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My thoughts (rtte s4 + fandom)

I’d like to call myself an optimist who loves to admire good stories, animation, soundtrack and expressions. Which is why I’m proud to be a part of HTTYD fandom. I absolutely love both movies and even the series. After season 4 came out, I suddenly wasn’t as excited as I used to be back when season 3 came. Now I realized why that is. It’s because I, for once, decided to check Tumblr while the season was “freshly out”.

NO, this doesn’t mean I want to complain about spoilers. It’s about finding out that side of the fandom. THE side that complains about OTHER sides of fandom. The side that blames people who watches the series because of Hiccstrid only, the side that blames people for liking this season JUST BECAUSE of the two. The side that complains that other sides DON’T REALIZE that the series are about something else.

Not to mention that there’s a difference between hate and constructive criticism just as much as between obsession and being a fan. I understand if you feel the need to say what’s on your mind, your opinion (because really, what am I doing right now?) but you don’t have to blame EVERYONE just because someone didn’t agree with you. Sometimes I feel like people don’t realize that there are adults AND kids watching the show.

So, I’m asking, what are the series about? Friendship? Relationships? Family? ONLY dragons? Relationships between people and dragons? Is it just a huge animated fan fiction? You can find your own answer and that answer would be correct. For me, it’s a nice break from waiting for the third movie and a perfect distraction from… everything. Because, as I said, I love some good story with great animation and soundtrack. I have been watching the series the first time I watched one episode from Defenders of Berk (got back to Riders of Berk after a few months) and I never got bored. I always appreciated the fun times with the twins and Snotlout, the amazing scenery and animation, bonding time with pretty much everyone, and the sweet moments of Hiccstrid. This season truly is my favorite so far. NOT just because of Hiccstrid. Why?

Let me show you…

-They’re practically showing us that Astrid isn’t always perfect (especially in the morning) and I love it.

-The radio idea was awesome.

-The amazing agent chicken.

-Tuffnut’s reaction when Hiccup told him he’s one of his best friends.

-”The amazing battle on the zippleback’s back” that’s what I like to call it. At this point I was almost sure the animators couldn’t surprise me anymore. I was wrong.

-Twins stating the fact that everything is always about Hiccup.

-Sven’s family and the soft spoken “Hi”.

-Painted faces.

-Astrid always showing her undying and loyal support.

-”Holding things isn’t his thing.”

-Family bonding between Stoick and Hiccup.

-Everyone accepting the fact that Hiccup will become a chief.

-The Gang worrying about Snotlout.

-I don’t think I need to comment on what happened underwater…

-Everyone’s out of their minds. My favorite episode.

-The Gang sleeping in a pile.

-Another family bonding, this time between Heather and Dagur.

-Hicclegs problems.


-Practically seeing the whole process of Tuffnut growing up. (poor Macey)

-Badass Ruffnut

-…who missed the mini-boat

-Astrid saving the day!

-Astrid showing she hates being helpless.

-Dragon riders having to deal with dragons from different riders.

-Toothless and Stormfly playing, reminding me of the second movie.

-Plot twists.

-Cute baby dragons.

-Huge magnificent dragons.

-Huge magnificent fight between huge magnificent dragons.

-Dagur the Dragon Lover.


-The group hug.

I know some people are dissapointed or angry with what is happening to Astrid and Hiccup, meaning just as a couple and individuals. Even I think the way they got “together” could’ve been handled better but I also understand and believe that the creators were and are trying their best to give us the funny and quality content that will suit all of the sides of the fandom. And I know for sure that everyone can point out at least one thing they found amazing about this season. About Astrid, I’m hoping that she will have her time to shine in the next season, really. But I also once tried to come up with the idea for “An Astrid Episode” and I couldn’t really come up with anything that would be as much entertaining and interesting as the rest of the riders. Astrid is a strong and serious warrior who is for most an utter perfection, there’s almost nothing she could do on her own that would lead to some trouble (if you don’t count what happened in Gift of the Nightfury). But I guess that’s only me. But I do believe that in the next eason she will be shining as much as she can.

Huge thank you for anyone who decided to read that, I have never really written anything on Tumblr, ever. I will appreciate if you decide to tell me your opinion as well.


Isak season 3 + hostile_goose tweets

I’m praying for Lance’s well-deserved character development in season 3. I need to see more of his skills as the team’s sharpshooter™. I need more Klance, preferably with Keith getting worried or jealous for whatever reasons and Lance only the one not noticing. I want Lance’s insecurities to be exposed to his world the team and, of course, for it to be solved, but I don’t want it to be easy (like sitting ‘round the table and talking about it). It has to be… angsty and long-lasting.

So, basically I just want and need more Lance I’ll sell my soul for this to happen.

Guys, space pyjamas. Space pyjamas! 
They do exist!