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I was feeling terrible because I forgot to commemorate my cat’s eighth adoption anniversary, but I just learned that tumblr will make gifs from videos! So here are some pics of my imperious kitty while he’s trying to go to sleep despite my interferences.

Day Fifty

-I handed a young boy a sticker. He immediately launched a thorough scientific investigation. He discovered that the sticker was thin enough to fit through the three-inch slot in the side of the cart. Mesmerized, he called it a day and took a nap.

-A woman took several items of clothing off of a rack across from my register and layered them on over her young daughter’s clothes. The mother made eye contact with me for the entirety of this. They then walked through the store, tags clattering together, an almost impressive lack of any form of care. 

-”A fox pillow!” A woman exclaimed, excited to see the purchase of the guest behind her. “I love fox things. I work with a fox for my job, so I’m always looking for fox things.” My career path has taken a sharp turn and is now on a trajectory for whatever she does for a living.

-I rang up a man in his mid-thirties with a not-quite-full, Cheeto-colored goatee, purchasing three death metal CDs. Behind him was an older woman with eyeliner thick enough to build the Titanic and sharp enough to sink it. This woman then established herself to be his mother and insisted upon paying for his albums as well as her fur-lined Uggs. The man did not waver in his trying-very-hard-to-seem-tough demeanor, and I have to respect that.

-I was startled as a voice loudly greeted me, a woman having gotten the drop on me by approaching the register from the wrong side. I soon pieced together that she was, almost beyond shadow of a doubt, a serial killer at her nursing home, prone to take trophies from her victims. Her mastery of the element of surprise was my first hint. My second, her dentures, clearly made for a far larger mouth, barely fitting within her lips.

-A mother mentioned using Cartwheel, our coupon app. Her toddler asked from atop her husband’s shoulders, “Like gymnastics?” I could see in this boy’s eyes his unadulterated excitement at seeing his mother do flips in the checkout line, as well as his imminent disappointment when he would soon find out the much more mundane truth.

-A college-aged boy, desperate to impress the two girls accompanying him, set out to convince the world how masculine and heterosexual he was by carrying out every bag from each of their purchases on his own. He managed to overestimate his strength and not take into account the ten-gallon tub of cat litter. To the man’s credit, he committed to what he set out to do, and left the store with six bags on each arm and a look of red-faced constipation grimacing all the way.

Look at what Ally posted on snapchat today!

Hi everyone- there’s a lot of crap going on in the world right now and lately I’ve received a lot of messages telling me that my art brings smiles to your face. All of this is worth it just for that so thank you for enjoying what I do! I hope you all are having a great day😊 Thanks for those that joined the stream over at Twitch.tv/Toonimated! Model is from a Japanese magazine over at Kirei.woman.excite.co.jp

Last Man on Earth: Get a first look at Kristen Wiig’s character

“The actress will appear in multiple episodes of the post-apocalyptic comedy. What do we know about her character? Almost nothing! But this photo sheds a little light.

According to the network, the spring premiere brings us the first moments of the outbreak of the virus, and it appears here that she’s doing her best to avoid contracting the deadly disease by constructing a homemade Hazmat suit.”

Just saw a Facebook post about “Mary Secret Past” with that video of Amanda and ohhh boy the comments. The casuals are currently no longer Mary fans and want her off the show. They are also none to pleased about the baby plot line. 

They are, however, very excited for The Woman to make her grand reappearance to be with her Sherly-poo.

The Wedding-Scott McCall

Part 1:The Bride

Teen Wolf Imagine:#96

PromptDescribe a wedding from six different points of view.

Word Count: 4,934

Warnings: None that I can think of.

A/n: So I was going to write this as one long imagine but decided to break it up into part so this is part 1 there will be 5 other parts for a total of 6 parts, one for each person’s point of view!

First Dance Song

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Last Imagine

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Yesterday I came to the realization that Man of Steel did something very important which is, it made the destruction of Krypton actually important to the story. The film built a narrative where the origin of the character would actually have a strong impact on the story and not just be one inciting event.

And just now I realized that Batman v Superman also did the exact same thing with Batman’s origins. 

And because of those two things, I am now ten times more excited for Wonder Woman. What I think is going to happen is that, rather than Wonder Woman’s origins be contextualized for more narrative importance (since her origin IS the narrative) I’m speculating that somehow the creation of Themyscira is gonna have some sort of impact on the plot, whether it be thematically or literally. Either way, I’m super fucking looking forward to it.

I experienced the cutest moment the other day

Since dad came home from hospital a few of the neighbours have been delivering meals and dropping by to see how he’s going. My mum had the flu for a while so I’ve been here helping take care of them both and last week a mum from my primary school came to deliver some soup. I was helping dad take his shoes off or something in another room so mum answered the door and received the soup, realised it had chickens in it, and actually told the lady she was vegan (obviously thanking her for the kind gesture). The woman said she knew I was because he daughter follows my social media but didn’t know my parents are too, and mum was so enthusiastic and cool in her responses. She got so excited, telling this woman all the things she eats, why we live this way, how important and easy it is. Today that same lady delivered a new batch of soup - sans-animal. Maybe she’ll think about eating fewer animals herself too :)

It was just so cool to overhear my mum talk like that and see how far she’s come <3