excited to be a mommy

How to Tell if I’m in Little Space
  • High-pitched squeals in response to small animals
  • Cuddling onto anyone nearby
  • Carrying my favorite stuffy around
  • Overly excited about cake and/or ice cream
  • Saying “Mommy Mommy Mommy Mommy” under my breath over and over again
  • Whining
  • Sensitive to everything
  • Making my stuffies dance and then giving them little kisses
  • Fuzzy socks~!
  • Lisp becomes more noticeable (”th” because “f” and “r” becomes “w” and “ll” turns into “ww”)
  • Sleepy at a reasonable time but “dun wanna go to bed”
You're my home

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Warnings: Reader is a single mom. (very young single mom). Fluff.

Notes: And here i am with another fluff Jensen x Reader, sorry, that’s my thing. I inspired myself on the story of Savannah and Everleigh Soutas, and in the lovely couple, Savannah and Cole LaBrant, because they are amazingggg!!!!! I hope you like this! (Thinking about opening my requests soon!!!). Special thank you @realdiepie and @bleu-dans-la-nuit

“Are you ready sweetie?” You asked your daughter who was putting one of her stuffed toys in your bag.

“Yeah.” She answered with her cute little voice. She was only three years old, and you already didn’t want her to grow up anymore. “Mommy let’s go!” She said excited making you laugh. 

“Okay, let’s go.” You said locking your house, opening the car and putting her in the baby seat. Since the start of the Supernatural series, you had been a huge fan. You loved the characters, you loved the cast and you loved the show. And now, a convention in your city was finally happening. And since Lottie, your little girl, loved the series too - the episodes you allowed her to see at least -, she was going with you. And it wasn’t like you had anyone to watch her for you if you went alone…

“Are we here?” She asked looking through the window and you smiled, sighing.  

“Yes, Lottie, we’re here.” You said excitedly taking her out of the car. You couldn’t believe this was going to happen! Everything was so surreal. You entered the hotel where the convention was happening and immediately saw a bunch of fans, mostly teenagers, wearing Supernatural shirts, taking pictures and cosplaying. You put a white shirt in Lottie that said “Protected by Sam and Dean", with purple and blue dotted pants; and you worr a black shirt that said  “The hell protected by Sam and Dean. I got this shit" and jeans. 

Because Lottie was young, you didn’t pay for anything else but the Photo Op with Jared and Jensen. She wouldn’t stand being in the hotel with noisy fans all day. 

“Oh my god, aren’t you the cutest thing ever?” A redhead girl with glasses in line in front of you said when she looked to your daughter and you laughed. 

“Hey honey.” 

“Hello.” Lottie said a little embarrassed. “I like your hair, it’s like mine!” She continued, talking about her strawberry-blonde hair, and the woman laughed looking at you. 

“She’s shy just during the first few seconds, then, she’s a talker.” You explained and your daughter looked at you with a smile and gave a small laugh.

“Thank you! I like yours too! What’s your name?” She asked.

“Lottie! What’s yours?” Lottie answered holding your hand.

“Amy. Do you like Supernatural?” 

“Yeah!” Your daughter answered excitedly and you smiled. You had raised her well. “I looove Dean, but momma said that his real name is Jense.” You and Lottie started to talk to the woman, and for the first time in a long time, you felt like you had a friend. You were only 19 when you got pregnant and your family… well, your family wasn’t exactly supportive. You had to move from your city, and your friends - at least the ones that remained - stayed there. And now between watching Lottie, writing and working in the restaurant, you didn’t have time to make friends.

“Mommy….” Lottie said sleepily, resting her head on your shoulder. 

“I know, I know.” You answered kissing her forehead. You had been in the line for a few hours now, and this was pretty hard when you had a little daughter. First she was running around and talking to everyone, but now she was starting to get sleepy and it hurt your heart that you just couldn’t go home and put her to sleep. Amy was next, so you were almost getting in. 

“Okay, here I go, wish me luck! And please (Y/N), call me, let’s go grab a drink sometime.” She said and you smiled giving her a clumsy hug.

“We sure will, have fun!” You said excited referring to the photo OP and she smiled.

“Bye Lottie, it was so good to meet you!” She said and Lottie waved saying a cute “Bye”. 

“Are you excited? We are next!” You said trying to cheer her up.

“I am momma, but I’m tired.” She said and you gave her a small smile. This broke your heart in pieces. Cliff was there, and you and Amy talked to him a little.

“Is she okay?” He asked when he came back from the room where the pictures were being taken. Lottie started to groan and you felt tears in your shirt. Oh no…

“She’s tired.” You said rubbing her back and her cries started to get loud.

“Oh” He said putting his hand on her back to help to calm her down. “You are almost going in okay?”

“Yeah, thank you.” You said with a soft smile and he smiled. He was a sweet guy and it was so nice to meet him. Lottie started to cry louder and rub her eyes, and sadly you couldn’t do anything about it.

“Lottie we gonna see Dean and Sam, you love them!” You said to her but she didn’t stop crying. 

“Hey, hey, hey, what’s going on here?” You heard a very familiar voice in front of you.

Holy crap.

You slowly looked up to the person who had just talked and gasped in shock. It’s was Jensen fucking Ackles in flesh. He was incredibly handsome, nothing compared to what we saw on the series. He was tall, had the most beautiful green eyes you ever seen in your life (after your daughter’s, of course… she was your daughter after all) and boy did he smell good. 

Jensen stopped when he got out of the room and saw you. He was paralyzed. He never though this could happen just from seeing someone, but you were beautiful, and immediately caught his attention. 

But the little girl’s cry woke him up, making him look at her and his face turned to a hurt face. He hated hearing kids cry, it was the worst sound in the entire world in his opinion. Not because it was annoying or anything like that, but because his heart turned into dust when he heard it, it was like something was hurting him.

“Hey sweetheart.” He said getting close to you, making your heart speed up. You couldn’t open your mouth to even say “Hi”. “What’s the matter?” He asked to Lottie putting his hand in her back and like a miracle, she stopped crying to look at him, still rubbing her eyes. 

“Are you… Jense?” She asked confused, altering her look between you and him. He smiled, and when he looked at you, you felt your legs shake. 

“Yeah I am princess.” He said sweetly holding her hand. “And what’s your name?”

“Lottie…” She answered softly.

“Well Lottie, can you tell me why you were crying?” You didn’t think he could get any cuter, then he turned to you and said: “Can I pick her up?” You nodded, unable to say anything, and when he extended his arms to her, she immediately went to him.

“C'mon inside.” He said to you with a smile, nodding his head towards the door and you two entered.

“I want to sleep.” Lottie answered with a pout making you two laugh. You didn’t see Jared anywhere.

“You want to sleep? Okay, I know a quiet room for you to sleep after this.” He said with a big smile and you frowned. “And tell me, Lottie, what’s your gorgeous mom’s name?” He asked to her while looking at you, and you felt your checks burn.

“Hm…” She started thinking about it and you laughed. “Mommy” She answered and he laughed loudly, you too.

“(Y/N). Big fan.” You said and he smiled, giving you a clumsy hug with the arm he wasn’t holding your daughter and making you shiver.

“Pleasure to met you (Y/N).” Jensen said looking straight into your eyes and you smiled. “Jared just went to the bathroom, he will be back in a second for us to take the picture.”

“It’s alright” You said. Jensen’s eyes locked with yours and if it wasn’t for Lottie, he had a feeling that you would be looking at each other for some time. 

“I looove Dean, he’s so cute.” She said and Jensen looked at her in awe.

“He is? He thinks you’re a pretty little girl too.” He said before coming to look back to you. “She’s pretty smart for a… I’m guessing four?”

“She’s three.” You said feeling proud of your daughter. 

“Wow, just three. Most of the young girls can’t tell the difference between me and Dean.” He explained looking surprised at her, and even though she wasn’t paying attention to the conversation, she gave a little laugh circling her small arms around Jensen’s neck. 

“I don’t know why, but she’s just learned your…”

“SAM!” She screamed looking behind Jensen to where Jared appeared. You looked at him, and couldn’t help but smile. He was so handsome too. You just couldn’t believe you were face to face with them. 

“… Name.” You finished after Lottie’s interruption and Jensen laughed.

“Hello there honey!” Jared said with a big smile when he saw her. “Hello there sweetheart!” This time, the hello was for you, and your smile grew even more when he wrapped his arms around you, giving you a strong hug. He smelled pretty nice too. “You okay?” He asked looking straight into your eyes too.

“Yeah…” You said with a sigh of adoration and he smiled kissing your forehead.  

“Great.” Jared said. “Now, you!” He said pointing at your daughter. “I want a hug too!” He said and she smiled going to his arms. 

“Your daughter is simply adorable.” Jensen said appearing by your side when Jared started to talk with Lottie. 

“Thank you.” You said happily. “You know, sometimes I think that I wouldn’t have found strength to raise her alone if it wasn’t for you guys, you know, the campaigns and all the love.” You said referring to the Always Keep Fighting campaign, and Jensen’s face turned serious, looking straight at you. You gasped in surprise when he just drew you into a strong hug. 

“I’m glad you did.” He said still hugging you. “The guy who left you was a douche, you are so beautiful and amazing, he doesn’t know what he is missing.” He said making tears come up in your eyes. It was the most beautiful thing someone could’ve say to you. 

“What do you think about taking that picture?” Jared asked excited, and you shook your head trying to prevent the tears from falling before agreeing. You stayed in the middle of them, Jared’s arm that wasn’t holding Lottie circling your waist and Jensen’s arm in your shoulders. You smiled and you heard Chris snapping two pictures. Lucky you.

“Thank you.” You said first to Chris, who smiled to you. “Thank you guys, you have no idea how much this means to me and to Lottie. We really appreciate it.” You said turning to them, and they smiled. 

“Thank you.” Lottie said quietly and they both looked at her in ‘awe’. “I love you guys. This much!” She said opening her arms and you laughed.

“We love you too.” Jensen said and opened his arms. “This much!” She laughed and Jared put her in the ground after he kissed her forehead. Jensen bent down to give her a hug while Jared hugged you whispering “thank you, I love you” in your ear.

Jensen stood up, and hugged you strong, kissing your cheek, taking more time than necessary. Not that you were complaining. 

“So Cliff is gonna take you to a quiet cast room for Lottie to sleep a little bit until the panels start. Are you going to see ours?” Jensen asked and your eyes widened.

“Oh… I didn’t pay for anything else other than the OP, I didn’t think Lottie would be able to stand it.” You explained surprised, and he and Jared exchanged looks.

“You want to see our panel?” Jared asked while Lottie held your hand. “Cause we can arrange that." 

"If you think Lottie can handle it after getting some sleep, you can stay.” Jensen said, hoping that you would. Why the hell was he so intrigued about you?

“Oh my god guys, really?” You said surprised feeling your heart beat faster. “You can do that for me?" 

"Yeah, definitely!” Jared said smiling and you smiled too.

“Well… What do you think Lottie?” You asked looking down at her, and she smiled excitedly.

“Yes!” She said happily and you looked back to them with a smile.

“I guess we will stay then!” You said happily and both of them smiled, feeling satisfied with your answer. Especially Jensen…

Part 2

Little Prince

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Member: Min Yoongi (BTS)

Genre: Fluff/smut

Warnings: Smut, mommy kink, pegging, sub Yoongi

Word count: 1.3k

Yoongi’s excitement could barely be held to himself when he realized how soon his mommy would be home. He had been a good boy all day. He was all dressed up in his navy and white striped oversized sweater, and his navy lacy panties just like his mommy liked. He had colored her a pretty picture of her favorite flowers in all of her favorite colors. He played with his stuffies, and talked about how he was going to rule the world with his music and his stuffies combined, and for the most important part, he didn’t touch himself all day, he knew that if he did his mommy would find out and he would be punished for it. He didn’t want to be punished like he was yesterday, seeing as his ass still hurt a bit from it being spanked as many times as it had.

 When Y/N arrived at home she found Yoongi lounging on the couch with his favorite paci in his mouth and his favorite mint green alpaca stuffie in his arms while he watched Sailor Moon. He hadn’t heard her come in until she sat down next to him. He quickly took his paci out of his mouth and hugged her.

 “Mommy!!” He cried out.

“How’s my little prince today, were you a good boy?” She asked.

 Yoongi nodded quickly. “I was a very good boy today, I colored a picture for you, played with my stuffies, and didn’t touch myself.”

 “You were a very good boy today then, so you know what that means?” She asked.

Yoongi shook his head. Before he knew it, he was being snuggled into and his face was getting smothered in kisses. He let out giggles and had his signature gummy smile on his face. He was very happy that he could make her happy with his actions.

 “Do I get a reward mommy?” He asked through his giggles.

 “You want a reward huh?” She replied back.

 “Yooni wants a reward for being a good boy!” He said excitedly.

 “I suppose you could have a reward. What kind of reward do you think you want?” She asked as she wrapped her arms around his narrow waist.

 It wasn’t long before Yoongi said what he wanted. “I want mommy to kiss me all over, and mark me, and make me feel good.”

 “I think I can manage that baby boy.” She said with a light smile.

 Y/N lead Yoongi down the hall and to their shared bedroom, where Yoongi quickly hopped on the bed and laid down waiting for Y/N to come take care of his needs. She started at his neck, kissing lightly before she started sucking dark red marks into the boy’s pale skin, and soothing it away with licks to his neck. She had only just started and Yoongi had started quietly whining over her actions.

 She took off the boy’s shirt to continue her trail of kisses down Yoongi’s torso. She made it down to the small divot in Yoongi’s chest before she kissed her way over to his left nipple and started sucking on it while playing with his right nipple. He had sensitive nipples, she knew what she was doing to him because of her actions. His little cock twitched to life, becoming harder as she continued to suck and play with his nipples. Y/N had decided that she had tortured the boy’s nipples long enough when he wouldn’t stay still enough for her to continue her actions, so she continued her way down his stomach peppering kisses just above his waistband of his panties, which could be classified as ruined because of the precum that had seeped through the thin material. She smiled up at him before sliding the panties down his legs. She sucked marks into the sensitive skin of his inner thighs while fondling his balls to make him squirm in his spot.

“Mommy.” Yoongi whined out.

 “What is it baby boy?” She asked, stopping all her actions.

“I need y-you.” He cried.

 “Where do you need me?” She replied.

 He rolled over onto his stomach and spread his ass cheeks apart, showing her his hole. She got the hint and went to get the bottle of Yoongi’s favorite strawberry flavored lube and the strap-on that would be used on him after he got stretched out.

 Y/N opened the bottle of the strawberry flavored lube and dispensed some onto her fingers and some on his hole. She rubbed a lubed finger over the sensitive ring of muscles before sliding her index finger in and pumping him slowly. He let out a small moan when the friction came in. Y/N slid her finger out and Yoongi whimpered at the loss of contact, only to whine out again when she slipped two fingers into his tight hole. She scissored him open a bit before fucking her fingers into his hole, making him a moaning mess.

She added one more finger to stretch him out before taking all her fingers out and stripping herself down before putting the strap-on on and lathering lube onto the silicone cock. She started by pressing the tip to his puckering hole before sliding into his hole completely and giving him a bit of time to adjust to the size. She started fucking into his hole at a good pace, he was whining and moaning at a pitch that was two octaves higher than his normal speaking voice. She knew she hit the right spot when his back arched up off the bed and his moan came out a bit higher pitched. Y/N made sure to keep hitting that spot to assure that his orgasm would be coming quickly. His pants became quicker, his moans louder, he was getting close, but he didn’t have permission to cum yet, he had to hold out until Y/N said he could cum.

 “Does baby need to cum?” She asked before grabbing onto Yoongi’s precum leaking cock.

 “B-baby needs to cum.” He hiccupped out.

 “You can cum when you need to baby boy.” She said while stroking his shaft.

She continued fucking into his hole and stroking his cock, two thrusts and his cock erupted, shooting out semen onto his stomach and chest. His breath was heavy, the rise and fall of his chest was rapid. Y/N took the strap-on off quickly and laid down next to him to run her fingers through his hair and gently stroke his cheek while the boy calmed down from his orgasm.

 “Mommy, what about you?” He asked.

 “What do you mean?” She replied.

 “Don’t you want to cum?” He answered.

 “I can take care of it myself it’s okay.” She said, patting his head lightly.

 “I want to make you cum mommy.” He said.

 “You’re going to be a big boy and make mommy cum?” She asked in surprise.

 He nodded and quickly jumped to the end of the bed where he wrapped his arms around her legs and pulled her towards the edge. He slowly started licking between her folds and dipping his tongue slightly into her slit before licking back up to her clit.

“You’re so wet mommy.” He said before going back down to start sucking on her clit.

“All for you baby boy.” She said with a slight moan.

His tongue ministrations got quicker and more precise as he went on. Y/N had a fistful of Yoongi’s black locks in her hand because of how good he was making her feel. Her orgasm was fast approaching, it wouldn’t be too long before she came on Yoongi’s tongue.

Her orgasm was powerful when it came, she gripped onto Yoongi’s hair tighter and arched her back until her high came back down. When Yoongi looked back up at her she could see her juices all over Yoongi’s chin. He laid down next to her and snuggled into her side.

“Baby, we need to get you cleaned up.” She said as she put her hand on his head.

“Clean me later, I’m too tired to get cleaned up.” He said with a small yawn.

“I suppose that’s okay.” She said with a sigh.

Yoongi smiled. “I love you mommy.”

“I love you too, little prince.”


The story of Skye’s birth, as told by her parents

Brian clung to Ross’s hand, letting himself be led inside. He was still crying a little, tears clinging to his cheeks. His jeans were still wet and he was just cold.

Holly came in behind them, closing the door and kissing Brian’s cheek. “Come on sweetie, I’ll run you a bath. Ross, can you make some dinner for him?”

Ross nodded and headed into the kitchen, Brian sniffling as Holly took his hand. She hummed softly to him as she led him upstairs.

He shivered when they got to the bathroom, his jeans sticky and cold against his legs. “There’s mommy’ good boy,” she murmured, starting the water. Once the bath was going, she turned back to Brian. She kissed his cheeks and his forehead, making him smile around his thumb.

Holly sang softly to him to keep him calm as she undid his jeans, carefully taking them off of him. “Oh sweetie, you must be so uncomfy, huh?”

Brian just nodded, a few more tears sliding down his face. Holly finished undressing him, rubbing his hip gently as she helped him into the tub. The water was warm, contrasting how cold Brian felt.

Holly began to wash him, smiling as he leaned into the touch. “Who’s mommy’s good baby boy?” She tickled his tummy. “It’s you!” He laughed, splashing his hands in the water as she rubbed soap over his body. His cheeks still had dried tear stain on them, and Holly gently wiped his face with her thumbs.

He cooed, reaching for her hand. She laughed softly when he squeezed her hand. “Aw, look at how cute you are!”

She let him splash a little longer in the water before reaching into the tub to pull the plug. The water began to drain, and she helped Brian up and out of the tub. She wrapped a towel around him, kissing his nose. “Let’s get you in some jammies, hm?”

He made a happy sound, letting Holly dry him off, and following her down the hall. She dug out a diaper and flannel pajama pants for him, reaching for one of Ross’s bigger shirts. She set the diaper on the bed, having him lay down before taping it onto him.

He whined, hiding his face. “I know… It’s okay babe.” He always got so embarrassed when being changed. Holly rubbed his belly gently, calming him gently. Once the diaper was on, she stood him up, helping him dress. She giggled softly when his tummy growled. “Now, let’s go see if daddy is finished with your dinner!”

She held his hand, leading him downstairs. He let go of her hand, reaching for Orph, who was curled up on the couch. Orph mewed, letting Brian pet him. “Kitty!”

“Mhm. That is a kitty!” Holly smiled, setting a hand on Brian’s back. “Come on, kitty’ll be here after you eat.” He whined, but let her lead him into the kitchen.

Ross was at the stove as Holly sat Brian down, finishing up a pot of macaroni. “Hey baby boy!” Ross smiled, getting out a bowl. He dished out the food, putting the pot on a cool burner.

He sat down with the bowl and a fork, scooping some up and holding it to Brian’s mouth. He obediently opened his mouth, letting Ross feed him. “Good boy.”

Ross fed him carefully, smiling softly and praising him gently. “You’re such a good baby boy for me tonight.”

Brian just whined, opening his mouth to ask for more. Ross giggled, feeding more to him. “There you go.”

Holly was sitting across the table, smiling as she watched Ross and Brian. Once Brian was fed, she stood up. “It’s a little late, but how about we watch a movie to let Brian wind down?”

Ross kissed Brian’s forehead softly. “How does that sound?” Brian nodded, reaching for Ross, who helped him stand. “Holls, can you grab his paci?”

“Of course. You two get settled on the couch.”

Ross took Brian into the living room, sitting down on the couch. Brian sat next to him, cuddling into his side while sucking his thumb. Ross pet Brian’s hair gently, smiling.

Holly came in a moment later, offering Brian the pacifier. Brian opened his mouth to let her put it in his mouth. She sat on his other side, rubbing his back as she found a movie on TV.

Before long, Brian was fast asleep, warm and snug and happy.

Birthday behavior. <33
My day wasn’t going as planned at all, got into a little heated argument with Chris, and the shoes I ordered’ that was supposed to be here today won’t be here until next week. Can you say highly annoyed?!?!
Anyways, my friends told me I have to do something positive for my birthday so they forced me to get dressed and told me not to ask any questions. I’m nervous and excited at the same time. Now lets pull out one of mommy’s furs before I freeze to death in this little number. Haha

When Arizona’s iPad started ringing absurdly early on the morning of November 5th, she knew it could only be one person, her absolute favourite person in the world.

Pushing herself up in bed, she ran a hand through her tousled hair and grabbed the tablet from the nightstand, flipping it open with a smile as she waited for the screen to fill with her daughter’s adorable face. And it did, a second later, but there was also someone in the picture that Arizona didn’t expect to see at all.


Sofia bubbled over with excitement the moment Facetime made its connection, and she launched into an exuberant chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ as Arizona looked on with a soft laugh and a delighted grin. She still wasn’t a fan of her birthday – still didn’t need a fuss to be made every year – but ever since her daughter was old enough to know what birthdays were, she’d happily accepted whatever surprises and gifts the little girl liked to plan.

“Happy birthday, Arizona.”

Callie’s warm voice spoke after the singing was over, smiling through the screen from where she sat behind their daughter, nestled around her as they sat on the little girl’s bed.

“Aw, thanks, you two…” Arizona couldn’t help but smile, genuinely touched, “you’re so good at the birthday song, Sof! What a perfect way to wake up!”

“Did we wake you up?”

Sofia pulled the iPad closer, dark eyes peering at her mother in Seattle, and Arizona just leaned back against the head of her bed, fixing the strap on her tank top with a soft laugh.

“Yeah, but you’re my favourite way to wake up, sweetie.”

“Are you working today?”

Callie peered over Sofia’s head, resting her chin lightly on dark hair, and Arizona shook her head, noticing that something seemed…different about her ex-wife this morning. Lighter, almost.

“No. I’m off today and tomorrow…although I’ll probably go in at some point today. I have a few patients to check up on.”

Sofia looked like she was about to explode with barely-contained excitement, and she bounced a little, turning to whisper something to the other woman. Arizona watched as Callie just nodded, a smile tugging at her own lips, and a moment later Sofia turned back to the screen, her eyes positively alight with a very familiar look.

“Stay home, mommy! We’re coming to visit!”

She giggled adorably, the happiness radiating off her small body even from thousands of miles away. Arizona could only blink in surprise, completely taken aback – she wasn’t scheduled to see her daughter again for another three weeks.


“We’re coming to visit! Happy birthday!”

Callie smiled behind her, an almost identical set of brown eyes happily looking her way. Arizona simply met her gaze head-on, and the instant pull between them was palpable – if only for the briefest moment as the reality of her daughter’s words sunk in.

“Wait – we?”

Callie wrapped her arms around the little girl, biting her lip before she smiled tentatively again – in a way that was so familiar it almost hurt.

“If that’s okay…I thought I’d visit too.”

Their eyes met over Sofia’s head again, and a silent communication passed between them before the dark-haired woman spoke softly.

“I’ve missed you.”

Arizona’s response was immediate, her eyes softening a little as she nodded. They’d seen each other briefly whenever she went to visit Sofia, but it was never enough.

“I’ve missed you, too.”

“Our airplane leaves in THREE HOURS!”

Sofia practically lit up with excitement again, interrupting before another word could be spoken.

“I can’t wait to see you, mommy! We have gifts, and mama says we’re gonna get donuts! It’s gonna be a party with just us!”

Whatever had passed between the two women was momentarily gone, but all Arizona could do was grin happily – her heart filled with joy at the knowledge that she would soon be seeing her little girl. And the knowledge that she would be seeing Callie too? – that was a feeling she wasn’t quite sure she knew how to explain.

“I can’t wait, baby. This is going to be the best birthday ever.”


Rainy Day
  • Little: *is watching rain out the window and sighs* "No pwaying with mommy outside today..."
  • Mommy: *Scoops little up and runs into their room, cuddling with the little while their favorite movie plays* "Why play outside when we can play inside too"
  • Little: *Jumps and giggles in excitement* "Yay!!!"
  • Mommy: *ruffles little's hair and kisses their cheek* "What first little one..."

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Would it be okay to ask more about how the kids are with Clarke? I feel like there's heeeeaps of Lexa, bc she obvs parenting goals (and Clarkey too ofc) but I just wanna know :)

okay so Clarke is the softest most loving mother ever and she’s usually there more for the kids at the beginning bc Lexa has her job. Clarke is actually the less protective, more lax parent. She lets the kids do more, eat more exciting (Read: junk) food, and she’s the amazing art mommy so they adore her. Her relationship w Alex is teasing and adorable bc Alex is her little Lexa and she’s in love. Jake is more like her, soft and adorable and cute. They both like painting w her, but Alex can’t paint for shit, so Clarke helps her extra w projects lmao. Clarke tucks them both in, too. That’s a ritual. 

Mommy goal number one reached. I bought 15 books at a local thrift store after dropping off some clothes. I got it for a $1.51 I’m pretty sure. I intend to read most of these to my princess but I think a couple are gonna be a bit young for her. Plus we got a duplicate of the skeleton hiccups one. Idk if I wanna give them away or keep them just in case.

Hey there moms!

My name is Nicole, I’m a first time expecting mom. I’ve been confirmed at the doctor as pregnant, though, not how far. I’m figuring about 5 weeks. I live in Georgia. I have an amazing partner who is just as excited, his name is Samuel.(photo is of us) We’re so eager to see our baby come October. I couldn’t even try to list the emotions. If you check out my blog (New-mommy-adventures) it’s pretty empty as I’m just getting started, but I’d super appreciate a few mom friends/followers. I’m plus size. pro-choice. not religious, though a little witchy. I’m eager, excited, and talkative about all things baby. 



Coloring Tattoos, DiabloxReader

You stand looking at the two most important people in your life. Your husband, the love of your life and your beautiful daughter, the most precious gift you’ve been blessed with.

She sits in his lap, markers littered in hers. Pinks and purples and blues, some glitter and some plain. She looked up at him smiling as she continues to color in his tattoos.

“See daddy? Now you get to be colorful like mommy!!” She squeals with excitement as you look down at your own colored in tattoos.

“Well make sure you make mine even better than Mommy’s, because you love daddy more right?” He grins at her.

She shakes her head vigorously, “No daddy, I love you both the same amounts.”

You snicker as he mock pouts. “What about if I let you have ice cream whenever you want it for a week?”

It’s her turn to laugh, “Oh daddy! Mommy would never let you do that!” She switches arms and starts to color it in.

“How about if I give yoooouuuu,” he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a $20 bill, “some money!!”

She grabs the money and says “I love you more daddy!!” Then turning to face you as if he can no longer see her, she whispers “I love you just as much mommy.”

“Hey! I heard that! I want my money back.” He pouts again.

She hops off his lap and runs to you. “Mommy said when you do that, to say that all transitions are final.”

You laugh, correcting her “transactions, baby”.

“All transactions are final daddy!!” You scoop her up and plant a kiss on her cheek as Chato wraps the both of you in a hug, placing a kiss on your lips and the cheek of his daughter. “The life I live” he says under smiling lips.

Okay, this is the first time I’m going to talk about this and probably the last. Whoever sees this will probably be the only people who will understand.

About 3 years ago, I was talking to this guy and I thought he was so cool and I literally wanted to do everything for him. He eventually got me to have sex with him and after the second time, I got pregnant. Sadly, not knowing I was pregnant I got on the birth control shot. The birth control shot is absolutely terrible because all it does is weaken your uterus to be unable to hold a baby. So if you do end up pregnant on the shot, you are most likely going to miscarry. Which is exactly what happened. I was 4 months pregnant, alone and scared. I woke up in the middle of the night with extreme pain and cramps. Ran to the bathroom and there was blood everywhere. I was crying and shivering(not because it was cold but because I was so scared). After 10 minutes of sitting on the toilet my tiny, itty bitty baby came into this world. So tiny and so still. I had no idea what to do. I didn’t tell anyone and I didn’t even go to the hospital for it. I wrapped the baby in a paper towel and went outside and put it in a bag in the trash can. I couldn’t Burry it because I didn’t want anyone to be suspicious and I didn’t want to flush it because, well, that was my baby. A couple weeks later I finally told my friends about what happened and none of them believed me. I told my only guy bestfriend that I actually trust (coincidently, the guys best friend as well) and he sat with me on the phone that night for hours. Okay, enough with the sad lets fast forward to the present.

March of 2013, I met my current boyfriend and of course right away, we fell head over heels for each other. Which is weird for both of us because he was a player and I was going through a really bad stage in my life. We both thought we were just gonna be a one night stand, but a year and 9 months later and we’re still going strong. But that’s not the only thing, In late October, I conceived my second little blessing. Completely 100% off all types of birth control. I am now 10w3d and everything is going way better then the first time. I’m 17 and even though I’m still young, I feel like I get to make up for everything I did wrong the first time. Andrew and I are really excited to bring our little miracle into this world and love it and show it how amazing life could be if you keep an open mind.

I know a lot of people won’t read this or will like the picture and not read the story but, if you do, thank you so much.

More Rogue Headcannons: “Titan Shaming”

Based on my Titan Eren AU “Rogue:” http://archiveofourown.org/works/2802785/chapters/6291884   Plot: A strange but intelligent titan lives deep within the forests of Wall Maria, right under the military’s nose. What happens when the mysterious titan comes across two small children and the Scouts?

Literally just a funny scenario I just thought in my head after clicking on a series of pet shaming pics. Basically one day Hange decides to do some “Titan Shaming” with Rogue who is just a blissfully unaware participant. (Just for fun here and won’t happen in the fic itself) Until I draw it one day, just picture a sign hanging around Rogue’s neck or Hange holding one up.

Here is some of the silly and stupid content that the signs would display:

“I like to steal things that clearly aren’t mine and bury them in the hay in my nest.”

“I got so excited when mommy and daddy came home that I knocked the flagpole over.”

“I almost destroyed an entire city chasing after a girl!”

“When I get mad at someone I spit on them.”

“I got mad at daddy once and broke his maneuver gear because he wouldn’t let me look at a spoon.”

“I puked on Jean.”

“Sometimes I bring dead animals to my family because I think I’m helping them find food.”

“When daddy has meetings, I lick the windows because I want attention.”

“I adopted kittens once and told mommy I had new babies. She didn’t understand me and the family was worried for almost 24 hours because they thought I was having babies. Daddy got really mad at mommy afterwards when they realized what I really meant.”

“I got trash all over the courtyard because I wondered what was in the barrels outside the kitchen.”

“I don’t like it when my little ones try to sleep in the castle instead of with me so I whine, moan, and howl LOUDLY until they come out and do so!”

“I killed mommy’s two titan test subjects once because I hated them. I think I made a good first impression myself.”

“I broke the window in the library once and trashed the place because I wanted to get my little ones gifts.”

“Sometimes I forget that I’m a fifteen meter titan and think I’m a ten pound puppy.”

“I let the horses out of the paddock once because I wanted to play with them.”

“I brought home a bear once because I wanted a pet. It didn’t work out.”

“I have ripped up and destroyed countless pillows and mattresses that belonged to my family because I like the feathers and stuffing inside of them.”

“I wrecked several of my family’s supply depots because I was both curious and stealing stuff for my little ones.”

“Much to daddy’s displeasure, when I want my nest cleaned in my barn I bring a handful of old hay to him, even when he’s in the middle of something and drop it at his feet even though I am fully capable of simply asking for fresh bedding.”

“I didn’t want my little ones using knives so I threw them into the pond!”

“Don’t ever teach me to draw lewd images of human genitalia because I will draw them everywhere. I have no idea what any of them are.”

“I’m a horribly liar because my ears turn red when I do.”

“I’m the definition of why we sometimes can’t have nice things.”

“I make a lot of people sexually conflicted.”

“Sometimes I like to roll around in the dirt after I get a bath.”

“I am a bloodthirsty fifteen meter behemoth that’s slaughtered many titans yet I let many of the female recruits including my ‘sister’ braid my hair.”

Honestly the list of possibilities are endless here XD I suppose it’s easy to see who mommy and daddy are XD