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Results just got sent out today but I get to play Jade Harley in the Homestuck Dating Game panel at Katsucon!!! It’ll be Saturday 8:45 PM in Live 5!!! If you’ve got the time please please pleeeaaase come by!! It’s gonna be greaaaat!!

I don’t mind a Robin and Marian back story for 3 reasons.

1. It’s about time his character gets development that doesn’t revolve around Regina (not that I mind their moments, quite the contrary). It makes for a richer character when someone become more than just a love interest. I also want to see how he became the man Regina fell in love with. + That moment with Will in the Library is a favorite of mine. We need more of that

2. If we see how fiercely he loved Marian, we can only imagine how much more he loves Regina seeing as he chose her.

3. Regina x Daniel showed us a different side to Regina, we should be able to see the same with Robin x Marian. I want to see how our babies acted around their first loves and how much they’ve changed.


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17th August: Apocalypse
18th August: Mythology
19th August: Protection
20th August: Age Difference*
21st August: Ark
22nd August: Reincarnation
23rd August: Alternate Universe

*In canon, Bellamy is 23 and Murphy is 17.

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