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Wait wait wait, disabled badass lady general???? Where???

Okay so the news we’ve gotten from SDCC tells us that these four lovely ladies:

are Lotor’s four generals. The specific one I was talking about was the hooded figure on the far right, with the cat on her shoulder. The writers stated in an interview that she’s blind (has no eyes) and “uses the cat’s eyes” meaning it’s basically a guide animal.

This would make her a high-ranking disabled female character, which is pretty exciting.

We haven’t really seen her in action properly yet, but the trailer shows her squaring off against Hunk and Pidge.

On Lapis in the SDCC Trailer

I’m seeing a lot of Lapis fans and Lapidot fans absolutely losing their minds over the Lapis scenes in the trailer. Please keep in mind, it’s a trailer. Not even an episode preview. A *trailer*. It is cut into bits intentionally to build suspense and excitement.

All we know from the trailer is that Lapis doesn’t want to be involved if there’s a war and that she flies off looking pained and at some point she’s using her powers with a smirk on her face.That’s it. We don’t know if she’s leaving or if she’s just flying somewhere. We don’t have context so we can’t make any kind of “she’s leaving forever and running away!” conclusion. It’s just not possible.

We don’t see Peridot and Steven looking after her upset at any point. We see Peridot imploring her to stay, but there’s not a timeline on when that occurs vs when she says she doesn’t want to be involved.

So calm down! Lapis is a main character. She’s not going to up and disappear forever, she has a life on Earth and she cares about Peridot and Steven A LOT. The whole LAPIS BETRAYS THE CGS AND STEVEN theory holds zero water (pun intended). Lapis has made multiple hard choices for Steven, she’s not going to just stop now. She just is understandably afraid of reliving the trauma she’s been put through.


H.A.I.R music drops in 24 hours, I’m proud to share this with the world.. we worked our assess off on it and it turned out phenomenal. I keep saying this is the best music video of 2017 and I’m excited to back that up.. enjoy the trailer 😊🙏🏽

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Based on that one scene from Iron Man 2.

I can’t wait to see Tony being responsible for a reckless hero. I mean, after everything he put Pepper through, it was time for him to get a taste of his own medicine!