There is no reason too small to learn a language

You like the music? Go for it! Enjoy the books? Sure, do it! Heard someone speak it in a café one time and loved the sound of it? Get yourself some paper and start practicing!!! Don’t let anything deter you from learning something new 🌱🐝

Be curious about things. Allow your inner adventurer to shine through. If you feel the urge to learn something, meet someone, or shed more light upon an intriguing subject, then don’t hold yourself back, and let your interests shine!
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

anyone: *even slightly implies that hannah may have been telling the truth*


What Harry said about Magnus and malec in 2B is *so* exciting!!!!
- Valentine is gonna do something that really pisses him off and Magnus will have an ever bigger reason for wanting him gone
- Magnus and Alec will do a lot more activities together!!! (Give me the fighting power couple i crave) also they’re gonna get mad at each other here and there but there are also some delightful moments!!
- In episode 12 we’ll see a Magnus we’ve never seen before
- The dancing scene is gonna involve magic!
- It’s gonna be hard for him to deal with the whole downworlders vs shadowhunters situation