Just a personal preference thing, but I won’t be watching the new Rebels clip or any more that come out before new episodes air. I really enjoy watching new eps with completely fresh eyes and no expectations (I’m that way with all movies and tv shows). A first viewing usually has the most emotional impact for me, and I found that with Siege of Lothal, after seeing all the clips that were released, I wasn’t very excited or surprised by the big moments in the ep. I am so happy to see the positive reactions from you all, though!! It gets me so excited!!

I just got back from the Royal BC Museum exhibit on the BC gold rushes and I AM REALLY STOKED AND EXCITED ABOUT STUFF

im just gonna get some lunch and then I have some organizing to do regarding the flag ep, new procedures and things for pc scriptwriters, and one chapter left in Newfoundland history (which I have finished reading but note notetaking)

YELLS i feel so much better about things and even though my last couple of days have been not so great for me things are looking up ;3;

Foreign Affairs: Sexwitch

For this first post of the Foreign Affair category I must admit that I’m actually already cheating on the rules I set for this category. As you might know (maybe you read the intro post), this category would consist of projects/artists/bands that don’t sing in the language that has almost over-dominated the world of contemporary music. Instead, I’m reporting on Bat For Lashes’ new project. But hear me out here, I have an excuse.

(photo cred: Neil Krug)

You see, Natasha Khan isn’t doing just another collaboration like the one she did with Beck or Jon Hopkins. Instead, this exciting project is a whole more ambitious and strange at the same time, by having recorded an EP full of covers of 1970s psych and folk songs from around the world. Most of these are Iranian or Moroccan (putting the post in this category makes a lot more sense now, doesn’t it?). I must regret to inform you though, most of the lyrics are translated to English. I’d think those songs would be enveloped in even more mysticism if they were sung in the original language. Nonetheless, it’d make the perfect soundtrack for your next woozy album listening party. It’s out September 25 via Echo/BMG, and you can check out the first single ‘Helelyos’ (Iranian) below.

Premiere: Stream Two-9's '#AugustTwo9' EP

August is coming to a close, but not before the celebration of “Two-9 Day” today, which the Atlanta collective is ringing in with a brand new five-song EP. The project, which is just a small taste of what they have coming up, features the entire crew, with Curtis WilliamsJace​, FatKidsBrotha, and Ceej all contributing throughout the five tracks. Though short, the EP is a nice representation of where the collective is at right now, and proves that they have jams for days on deck. 

“It’s exciting to be putting out new music,” Jace says. “Especially music that’s not like stuff we’ve put out in the past, that I genuinely love and can’t wait for the fans to hear.”

Two-9 plan to release a string of EPs on the 29th of each month. The group also has new videos on the way from collaborations with Mike WiLL Made-It (“Did It”) and Metro Boomin (the Ty Dolla $ign-assisted “Full House”), as well as a visual for “Rolling,” which is featured on this #AugustTwo9 EP. Stream the project in full below. 

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Single Premiere: Exiles

We’ve offered our support in the past for New York based band Exiles and I’m excited today to be premiering their new single here for all you fans.  Going by the name “Dawn Patrol”, the new single is in the vein of the shoe gaze genre I suppose, though a label so simple really doesn’t do the song justice.  It’s a breezy tune, full of good vibes, mesmerizing female vocals, and an almost trance inducing sound.  All things worthy of our ATH stamp of approval.

Exiles will be releasing their latest Secrets EP on tape via Beautiful Secrets and on CD via Dufflecoat Records.  Both of those links should take you to a pre-order.

Single Premiere: Exiles was originally published on Austin Town Hall