excited for their comeback

I know people is excited for their comeback but I just need to do this…

AU where class angel, Jimin and school delinquent Kook often seen together lately and people start questioning things….

Today, some students reported that they study together in a library. Weird, since Kookie never to be seen in a library before, even he avoided library area and try not to breath there. nevertheless, this class angel seems enjoying his presence eventhough the other one looks very uncomfortable and having a hard times to understand the subject (im questioning whether he ever studied something tho?)

I think I’ll update again tomorrow, im not sure this will be a series for not but Im gonna hide since their comeback is today and I have to prepare my heart and my body lmao.


I don’t know if anyone else is aware or cares, but Block B is cOMING BACK IN SEPTEMBER APPARENTLY AND WHY AREN’T THERE MORE POSTS ABOUT THIS??? They’re coming back after a long time and I feel like I’m the only one hyped. I know almost everyone is preoccupied with EXO’s (rumoured) and BTS’s comebacks, but dang, where’s the love for Block B? ;;