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movement test!! still have some small things to fix yet but for the most part the animation meme’s coming along nicely!! :0

Whatever anyone may be feeling about tonight’s ep and the sequences that follow I feel like we’re all in need of a hug so here’s a hug from the two people who are the sole reason for the endless pain and emotion we encounter on a daily basis

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Consider this:

We’ve seen quite a few versions of Robert since his return in 2015. We’ve seen him scheming to get the dubious approval of his father-in-law, we’ve seen him thrilled and anxious in equal parts to be carrying on an affair with Aaron behind his wife’s back, we’ve seen him panicking trying to preserve the life he had with Chrissie whilst still being in love with Aaron, we’ve seen him acknowledging Aaron’s jealousy over Rebecca but still feeling as though he’s done nothing wrong. 

We’ve seen him overcome with guilt and remorse because he knows he’s broken the heart of a man who he loves above all others; we’ve seen him immersed in self-hatred. This is the one that matters most, because it’s THIS feeling which will drive him to do something that we’ve never seen before: confess. Robert knows that Aaron deserves the truth. He’s known that since the day after the Incident, and it’s even more apparent now. 

It’s going to be heartbreaking to watch the fallout, but at the same time it’s going to be tremendous, because they’re going to be stronger as a unit, and because we’ll have seen Robert’s character growth so much. 

Someone tell me if I’m dreaming, but have we genuinely had confirmation that Robert is breaking out his breakdown shirt and a hint about his own issues and conflict being addressed..? They are actually alluding to our hopes, yes? This is actually happening, right?

The Robert Breakdown Theory lives.

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This is an amazing Knock Out/Breakdown yandere fic that my friend wrote for me via private message, and I just had to share with you all!  :D :D :D  (Put under the cut do to length.) 

Summary:  When Knock Out and Breakdown spot human reader walking in the woods late at night, they follow them hoping to discover the location of the Autobot base, but end up discovering something far more surprising instead…

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Coming up roses.

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Pairinng: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 1259

Genre: angst and fluff

A/N: I’m really nervous and i dont know what to say, help. Well, basically this is the first time I publish something here on Tumblr and I’m excited but anxious *mental breakdown*. It’s based on the song “coming up roses” sung by Keira Knightley. Sorry if there are mistakes and I hope you like it!!

There you were, 3AM and walking by yourself on the New York streets, the city of dreams, but in that moment, that adjective didn’t define it to you.

You remembered clearly how it all started and how it all ended.

It was a Saturday night and you were in a pub all by yourself, alone, it was one of those days when everyone and everything was upsetting, unbearable.

The first time you saw him, you thought he was walking towards you, but he wasn’t, he was actually going to write his name on a paper to be on a list since that night was one of those of “open microphone”.

One hour or so later he was getting on stage, with a paper on his left hand, ready to do what he wanted to. And of all things on earth, he read a poem written by him. 

You could have sworn in that moment that it was the most beautiful poem you’ve ever listened, even Walter Whitman, you favorite one, had been relegated.

When he got off the stage you approached him and he looked at you with his cute smile. You also realized his pink hair, something really unusual to see. When you were close enough he asked you if you liked the poem and you started mumbling that how could you not. Then he smiled again at you and then both of you started talking for hours, even the pub closing didn’t stop you, you went to some 24 hours cafeteria and continued talking for hours, till the sun rose indicating a new day, and a new chapter of your life started.

With the rays of the sun illuminating your face, he kissed you softly, and that was the exactly moment when you fell, really quick but really slow at the same time, it was a contradiction itself, but it was also breathtaking.

Few months later you found yourself dating him, doing the most absurd things, telling him your most secret dream, you told him you wanted to be a song writer, to create your own music. He promised he would help you make it true, he even offered his poems to help you write more songs, but each time he did, you had to say no, his poems belonged to him, just to him, you couldn’t take them.

Five years had already gone by reaching to music companies to show them your music, but also gone by being rejected each time. 

Five years of sadness but at the same time, five years when you felt truly loved, and it was all that mattered to you. Although your dreams didn’t come true, you were happy cause love always came first to you.

You tried to stop chasing your dreams multiple times, but he kept encouraging you, giving you the strength you needed but hadn’t.

Out of nothing, one day, a company called you, you had been discovered.
You moved with him to a little apartment in New York, you started recording, you started creating new music, you started giving concerts in small places, you started becoming a little famous, and he started acting weird.

Suddenly every week you were given flowers, roses, but you knew they weren’t for you, of course not, he had never given you a bouquet of them, it wasn’t your style.

You were that kind of couple that celebrated the birthdays, the anniversaries on the couch doing everything and nothing, sleeping and singing, so the first time he came home with them you couldn’t help but ask him the reason to do it, and of course, there was none. 

I just loved them the same way I love you” he said.

However, you kept loving him, how could you not, after all he was Min Yoongi, the love of your life, the one who knew you the most, the one who came with you to the big apple, your number one supporter.

You both kept walking down by the New York streets looking for the perfect moment, the perfect time to find the inspiration to write the perfect song. You both kept making love like it was the last day on earth, or at least you did. And each time after it, you used to get in the shower and cry. You both kept doing the things that used to make you the happiest people on earth but at the same time those things broke you.

It was unfair that even though you knew he was lying to you, you loved him, and each day more than the previous one, it was unfair cause deep down you knew that the relationship would have a sad ending after all.

You continued loving him cause it was practically the only thing you knew how to do, it was the only thing that might have saved your relationship.

The roses kept coming each week and kept coming for seven months until you couldn’t take it anymore and exploded.

It was a Thursday afternoon, and you were on the old and vintage couch, you were trying to write a song and he stopped reading the book on his hands and looked at you. It hit you like a truck, you loved him, it was crystal clear, and he did love you, you were sure about that until that moment.

It was in that instant when you questioned yourself if he really loved you, even though he was cheating on you, you had been sure that he still loved you, or at least you didn’t want to expect the opposite. So that day, with the candles illuminating the room you asked him.

You questioned him to whom those roses really belonged, he didn’t expect that question. Of course he wouldn’t, you had hoped for months the roses to stop coming to you, you had hoped that he realized you knew about him cheating and he recognized the mistake he was making. A huge one.

You put all your efforts on it, but that day you just collapsed, you realized that one person couldn’t fix a relationship when the other one didn’t want it to be fixed.

The argument lasted hours, hours when you cried, hours when you comforted each other’s, hours when you made love for the last time, you could say the most beautiful one.

Then he packed his things and left without saying goodbye, he didn’t even try to apologized, cause deep down you knew that there was no need to do it, even if he apologized, the pain would still be there, like it had been for the last seven months, there was no point.

You didn’t see him again, each night you used to walk recreating the same routs you both made, hoping to see him at least for the very last time, but he never appeared. It completely broke you, you still loved him, with all your soul, but life kept happening, the world didn’t stop because of your break up.

You kept writing songs, signing them, realizing that at least, you made a few people happy with them and you thought that maybe he was doing the same, writing poems and secretly you were expecting they weren’t for you, you didn’t want more attention.

You never got to know who she was, how many times happened. But you knew by rote that from that moment you would truly hate those beautiful but harmful roses.

Even though the city of dreams had made yours real, it also broke your heart into million pieces.


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Markiplier Prompt: “You’re Still Here.”

Of course I am.

You couldn’t believe it. From the past, the people you loved have left you for being … you. For being what you were as a person. But Mark was different. 

I-I thought you don’t like to do this … ?

But I like you.” 

He was always there for you. From your breakdowns to excitement over tiny things. He was still here. 

And now, you woke up to the sound of snoring. You turn around and saw your husband sleeping with his arms lazily wrapped around you. His head was buried in your shoulder, his breath tickling your neck. 

And, from outside your bedroom, you can hear your 3-month-old son crying.

You smiled, because he was still here. With a wedding ring in his finger that said more than his love for you.

fallout 4 spoilers so many spoilers don’t read if you haven’t played okay thanks. 

does anyone else feel like bethesda had a HUGE missed opportunity w/ paladin danse and his storyine? i’m legit asking, i haven’t really ventured into his tag at all

like, when i found out he was a synth i totally shit my pants because i was so jazzed for this indoctrinated, racist, ultimately-a-good-guy-but-subscribing-to-a-shitty-dogma dude to discover that he is the thing he hates. i was so excited for his breakdown, his struggle with identity, his struggle with cutting ties to the brotherhood, maybe even being able to slowly, over time, convince him that being a synth doesn’t make him any less capabe of humanity, and of doing good, and being loved. 

instead i got to his little bunker and he was like “you here to kill me? that’s cool. i’m at peace w this”

like??? really??? and it takes a whole ONE charisma check to convince this dude with a YEARS of anti-synth indoctrination and propoganda pumped into his skull that synths aren’t bad? seriously, that conversation was like

danse: synths are bad so you should kill me. i’m good w it tho. very chipper about this whole thing. 

sole: have u considered…that maybe synths AREN’T bad?

danse: well when you put it THAT way, i am totally fine with my newfound identity as the thing i dedicated my life to eradicating. but i still support a group that wants to kill me and everyone like me, regardless of the fact that there are other synths like me in the commonwealth who have real emotions and memories and lives and friends and futures. fuck THOSe guys. 

i don’t??? understand??? WHY DOES HE STILL SUPPORT THE BROTHERHOOD? it’s not at all necessary for plotting and i wanted so badly for him to like…come to a place of understanding w nick and hancock and strong and deacon and maybe idk even be kind of on board with the railroad because, idk, it helps synths and he is a synth???

how are people reconciling this? it seems like SUCH a cool character arc that was ignored and instead it’s completely unrealistic emotions + unrealistic loyalty. 

if anyone has any insight please hmu i’d love to try and wrap my head around this some more.