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Oh,so you’re cool triggering people recovering from eating disorders? That’s alright with you? Awesome. A+ for you bro.

I don’t think it’s very smart for someone who has recently had a eating disorder to browse eating weight tags anyway.

Again, why should I censor myself? Shouldn’t it be up to the person who is triggered to avoid such things triggering them?

Tags exist for the purpose of showing what post is about.

So I can tag a post “weight issues”

This can be talking about being overweight, being underweight, weight loss progress, desire for weight loss, etc

But for some reason its unacceptable to post anything other than oversensitive bullshit on these tags.

I will not obey these “rules”.

We have freedom of speech, so I refuse to let Tumblr censor me. You have no right.

"Heart disease anyone?" How about a little fat education instead!

There have been several published medical articles about the actual health impacts of obesity and also the benefits of the health at every size and fat acceptance movement. 

Herehave some links.

If you read and comprehend those and still have the urge to say “but what about their health!” You don’t care about health and just should openly admit that you have a genuine dislike of fat people. 


This is a submission I received from caitlinchronic regarding this post.

These are actually some very interesting articles, and I would like to say thank you very much for sending them to me. I have honestly never seen any kind of information like this, and it’s very enlightening (and I really recommend that my followers read those articles too, because I promise you, they are interesting).

I’ll have to acknowledge that my first reaction to the blog was because of ingrained preconceptions regarding obesity and the health implications, and perhaps I’ve missed the point of the blog entirely. Some posts I read to say “I love living an extremely unhealthy lifestyle”. I can see that obviously you and exciteyourtits have a very different opinion to me on that matter, and I can understand why and regret that I offended you both.

In regards to caitlinchronic’s reply to my post, yes actually, I do think that you can and should still be proud and comfortable with your body if you are overweight. My point was that the blog seemed to me to be promoting an unhealthy idea, which I found just as disturbing as when I come across pro-ana/mia/ed. As I said before, obviously I got the wrong end of the stick and I apologise for that.

@exciteyourtits; no, I don’t think it’s any of my business how those girls feel about themselves, or that they should care what I think. As I’ve said above, the ideals I thought the blog was promoting worried me slightly. However, if that isn’t the case, then I fully support it and I actually think it’s good to see a blog which supports body acceptance, and it’s nice to see girls who are proud of who they are.

I can only apologise again for any offence caused, and say that in no way did I mean that it is wrong to be overweight, if that’s your personal choice and you are not putting your health in great danger. No one should force anyone to change their body. I do, however, think it is wrong to encourage people to put their health at risk. I obviously misunderstood the purpose of the blog, and again I am very sorry.

exciteyourtits replied to your post: I seriously feel so bad for your daughter. How can you look at her sweet little face and decided that its okay to hit her? I hope she grows up and hits you back, straight up. Especialy hitting her at one year old!! She wouldn’t even understand why she was being hit even if you explained it to her. Wow I feel sorry for you.

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