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All Will Be Well || Percival Graves x Reader

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Based on Anonymous’ request- ‘Could you do a fic with the reader and Graves being a couple, but after his identity is stolen they start to suspect something and distances themselves from him? 


Percival Graves meant everything to you. He was your world, your rock, and you were his. You’d been together for two years now, and it was approaching your third anniversary.

You both made time for each other,  you worked from home, as a potion master, and he worked at MACUSA. 

Usually, after a long and tiring day at work, you’d hear the door open, and you’d smile to yourself, feeling as if the whole house had lit up at the prospect of your fiancé coming home. 

You’d bounce towards the door, abandoning whatever concoction you were working on, grinning as you saw the door open, and start to cook dinner, humming a recent tune on the radio as you’d hear him taking off his shoes, and the familiar wobble of the coat rack as he threw his coat on it.

You’d be wiping your hands on your apron as he’d approach you, sliding slightly on the floor in his socks as he’d spin you around, which would cause you to laugh melodically.

“How was work?” you’d ask,  waving your wand over the saucepan, causing the pastry of the pie you were making to turn a golden colour, and he would grunt vaguely, but you’d get the message.

“The usual, a few meetings with Madam President and some useless cases.” the story varied on different days, then he’d stretch before pressing a chaste kiss to your lips, before walking to a goofy armchair and collapsing into it. You’d smile fondly at him, before serving dinner.

Then you’d realise your potion was probably frothing in the cauldron and would rush towards your study, cursing loudly, Percival snorting into his food.

Today however, something was different.

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