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Project: Scrapbook — Horrificator (Part One)

Project: Scrapbook Masterpost (tbp)

Comic By: @daughterofthestars08 (lineart) & @artgraveyard (lineart and color) & @chalala-chan (color) 

Written By: @purr-cat-stinate & @mimosaeyes

Beta’d By: @miraculousandcute & @emeralddrop

Summary: N/A

Words: 5671

Despite the chilly season, the sun was already gracing the citizens of Paris with its warm rays of sunlight that poured from the clouds down onto the earth. It was a lovely day, perfect for picnics, and walks in the park. It was a lovely day to discover something new; or perhaps to create something new.

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I’m seeing a lot on my dash speculating about Bellamy’s story next season (especially involving his love life) and it’s interesting because I have a very different interpretation of where his arc will lead him next season so I’m going to type up a meta and post it sometime soon

starting a book club (pls read)

hello everyone, 

i’ve been thinking about starting a book club on tumblr for quite some time now, and i’ve finally decided to you go for it. 

the basic idea

i’ve just made a side-blog @carryon-reading (it won’t link because the blog is nothing but an exciting url owned by moi, so far) 

i am planning to share this side-blog with 5 other people (one of which being my good friend gemma @simonandtyrannus) every month (and maybe ever 2 months, depending on wether we’re really busy) we’re going to pick a book together that we’re going to read that month. everyone is allowed to join us, but it’ll just be the 6 of us who pick the book and who will for sure be reading it.

we’ll post reading updates, reviews and discussion topics on our blog. (gemma and i were maybe even thinking about live streams to discuss the book in the end of the month, buT THAT’S NOT SURE YET. anyways, being one of the 6 owning the blog doesn’t mean having to do live streams, that’s always going to be an option, if it even’s gonna happen)

i have 2 questions:

1, who of you think this is a good idea/ who would want to read along in this book club. no matter if you’re an admin or not. would you pick up the book we’ve chosen and read along (at least, during the months you’re actually interested in the book we’ve picked?) are there any people around here actually excited about a book club like this? 

2, i’m looking for 4 more admins. so if anyone wants to be an admin along me and gemma pls let me know.

know that this is kind of what’ll be expected from you when you become one of the admins:

  • you’ll have to have a similar reading taste as me and gemma, which is mainly just young adult. it would be lovely that if you have a goodreads you’d link me up so i can compare what books we’re both still planning to read.
  • you’ll have to read the book pick of course! consider that this will mean having 1 book a month added to your monthly tbr. one that you can’t get around. (once again, if we’re really busy that month we can stretch it out over 2, it should always stay fun and rushing books is not fun)
  • you’ll have to be up for being active on the blog; giving reading updates, hosting FRIENDLY discussions on the book and writing a review for every book we read together. 
  • you’d have to get hold of the book we’re reading that month. it means that sometimes we won’t be reading a book you already owned. of course, since you’ll be deciding on which book we’re reading it won’t be a book that you’re not interested in, but you might not own it already. which means you’ll have to be able and willing to get a hold of that book for that month. (meaning you’ll have to buy it, or maybe you’ll be able to lend it from a library or buy it cheap as an e-book) but just be aware that being part of this book club might end up meaning that you’ll be spending more money on books that you might’ve before. 

if you’ll become admin you’ll obviously end up in some kind of group chat with me and gemma so we can easily discuss everything! 

anyways, i might even make a more professional post on signing up for admin on the actual book club blog, but if you’ve read this and want to be admin, just reblog this, preferably with a link to your goodreads if you have one, if not with some of your favourite books and with a list of books you’d want to read soon. 

My senior exhibition is just around the corner!!!

As an art major with a focus in painting, I’m putting up a solo show that will run from April 30th to May 9th! During that time, it will be open to the public, and the closing reception will be on May 9th (time TBA). It will be on University of Dallas’ campus in Irving, Texas, in the Art History Building (aka the Thompson Loggia).

There will be other exhibitions throughout campus on that Friday, all with cool art and refreshments. Come check it out if you’re in the area!!

(SIDENOTE: Persons with disabilities needing special assistance to attend the reception should call (972) 721-5382 and ask for the ADA Coordinator. The request must be made three days prior to the reception.)