The lesser estate of House Graced, owned by Eldarin Murdoch
Grace and run by his wife Sinead, originally had one gardener,
an elderly slave named Tom who many thought to have been
bought more out of pity than practicality. A decade and a half
later, it had become three, occasionally even four with the
addition of the clone Finn. 

It was a small atrium, in comparison with those of the greater
Wetan estates, hardly in need of so many tenders, but they
enjoyed it so thoroughly, Eldina Grace hadn’t the heart to
reassign them. That was, until her daughter in law was in
need of a personal slave

Cacht was the one who cared for the plants the most these
days. Tom was growing old, sleeping more and working less.
And it was her daughter who was chosen to care for the
new young Eldina.

It was the day of the wedding, and Edna was actually excited
for her new job. As much as she enjoyed gardening with her
mother, she was most passionate about hair, make-up, and
all the workings of womanhood. 

When she spotted the red dress and even more vibrant hair
that could only belong to the daughter of a MacMurrough,
she abandoned the potting soil and hurried over to greet
the Eldina.

“Eldina Grace.” She gave a little bow, remembering her
manners. Eldina Sinead was more familiar than most
with her slaves, but it was important to remember that
most masters were not so casual.