe- f-forgotten.” He replies, looking around to see everything.

Your lips curve into a slight frown at this. “Mattie, did you think we would’ve ever forgotten? Me, Alfred, Francis,” you murmur to him, kissing him on the cheek. “Your birthday is very important. We couldn’t just forget something like that.” You try to cheer him up, though he’s already smiling happily.

“Happy birthday, my Canada,” you softly reply, wrapping your arms around him in a hug as you place a light kiss on his lips.

I’m flying tonight,
I can no longer see the ground.
I see mountains and clouds,
Come with me as I soar above the crowds.
I’m soaring tonight,
I can no longer see the ground.
I see the open ocean and sailing ships,
Come with me on exciting trips.
I’m diving tonight,
I can no longer see the sky.
I see the grass and ocean racing towards me,
Come with me if you want to be free.
I’m falling tonight,
I can no longer see my future.
I see the ground and my death.
Come with me on my last dying breath.
I’m no longer around tonight,
I can no longer run free.
I see the path I paved myself,
You were right to not come with me.
—  Wildest of Nights // Kitten Quinn
Bechloe One-Shot

Bechloe’s daughter brings her boyfriend home for the first time!

Thanks for this awesome one-shot prompt. Enjoy!


Daniel stood nervously on the doorstep of the large house. 6ft 3in tall, well built and toned, tanned with shaggy blonde hair, he perfectly epitomised the ‘surfer dude’ look. Yet his legs trembled slightly and he could feel his heart hammering away against his chest. Today was a big deal. This moment was a big deal. What if they hated him? He wasn’t a bad guy. Far from it. 

But he’d been in a very unfortunate situation last month when his girlfriend had been on the phone to her Mother and he hadn’t realised, so had snuck behind her, shirtless, and wrapped his strong arms around his girlfriend’s waist. He’d then begun deeply kissing and nibbling her neck, whispering things into her ear. Things that no mother should have to hear her daughter’s other half say.

Daniel felt his right hand being squeezed by his girlfriend’s hand - her dominant left hand - and he looked down to his right, his pale blue eyes meeting a pair of deep blue eyes. The eyes that had immediately drawn him in the moment he had first seen them. The blue eyes that felt like home, such were the two years that he had known and stared into them. 

“You okay?” he heard Lara whisper to him, her dark eyebrows raised as she looked at him in concern. But he put on a brave face. For her. Because today wasn’t just a big deal for him. It was a big deal for her too. Introducing your other half to your family was scary. He knew, because his mother had invited Lara to spend last Christmas with them, which Lara had happily obliged.

Ah, yeah, that was another reason why Daniel was nervous. Because he was probably in her Mom’s bad-books for taking her daughter away from them for Christmas until New Years. Lara had mentioned on several occasions just how crazy her Mom got when it came to getting into the Christmas spirit. And she sure as hell got crazy last Christmas, when Lara had tentatively revealed that she wouldn’t be popping home during her short vacation from work.

Daniel swallowed loudly as the front door of the large house swung open and on the other side of the threshold stood a woman he recognised from the many, many photos Lara had stuck up around her apartment. He also recognised her from TV, but Daniel refused to acknowledge that fact. Because at the end of the day, the woman who stood before them with fiery red hair was more than TV royalty. She was his girlfriend’s Mom.  

“Lara!” The woman exclaimed excitably, immediately diving forward and enveloping her eldest daughter in a warm, tight hug. “Oh it’s so wonderful to see you sweetheart. I’ve missed you so much!”

Daniel found himself smiling as he identified just how similar to her Mom Lara was. She had none of her features but all of her bubbly personality. Lara had told him quite early on in their relationship that her Mom had carried her, but that she had been the result of IVF treatment.

“And you must be Daniel!” The redhead cried out, stepping away from her daughter and immediately reaching up to pull him into a welcoming hug. “My goodness aren’t you tall! And so handsome!”

Daniel felt a wave of relief rush over his body at her greeting as he bend down and patted the older woman politely on the back. Maybe she wasn’t so mad with him about Christmas. He looked up while Lara’s Mom continued to hold him, while complimenting him to her daughter.

The young man felt his stomach knot as his eyes caught a pair of stormy blue eyes, belonging to a petite woman who had reached the bottom of the grand staircase behind the redhead. The fifty year old had a face like thunder and Daniel immediately felt terrified.

Lara had pre-warned him she’d be like this. Because this was her mother. Fiercely protective of Lara and her two younger brothers, Beca Mitchell took no shit from anyone, the curse of working for so long within an industry renowned for hard-talk and stubborn decision-making. Beca Mitchell was the music industry’s leading music producer. She had toured the world in her 30s, DJ-ing at some of the most prestigious venues around, often taking her wife and young Lara along with her too, if her wife wasn’t filming a new show.

Now the couple resided in LA, in the large home they had bought years ago and insisted remaining in for continuity purposes. Because this had been the home Lara and her brothers had been born in and grown up in. This was her home.

“Ma, this is Daniel…” Lara said, nerves evident in her tone, and Daniel gulped as the older woman looked him up and down. She did not approve. He could tell she didn’t. It was the way she squinted at him, as though trying to read his thoughts. And it made him uncomfortable. He knew why she hated him. It had been that time she’d Facetime’d her daughter from LA and he hadn’t realised so had started to get a little frisky with Lara, and Beca had heard too much. Way too much.

The tall man sucked in his breath and stuck his hand out with the intention of shaking Beca’s hand. But the woman simply stared at it, her brow furrowed.

“Sweetheart” Daniel noticed Lara’s Mom smooth the palm of her hand across the small of Beca’s back, resting it there as she looked at her wife, her tone firm but kind, “be nice.”


The twenty two year old’s voice seemed to reach the mother’s ears and help her snap back to reality. Daniel wondered if Beca had been imagining what it was like to kill him. She was that protective of her only daughter.

“Good to meet you properly Daniel.” The older brunette said, reluctantly reaching out and shaking the young man’s hand. Daniel tried not to wince, her small hand gripping his like a vice, clearly on purpose. There was no smile on her face. No sparkle in her eye. No matter how much Lara looked like Beca - and every bit of Lara looked like her mother; from her brown hair and eyebrows, to her deep blue eyes and small lips, petite frame and small hips - she had the sparkling, bubbly, enthusiastic personality of her Mom.

Chloe Mitchell - ‘Chloe Beale’ in the TV world - was everything Daniel had imagined her to be. She was exactly how she seemed during TV interviews, except at this moment in time she only had eyes for her eldest child, who she looked at adoringly. Lara had informed him that while she was close to her Mama, she had a bond with her Mom that was far greater than any bond she had with anyone else. She speculated that it could be due to the fact that her Mom had given birth to her, and hadn’t left her side for essentially the first five years of her life.

“There…that wasn’t awkward at all…” Lara said sarcastically under her breath as Daniel took his hand back and stuffed it into the back pocket of his pants. He saw Chloe give them a reassuring wink and kind smile as her wife returned to her side.

“Right,” Chloe said airily, “lunch is almost ready…” And the woman turned to her left and began slowly leading the way through to the huge kitchen that lay at the back of the house. Daniel felt his girlfriend drop his hand as she strode forward to walk alongside her Mom, who wrapped her arm around her daughter’s shoulders, pulling her into her side as Lara snaked her arm around Chloe’s waist. And they both whispered excitably about how much Chloe already liked Lara’s boyfriend.

Before Daniel could get much further than over the threshold though, he felt a cold hand wrap itself around his forearm. The young man was tugged to a stop and he turned to see that the owner of the hand was Lara’s Mother.

Beca looked up at him pointedly, jabbing her finger into his chest, “Listen to me you little shit,” she hissed aggressively at him under her breath, “I know my daughter loves you but that doesn’t mean I have to like you, kapish?”

Daniel was trembling. He was a good foot taller than this woman but she still scared the hell out of him as she glared up at his face. He could understand why she was doing it though. He remembered reading on Facebook a few years ago about the very messy and public breakup between a one ‘Lara Mitchell’ - daughter of Beca Mitchell and Chloe Beale - and ‘Jordon Grimez’ - teen rapper extraordinaire, who had met when Beca Mitchell had produced the little git’s album.

“If you dare do anything to break her heart, I swear to God I will make your life hell. Understand?”

Daniel held his hands up in defence, “Absolutely.” The brunette squinted at him as though she didn’t believe him and the man was sure that she didn’t. So he continued, “Honestly, Ms Mitchell, I’m really in love with your daughter. I have no intention of ever breaking her heart.”

“Hmm” the older woman said suspiciously.

Fortunately for Daniel, Lara dashed into the hallway, having noticed neither her boyfriend or mother had followed her through to the kitchen. “Everything ok?” She asked in concern.

Daniel turned to look from his girlfriend to his girlfriend’s mother, still unable to believe just how similar the two looked. Beca had a smile on her face for the first time since they had arrived and it surprised him to see the older woman reach out and pull her daughter into a warm, tight hug.

“I’ve missed you so much babe.” The mother said, and the man enjoyed seeing just how happy his girlfriend looked as she squeezed her eyes shut, putting her all into the cuddle.

“I’ve missed you too Mama!” Lara replied, before pulling back and grinning excitably at Beca, “How were the Globes? You guys looked amazing!”

“A total unnecessary farce as usual. But you know what your Mom’s like. We had to go…” the older woman said with a playful eye-roll.

“She did win two awards Ma…”

“I know, I know…” Beca said with a proud grin, and the two women began slowly walking away from the front door, followed almost obediently by Daniel.

Daniel remembered settling down in front of the TV last week with his girlfriend, tuning in to watch the Golden Globes. He still found it bizarre how casual Lara was about seeing her mother’s on TV, at award ceremonies, on the front of magazines, featured on billboards.

Beca was praised multiple times in acceptance speeches at the Grammy’s, Brit’s, and even at the Oscars last year (thought admittedly it had been by Chloe, who had won the award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, and had burst into tears when she’d explained how Beca had been her greatest supporter throughout the thirty-odd years they had known each other).

Chloe was adored by Hollywood, La-La Land, critics and the general public all over the world. At thirty years old she had shot to fame thanks to a short four-part Netflix series that charted the rise and doomed fall of a musical starlet. Twenty four years on and she was now affectionately deemed TV and Hollywood royalty.

The fame and success didn’t go unnoticed by the paparazzi, and as a consequence the private couple had had many the court battle over the years with newspapers and websites that tried so hard to disrupt their private-lives. Court battles that got messier and more aggressive if their children were involved - so protective the women were of their daughter and two sons.

To meet your girlfriend’s parents for the first time is intimidating enough. But when your girlfriend’s parents are two of the most powerful and successful women in the entertainment industry? Yeah, that made them a million times more intimidating!

“Lunch is up!” Chloe was heard calling from the kitchen, and Daniel almost bumped into Beca as she stopped abruptly, turned her head towards the staircase, and called out loudly: “Boys!! Lunch is ready!!”

A silence fell upon the house and Daniel held his breath as he watched his girlfriend’s mother roll her eyes, let out a short puff of air, then begin to make her way up the stairs. Lara had reached out and took his hand, dragging him away from the staircase and through to the grand open-plan kitchen/lounge, where Chloe was busy serving up salmon steaks onto plates at the table.

“Let me guess…” she started with a smile, “no sign of movement from your brothers?”

“What else is new?” Lara said with a giggle, sliding onto a seat in front of the table and motioning for her boyfriend to join her. Which he did. And for a couple of moments the young lovers sat in silence, Lara pouring the chilled water from a jug into six glasses, and Daniel staring over at the trophies that stood behind glass and ran above the kitchen cabinets, along the length of the kitchen wall. From Grammy’s and Brit awards, to Golden Globes and BAFTA’s. There were…fifteen of them along this row alone. Daniel was impressed.

“So sweetheart, how long are you in town for?”

“Um…I was actually wondering if we could stay for a couple of days? I’ve got an audition tomorrow, then a meeting with my agent the morning after. I figured we could hang about here in between?”

Daniel looked at the redhead, noting the slight waver in her smile, and he suddenly felt nervous again. He didn’t want to be a burden. But no sooner had her smile wavered, it brightened again as she looked at them both.

“Of course sweetheart! It’d be lovely to have you home for a little while! You’ll…need to sleep in separate rooms of course…”

Daniel heard his girlfriend let out a groan and Lara put her head in her hands, “Mommm!”

“I know, but you know what your mother’s like-”

“I’m 22 years old! We live together for crying out loud!”

“Lara, it’s ok. We can sleep in separate rooms-” Daniel began, but quickly stopped when Chloe cleared her throat loudly, announcing the arrival of her wife, who shuffled through a door into the open-plan kitchen/lounge followed closely behind by two teenage boys.

“Boys, this is Daniel.” Beca said unenthusiastically, motioning to the tall man who sat beside her only daughter. Daniel stood and smiled politely as the youngest of the two boys strode up to him with a bright smile and shook his hand.

“Hey I’m Adam.” Said the fourteen year old. And Daniel noticed just how much he looked like his sister, with his dark hair and deep blue eyes. His personality, on first impression, also mimicked that of Chloe with his enthusiasm and the way his eyes seemed to sparkle as he spoke. Adam was noticeably taller than both his mother’s and sister, but still shorter than his older brother.

Now, the middle Mitchell child was like his mother in almost every way. He had her features, making him look just like his siblings, but he also had her stormy look, which immediately made Daniel feel uncomfortable. The seventeen year old was tall too. Not quite the 6ft 3in that Daniel was, but he was certainly nearing 6ft. And it wasn’t until his Mom sternly told him to say hello to his sister’s boyfriend, that the teen sighed and thrust his hand reluctantly out to shake his hand. “Harry…” he said moodily.

Lara had mentioned at one point that Harry was very protective of her, despite being five years younger. He’d been a big fan of Lara’s previous boyfriend, but having seen the torment his sister had gone through during the breakup, he now struggled to trust anyone his sister decided to date. The difference was Daniel wasn’t just someone Lara was dating. They were in a relationship together. And had been for two years.

As Daniel resumed his position at the table he felt nervous, his palms sweating as he took the plate that Chloe handed him. He swallowed loudly as he looked up and noticed the identical expressions on the mother and her son opposite him, looking at him suspiciously. Beca and Harry certainly had a way of making strangers feel unwelcome. Fortunately to his right he saw the bright smiles of Chloe, Adam, and Lara. The ratio of Mitchell’s liking him to not liking him was 3-2. The odds were in his favour.

He hoped to propose to Lara one day. But if her mother was the Beca Mitchell he’d read and heard all about, then he was going to be in for a very tough ride before he could even glimpse the slightest chance of asking her permission for Lara’s hand.


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Her Eternal Sin [Ch’s. 7&8]

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m back from Vacation! Thank you everyone for being so patient during my absence. I’m going to avoid a long introduction because I’m sure you’re all excited to dive into the next chapter. Lucky for you, I’ve included two chapters! As promised, I have some lengthy reading in store for you since I’ve been gone so long.

I also have some art included from two very good friends of mine. I couldn’t be more thankful for their help bringing my chapters to life. Give them both a follow, they’re amazing artists!

@albanananana​ (Ch. 7 art)

@pviane​ (Ch. 8 art)

I decided to include all my previous chapters here because I’m sure it’s getting harder to find them all among my crazy blogging.

Ch. 6

Ch. 5 (NSFW)

Ch. 4

Ch. 3 (NSFW)

Ch. 2

Ch. 1

Chapter 7 will be Amèlie’s POV, and Chapter 8 will be Reaper’s POV.

As always, enjoy!!

Ch. 7

Amèlie felt dizzy as the room seemed as though it was spinning. It had felt like the floor gave way below her. A sickness washed over her. She ran in zig-zags towards the bathroom. Falling to her knees at the toilet, she began to vomit. Every part of her body ached.

She felt her hair being pulled back. It was Gabriel. The man who just discovered her true identity that she herself had no idea about. Talon had been using her as an experiment all these years without her knowledge. The blackouts, the strange emotions, all coming together in full explanation.

She reached for the bathroom counter near the toilet, attempting to pull herself up. Gabriel helped her stand to her feet. Leaning over the sink, she scooped water into her mouth with her hands, and splashed water over her face. She didn’t dare look up at the mirror. She was sure she looked ghostly. Falling back to the floor, she lifted her knees to her chest, hugging her arms around them.

Gabriel knelt down in front of her. He stroked her hair with his claws in attempt to comfort her. He wore his mask, hiding his facial expressions from her.

“What am I going to do?” She questioned aloud, mostly to her own self, but Gabriel replied.

“You’re going to move on from this and keep living how you have been…as Widowmaker.” He stated. As if it was so easy to just move on after finding out she had been living a lie. She wondered what her personality was really like, what her emotions had felt like before the changes. The dreams she had during her blackouts were clear now and raced through her mind. She began to remember what she had looked like. She remembered the people she loved and cared for. Love and care were no longer apart of her design. At least not until she met Reaper…

“How?” She questioned him, looking up. Tears were streaming down her cheeks.

“We cannot change the past. We cannot change who we’ve become. So we must continue to be who we are now…” He spoke with wisdom and understanding, for he too went through changes the day he began living hell on earth as a monster. She knew his story as well as he now knew hers. It was then she realized, they would always need each other, and they were meant to end up this way. He was right, she couldn’t change who she’d become…what they’d turned her into. She was a cold-hearted assassin, and there was no going back from it.

She nodded her head slowly in agreement and stood to her feet. From this day forward, there will be no more tears, and no more sadness. She wasn’t going to try and fight who she’d become. Talon destroyed her mundane ways, but the joke was on them. She would find a way to have her revenge, but in the meantime she would keep her experiment findings secret. She would continue to work with Reaper on the field. When the time is right, she will make Talon wish they’d never touched her.

“So…” Gabriel stood to his feet with her and walked out of the bathroom and began pacing her bedroom, nervously pounding his fist into the palm of his other hand. “We have a new partner…” He stopped pacing and stood to look at her standing in the doorway of the bathroom.

“What?” She questioned with a tone of frustration and annoyance.

“Yeah…so uh…it wasn’t easy breaking into your medical files. Someone helped me…” He began to explain. “She is a hacker…actually that title doesn’t really do her justice.” He paused. “Anyway…her name is Sombra. She’s from the Talon base in Dorado, Mexico. She was recently transferred here. And the only way she would help me enter the science lab, was if I agreed to allow her to partner up with us…” He spoke quickly. 

“Are you fucking kidding me?” She yelled, throwing her hands in the air. A series of French profanities quickly followed behind as she stomped out of the bedroom. 

He followed her out into the living room, only to fetch his cigarettes from the coffee table. 

“I’ll be outside if you need me.” He told her before leaving her apartment.

She saw him to the door and slammed it shut behind him. How could he be so stupid? A new partner? Since when does he need help breaking into places? She was beyond furious. He knows how much she hates working with others. Working with him was enough of a headache already. 

She needed to find a way to calm her nerves and a shower would do just that. She surprisingly began to feel more like herself. All it took was the truth and a small mental breakdown. She hoped the blackouts would be gone for good now since her mindset had changed perspective. Stripping away her previous day clothes, she entered the shower. She turned the knob to scolding hot. It felt good over her sore, tensed muscles. Steam from the hot water filled her lungs as she inhaled. She felt refreshed and renewed. From this day forward, she would no longer look back. 

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Things that remind me of the signs

Aries: blood red lips puffed with the passionate kiss of a lover, the satisfactory burn of pure vodka exploding in your chest, second day eyeliner smudged beautifully around tired and excited eyes, the sparks of ember emitting from a crackling fire

Taurus: the warmth of a fuzzy blanket wrapped around you on a rainy night, the smell of fresh linen on newly washed sheets, sharing headphones and holding hands on a stroll through the park early morning, people watching and creating stories of excitement and wonder with your best friend

Gemini: Strong cologne on a flannel to cover the scent of cigarettes, the ripple of water caused by skipping rocks on a lake, shuffling a deck of old playing cards, the feeling of a guitar’s strings strummed against calloused fingers

Cancer: laying in driveways at 3:46 am and stargazing with the glow of the moon as your only light, the lump of sheer happiness in ones throat only achieved by watching friends being happy, the warmth of putting your back to a crackling fire in the hearth of a fireplace, feverish writing of poetry in the middle of the night

Leo: the blinding flash of a camera, a wall of ivy that has wrapped itself around a building and overtaken its surroundings, waking up early to watch the sun makes its appearance for the day, water balloon fights with friends

Virgo: the clean smell of a sterilized hospital imprinting itself in your brain as you wait anxiously, blades of freshly cut grass tickling bare feet, the protection of an overcoat with the collar up to block the winter’s cold, washing the paint out of paintbrushes after completing a work

Libra: the push of a key on a typewriter to emit an inky reflection of inner thoughts, unlocking a safe to reveal the treasures within, all night Netflix binges, sipping a coffee alone in a book store with nothing but your thoughts

Scorpio: a house standing alone on a hill, tattered mystery novels, the secret satisfaction of karma coming back for one who has wronged you, adrenaline rushes from 2 am joy rides

Sagittarius: a crisp wind blowing through a still town, diving into a pool for the first time, the spread wings of a bluebird migrating, impromptu road trips with friends, the twinkle of adventure in one’s eye

Capricorn: getting a good grade on a test you didn’t study for, admitting your feelings to your crush, walks on the beach at night, pushing through harsh winds on a walk, an umbrella in the pouring rain

Aquarius: rain drops falling onto your fluttering eyelashes and letting the water obscure your vision so you can see the world in a different way, muttered ramblings with friends in the middle of the night about theories on the world, dance montages to pop songs, the confusion and beauty of unexplored galaxies

Pisces: first kisses between nervous couples, deep sea diving, excited dogs leaping up to greet you, giddy laughter, the rush of dizziness that goes to your head after standing up from a long rest

why-no-pants  asked:

Hello there friendo do you have any bf headcanons (of your choice) for 1p France, Australia, Canada, and Denmark? Thank you and your blog is awesome keep it up

Heck yea I do!


  • Will spoil his s/o tbh
  • LOVES to show them affection too, he pretty much lives for it, so they need to be prepared for a massive amount of snuggles and kisses (◕◡◕✿)
  • He’ll probably brag about them to anyone he talks to, much to the person’s annoyance lmao
  • Like it’s almost a constant thing
  • He just loves them so much
  • Showers them in compliments and will go out of his way to make sure they know how much he loves/appreciates/cherishes/etc. them


  • The Fun Boyfriend™
  • Takes his s/o on exciting dates
  • Like sky diving or wrestling gators or some shit like that 
  • (Okay, maybe not wrestling alligators, but you get my point)
  • He likes to introduce them to new things they haven’t tried before, whether it’s food or experiences or something else
  • At the end of the day whenever the sun’s setting, he’ll like to go the beach and wrap a blanket around their shoulders and snuggle while they watch the sun go down behind the horizon because he’s a sap like that lmao (he’s a hopeless romantic at heart, you can’t tell me otherwise)


  • Super shy when they first start dating
  • It takes a whole lot of pepping himself up before he can ask them on a date and even then he’s a blushing, stuttering mess whenever he does go to ask them
  • Bless him
  • Won’t initiate cuddle sessions unless he knows they’re absolutely comfortable with it and it’s been a bit since they started seeing each other romantically
  • But tbh his cuddles are THE BEST. He’s so warm and comfy and he’ll give his s/o little kisses occasionally and he’s just so sweet and you’d be a fool to deny his cuddles, a fOOL
  • Pls love and cherish this boy, he’s more than deserving of it


  • Omg he’s so excited when they agree to go out with him, he’s like, vibrating with joy lmfao
  • He pretty much clings to his s/o’s side like 24/7 and gets pouty when they don’t want to cuddle
  • He’s a really good baker tbh and he’ll constantly be baking treats for his partner
  • Netflix and Chill  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • eSKIMO KISSES!!!!!!