* Saw my midwife today

* Heard Nuggie’s heartbeat again… Briefly. Bub didn’t feel like being chased around my womb 😂

* Blood pressure is fine 👌

* Midwife confirmed I’m not ‘high-risk’ and graciously informed me that I’m not overweight which is a lie but I’ll take it 😏

* I’ve started feeling Nuggie’s movements!

* Anatomy scan in 3 weeks! So excited to see our baby again (and no we aren’t finding out gender)

* That’s all. My life is basically just pregnancy right now. Sorry.

Fanon Nico:
- sexy God of darkness
- tall with muscular build
- completely apathetic to everything
- very scary
Canon Nico:
- actually like 15
- probably malnourished/underweight with only slight muscle showing after regaining strength
- tiny Italian boy
- gets excited about pirates
- gets excited about babies
- has a wide range of emotions but often is very reserved and expressionless due to probable mental health issues (like really I’m pretty sure anyone with mental health problems can relate to him when the chapter is from his perspective)
- probably only eats dollar store junk food
- older brother who cares deeply for his sister and holds her when she cries, despite his aversion to physical touch from most people
- still very scary
- but also huge dork who probably gets over competitive with board games


I’m posting this 2 days late because I forgot that I never posted it but

DX edition Link Between Worlds Figma!! I’ve been excited for this baby since January!
I’m surprised it showed up so fast, it only came out 4 days ago! Nice work, Goodsmile.

This figure is SO well made, which comes as no surprise for a figma. A bit smaller than I was expecting, but honestly? That’s perfect for Link. It’s incredibly articulated, and came with a plethora of pieces for the ultimate posing fun. I only wish it came with the gleeful expression the standard edition ALBW Figma came with. I’ll be posting the occasional picture of this little guy on various adventures. I love him SO MUCH

Now… they just need to make a Ravio to go along with it. Then my life would be complete.