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“I think both Matt and Jessica are quite opinionated and quite stubborn. I imagine it would be kind of a fiery relationship- in a good way.” - Charlie Cox

The Kingsman x FFXV AU you never asked for! Agents Prompto Argentum and Lunafreya Fleuret are suited up now! Quick little sketch for my love @sailor-mochi! We had a Kingsman night and welp, obviously we decided to talk about an AU with our babies in it!

The Luna to my Prompto <3

Mystic Messenger new Update Theory

I know that probably a lot of people may have already said that but I noticed a thing and I didn’t see any post pointing that out so I’m gonna do it with my bad grammar.

But let’s start from the beginning with something a lot of people already said, to make the post more organized and clear.

A lot of people are wondering who the character of the new route is gonna be: a new character, V or Saeran. I don’t really think it is gonna be Sarean because it doesn’t really look like him.

In the only picture we have of him in front view we can see that his hair are way more thick and wavy, and his eyes are wider and have a different shape.

So if the character isn’t Saeran there are two other options: V and a new character, and I personally think it is gonna be the first one.

At the beginning I wasn’t so sure, because the eyes looked quite different in my opinion, but then I compared the two with more accuracy

The hair are actually really similar, they follow the same pattern and the eyes have also the same shadows in them. Also the nose is exactly the same but a lot of characters have this type of nose so it’s not a clear proof.

And there is nothing new compared to the other theories I read.

But then I noticed something more.

Next to every character we see a fraction of their house.

What is the background of the new character?

Am I the only one who noticed that? Because I think this is a really big clue.

I mean, that is clearly V’s house, so I really think he’s gonna be the main character of the new route, unless Cheritz is trolling us.

I’m really looking forward to it and sorry for the grammar mistakes I probably made.

What do you think about it?

-Christy, with a little help from Krygy

what if,,,seijoh and shiratorizowa joined the tokyo training camp???? tendOU in thIRD GYM!! IWA AND DAICHI MORNING RUNS!!! O I K U R O O  O ,,, SHIRABU AND TSUKKI BEING SALTY ,, ,  gO SH I KI AND hi na  TA be ING BBS,,,fUCK MATSUHANA AND BOKUROO FUCK (rip kaash iwa and kozume),,, PRETTY SETTER SQUAD 2.0 ??? 

hi remember when I said I was gonna wait a little longer to watch the bold type bc I dont trust shows (see me not starting wynonna Earp until last week and me not watching supergirl till like 3 months ago) but that’s a fucking lie tattoo Kadena on my ass where can I watch the first few eps I stan this so hard



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The network has been opened for a few months only and we are very proud to announce that we hit 1k followers! We wanted to celebrate it with you and decided to create a get to know me meme as a special event. We thought it would be a nice way to start getting to know each other by creating stuff. Of course, you can use the meme the way you want: by making gifs, graphics, texts… Whatever suits you! Tag your creations with #kdnmeme and feel free to twist the meme as you like! Can’t choose between your two favourite dramas? Put them both! We can’t wait to see your posts ♡

Thank you so much! 

Kdramanet’s get to know me meme

  • one drama
  • one actor
  • one actress
  • first drama
  • one genre
  • one trope
  • one character
  • one ship
  • one ost
  1. How long does it take to get used to cold stone floors when all you know is warmth and long limbs?
  2. How long does it take for the silence to go away when you are used to laughter in your ears?
  3. When do the nightmares stop when your life has become your worst nightmare?
  4. How can you believe you’re innocent when you feel like everything is your fault?
  5. How does someone break all of their promises?
  6. What shape does your Boggart take when you have no fear left because you lived through each and everyone of them?
  7. Does time really heal every scar, even the invisible ones?
  8. Why do people lie? Why do they betray? Why do they trust?
  9. Why did this happen to me, to us?
  10. How do you turn back the time?
  11. Why am I still trying?
  12. Did he forget me? Does he hate me? Does he wish he never met me?
  13. Mother was right.

Okay so this is my prompt list for August. Each from Sirius’ mind while he was in Azkaban. They won’t be happy, they will be sad but I need my Wolfstar and Marauders angst and I haven’t written from Sirius’ POV in months. I can relate to him on certain issues quite strongly so we’ll see. They won’t be first person in case you are scared it might be, they will be regular drabbles about the questions or the sentences. There are thirteen of them, a bad omen for another bad omen because why not. I hope I can do this.

ps: In jilytober I’ll do the same with Lily and James, you’ve been warned.