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I have nothing but the utmost respect for you, and I hope the new episode of yoi is beautiful and wonderful so you can enjoy it and forget about all those shit suckers who think pedophila is the equivalent of racism. Seriously though??? I spit my drink reading that. Thank you for everything you do and I hope you have a great day/night. Whichever. And please continue ripping those dick bags some new ones because that is A+

thank you!!!!!! Today the preview pics for the next ep come out so I’m very excited and I hope everyone else is too!!!

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Emily Bett Rickards has been training a lot lately. Does it mean Felicity will be involved in more action scenes in Arrow season 5? — Itakha
At first, Felicity will be dealing with the fallout of Havenrock’s destruction. “In the first five episodes, we face head-on the decision that Felicity made,” EP Marc Guggenheim says. “We are most definitely not ignoring it.” Following that, though, Guggenheim cryptically teases what could be Felicity jumping in on the action. “We’re positioning her to do something in the second half of the year that is really, really key, and that isn’t about her relationship with Oliver or even necessarily her father or her mother. It’s really new territory for her, and we’ve very excited about it. Some big things are going to happen with Felicity.”

anonymous prompted: Could you write a fic wherein Kurt gets slushied by Sebastian instead of Blaine from the ep. Michael? (angry and/or comforting Blaine would be amazing!!) 

for my klainebingo prompt “Royalty”. 

Anger has been slowly building inside Blaine all day. Ever since Sebastian admitted that the Warblers were going to perform Michael at Sectionals. He’s angry at himself, for not being able to keep his excitement in check. He’s angry at Sebastian, for so obviously exploiting their friendship. He’s angry at the Warblers, for how easily they betrayed him. And he’s angry at the New Directions, for acting as though he’s at fault and not a victim just as the rest of them.

As the New Directions and the Warblers duke it out, show choir style, Blaine can feel his anger reaching a boiling point. These were his friends. The guys who picked him up after life stomped him into the ground. Guys he thought he would remain close to for the rest of his life. Yet, here they were, getting in the New Directions face, fighting for the right to steal their set list.

Santana shouts a line from Bad at Sebastian, who just smirks at her and continues dancing. Blaine glares at him, hands clenched at his side. He can’t believe he thought Sebastian was his friend. He can’t believe he ever trusted him.

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Studio Nights (n.m.)

| Requested by anon: can you do an imagine, that u are a youtuber who can sing and dance & your in the studio with all your friends & ur boyfriend nate?


“That sounds so fucking rad, (Y/N)!” Kylie said as she and Pia started dancing to my new song we finished this night, My Precious.

Kylie, Tyga, Pia, Nic Nac and Nate were gathered in the studio tonight to finish this song. Nic Nac was my producer so that explains why I’m friends with pretty well known people.

It was like 2 am but I didn’t feel tired at all. This was so damn exciting, and it was also the start of my second EP I was working on. Even though I was a Youtuber, I loved singing and dancing just as much.

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Jumping on the cautiously pessimistic train here. What happens when Yuuri wins the Grand Prix Final? What if he keeps winning competitions? We know that Victor stopped skating because it was too boring, because he wasn't surprising the audience anymore no matter what he did. At the moment he's excited about coaching because it's a new project, exciting, challenging, a surprise to the audience. What if it stops being that? Will his feelings for Yuri be stronger than just seeing him as a project?

Yuuri has great potential, and Victor noticed it. But there’s a lot for him to work on. Also, winning a Grand Prix Final won’t guarantee you’ll win every other competition, he’s different than Victor who was born with talent, while Yuuri has to work hard both physically and emotionally. (My memory sucks, but I think Yuuri said it’ll be his last season of figure skating? Feel free to correct).

With the kiss being official, and especially the way Victor looked at Yuuri after that (so much love in their eyes aah), we can assume Victor fell in love with Yuuri. Love is strong, and I can only imagine a bright future for those two, together :) 

The unexpected happened and can still happen, we never know, but I doubt Victor sees Yuuri as just a project at this point. Let’s believe in their love :)

The discussion on angsty theories will be closed for now ! We won’t answer any more messages related to it. Thank you :)

why are ppl saying this is gonna be a rosepearl ep? it’s a flashback to when steven was a baby, Rose is already ded.

though it does seem like it’ll have some Pearl Pining™, but now from the new and fresh perspective of how she learned to love steven in spite of it. that’s exciting, right?

kdasjhkjadhfkg my nephew is staying over this weekend. I hang out and play games/watch movies with him the whole time he’s here so I won’t be able to watch the new episode until sunday night. /cries/ 2 days. 

I would have watched the ep earlier today but i’ve been busy. I was really excited to make my cas gifset for tonights ep. S’gonna have to waittt. 

Due to the chance of spoilers I won’t be online really until sunday. I have lots of posts in my drafts though. In the meantime, without spoiling me, was it a good episode tonight?? Lots of Cas I hope?

EDIT: No Cas?? adgkjhadkjfhg s’okay. at least i’m not missing any cas gifs. Although i am excited for jody

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Intertwined: Can you sing? Absolutely not.  

Absolutely Smitten: Describe a crush. Um i’m in love with Newt Scamander atm, so…

Life Lesson: Do you have any life advice? Be as kind to everyone as possible and do things even though they scare you. 

Sick of Losing Soulmates: Do you have any heartbreak stories? Not really. 

When: Thoughts on Growing Up? Kinda exciting but also really scary beCAUSE EVERYTHING’S CHANGING AND IT’S SCARY 

Ukulele: Can you play any instruments? The flute and a bit of the piano, and I’ve been teaching myself how to play ukulele for a few months! 

Covers: Favorite songs at the moment? Obviously all of Dodie’s EP, but I’m also loving Lady Gaga’s new album a lot. 

Fairy Lights: Describe your aesthetic. Over sized sweaters and candles and books and cats and cacti.

Tea: What hot drinks do you like? PG Tips tea with milk and two sugars.

 The 1975: Favorite artists? Florence + the Machine, Bon Iver, Gregory Alan Isakov, Tom Rosenthal 

Hedy: Any siblings? How’s your relationship with them? I have three younger siblings, and my relationship with them is pretty good. 

Plants: How do you decorate your room? Fairy lights, pictures of my friends, fuzzy blankets, and cute plushies. 

Snapchat: Favorite social media? Mmm, probably Snapchat?? I don’t know tbh, I don’t think I have a favorite. 

Paint: How much makeup do you wear? I guess not a lot, but I usually do a full face of makeup everyday. So I guess that’s a lot??? But it doesn’t seem like it to me. 

She: Sexuality? Asexual, whoo! Hetero-romantic to be more specific I guess, but yeah. Ace as heck. 

An Awkward Duet: Best friends? @oh-hey-there-peasent, @glendowier, @titlelfight, @sadney (MY BABIES)

My Face: Post a selfie. Nah. You can see my face on my writing and book blog though, if you’re interested.