excited for this weeks streams!

You know what I miss?  

Doctor Who. I miss being excited about Doctor Who.  

I miss looking forward to streaming the show every week.  I miss being excited for the Christmas special.  I miss the cliffhangers and the recurring characters and the personalities of the individual doctors.  

I just saw an ad for the new series in September and I literally thought “meh.” 

I remember a time where you’d see nothing but the show on your dash, and all the posts had 10,000+ notes because literally everyone loved it and got excited about it.  

I think the idea of fandom lost traction everywhere around the same time the show started doing plot circles, so people lost interest and it died a slow, agonizing death. 

I didn’t ever think it would get here, but it has, and somewhere it makes me sad.  

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm not sure if you're taking requests now but let's give it a try. How would 17 react if their gf who is kpop idol in SMTOWN and she's main vocalist finally got her chance and have her first mini solo album and it's like emotional and stuff please? I understand that probably all their reactions would be maybe same but I'm super curious about your opinion.. oh and I love your blog so much! :)

would be super super SUPER proud and excited for you and would literally stream your title track for like a week straight, would upload it to their SNS, would recommend it to everyone they know, would buy as many physical copies as they can, download it on iTunes, and probably display all the albums happily in your living room or something. they’d basically be even more emotional about it than you; Seungcheol/S.Coups, Jun, Hoshi, DK, Mingyu, Seungkwan 

would also be super super excited and proud for you, would buy a copy of your album and recommend it to all their friends and staff, but most of all they’d want to sit down and just have a little private celebration with you like at home, with a cake and some candles, and they’d hold you close when you cried about how happy you were for the chance to do this, they’d just press their lips to your hair and tell you they knew you would make amazing music: Jeonghan, Joshua, the8, Dino 

would again be super super duper excited and proud and all that jazz, but would probably secretly like shed a couple of tears but never tell you about it because they know how hard you worked and they know right now they have to be here for you when you get emotional, but at the same time they’re just so overwhelmed because you’re so amazing this is so amazing, but they’re not gonna let you see them get super emotional because instead they want to hold you close right now and celebrate the happiness with you: Wonwoo, WOOZI, Vernon