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Cost of Freedom (17/52)

Summary: In which Saguru and Ran learn about the escape. Prison ! AU

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Tokyo - 6.12 a.m.

Unlike the streets of Tokyo, which are unusually quiet this morning, the police station is bursting with activity. The moment Ran races in, holding onto Saguru’s sleeve to avoid losing him through the crowds of officers, she knows that something has gone extremely wrong.

The way Saguru’s lips purse tells Ran that she is not the only one is confused. She’d listened faintly to his side of the phone call - something she knows is rude, but she’d been excited over the concept of it being Hattori - and from the abrupt end to the call, she knows that he’s not had anything explained to him.

They weave through the sea of uniformed police. She recognises some faces, but most of the officers are blank slates, not people Ran has met or talked to.

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Went shopping today, and ran into this, so now I have a gown for the wreathbinding dinner! :D The top is a bit loose, but friend says he’ll fix it for me, so all good! ^^ Also, those shoes are for the white ensemble, but couldn’t resist taking a picture. Obviously needed to try the dress of with heels too, since that’s what I’ll be wearing~ (These shoes are SO comfortable, gdi.)

“So you found me, what now? You gonna do something reckless?”

Grace wrote this wonderful thing and then a bit more how could i possibly resist??