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24 Days: Which squadmates do you think will best compliment Ryder’s combat style? Alternatively, who do you plan to take out most in the field? 

Wait what? There are people who do that? You mean you actually expect me to like, plan my squadmate loadout according to strategy?

Ooooh that’s rich. But no.

This is a Bioware game. 

We don’t plan our teams by who’s skills compliment who best, we take our favorites out and learn to live with the consequences.

If that means we run around without support and play on the easiest combat setting and die every eighty seconds then that’s what we do.

So far, from what little we know, it sounds like Grace is gonna have a lot of common interests with Peebee and I’m personally very um… intrigued, by Jaal, so that’s probably who’s going to be running around with her! But Vetra also seems REALLY cool, and I love krogan so I’m probably gonna love Drack, and in spite of finding out his writer was the same racist shitstain responsible for Jacob I’m trying REAL hard to stay enthusiastic about Liam.

But, that’s all just me! My characters’ views don’t have to necessarily reflect my own. Even if I don’t like a character/squadmate/companion, I try to play a character who’s got at least some reason to get a little invested in everyone.

We need to find out more about them so I can start planning out aspects of her personality so shr has at least something small in common she can relate to with these guys to form relationships on

Video Games

As introverts, we love being alone with oodles and oodles of books. Our houses are almost always stocked to the brim with our favorite snacks, our Netflix always ready to be used, and our furry companions are never far from our side. Outside of being an avid reader (though I’m in a slump right now), I’m also an avid gamer as well. I love being lost in the worlds of whatever video game I happen to be playing. I know I’m not the only one. Video games allow us to be connected without actually having other people around. They fill our lives with immeasurable joy and excitement we can control. Video games allow us to do whatever we want and not get in trouble or be judged. What’s your favorite video game series and why? What’s your favorite gaming system(s)? (I LOVE the Bioshock series to pieces.)

Okay but what if sportacus swearing is just him yelling sports/sports related things because he doesn’t actually know any swearwords. So like fuck is football and shit is soccer (crap is croquet, holy shit is hockey sticks, ect). Imagine the kids just hearing sportacus go “ah football!” and thinking that he’s just really excited to play a game with them when in reality he stubbed his toe.


Jily Quidditch HC
  • 7th year Jily when they have been dating for several months.
  • James begging and begging Lily to come watch him play quidditch. Swearing that he will do better if she is there cheering him on. 
  • Lily going to watch him practice but avoiding the games because she isn’t a fan of large groups of people and it seems like it is always raining. 
  • James begging her while she is trying to write an essay and she finally says yes because GOD DAMN IT SHE NEEDS TO GET THIS ESSAY DONE AND HE WILL NOT LEAVE HER ALONE. 
  •  Lily actually being minorly excited to watch James but refusing to let it show because it will just add to James’s ego. 
  • The day of the game James goes down to the pitch an hour early with the team to get ready. 
  • Lily putting on bright red lipstick and braiding her hair down her back. 
  • Wrapping up in a Gryffindor hat and scarf. 
  • Before leaving she grabs one of James’s extra practice t-shirts and slipping it over her jumper because it’s red and gold and it has his last name on the back.
  • Arriving at the quidditch pitch and sitting next to Remus on the Gryffindor side. 
  • They are playing Hufflepuff. 
  • James planning on being extra aggressive because Amos Diggory has been making love eyes at you for the past week and that is not okay.
  • James’s eyes landing on Lily as he is warming up. 
  • She is talking excitedly to Remus about the book he is holding. She looks beautiful. All the red and gold makes her look as though she is on fire. 
  • Sirius pulling up next to him.
  • James sighing, “Bloody hell. She’s beautiful isn’t she.”
  • Sirius, in the same dreaming manner, saying, “Yeah, he is.”
  • Then turning a light shade of red when he realizes that he said that out loud. 
  • “What did you say?”
  • *clearing his throat* “Yeah, SHE is.” Then rushing off to join the rest of the team. 
  • Lily looking up so see James. 
  • James smiling a toothy grin and waving at her before he flies off to join the rest of the team.
  • “There’s something about Quidditch boys.”
  • Remus, not looking up from his book, “really. I hadn’t noticed.” EVEN THOUGH THAT LYING TURD HAD TOTALLY NOTICED HOW GOOD SIRIUS’S ASS LOOKED IN QUIDDITCH PANTS. 
  • In the end, Gryffindor wins.
  • Lily hadn’t even noticed how cold it was or how the rain (which started halfway through the game) had plastered her hair to her back. 
  • James flies over to the stands after the final score is called and swoops down next to Lily. 
  • Jumping off the broom and snogging her senseless. 
  • Remus, who doesn’t know what to do, looks up a Sirius who winks at him causing Remus to flush. 
  • James and Lily breaking apart. 
  • “Will you come to the next game?”
  • Lily, wiping the mud of James’s face, smiles at him. 
  • “If games always end like this,” she plants a kiss on his cheek, “I’ll be at every game.”


A small preview from my next Pixel Rust chapter. Madeleine has a date spends the day at the boardwalk. I need several more screenshots before I can actually post it “properly”, but I’m getting a new computer tomorrow and I have to set it up, reinstall my games, and transfer all my files over so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to play again. Hopefully soon, though, as I’m really looking foward to this update! :D

Dating Charlie Bradbury would include...

  • going to all kinds of larp events together
  • singing loudly in the car
  • spending time in bed reading your favourite books
  • always losing to Charlie whenever you play a game together
  • being excited to try out hunting with her, not so much when you actually find a monster in the process
  • meeting Sam and Dean
  • holding hands all the time
  • buying presents was never easier because you just had to pick what you liked and it was perfect for Charlie as well
  • Charlie insisting on doing your hair
  • “Are dwarves real as well?” - “No Y/N, they’re not real.”

gaymeebo  asked:

It's so cute how Mikleo puts a bubble around sorey to protect him! It's so cute! I only got it now while playing the game last night. Also the bridge of Camelot is quite spoopy. The negative colours and the wind! Creepy

One of the funniest things to me about Zestiria is how when the game doesn’t want you to go places yet, Heldalf just like. Shows up there and makes malevolence so you can’t walk through it, lol. ACTUALLY funny story about that, the first time I played through Zestiria, I got to the one village the Pope ran off to? With the fire temple in the back? And you have to go through the cave to get there the first time? Well on my way back, I wanted to use the cave again for whatever reason, but it was full of malevolence. So I just sort of… crawled through the malevolence? And whenever monsters showed up I “escaped” the battle. AND THEN HELDALF WAS STANDING IN THE CLEARING NEAR THE BEGINNING OF THE CAVES where it connects back to the Meadow of Triumph AND I JUST CRAWLED AROUND HIM AND LEFT THE CAVE

Idk man I thought it was hilarious but maybe you would have had to be there.

ANYWAY THE BUBBLE!!!! I LOVE ME THE BUBBLE!! First of all, the SORMIK, obviously. Like, okay. You gotta put this into context. Last time they ran into that much malevolence, SOREY LOST HIS RESONANCE. We all remember how scary that was for both Sorey and Mikleo. And this time, Sorey loses it again and can’t see Mikleo. BUT THIS TIME, MIKLEO’S STRONG ENOUGH TO BASICALLY FORCE HIMSELF THROUGH THE MALEVOLENCE??? LIKE WOW I LOVE HIM and it’s just a really romantic scene. Also, there are some Dezerose/Sormik parallels in that scene, so take a sip, @soymilkheaven :P

And then the bubble itself, the result of all his hard work. We see him training so so hard in all those skits, and all those hints that he wishes he were more powerful, worrying he’s not as good as the other seraphim (who, lest we forget, are all AGES older and more experienced than him) AND HE MAKES UP THIS BUBBLE ALL ON HIS OWN?? Like I imagine he had to know something like that was possible, but I can only assume that’s because he was studying up really hard, reading about the previous Shepherds, asking Lailah and the others for advice on how to become more powerful, and the bubble was the result. AND HE’S SO PROUD OF IT (as well he should be)

AND idk if you saw this part in your playthrough, but if you try to go outside the city enough times WITHOUT using the bubble, MIkleo’s all “Sorey, you really don’t trust me this much?” AND HE SOUNDS SO SAD. WHICH IS SAD but to me it really shows how much Mikleo had his heart set on becoming more powerful specifically to be more useful to the party/Sorey. Like. I LOVE MIKLEO OKAY AND THE BUBBLE AND ALL IT IMPLIES IS ACTUALLY A VERY SIGNIFICANT PART OF THAT.


Confession:  So…Mass Effect Andromeda has multiplayer….I hope its not needed like it was in Mass Effect 3, and I also hope it doesn’t take away from the actual game. I have never once heard of someone playing mass effect for the multiplayer and I have yet to hear of someone excited for it in Andromeda. The way I see it is EA meddling with the game again. Less than excited but who knows.



The hype is so real, and thank god you guys understand.. I can’t stop drawing… Ive been up all night its now 8:15am… I’m now going to bed.

Auston Matthews- Not Another Number

This is my first one! Thinking of continuing this as a little series? Let me know!

Word Count: 1,067

You could not be more excited for this game; it was the Pittsburgh Penguins against the Toronto Maple Leafs. You grew up ten minutes away from Pittsburgh and going to the Pen’s games was something you enjoyed for a the longest time. However, after hearing about Auston Matthews and his big debut with his four goals, you wanted to see this kid play. You were a college kid, just a year older than him actually and were really impressed already.

“Hey can’t believe you got the student rush tickets for this game Y/N!” your friend exclaimed.

“Yeah, to be honest I was still going to pay for seats even if I didn’t get them.” You smiled while holding the golden tickets in your hands. You looked up in the review mirror to check yourself one last time before leaving the car.

“Ready, Y/N?” Your friend asked.

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Y’ALL I installed gw2 on my laptop to play the new LS mostly because I couldn’t be arsed to sit up at my desktop but daaaamn I don’t think I realized just HOW outdated my old graphics card was and I spent like two hours just running around to places I remembered being pretty and LOSING IT

This is the first time in months I’ve actually been kinda excited to dust off the game and pick it up again


So… one of the moments from A Link to the Past that sticks out the most for me is actually pretty near the beginning of the game. It’s the part where you’re helping Zelda to escape from the castle, and she comes with you into the sewers.  She actually doesn’t do much… she doesn’t even hold the lantern. But little 10-year-old-or-so me was convinced, just from this little bit, that absolutely the next Zelda game would be two players, with 2P playing as Zelda.  It just made sense. It was definitely coming, how could it not? I was so excited.

Well…. I’m still waiting.  But here’s a little sketch for younger me, and maybe you, of a Zelda who would be quite happy to go questing. I started off mostly looking at the old cartoon version of her, but incorporated a lot of things from some of the newer designs, most obviously the color scheme.  I had fun with it.


@ASTOLDBYASPEN : SimTube Beauty Guru
What’s on my iPhone 6S Gold by @maximss

Heyyyy beauties ! As many of you know, I’ve been an Apple product girl all my life , but today , I received a NEW DEFAULT REPLACEMENT iPhone 6S by @maximss in the gold color . I am just so excited to show you all what all comes on this phone and some apps I’ve been loving…



These are actually the screens made my MAXIMSS when you use his default replacement! Pretty cool!

Screens Change with each Interaction: 

  1. “Send Text” : I love texting on this phone… it’s so easy and comfortable to hold.
  2. “Play Game” : CANDY CRUSH! Who doesn’t love this game?
  3. “Browse Web” : INSTAGRAM! Y’all know I love the gram! lol. 

These phones have not been released to the public yet, but they will be really soon, maybe tonight or tomorrow if you’re reading this now <3


Over Halloween weekend, I ran Dungeons and Dragons at the anime convention Aki Con. Sunday of the con, one of my players brought with him his collection of Japanese D&D books. They were spectacular and I had to take some pictures (please pardon the quality).

It was fascinating to see such familiar material coupled with such different art. Some were rule books and others were actual play texts. These contained ready to play adventures, but also transcripts of already played games:

The accompanying manga style character artwork was pretty amazing. I particularly enjoyed the gundam-esque warforged character named Gunbolt. And the most understated tiefling PC I have ever seen (pictured on the D&D 4 cover with silver horns). The summary of standard races also made very entertaining viewing. Especially this thief’s expression:

He’s just so excited about thievin’!

another thing i want to point out about chapter 231 is a new character aspect on kenma

he says he’s not good with people and he doesn’t want to interact with them; he doesn’t want them to notice him. he sits by himself a lot and is usually pretty quiet… which is why i think it’s so peculiar that in this chapter, kenma was actually envious that bokuto could be so sociable

kenma, who said he didn’t want to interact with people, is now envious of someone who can interact with people easily

and it only adds to the list of things about kenma, who has literally just blossomed since meeting hinata and having a match against karasuno. kuroo points it out when he sees kenma’s expression when he watches hinata play, coach nekomata points out a positive change at the training camp, even yaku tears up when he sees kenma actually having a conversation (with hinata). kenma used to not care about volleyball, but now he gets excited. he gets fired up. he wants to start taking games seriously. he wants to break from his shell and hinata is literally helping him do that.

Seth Clearwater Request

Hi! I love your blog so much! Your such a good writer! Can I request a Twilight Seth Clearwater imagine where he comes to watch you at one of your volleyball games and this particular one is at St. David, and its a school where they are just really mean people in general and all the football players always make sexual and like just in general really rude comments to the other team and Seth gets all protective? (This is an actually I play XD) Thanks so much! :)

“St. David,” Jacob said as he pulled up to the school. “Sounds fancy.”

“I think anything can be considered fancy when you compare it to our school,” Seth joked. “But from what I hear from Y/N the people from our small are a lot nicer than the people here.”

“Are you excited to see her play? Have you ever been to one of her games?”

“I saw her play with some friends on the beach once. Never saw her in an actual school game though.” Seth and Jacob walked into the school and found their way to the gym. They got plenty of looks from the students that were there as they made their way into the stands.

The two teams took the court to start warmup. As soon as you took the court you looked around the stands for Seth. When your eyes landed on him you gave him a big smiled and waved. “Aw what a cute couple,” Jacob poked fun at him as Seth waved back to you, “Shut up.”

The game started and even Jacob was getting into it. “Come on, Y/N,” the two of them cheered.

“Look at that dime in the back row,” Seth’s ears perked up when he heard the comments coming from the jocks in the front row. “Clear to see which one’s the short one.” Each guy commented about everyone on the team leaving no player from your team alone.

“Take it easy, man. They’re just jerks. Don’t listen to them,” Jacob told him. He made it through almost the whole game until you were in front and the comments were heavily towards you.

“Turn back around,” they screamed at you. “You look like a good hitter, babe.” You blocked out their comments, Seth, however did not. The game ended and you saw Jacob running after Seth who was booking it out the doors and down the hallway. You grabbed your bags and ran to find them.

“Seth,” you jogged up to the two guys who were secluded in an empty part of the hallway. “Hey Jacob,” you greeted him and turned your attention to Seth, who was clearly breathing heavy and had sweat starting to bead on his forehead. “Babe, what’s wrong?”

“Those douche bags in there in the front row. Did you not hear what they were saying to your guys; to you!”

“I did.”

“That’s ridiculous; you aren’t a piece of meat,” he started paced.

“Seth, you need to calm down,” Jacob said calmly.

“Seth,” you stepped in front of him, “look at me babe,” you grabbed his arms and held him still. “I need you to take a breath, ok. Take a breath,” reluctantly he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “I’m fine. Those guys are just jerks. You don’t have to worry about them anymore. We can go.”

“Ok,” he gave you a little smile. “Want to ride back with us?”

“I’d like that,” he wrapped an arm around you and turned to leave. As the three of you turned to leave you heard a loud whistle come from behind you.

It was three of the jerks from the front of the stands. “Good job man. Getting a looker like this one,” the leader of the group said.

“Watch how you talk about my girlfriend,” Seth warned him as he got nearer to your group.

“What. I’m just saying that you landed a fine piece of a-” the guy was cut off by Seth slamming him into the wall.

“I said watch you mouth. If I’m ever back here and hear you say anything like that again, you’ll be sorry.” Seth stared down the one he had pinned against the wall and flicked a glance to the two that came with him. “Got it?” The scared man against the wall nodded shaken up. He dropped the person he had pinned and grabbed your heavy bag for you. “Ready to go home,” he smiled at you and pulled you into him.

“More than ready,” you said and looked back a final time to see the fear that remained on the boys faces.