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My Masterlist!

All of these contain smut, unless specifically stated, and the reader has female anatomy.


Peter Maximoff x Reader

My first attempt at writing anything! Peter Maximoff x Reader (Thigh Riding)

Peter Maximoff x Reader Drabble (Mommy Kink)

Just Desserts Peter Maximoff x Reader 

Closest Thing To Normal Peter Maximoff x Reader

Santa Baby Peter Maximoff x Reader (Santa Kink)

Flustered Peter Peter Maximoff x Reader Drabble

“You’re seriously like a man child” Prompt: Peter Maximoff x Reader Drabble

“Did You Just Hiss at Me?”  Prompt: Peter Maximoff x Reader Drabble

Laundry Day  Peter Maximoff x Reader Drabble

Riding Lessons  Peter Maximoff x Reader (Cowboy Kink)

Untitled Peter Maximoff x Reader Request - Virgin reader, Thigh Riding

Lucky Penny  Peter Maximoff x Reader

Just Pretending Peter Maximoff x Reader Smut                                                     

Good Morning Peter Maximoff x Reader Smut

Smut Free:

This Smut free Drabble is based on Peter reading all the Harry Potter books at super speed to impress you

Twinkies Peter Maximoff x Reader (Smut Free)

A Very Groovy Mutation Charles Xavier x Reader

The Perils of Dating a Telepath Charles Xavier x Reader Request

“Vodka”  Prompt: Erik Lensherr x Reader Drabble

I Love a Man in Uniform Scott Summers x Reader

Energy Alex Summers x Reader

Untitled Jean Grey x Reader


Hot Bucky Barnes x reader smut (oral sex)

No Foreplay Bucky x Reader Smut - Part of the 100 Banging Kinks for Bucky’s Birthday Celebration

Third Base Bucky Barnes x Reader Smut Written for Kate’s cards Against Humanity Challenge

“You’re such a nerd” Tony Stark x Reader  

Harry Potter

Cooling Off Charlie Weasley x Reader Smut

American Horror Story

All of my AHS writings can now be found on my side blog @evandarling

AHS Masterlist 

Writing Practise 

Fictional Kiss Tropes  I wrote these with Peter in mind but they are pretty open to interpretation (No Smut)

Update 27th of July 2017 

aka I am a massive hoe for Steve Rogers rn

Distraction Steve Rogers x Reader 

Frustrations   Steve Rogers x Reader

Drunk  Steve Rogers x Reader

things about the people here that make me happy, pt. iii

  • on the first day of my english seminar, the professor had us do a close reading of the giving tree. he read it aloud to us, preschool fashion, from his own copy, which he was given when he was 4, and had ‘to jimmy’ written in the front. he also told us that his seven-year-old son calls him ‘jimmy’ when he wants to annoy him. im screaming
  • yesterday i overheard a couple students arguing about in what order they should watch the stars wars films, and when the guy said they should watch the prequels first and then ran off to class, the girl yelled after him, “NO!!! WE SHOULDN’T HAVE TO SEE ANAKIN BEFORE LEIA. I WILL FIGHT YOU, ZACH!!!”
  • ok so the same english prof had us think up an “elevator pitch” type of summary of our thesis for our first othello papers in class, and then at the end of class, actually made all 16 of us cram into the elevator and had one “volunteer” give us their pitch on the way down i ask u

I loved God. More than anything. And then He created you.

the whole lucifer and cas dynamic is so interesting
the angel who hated humanity and the angel who loved it all too much