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Karamel Season 3 Speculation

We’re all wondering where that portal took Mon-el. Well…

Kara gave him the necklace and told him it would keep him safe. Her mother said the exact same thing to her when she left Krypton.

Now, after receiving the necklace and as soon as leaving Krypton, Kara got sucked into the Phantom Zone.

Mon-el receives the necklace leaves Earth’s atmosphere and gets sucked into a hole to somewhere.

Given the thematic storytelling I’m thinking just like Kara it is the Phantom Zone.

And once they figure out how to let him back on Earth without him dying (*cough* Legion Ring *cough*) Kara can bring him back through that Phantom Zone portal that’s in the fortress. There is no way that they mentioned that it can beam people to the Phantom Zone *just* to use it to get on a ship. Absolutely no way.

Valor will rise!

Let me know your thoughts and stay strong karamel fam! Sending all my love and hugs!!

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Can we have them back, please? Also HOW THE HECK? What does the Galra do to make their prisoners turn so pretty???

Return his glasses Pidge he is pouting and blind.

“My father built our empire from the bones of its enemies. The universe can no longer doubt our strength. Each ally gained only makes us stronger. All those who continue to stand against us will be crushed.“


Can’t wait to see more space trash prince in the reboot soon!


Isak season 3 + hostile_goose tweets

real talk here, i’m really excited for season 3 because it’s the first time we’re going to see all of the younger paladins interact without shiro there. shiro is the voice of reason and without him, they’re extremely disorganized and will probably be fighting half of the season, but it will really strengthen their bonds with each other and make them a stronger team. 

me every time i watch the almost-kiss-kitchen-scene:

me every time Noora walks in:

With the potential of Lance maybe piloting the Red Lion in season 3, one of the ideas that excites me the most is the chance to see paladins with new bayards and weapons. At first I thought for Lance, the red bayard would transform into something short ranged- like a spear or actual lance, but Lance is the sharpshooter after all so why not EXPLODING BOMB ARROWS INSTEAD?

Maybe I’ve been playing a bit too much Zelda.

Hey guys! In celebration of our return from hiatus, we are doing an official Tumblr answer time with most of the cast and crew. We are so excited to talk to you all about Season 3, our recent trip to Emerald City Comic Con, and anything else you want to know!


Tuesday, March 7th @ 12PM PST/3PM EST


Lauren Shippen (Creator/Writer/Voice of Sam) 
Julia Morizawa (Voice of Dr. Bright)
Briggon Snow (Voice of Caleb) 
Alex Gallner (Voice of Adam)
Anna Lore (Voice of Chloe)
Charlie Ian (Voice of Damien) 
Ian McQuown (Voice of Agent Green)  
Alex Marshall-Brown (Voice of Wadsworth)
Mischa Stanton (Sound Producer)
Evan Cunningham (Composer) 

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